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156 Howard University n FACTS


The HonorabIe Diezani AIison-Madueke - Minister of
Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
Mr. Aris T. AIIen - former member of Maryland State Senate,
1st African-American to serve as chair of the Maryland
Republican party, and frst to run for Lt. Governor of
Maryland **
Ms. Debbie AIIen - dancer, choreographer, director, actress
Ms. Geri AIIen - jazz pianist
Mr. Laz AIonso - actor
Larkin ArnoId, Esq. - entertainment lawyer, former Vice
President, Capital Records
DeIbert Baker, Ph.D. - former President, Oakwood College
John T. Baker, Esq. - 1st African-American Dean of Albany
Law School **
Rushern L. Baker, III - County Executive, Prince George's
Boce BarIow, Jr., Esq. - 1st African-American to be elected
to the Connecticut State Senate **
Dr. Patricia Bath - 1st African-American woman doctor to
receive a patent for a medical invention, Ophthalmologist
Hon. WiIIiam V. BeII - Mayor of Durham, North Carolina
Ms. MicheIIe Bernard - Political Analyst, President & CEO,
Center for Public Policy
Ms. NicoIe Bernard - Senior VP Audience Strategy at Fox
Hon. AdoIpho A. Birch - 1st African-American to serve as
Chief Justice of Tennessee Supreme Court
David BIackweII, Ph.D. - 1st African-American elected to
the National Academy of Sciences
Mr. James A. BIand - musician and composer **
Dr. CharIes Boyd - founder and medical director Boyd
Cosmetic Surgical Institute
St. EImo Brady, Ph.D. - 1st African-American to earn a
doctorate in chemistry **
Hon. Aisha N. Braveboy - Member, Maryland House of
Dr. PercivaI Broderick - Deputy Prime Minister, Jamaica **
Howard University n FACTS 157
Hon. Edward Brooke - 1st African-American elected to the
U.S. Senate
Beth A. Brown, Ph.D. - Noted NASA astrophysicist, 1st
African-American woman to earn a doctoral degree from the
University of Michigan's Department of Astronomy
Hon. Ewart Brown - former Premier of Bermuda
Hon. GayIeatha Brown - U.S. Ambassador to Burkina Faso
Mr. SterIing Brown - writer, teacher, literary critic **
Mr. Jeff Burns, Jr. - former Associate Publisher, Johnson
Publishing Companys Ebony Magazine
Hon. RoIand Burris - former United States Senator, State
of Illinois
Dr. George ButIer - former Vice President of Jazz,
Columbia/SONY **
Mr. WaIter PercivaI Carter - civil rights advocate **
Ms. Mary Ann Shadd Cary - 1st black woman to cast a vote
in the national election **
Ms. EIizabeth CatIett - sculptor **
Dr. Kenneth CIark - noted psychologist **
Hon. Rodney CoIeman - former Assistant Secretary of the
Air Force
Ms. MaIaak Compton-Rock - Founder and Executive
Director of the Angelrock Project and Journey for Change:
Empowering Youth Through Global Service
Hon. EIijah Cummings - United States Congress
Ms. Wendy Davis - actress
Ms. CaroIyn De Marco - Vice President, Regional Accounts
Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra - Interim President, Mali
Hon. David Dinkins - 1st African-American Mayor of New
York City
Mr. Marques DougIas - NFL Defensive end
Hon. George W. Draper, III - 1st African-American Chief
Judge for the Missouri Court of Appeals
Dr. David C. DriskeII - painter, art historian, educator
Hon. Arne Duncan - U.S. Secretary of Education
Dr. Lena Frances Edward - physician and
humanitarian **
Ms. Stephanie EIam - Weekend anchor and general
assignment reporter, NBC4 Los Angeles
158 Howard University n FACTS
Hon. Mike Espy - 1st African-American U.S. Secretary of
Hon. MeIvin Evans - former Governor, U.S. Virgin Islands **
Ms. LiIIian Evanti - opera singer **
Hon. NathanieI Exum - former member, Maryland State
Hon. Adrian Fenty - former Mayor of the District of
Dr. Cain Hope FeIder - acclaimed religious educator, author,
and founder of Biblical Institute of Social Change
Ms. Roberta FIack - Grammy Award-winning singer,
Mr. SyIvester FIowers - Founder CEO Ramsell Holding
Dr. James Forbes - former Senior Minister, Riverside
Church in New York City
Hon. HaroId Ford, Sr. - former United States Representative
from Tennessee
Ms. LesIie Foster - Emmy award-winning journalist, co-
anchor 9NEWS
Hon. ShirIey FrankIin - 1st female Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. E. FrankIin Frazier - sociologist, educator **
Hon. Frankie Freeman - history making Attorney and Civil
Rights reformer
Antoine GaribaIdi, Ph.D. - 1st African-American President
of Gannon University; frst lay President of the University of
Detroit Mercy
Emma GiIIett, Esq. - Co-Founder of the frst law school in
the world founded by women **
Mr. Benny GoIson - jazz saxophonist
Mrs. Monique Greenwood - former Editor-in-Chief,
Essence Magazine, President & CEO, Akwaba
Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Lance Gross - actor
Dr. OIiver Harper - Minister of Health, Guyana **
Mr. E. NigeI Harris - Vice Chancellor, University of West
Indies, Jamaica
KamaIa Harris, Esq. - Attorney General, California
Hon. Patricia Roberts Harris - former Secretary of Health,
Education and Welfare, Secretary of Housing and Urban
Development, U.S. Ambassador **
Howard University n FACTS 159
Hon. Joseph W. Hatchett - former Florida Supreme Court
Judge, 1st African-American in the south to win a statewide
Ms. Taraji P. Henson - Academy Award Nominated Actress
Renee Higginbotham-Brooks, Esq. - Principal, Law Offce
of Renee Higginbotham-Brooks, Esq.
Mr. Dennis Hightower - former Deputy Secretary, U.S.
Department of Commerce
Hon. EarI HiIIiard - United States Congress
Ms. Shauntay Hinton - Miss USA 2002
Dr. James W. HoIIey, III - former Mayor of Portsmouth,
Mr. Benjamin Hooks - former Executive Director of the
NAACP, civil rights leader **
Hon. Lonna Hooks - former Secretary of State of New
Ms. Zora NeaI Hurston - author **
Ms. Veronica Hutchinson - Vice President of Programming,
BET Networks
Dr. JacqueIine Jordan Irvine - Charles Howard Candler
Professor Emerita, Emory University
Dr. Edison O. Jackson - former President of Medgar
Evers College
Hon. Louise A. Jackson - Member of Parliament and
Shadow Minister for Health and Seniors
Mr. WeIdon Jackson - Provost and Executive Vice
President of Manhattan College
Dr. John E. Jacob - former Executive Vice President, Global
Communications Offcer, Anheuser Busch
Dr. Cheddi Jagan - former President, Guyana **
Dr. CharIene Drew Jarvis - former President, Southeastern
Mr. CharIes FIoyd Johnson - TV producer
Mr. Gus Johnson - sports announcer
Hon. Jack Johnson - former County Executive, Prince
George's County, Maryland
160 Howard University n FACTS
Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr., - former Dean, College of
Engineering and Architecture, Howard University; chair of
the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and
Mr. Marcus Johnson - jazz pianist
Hon. WiIIiam A. Johnson - former Mayor, Rochester, NY
EIaine Jones, Esq. - former Director/Counsel, NAACP Legal
Defense and Educational Fund
Ms. Lois MaiIou Jones - artist and educator **
Vernon Jordan, Esq. - former Presidential Advisor, Senior
Managing Director Lazard Freres and Company LLC, and
Senior Counsel, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP
Percy Lavon JuIian, Ph.D. - Holds more than 130 chemical
patents **
Hon. John Junor - former Minister of Health, Jamaica
Hon. Sharon Pratt KeIIy - attorney, 1st African-American
woman elected mayor of a major city, Washington, DC, and
founder, Pratt Consulting
Mr. CoIbert King - Pulitzer Prize-winning Columnist
Mrs. GwendoIyn King - former Commissioner, Social
Security Administration
Hon. Keith Knight - former Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Trade, Jamaica
Ms. Roxie Roker Kravitz - Award-winning actress **
Ms. LiIIian LincoIn Lambert - 1st African-American woman
to earn MBA at Harvard Business School, Author and
Mr. WeIdon H. Latham, Esq. - Senior Partner Jackson
Lewis LLP, Chair Corporate Diversity Counseling Group
Dr. LaSaIIe LeffaII, Jr. - Surgeon, 1st African-American
President of the American College of Surgeons, 1st African-
American President of the American Cancer Society
Mr. John Legend - singer-songwriter, actor, recipient of nine
Grammy Awards
Hon. Isiah Leggett - 1st African-American County
Executive, Montgomery County, Maryland
Howard University n FACTS 161
Dr. WaIter J. Leonard - former President of Fisk University,
former Assistant Dean, Howard University Law School and
Harvard Law School
Dr. Freda C. Lewis-HaII - Chief Medical Offcer and
Executive Vice President, Phizer, Inc.
Mr. MeIvin Lindsey - WHUR-FM Radio announcer,
Originator of "The Quiet Storm" **
Mr. AIain LeRoy Locke - educator, philosopher **
GeneraI Lester L. LyIes (USAF Ret.) - member of the
National Academy of Engineering and Aerospace Consultant
with the Lyles Group
Ms. Vicki L. Mabrey - ABC News Correspondent
Mr. Tony Mack - Mayor, Trenton, New Jersey
Ms. BeverIy D. MaIIoy - Executive Vice President, Barber-
Scotia College
Dr. FIoyd J. MaIveaux - physician, internationally-
recognized expert on asthma and allergic diseases
Dr. Marion Mann - former Dean, College of Medicine-
Howard University
Hon. Thurgood MarshaII - 1st African-American U.S.
Supreme Court Justice **
Mr. Mark AI. L. Mason - Chief Executive Offcer, Citi
Mr. Chris Matthews - American news anchor and political
commentator, "Hardball with Chris Matthews"
Mr. WiIIiam E. Matory - long-time professor and Assistant
Dean, Howard University College of Medicine **
Anita D. Stearns Mayo, Esq., - Senior Attorney with the law
frm of Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman LLP
Ms. Linda Lou McCaII - Music Business Consultant and
Hon. RudoIph C. McCoIIum, Jr., - former Mayor,
Richmond, Virginia
Dr. CharIes McDonaId - Professor and Chairman,
Department of Dermatology, Brown University
Dr. FIoretta Dukes McKenzie - Founder and former
Chairwoman, The McKenzie Group, Inc.
162 Howard University n FACTS
Bishop Vashti McKenzie - 18th Episcopal District of the
AME Church
Ms. EnoIia McMiIIan - 1st Female President of the
Hon. Gregory Meeks - House of Representatives, New
York, Sixth Congressional District
Hon. Vicki MiIes-LaGrange - 1st African-American woman
elected to Oklahoma Senate
Dr. KeIIy MiIIer - 1st African-American admitted to John
Hopkins University, Mathematician, scientist, sociologist **
Keith MitcheII, Ph.D. - former Prime Minister of Grenada
Stacey MobIey, Esq. - former Senior Vice President, Chief
Administrative Offcer and General Counsel, DuPont
Hon. Thomas R. Monroe - 1st African-American Judge in
Arlington County, Virginia
Mr. C. David Moody, Jr. - founder, President and CEO of
C.D. Moody Construction Company
Ruth EIIa Moore, Ph.D. - 1st African-American woman to
earn a doctorate in bacteriology **
CorneII Leverett Moore, Esq. - former Chair of the Greater
Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association, Partner in
the law frm of Dorsey and Whitney, LLP
Dr. Toni Morrison - Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize-
winning novelist
R. CharIes Moyer, Ph.D. - Dean Emeritus Babcock
Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University
Mr. Brandon T. NeaI - Finance Director, African-American
Affairs for Obama Presidential Campaign
Ms. Jessye Norman - Concert and Opera Singer -
International Soprano
Hon. James E. O'Hara - Member, United States House of
Representatives, North Carolina **
Mr. David OIiver - 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist in 110
Hon. RonaId PaImer - former Ambassador to Togo,
Malaysia and Mauritius
Ms. PauIa Jai Parker - actress
Howard University n FACTS 163
Mr. CarI Anthony Payne, III - actor
Ms. Lois Pierre-NoeI - educator, artist **
Sharon Pratt, Esq. - attorney, 1st African-American woman
elected mayor of a major city (Washington, DC) and third
woman, and founder, Pratt Consulting
Mrs. JoAnn H. Price - co-founder and managing partner,
Fairview Capital Partners, Inc., one of the nation's largest
African-American private equity frms
Mr. GeraId D. Prothro - Managing Director, IKT
Investments, LTD and former Corporate Offcer and Chief
Information Offcer, IBM
Hon. Peggy Quince - 1st African-American woman on
Florida Supreme Court
Ms. PhyIicia Rashad - actress
CharIotte E. Ray, Esq. - 1st African-American female
lawyer **
Ms. Bernice Johnson Reagon - singer, songwriter, teacher
Hon. M. Kasim Reed - Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Irvin Reid - former President, Wayne State University
Reverend Dr. Bernard L. Richardson - Dean, Andrew
Rankin Memorial Chapel, Howard University
JuIieanna L. Richardson, Esq. - a leader in preserving
African-American oral history
Mr. Eric Roberson - singer/song writer
Mr. Harry Robinson - former Dean of Architecture and
Urban Design, Howard University and Executive Consulting
Architect, American Battle Monuments Commission
Hon. Spottswood Robinson - Judge, U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals **
Ms. Wendy RaqueI Robinson - actress
Hon. J. Todd Rutherford - South Carolina State
Mr. Frank Savage - Chief Executive Offcer, Savage
Holdings LLC
Mr. MaIik Hassan Sayeed - movie and video producer
Hon. Roy Schneider - former Governor, U.S. Virgin Islands
Mr. Dumarsais Simeus - Owner, Simeus Foods
Ruth J. Simmons, Ph.D. - President, Brown University
164 Howard University n FACTS
Ms. Cynee Simpson - Emmy award and Edward R. Murrow
Award-winning anchor for ABC 7 News
Mr. Richard SmaIIwood - Grammy award-winning singer
Wayman F. Smith, Esq. - former Vice President of
Corporate Affairs, Anheuser-Busch Inc., Senior Partner at
The Smith Partnership, PC
Hon. James R. Spencer - Chief Judge of U.S. District Court
for the Eastern District of Virginia
Mr. Luther StovaII - artist
Ms. Mary MiIIer SuIIivan - poet, playwright **
H. Patrick Swygert, Esq. - President Emeritus, Howard
Dr. Lydia W. Thomas - former president and chief executive
offcer of Noblis, a nonproft science, technology and strategy
organization; currently vice chair of the Noblis Board of
Ms. MiIdred Thompson - painter, printmaker and
sculptor **
Dr. TheIma Barnaby Thompson - 12th President,
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Mr. Kwame Ture - civil rights activist; founder of the All-
African Peoples Revolutionary Party **
Mr. Omar Tyree - author
Mr. Stan Verrett - ESPN Anchor
DaIe Wainwright, Esq. - 1st African-American ever elected
to Texas Supreme Court
Hon. Jay WaIker - Maryland State Delegate, former NFL
Dr. A. Eugene Washington - internationally-renowned
clinical investigator and health policy scholar, vice chancellor
of Health Sciences and dean of David Geffen School of
Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles
Hon. WaIter Washington - 1st Mayor of the District of
Columbia **
Mr. Edward WeIburn - Vice President, General Motors
(North America)
Mr. Richard WesIey - playwright
Hon. Togo West - former Secretary of Veterans Affairs and
Secretary of the Army, former President for Joint Center for
Political and Economic Studies
Howard University n FACTS 165
Ms. Fredricka WhiteId - CNN Correspondent
Ms. Lynn WhiteId - Emmy Award-Winning actress
Hon. DougIas WiIder - 1st African-American elected U.S.
Governor (Virginia)
Ms. IsabeI WiIkerson - former Columnist, New York Times,
Chicago Bureau, 1st African-American woman to win the
Pulitzer Prize in Journalism
Mr. Christopher J. WiIIiams - Chairman, CEO and Founder,
The Williams Capital Group, L.P. and Williams Capital
Management, LLC
Ms. AngeIa Winbush - vocal artist
MichaeI Winston, Ph.D. - former President, Alfred Harcourt
Hon. Harris Wofford - former United States Senator from
Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. - former Pastor of the
Trinity United Church of Christ
Hon. Andrew Young - 1st African-American United Nations
Ambassador and Mayor of Atlanta
** Deceased
166 Howard University n FACTS
Prince Bandar Ibn SuItan Ibn AbduIaziz - diplomat
Ms. Marian Anderson - Grammy Award-winning singer
Dr. Maya AngeIou - writer, poet, educator, actress
His ExceIIency Ko Annan - diplomat, former Secretary-
General of the United Nations
Hon. WaIter Annenberg - philanthropist and diplomat **
Mr. James BaIdwin - writer, playwright, poet, civil activist
(Awarded Posthumously) **
Ms. AngeIa Bassett-Vance - actress
Mr. Harry BeIafonte - human rights activist, actor, singer
Ms. PearI BaiIey BeIIson - actress and singer **
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune - educator and civil rights
leader **
Mr. Eubie BIake - jazz pianist, composer **
Hon. JuIian Bond - social activist, professor, writer
Mr. Edward RudoIph BradIey - journalist **
Ms. GwendoIyn Brooks - writer **
Hon. Lee Brown - 1st African-American Mayor,
Houston, TX
Hon. Ron Brown - former U.S. Secretary of Commerce **
Dr. RaIph Bunche - political scientist and diplomat, 1st
African-American Nobel Laureate **
Hon. George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States
Ms. Barbara Pierce Bush - former First Lady of the United
Mr. Kenneth ChenauIt - President and CEO, American
Hon. ShirIey ChishoIm - 1st African-American woman
elected to the United States Congress **
Hon. HiIIary Rodham CIinton - U.S. Secretary of State,
former U.S. Senator, New York; and former First Lady of the
United States
Johnnie L. Cochran, Esq. - lawyer **
Dr. Johnnetta B. CoIe - President Emerita, Bennett College
for Women and Spelman College
Dr. James Comer - psychiatrist, writer, educator
Hon. SiIvio Conte - former United States Congress **
Howard University n FACTS 167
WiIIiam Cosby, Ph.D. - educator, philanthropist, author,
Mr. Sammy Davis, Jr. - entertainer, singer **
Dr. Mark Dean - IBM Fellow and Vice President of Systems
in IBM Research
Ms. Ruby Dee - actress
Ms. Suzanne de Passe - Chairperson and Chief Executive
Offcer, de Passe Entertainment
Mr. Fredrick DougIass - orator and author **
Ms. Rita Dove - Pultizer Prizewinning Poet Laureate
Dr. David C. DriskeII - painter, art historian, educator
Dr. W. E. B. DuBois - civil rights activist, sociologist, author,
NAACP founder **
Hon. Arne Duncan - U.S. Secretary of Education
Ms. Katherine Dunham - dancer, songwriter, author,
educator and activist **
Hon. JuIian EarIs - physicist, educator
Marian Wright EdeIman, Esq. - Founder and National
Director, Childrens Defense Fund
Mr. Edward "Duke" EIIington - composer, pianist, Big Band
Leader **
Mr. Larry EIIison - co-founder and CEO of Oracle
Dr. James Farmer - founder and national director, Congress
of Racial Equality **
Mr. WaIter Edward Fauntroy - pastor, activist and former
member of U.S. Congress
Mr. Laurence John Fishburne - actor, director and
Ms. EIIa FitzgeraId - jazz vocalist **
Hon. HaroId Ford, Jr. - former U.S. Representative,
Chairman of Democratic Leadership Council, NBC News
Dr. John Hope FrankIin - historian and past president of Phi
Beta Kappa **
Mr. Thomas Friedman - internationally renowned author,
journalist and columnist, The New York Times
Hon. WiIIiam H. Frist - former Majority Leader of the U.S.
Senate (106th Congress)
Ms. Ann Fudge - Chairman and CEO, Young and Rubicam,
168 Howard University n FACTS
Dr. Henry Louis Gates - educator, scholar, writer
Ms. Katherine Meyer Graham - Chairman of the Executive
Committee of The Washington Post **
Mr. Bryant GumbeI - former television anchor, "The Today
Show", "The Early Show" and "Real Sports"
Mr. AIex HaIey - author **
Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer - civil rights leader **
Mr. HiII Harper - actor, author
Dr. WiIIiam R. Harvey - President, Hampton University
Dr. J.C. Hayward - CBS News Anchor
Dr. Dorothy Irene Height - social activist, educator **
Mr. Matthew A. Henson - explorer **
Hon. AIexis Herman - 1st African-American Secretary of
Dr. EveIyn Brooks Higginbotham - Victor S. Thomas
Professor of History, Harvard University
Ms. MeIIody Hobson - President, Ariel Investments
Ms. Lena Horne - singer, actress **
Ms. Catherine Liggins Hughes - Founder and Chairwoman
of Radio One
Mr. Langston Hughes - poet, playwright **
Ms. GwendoIyn III - journalist, television newscaster
Reverend Jesse L. Jackson - civil rights activist and Baptist
Hon. Maynard H. Jackson - 1st African-American Mayor
Atlanta **
Ms. Judith Jamison - Artistic Director of the Alvin Ailey
American Dance Theatre, choreographer and master
Mr. James WeIdon Johnson - teacher, poet, songwriter and
civil rights activist **
Mr. Quincy Jones - composer, musician
Hon. Barbara Jordan - former Member, U.S. House of
Representatives, and former Member of U.S. Congress **
Mrs. Jackie Joyner-Kersee - Olympic Gold Medalist
Hon. Kenneth Kaunda - 1st President of the Republic of
Hon. WiIIiam Kennard - former Chairman, Federal
Communications Commission
Howard University n FACTS 169
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Nobel Laureate, civil rights
leader, minister **
Mr. John Legend - singer-songwriter, actor, recipient of nine
Grammy Awards
Mr. ReginaId Lewis - President/CEO, TLC Beatrice
International Holdings, Inc. **
Hon. NeIson MandeIa - 1st African President of the
Republic of South Africa
Mr. Wynton MarsaIis - Pulitzer Prize-winning musician
educator, physicist
Dr. WaIter Massey - former President of Morehouse College
and American Association for the Advancement of Science,
educator, physicist
Mr. Chris Matthews - American news anchor and political
commentator, "Hardball with Chris Matthews"
Hon. Thabo Mbeki - former President of the Republic of
South Africa
Hon. GabrieIIe K. McDonaId - former Judge Iran-US Claims
Tribunal, The Hague, Netherlands
Hon. Kweisi Mfume - former President of the NAACP
Hon. Festus Gontebanye Mogae - former President of the
Republic of Botswana
Mr. Marc MoriaI - President and CEO, National Urban
League, former Mayor, New Orleans, LA
Hon. CaroI MosIey-Braun - former member of the U.S.
Senate, Illinois; former U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand
Mr. AIIen Neuharth - Founder of USA Today and former
Chairman, Gannett Company, Inc.
Hon. EIeanor HoImes Norton - U.S. House of
Representatives Delegate, District of Columbia
Hon. MwaIimu Nyerere - 1st President of the United
Republic of Tanzani
Hon. Barack Obama - 1st African-American President of the
United States
Hon. OIusegun Obasanjo - former President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria
Mr. Gordon Parks - photographer, author **
Richard Parsons, Esq. - Chairman of Citigroup and former
Chairman and CEO of Time Warner
Hon. DevaI Patrick - Governor of the State of
170 Howard University n FACTS
Mrs. Irene PoIIin - Co-owner, Washington Wizards and
Verizon Center; psychotherapist, author
Hon. CoIin PoweII - 1st African-American Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State
Hon. Adam CIayton PoweII - former Member of U.S. House
of Representatives, NY; 1st African-American elected to
Congress from New York **
Hon. John Porter - former United States Congressman
Sharon Pratt, Esq. - attorney, 1st African-American woman
elected mayor of a major city (Washington, DC) and third
woman, and founder, Pratt Consulting
Dr. Benjamin Arthur QuarIes - noted African-American
historian, educator **
Mr. FrankIin Raines - former Chairman and CEO, Fannie Mae
Mr. Addison Barry Rand - Chairman Emeritus, Avis Group;
CEO, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Mr. A. PhiIIip RandoIph - prominent civil rights leader and
the founder of both the March on Washington Movement and
the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters **
Hon. EIIiot Richardson - former U.S. Secretary of Defense,
former Attorney General **
JuIieanna L. Richardson, Esq. - a leader in preserving
African-American oral history
Mr. PauI Robeson - internationally renowned concert singer,
scholar, actor, all-American and professional athlete, writer,
multi-lingual orator and lawyer **
Ms. Robin Roberts - television anchor "Good Morning
Mr. Max Robinson - journalist **
Mr. Smokey Robinson - composer, musician
Mr. CarI Thomas Rowan - journalist and author, nationally-
syndicated op-ed columnist for the Washington Post and the
Chicago Sun-Times **
His ImperiaI Majesty HaiIe SeIassie - Emperor of
Ethiopia **
Ruth J. Simmons, Ph.D. - President, Brown University
Hon. Rodney SIater - former U.S. Secretary of
Hon. Sonia Sotomayor - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Ms. Vivian Stringer - women's basketball coach, Rutgers
Howard University n FACTS 171
Rev. Leon SuIIivan - Founder and Chairman, Opportunities
Industrialization Center
Hon. Louis SuIIivan - former U.S. Secretary of Health and
Human Services and former President of Morehouse
Medical School
H. Patrick Swygert, Esq. - 15th president of Howard
Hon. WiIIiam ToIbert - former President, Republic of
Ms. Carmen Turner - former Head of Transit for DC METRO
(Posthumously Awarded) **
Mr. Ted Turner - Chairman and President, Turner
Hon. Desmond Tutu - Nobel Laureate, General Secretary of
the South African Council of Churches
Ms. CiceIy Tyson - actress
Dr. NeiI deGrasse Tyson - astrophysicist and Frederick P.
Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American
Museum of Natural History
Hon. Maxine Waters - member of the U.S. House of
Representatives, California
Mr. Sanford WeiII - Chairman Emeritus and Senior Advisor,
Citigroup, Inc.
Dr. CorneI West - scholar
Dr. CIifton Wharton - former Chairman/CEO, TIAA/CREF,
former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
Ms. IsabeII WiIkerson - former Columnist, New York Times,
Chicago Bureau, 1st African-American woman to win the
Pultizer Prize in Journalism, author
Mr. RonaId A. WiIIiams - Chairman and Chief Executive
Offcer of Aetna
Ms. Venus WiIIiams - professional tennis player, ranked No.
1 in the World by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) on
three separate occasions
Mr. August WiIson - award-winning playwright **
Ms. Oprah Winfrey - global media leader, philanthropist,
Mr. Stevie Wonder - composer, musician
** Deceased
172 Howard University n FACTS
Mr. Anthony Anderson - actor, comedian, and writer
Nnamdi Azikiwe - 1st President of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria **
Mr. Amiri Baraka - writer of poetry, drama, essays, and
music criticism
Mr. Sean "Puffy" Combs - music producer
Mr. Ossie Davis - producer, director, actor **
Mr. PauI Lawrence Dunbar - poet **
Mr. Donnie Hathaway - singer, songwriter **
Mr. Kenny Lattimore - singer
Ms. Omarosa ManigauIt-StaIIworth - reality TV personality
Ms. MesheII NdegeoceIIo - singer, songwriter
Ms. AIani "LaLa" Vasquez - MTV personality
Mr. Isiah Washington - award-winning actor
Mr. MarIon Wayans - comedian and actor
Hon. AIbert Wynn - 1st African-American elected to the U.S.
Congress, Prince George's County and Montgomery County,
Sadat X - rapper, educator