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Stone Age Gallery : The Department of Archaeology has been carrying out explorations in different parts of the country to locate new archaeological sites. Large parts of Maharashtra, Madhya-Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra-Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Tamilnadu have been explored. The Department has also carried out excavations at various places such as Langhnaj, Bagor, Chirki-Nevasa, Bhimbetka, Hunsgi, Anagawadi, Bori and Morgaon etc. Large number of stone age tools and animal fossils and have been collected due to these explorations and excavations, all these objects are exhibited in several show cases in this gallery.

Prof.H.D. Sankalia Memorial Gallery : The gallery is devoted to Prof. Sankalia which depicts the contribution of Late Prof.Sankalia in Indian archaeology. The gallery includes his degree certificates, excavation reports and photographs, books, articles and awards etc. The gallery also houses an important exhibit the Nevasa Section, the replica of cultural sequence at Nevasa. It depicts the five cultural stages represented at Nevasa from the hunting-gathering stage of the Stone Age through Chalcolithic, Satavahana, Indo-Roman times to the Maratha-Muslim Period (c.4,00,000 years B.P. to the 17th Century A.D.).

Chalcolithic Gallery : Large number of Chalcolithic sites have been excavated by the Deccan College such as Jorwe, Nevasa, Chandoli, Songaon, Inamgaon, Walki, Kayatha, Ahar, Balathal, Navadatoli and Kunthasi etc. Large number of Chalcolithic antiquities such as pottery, stone objects, beads, terracotta objects, bone objects, human skeleton remains, animal bones, copper objects like axes, chisels, bangles, rings fish hooks, beads etc. have been discovered and are on display in this gallery. In addition few antiquities, photographs, and drawings from Indus valley civilization are also on display in this gallery. An important and pride exhibit of this gallery is the original Potters kiln from Inamgaon of late Jorwe period (c.1,000 B.C.). A life size diorama of the social life of Chalcolithic village, Inamgon is also on display in this gallery.

Megalithic Gallery : Large number of Megalithic sites in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra have been excavated such as Naikund, Mahurajhari, Borgaon, Khairwada, Bhagimohari and Hingna Raipur etc. Large number of copper and iron objects were discovered which includes horse ornaments, bowls with decorated lids, axes, hoes, chisels, horse bits, nail-pairers, few gold ornaments, pottery and stone objects. All these objects (except gold ornaments) are on display in this gallery. The gallery also displays a big canvas painting depicting the social life of the Megalithic Vidarbh.

Early Historical Gallery : The Department has also been engaged in excavations of Early Historic sites such as Maheshwar, Dwarka, Nasik, Nevasa, Kahali-Brahmapuri, Bhon, Paturda, Siddhapur, Chaul, Junnar etc. The antiquities recovered from these sites are; pottery, beads, terracotta objects, coins, copper and iron objects, some of them are on display in this gallery. One of the pride collections of this gallery is beautiful handmade chaitya model of terracotta from Nevasa.

Sculptures Gallery : The sculptural art of India right from the Mauryan period (3rd century A.D.) to the Medieval period (14th century A.D.) is being depicted in this gallery. Few original



Medieval period (14th century A.D.) is being depicted in this gallery. Few original sculptures from Ganga valley received from BHU, Varanasi are on display in this gallery. Majority of exhibits displayed in this gallery are replicas of POP purchased from National Museum, New Delhi, State Museum, Mathura and Gujari-Mahal Museum, Gwalior.

Deccan College Museums Archaeology Museums Galleries

Medieval Archaeology Gallery : The Department has carried out excavations at Daulatabad (ancient Devagiri of Yadavas) in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. A canvas painting depicting the ruins of the fort and the township of Daulatabad is on display in this gallery. The gallery also displays few wall paintings of Maratha period (18th century A.D.) from ruined houses at Wathar and Wai (Dist.Satara).

Epigraphy and Numismatics Gallery : The museum houses photographs and estampages of stone inscriptions from different places and a few copper plates. But the originals are not displayed only photographs of inscriptions and copper plates are on display. The coin collection of the Museum has been enriched by coins from archaeological excavations conducted by the Deccan College from Nevasa, Nasik etc. Photoenlargements of some of the coins and also some photographs of some of the masterpieces of Indian coinage are on display in this gallery.

Science in Archaeology Gallery : This gallery depicts the relationship of archaeology with science. Archaeology is not only an art discipline but it embraces almost all the branches of science. For the last several years eight laboratories those of Archaeological Chemistry, Computer Archaeology, Archaeozoology, Palaeobotany, Physical Anthropology, Palaeonology, Enviromental Archaeology and Palaeontology have come up with facilities for scientific analysis. Hence it was found necessary to organize a gallery showing the relation of Archaeology with science. The gallery displays and introduces to its visitors about all these scientific branches of Archaeology.

Ethnoarchaeology Gallery : The Department is also engaged in studying the technology, material culture and economy of various tribal communities; Bastar in Madhya-Pradesh, Koraput in Orissa, Andhra-Pradesh, Gujrat and Rajasthan with a bearing on the understanding of the earlier hunter-gatherer and farming communities. The principle exhibits are; fishing traps & nets, animal & bird traps, storage bins, baskets etc., ritual objects of clay & metal, dress & ornaments, weapons and musical instruments etc.

Educational Activities of the Museum :

The museum is also engaged in Public Education Activities; Guided Tours : The Museum organizes guided tours to school and college students as the collection of the museum is educationally important for them. Especially the period between July to November large number of students from Pune and other places of the country even from abroad visit the museum. Temporary Exhibitions : In addition to permanent galleries the Museum organizes temporary exhibitions in Pune and other places, for the last several years more than 50 such exhibitions have been organized; Pune, Solapur, Ahamadnagar, Phaltan, Islampur, Gargoti, Sagaroli, Mumbai, Shirur, Angar, Sangola, Nasik, Shrigonda, Bangalore, New Delhi and recently one exhibition in abroad at Colombo. Temporary exhibitions have also been organized at excavation sites like Inamgaon, Nevasa, Tripuri etc. All exhibitions were highly appreciated by people. One-Day Workshop in Archaeology and History for School Teachers : For the last 12 years, every year the Archaeology Museum and the Maratha History Museum of the Institute are organizing such workshops for the benefit of school teachers teaching subjects like history, science, social studies, etc. The aim of this workshop is that the teachers should visit our museums and scientific labs and then should bring their students to the museum, so the benefit goes to the students. We experience that due to it the number of students have been increased. Temple Survey Works : The museum staff is engaged in studying the temples, their remains, sculptures, monuments, caves etc. Public response is also very encouraging and due to it many new discoveries have been brought into light or the existing monuments have been restudied.

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