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Schengen Information System The countries participating in the system

nformation are: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal,
nI Spain, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. The
Atos installs the Schengen Central Information System, renovated in

sw de

Intergraph (UK) Ltd data sets entered by the Schengen states amounted to almost 12 million in

Partnership with IBM and CSC. da

Delta Business Park STIC (Système de Traitement des Infractions Constatées) système d’information douanier (SID) système d’information européen (SIE) po late 1999. The major data suppliers are Germany, France and Italy. The
As prime contractor, Atos is in charge of designing and managing the project Computer France
Great Western Way Intergraph
Vodafone in partnership with IBM and CSC. The principal challenges of the project, Sciences I.B.M. Atos civil status be

Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece also carry out a rather extensive transfer
of their data. Spain and Portugal appear somewhat less zealous. Beyond its
Swindon SN5 7XP domicile
which involves more than 30 person-years, are to ensure reliability, security Corporation Telecom sheer capacity, the efficiency of the SIS is measured by speed. The entry or
fidelity manag.
UK infraction committed fr
and inter-operability. The strong fit between the three partners' areas of it es
updating of a notice in a country is transmitted to the central system. This
Tel: 0793 619999 expertise, their extensive experience in implementing national Schengen (CSC) objects
ommand and control system supplied to Victoria Police, Australia. By 2001, & res. co systems, and the quality of their partnership represent major strengths that
have contributed to the project's success.
(4.5 million objects) system validates the data after a technical check and retransmits it to all the
national systems in less than five minutes. The notice of a stolen vehicle in
ch police car is expected to have a portable personal computer. The PC DELPHINE passport Paris is present in all the national databases five minutes later.
l link up with the $160 million computer generated call-taking and The number of system users is very high. In France, 15,000 computer
(1999) terminals constitute portals to the system, which is accessible to the police,
patch system being tested by Intergraph. Using satellite technology every With the digitalization of the bearer's photograph, the new Delphine 9 million notices - - Protestors database
lice car in Melbourne will be tracked along screens staffed by civilians. The passport fits into the operational modes of the SIS database (Schengen the gendarmerie, customs, the prefectures, the Ministry of the Interior and
6 million ID documents - - register of all third-country nationals the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SIS totals for 1998, in France, are as follows:
mputers will help operators decide which patrol cars to send to incidents. 4,6 4,3
I2E SA Information System) and the French STIC (System for the treatment of 1 million for vehicules in the EU who will
anks to a giant computer-driven map of the city compiled by Intergraph, confirmed infractions), following the Schengen treaty agreement. over 11,000 foreign notices entered the French database (individuals, objects
12, Rue Charles de Gaulle installs Schengen 1.3 million for persons be tagged with an "alert" if they overstay or vehicles sought in other countries); over 3,000 national notices were
e operators will be able to tell police all the relevant details about the 78350 Jouy-en-Josas global one 60 % of the notices are emmitted their visa or residence permit
dress they visit. Officers will know immediately whether, for example, the Central Information System transmitted to the other countries.
France data transmission by Germany and France. - - restricted access terrorist database
wner is known to the police or if weapons are inside. Eventually it may Tel: (1) 39.56.1999 Tlx: Fax: protocols The new article 8-1 of French law allows the police and gendarmerie to - - persons precluded from leaving the
ovide plans of the house in case of sieges. (1) hold the passport or travel document of people of foreign nationality in Schengen area exchange network "SISNET"
e most sophisticated police computer installed in Britain, which should Military & Electronic Warfare conditions of illegal presence on the territory
y an important role in tackling inner-city riots, was unveiled by the Personix Ltd ( )
DN Misgav 20181 equipment design and manufacture. SIRENE (Supplementary Information REquest at the National Entry)
eveland police force. I2E SA DRAGON - Direction Finding &
Tadiran-Elisra Koranit SIRENE (Supplementary Information REquest at the National
Israel Analysis Search System
11 Ben Gurion Street, Tadiran- Personix Telecom - Activities: COMINT Entry)
PO Box 6 Givat Shmuel, Elisr Ltd Tel: 972 4 9998436 Tlx: Fax: 972 4 9998519 Every country has instituted a national SIRENE office as a single,
Computerized fingerprint identification systems. Installed in prisons in Israel electronic warfare systems, ELINT Database of inadmissibles from the ad hoc immigration group National database of foreigners
Tel Aviv 61006 data acquisition systems, Technical continuously accessible contact point for the other partner countries. This
Israel and Spain as well as other installations in Europe and South America. FP2000 office is an indispensable operational department, a human infrastructure,
fingerprint identification technology, FP2000-M fingerprint matcher analysis, Satellite interception,
the early 1980s Tadiran supplied the Guatemalan intelligence agencies Transmission- Decoding- playing the role of interface with the administrations of other countries. In
h computers which were used to compile automated target information comprises a Fingerprint processing unit (FPU) and an optical Fingerprint France, the SIRENE office is installed in Nanterre, in the offices of the police
reader (FPR). Demodulation. Raytheon Company
assassinations. According to Guatemalan military sources, the lists department of international technical cooperation. The Schengen
ntained names and details of journalists, student leaders, human rights Alcatel Alsthom 141 Spring Street department of the Central Unit of International Police Cooperation,
ivists and political opponents. It was, in effect, a death list made highly 54 Rue La Boetie Automated national database of DNA profiles National automobile database Central terrorist database Lexington, MA 02421 responsible for the SIRENE office, treated over 47,000 information
ective through IT and communications technology. 75008 Paris Silent Runner, analyses the paths taken by Internet exchanges in 1998. In injected over 496,000 French data sets into the
administered by the sub-directorate of the technical communications between employees and the rest of the world
France and scientific police of the Ministry of the Interior system's national database N.SIS). This department is staffed by 20
Tel: 33 (1) 40761010 Tlx: Fax: 33 (employee surveillance) gendarmes and 35 police officers.
(1) 40761413
Infrastructure networks, C3I systems, The French police National driver's license database National database of imprisoned persons E-Systems Inc
6250 LBJ Freeway
space systems, tactical networks,
security systems. databases presented here Dallas Texas TX 75240 USA
thales 15
Alcatel Also developed numerous systems are just a glimpse into Silent Runner
Tel: 214 661 1000 Tlx: 703365 Fax: 214 661
Alsthom for preparing and conducting infinity. Thousands of similar
missions. One of the Raytheon E-Systems Inc Number of employees: 18622
Raytheon most widely known is the SAFARI databanks (medical, Raytheon Bus Week 18/2/91 - Contract to build $3 Billion GPT Ltd (GEC Plessey Telecom)
system, used by the United Nations commercial, fiscal, cultural, Hughes Electronic Security System for Saudi Interior Sopers Lane
(UN) in Somalia. Ministry. $3 Billion contract to install electronic GPT Ltd (GEC Plessey Telecom)
50 photo-interpretation system social, military, etc.) could National stolen car database National fingerprint database SYNTEGRA border system in Saudi Arabia, along the Iraqi Edge Lane
(DEIMOS) have been indicated for Tour Pascal A 6, place des Degrés 92045 Border. A major provider of secret electronic & Liverpool Merseyside L7 9NW
satellite situation display (MUSCAT) radio equipment to the CIA & Pentagon (Developer UK
France alone, probably PARIS LA DEFENSE Cedex.TEL : 01 58 13 85 00 FAX : 01 49
of "Electronic warfare" equipment used in Vietnam) - Tel: 051 228 4830 Tlx: 629267 GPT-SX Fax: 051 254 4586
01 97 02.
hundreds of thousands for Delivered in 1977 the largest, most complex Police GPT has won contracts worth approx. £ 4 million for the supply of
Thomson Marconi
planet Earth... Syntegra was chosen by the Directorate General of Taxation Computer system to date, the
Comprehensive computer and national ID Card
Police telephone equipment as part of the Kuwait's Communication Ministry's
reconstruction program. GPT will supply its System X digital exchanges
central bureau of control over (DGI) and the Directorate General of Public Accounting
data on citizens (Ministry of the Interior) (DGCP) within the cantext of the Copernic program (transformation system to Argentina (Digicom Police Computer with 10K customer and 3K trunk lines. GPT, lobbying to rescue two
sage Technology, Inc. BCT Database of wanted persons Control
It can locate any person using of the information system of fiscal administrations association the two Data System to Argentina.) multi-million pound equipment contracts with the Kenyan Government.
e first project for the compilation of biometric data on an entire a cell phone, to a distance of 5 meters. syntegra Systems The Argentina Passport and Federal Also trying to rescue the first £ 60 million tranche of an order for
pulation of citizens – around ten million – is beginning in Uganda. During directorates) in order to assist with the fiscal administration with the
The Ministry can also record all verification of proper operation and the security of the new on-line Police Identification System, developed by several hundred System X and smaller exchanges, following the UK
general elections called in June, each elector will be identified, using the Prismatica™ telephone conversations. Raytheon E-Systems, was inaugurated at the Buenos Government's decision to end export coverage to Kenya. The other
hnology of the American company Viisage. revenue declaration service.
Aires airport (1992). The system combines personal contracts relate to a microwave equipment (£ 25 million) and a £ 7
ur success in implementing face recognition on very large databases, like detection of data, color photos and fingerprints. million contract for a payphone factory.
10 million images in Illinois and 8 million images in Uganda, is unmatched suspicious movements GPT has opened offices in Beijing to help expand use of System X in
the industry. We are seeing a significant growing interest from our Control Data Systems - USA China, where there are already some System X exchanges. Contracts
tomers and prospects, like Departments of Motor Vehicles, for the need From the mid 1980s, Control Data has supplied the GPT Ltd
(GEC worth £ 40 million have been signed for the supply of these systems.
face-recognition technology to add security to very large image Population Identification Number Project GPT set up a venture with Indian Trading Company KK Birla to supply
abases.'' (Tom Colatosti, CEO and President of Viisage Technology) infrastructure for the Thai Ministry of the Interior. Plessey
Telecom) India's Department of Telecommunications with a System X switch. GPT
sage delivers annually through 1500 U.S. systems in 1200 locations in 15 This integrated system creates an ID card, electronic (UK) is completing the installation of the System X telephone exchange
tes, more than 25 million high-quality and high-security digital- fingerprint and facial image, and electronic data link in St Petersburg, Russia. It set up network of 500 base stations and
ntification documents for government agencies responsible for issuing involving the entire population. It spans most control equipment around the city of Ningbo, in the eastern Chinese
vers' licenses, social services cards and law enforcement credentials. government agencies and is controlled by the province of Zhejiang.
military/police dominated Interior Ministry.
SD-Scicon UK Ltd Databases include: Central Population Database, Siemens Plessey Controls Ltd (Traffic Division)
1-3 Bartley Way, National Election System, Political Party Database, Sopers Lane
Bartley Wood Hook Hampshire RG27 9XA Political Member Database, Voter listing, Electronic Poole Dorset BH17 7ER
UK Minority Group Registration System, Electronic UK
Tel: 0256 742000 Tlx: Fax: 0256 742700 Fingerprint Identification System, Electronic Face Siemens Tel: 0202 675161 Tlx: 41272 PLESPL G Fax: 0202 782435
viisage TV2 Ltd Racal
Vision Software
& Systems
Internet Explorer
microsoft Export of computing systems to Saudi Arabia for use
by General Intelligence Department. Scientific
Identification System, Population and House Report
System, National Tax Collection System, Village
Plessey - SCOOT system used in Toronto, Bahrain, Beijing and Santiago
de Chile.
Sphere - control equipment & systems, Saudi Arabia
Control Systems (Scicon) signed a contract with the Information System, Secret Information System, Public
GID (General Intelligence Department) in Saudi Opinion System, Criminal Investigation System, - control equipment & systems, China
Arabia to provide computer systems that would National Security System, Social Security System,
TV2 Ltd
Sigmaform House, n° register surveillance lists and "black lists" of foreign
and Saudi citizens, and lead to appropriate "executive
Passport Control System, Driver Control System, Gun
Registration, Family Registration, Alien Control System
Siemens Plessey Defence Systems Ltd
Vicarage Lane
Sywell Road Park Farm, Ministère Globally Unique Identifier windows NT action" including harassment, arrest, covert and Immigration Control System. Ilford Essex IG1 4AQ
des finances
Wellingborough Northants surveillance and interrogation. UK
NN8 6XD - UK Tel: 081 478 3040 Tlx: 897971 PLESSY Fax: 081 553 8899
Tel: 01933 403 400 Tlx: Fax: Supplies CCIS computerized battle management system to
01933 403 402 Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Computer Indonesia. Indonesia is the first customer for the Generics
Contract to supply Spain's El Segunndo, CA, Sciences Command and Control information system (CCIS) developed
neural network technology Cambridge
USA Corporation
by Plessey Defense Systems.
Basque Police with system for
the transmission of data between
Neurodynamics Siemens Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior System (SAMIS). (CSC)
Lockheed pelco
£ 20 million contract with Egypt for electronics defense system.
talon SAMIS/SAMIS II driver's licences, visas and
mobile policing situations. TV2 is Electronic warfare systems and equipment: specializes in the
supplying a range of wireless
system Service Central de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (SCSSI) carnivore "miscreant" identification/control (miscreants Martin design and manufacture of communications intelligence
Mc Donnell camera systems, microwave and FaceCam™ ? includes illegal workers, Shi'ite activists and Christian (COMINT) systems. Electronic Support Measures (ESM), and
recognizes licence plate numbers missionaries).
Douglas communications equipment as Scoot system Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) can be integrated into
well as a Global Autotracker command, control, communications and intelligence systems.
Crypto AG "World leaders in the techniques of designing strategic and
intelligent antenna system. The
Global Autotracker sends tactical command and control information systems (CCIS),
pictures from a police helicopter ETSI - "European Telecommunications Standards Institute" which can be configured as independent units, for intelligence
approximately three times or for task force management, or can be integrated into large
further than conventional 50 strategic management and command systems."
microwave antenna systems, so british Generics is a software orientated CCIS designed to manage,
manipulate and display information from sources such as
trw extending the practical range of
operation. telecom dictionary Infoguard AG
Automated Fingerprint
Identification System (AFIS)
City of London Tienanmen Square

FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS/FBI) Abin is the central body of an intelligence system that is spread
In the Netherlands, identity cards for PITO, the Police Information Technology Organisation, Federal Information Security Agency Pakistan
foreigners include a computer chip provides information technology, communications National Database Organisation (NDO) was established under Ministry out through federal, state,
Bundesamt für Sicherheit
Biometric Management Office (BMO) municipal and even private
systems and services to the police and other criminal of Interior as an attached department to undertake the function of
in which the bearer's personal data
are stored, along with fingerprints. A justice organisations within the United Kingdom. PITO
also has a role in the purchasing of goods and services
in der Informationstechnik
handling the data being collected through National Data Forms during
the Population Census 1998, which was conducted from 2nd March
organizations. The intelligence

similar card exists for asylum German Central Cipher Bureau 1998 to 18th March 1998. National Data Forms (NDFs) were designed system operates under the name
for the police with the aim of providing best value
seekers, also including information through collective procurement. We are a non- Zentralstelle für Chiffrierung ZfCH by a committee of experts encompassing maximum social and fiscal of Sisbin (Brazilian Intelligence
departmental public body, funded by grant in aid from Database on Welfare Beneficiaries in New York State Indicators as implements for future planning, documentation of System).
concerning, for example, the Economy and for creation of a comprehensive Citizen Database. To
central Government and by charges for the services AFIS system In 1995, New York was the first state to cover its entire
schedule of visa renewals and we provide. cater for a cohesive and unified approach in both Registration and Social
obligatory declarations to the territory with an AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Imaging System) in order to fields NADRA was created on 10 March 2000 by merging the National
authorities. identify its 750,000 welfare beneficiaries. This "improvement" permitted the Database Organization (NDO) and Directorate General of Registration.
Police Information Technology Organisation
exclusion of 30,324 recipients from the right to social assistance and The Biometric NADRA is an independent corporate body with requisite autonomy to
remain free of political pressure and interventions for all times to come.
generated savings of 256.2 million US dollars. Consortium
The new Department of Homeland Security, created by Bush, will
have an annual budget of 37 billion dollars and will employ 170,000 people.
It will occupy third place in terms of the size of its budget and personel,
behind the Defense Department (Pentagon) and the Veterans
Administration. It will leave the strctures of the FBI and the CIA intact. This
Uganda Switzerland Spanish Netherlands British German French European accord new federal department will absorb cybersecurity organizations such as the American Saoudi Pakistan Argentine Chinese Russian
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, run by the Department of
State State State State Union Commerce; the National Infrastructure Protection Center, run by the FBI;
the National Communications System run by the Department of Defense; State State State State State
and the Federal Computer Incident Response Center, run by the
administration of federal services.

Department of Homeland Security department of defense

In the United Kingdom, In 2000, the DGA (General Directorate of Armements)
any arrested person or established eight new integrative programs requiring
suspect can be major technological capacities. One of them consists in
compelled to give a producing microdrones for combat in urban areas. departement of the navy
saliva sample for the Definition of need: urban areas require specific capacities
establishment of a DNA of mobility, communication and information. Portable
Morpho profile. This database microdrones, from 10 to 40 cm in length, able to fly
Systemes now centralizes the "bar between buildings, would be an ideal means of Enfopol departement of the air force
Morpho Systemes
cghq mi-6 codes" of some
700,000 individuals and
information-gathering in this environment. Additionally,
these land-based and airborne robots (drones) would europol fbi cia nsa Nortel Networks: promotion of
Tsinghua University

Nortel Networks joint

should reach 10 million limit the combatants' exposure to risks. JungleMUX (video surveillance
33 Route de la Bonne Dame files by 2010, from a Nortel Networks/FBI: common research with Tsinghua
The challenge: at once technological and scientific. It
general Sagem 77300 Fontainbleau
total population of 58.6
million British citizens.
requires original solutions in the areas of biotechnology,
microelectronics, micromechanics and microsystems.
standard to intercept telephone
communications (CALEA), in
data to be transported from
remote cameras back to a
on specific forms of
atomics DASA Tel: 33 (1) 64696000 Tlx: 693 056 Fax: 33 (1) 64220304
Morpho's major activity is to develop and produce Automated Saint-Barthélemy
conjunction with technology
transfer through its joint venture, Bin Laden
centralized surveillance point for
the Chinese Ministry of Public
for the
Dornier (French Antilles) Security (MPS)
Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), also referred to as 1 Guangdong Nortel (GDNT) purpose of automated
Automatic Fingerprint Recognition (AFR). The first Morpho La Réunion Group surveillance of telephone
system was sold to the French Ministry of the Interior. Morpho Djibouti and Mayotte (Indian Ocean): conversations
AFIS systems have been sold to police forces in France Interception of COMSAT signals from Africa,
(National Police) 1985, Indonesia (National Police) 1989, Hong the Mid-East and Asia
Kong (Royal Police) 1989, Austria (National Police) 1989, Spain Kourou (French Guyana): Interception of
Drone CL289 (Basque Province) 1990, USA (various states) 1986-90; other signals from the North American continent Enfopol: A massive eavesdropping IUR "International User Requirements for Interception"
New Caledonia (Pacific) system capable of intercepting all
agencies using these systems include the French Ministry of 3
mobile phone calls, Internet
quick, precise identification of targets Foreign Affairs (OFPRA), the Scottish Criminal Record Office, Alluets-Feucherolles IUR a tagging system, currently being designed, to create a data
communications, fax messages and processing and transmission network to track suspects. The
the Hertfordshire Constabulary in the UK. Automatic pagers throughout Europe. CALEA redefines the telecommunications Shasta 5000 firewall. This
fingerprint recognition equipment will be supplied to German Mutzig system will also merge mobile phone data to create
ephone co industry’s obligation to assist law technology will also make it more difficult Nortel
Drone CL289 "Länder" over the next five years. 1 - French General Directorate of Armement
comprehensive geographic location tracking system.
tel m enforcement in executing lawfully authorized for Chinese dissidents to have clandestine
The company is owned by a French state financial institution
Groupeme 2 - French General Directorate of Secret Services pt electronic surveillance. In 1991, the FBI held
a series of secret meetings with EU member
communications and will facilitate police
monitoring of Internet users attempting

that manages all the funds of savings institutions in France.

observation of refugee columns 3 - French Atomic Energy Commission

Predator states to persuade them to incorporate to access URLs not judged appropriate by

n ic
to inter
CALEA into European law. The meetings the Chinese government;
Statos 3
ues (GCR)

included representatives from Canada, Hong Nortel Networks: the integration of face

ations (C
Kong, Australia and the EU. At these recognition and voice recognition
des contrôl

meetings, an international technical standard technology in collaboration with AcSys ?

Murder of Mohamed Atef, for surveillance, based on the FBI’s CALEA Biometrics, a subsidiary of Burlington, .P

Domme demands, was adopted as the "International Ontario-based NEXUS.
first lietenant of Ben Laden, Requirements for Interception."


November 15, 2002, Afghanistan

EA Digital Angel
ta PATHWAY NSA communications server

es common s furnishing a fast, efficient, high-security
t network for the ECHELON system microscopic emmitter-receiver
radio-élec cooperation treaty (1998) ("miniaturized computer chip") which can
be implanted in human beings. carlyle
Surveillance capacity of 2 million
Solenzara conversations per minute, or 3 billion per day
Potential applications: furnishes an
infallible means of identification and group
PATHWAY localization of individuals, in the new
Agde domain of the Internet network and in
any transaction involving high-security
The IDEAS Operation electronic commerce.
SAIC: 41,000 employees, an annual turnover of 5.5 billion dollars, 620 million dollars profit Digital
in 1999. The company's major client is the American government, 79% of total turnover Solutions co.
comes from the Pentagon. Among the SAIC's achievements: digital cartography of the USA
and digital early warning system for environmental data; security system for Defense
Department computers; installation of computerized decision-making and transmission digital angel™
systems for oil conglomerates such as BP Amoco; computerization of the American reserve
army mobilization system; design and installation of transmission systems between
Global Positioning American exchanges surveilled by command posts and combatants (Defense Information Systems Network); design of C4I
Loèche (VS) System (GPS) the NSA
l FIX East, College Park, Maryland - US Gov't:
command centers for naval and space warfare; modernization of the space-based mapping
networks of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency; surveillance of the execution of

UKUSA Federal Information Exchange
l FIX West, Mountain View, California - US
nuclear non-proliferation treaties; design of training and simulation equipment for F-15 and
F-16 pilots; design of satellite sensors and observation equipment for NASA; creation of the
Telstra International Gov't: Federal Information Exchange largest criminal information database for the FBI (with files on 38 million suspects); etc.
Telecommunications UKUSA Signals Intelligence Agreement Partners l MAE East, Washington, DC - MCI Worldcom: In the period of 1992-1995 alone, the SAIC hired 198 former colonels and generals of the
Centre (Perth) UKUSA is the secret signals intelligence agreement, set up in Metropolitan Area Ethernet US armed forces. Among its administrators, the SAIC has had the former Defense
Falcon AFB 1947, that divided the world into five regions to be watched l New York NAP, Pennsauken, New Jersey - secretaries William Perry and Melvin Laird, and the former CIA directors John Deutch and Matrics - RFID
Colorado Springs Robert Gates.
over by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Britain and America. Sprintlink: Network Access Point For more than two years, a team of former National Security
helios 1A Zimmerwald ECHELON
l Yakima, United States - tapping (Intelsat
Master Control
Monitor Station
l SWAB, Washington, DC - PSInet / Bell Agency scientists has eschewed the Internet boom in favor of a
affic Mes Globa
(Tr lS
Atlantic: SMDS Washington Area Bypass simpler task: building a better radio frequency identification chip
Pacific Ocean) Australia DSD - Defense Signals Directorate s )
l Chicago NAP, Chicago, Illinois - Ameritech / known as RFID. Now the company, Matrics, is ready to launch,

Canada CSE - Communications Security Establishment


l Sugar Grove, United States - tapping (Intelsat Bellcorp: Network Access Point and it's doing so with a $14 million investment from venture A cell-phone's Sim card can be

ations (GS

e Ch el)

tem r Mob
Atlantic Ocean) New Zealand GCSB - New Zealand's Government l San Francisco NAP, San Francisco, California - capital firms Novak Biddle Venture Partners, The Carlyle Group,
located thanks to one of the
Communications Security Bureau Pacific Bell: Network Access Point Polaris Venture Partners and Venturehouse Group.
l Fort Meade, United States (Maryland) - 30,000 base stations of the GSM

l MAE West, San Jose, California - MCI Matrics ( closed the deal in

tapping +analysis+archiving (NSA headquarters) UK GCHQ - Government Communications Head Worldcom: Metropolitan Area Ethernet December, but has chosen to lay low until its product is network or to one of the
Heimenschwand (BE) l Morenstow, United Kingdom - tapping Quarters l CIX , Santa Clara California - CIX: Science Application launched. What the company promises is a cheaper, smarter satellites used by the GPS

(Europe) Operations Center USA NSA - National Security Agency Commerial Internet Exchange
International version of the RFID tag, which could be attached to virtually any
(Global Positioning System)
(Misawa) product that needs tracking, from DVDs in a video store to
l Menwith Hill, United Kingdom - tapping + Corporation (SAIC) engine turbines in an airport hangar. Ideally, a cheap RFID could
satellite photos Hawaii Kwajalein replace the ubiquitous UPC bar codes on consumer goods
l Geraldton, Australia - tapping (South Asia Monitor Station Monitor Station because it can track more information.
l Waihopai, New Zealand - tapping (South Asia
? VeriSign Inc 9
satellite Orion/Vortex region)
Telecommunications surveillance l White Sands, United States (New Mexico) -
satellite photos
l Guantanamo, Cuba - tapping (Cuba - former
USSR) Area Ether
Verestar n
l Bad Aibling, Allemagne - tapping (East Bloc)
American Philips orange


Ascension Island
l Qitai Korta, China - tapping (Russia & North

Diego Garcia Network

Motorola CRAY/SGI IBM Intel
s (M )

Monitor Station
Korea, India?)
l PyongTaek, South Korea - tapping (North
Monitor Station
Tower Solutions Inc

KH-11 Korea and neighboring countries, China...) Corp. (NSI)

l Misawa, Japan - tapping 2,14
l Pine Gap, Australia - tapping + satellite
photography photos
resolution: 10 cm l Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean - tapping (Indian
Ocean countries) Network Solutions Inc (NSI)
Domain name registration company that
delivers IP addresses. In 1988, an alain Steria 3,3
international consensus gave rise to a ab
new organization, the Internet Bauer associates
Corporation for Assigned Names and

Identification Systems/Surveillance and Databases

Numbers (ICANN), but this does not
Trumpet change the fact that domain names are
still recorded on the databases of (SAIC-