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Platinum Gazette

25 September 2009
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad
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Shop where Burgersfort, Morone Centre

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Ntwampe sports ground at Moroke was a hive of activity this week when it was

transformed into Ntwape Stadium in preparation of the national Heritage Day
festivities which were scheduled to take place yesterday. On Wednesday
afternoon the transformation was almost complete and the place barely
resembled the run-down facility it has become of late. Ntwampe is also the
venue of next year’s public viewing of the FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer in the
area. The right management up until then with further upgrades can ensure a

for Ntwampe
facility to be proud of.
Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe was scheduled to deliver the key-note
address at the celebrations at Ntwampe yesterday. Get your Platinum Gazette
next week for full coverage of the event. (The newspaper went to press
yesterday just as the event started).

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Draft By-laws
discussed Consultation meetings to discuss draft By-
laws concerning emergency services and
cemeteries and crematoria took place
A large part of these draft By-laws are
dedicated to dangerous goods, the handling
and storage thereof, as well as
throughout Greater Sekhukhune District requirements for storerooms.
Municipality this week. The registration of spray-painting
In Burgersfort the public had the rooms as well is specifications for the
opportunity to attend the meeting in the construction and design of spray-painting
Council Chamber at Greater Tubatse rooms are also included in the document.
Municipality, where greater Tubatse In the draft By-laws contraventions and
Municipality mayor, Ralepane Mamekoa, penalties are also stipulated, clearly
welcomed the public and officially opened stipulating what constitute offences and
proceedings (photograph left). what not.
The importance of the draft By-laws The By-laws is not at the promulgation
soon became clear as it not only stipulate stage just yet.
the responsibilities and powers of the An official explained that all the inoput
relevant authorities, but also that of the from all the public consultation sessions in
residents of the area. the district municipality will now be
Especially the Emergency Services By- studied and if neccessary, the draft By-
laws can have a significant effect on laws will be amended to include the
bussines in the area as it stipulates proposals by the public.
extensive rules and regulations around When the public’s concerns and
various matters, such as fire protection comments are taken into account, it will
requirements for premises, emergency also be done within the framework of other
evacuation plans, access for fire fighting national and provincial laws governing the
and rescue purposes, upkeep and By-laws. After the documents have been
maintenance of fire-fighting equipment adjusted it will follow the the normal
and certificates of compliance for all public administrative process before it is
buildings. promulgated.

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Opposite Greater Tubatse
Traffic Department
between Burgersfort and Steelpoort. Old Joko Building,
Tel: 013 231 7307/8 Riba Cross, Polokwane Road, Burgersfort

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verhuur kan word met ‘n 246m2 huis om in te
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‘Slate and
caves can be
This group of men from Makopung village near
Leboeng mine slate on the mountains for their
own pocket.
The location of the ‘mine’ is very scenic, but the
road to it is very bad and transport of the slate is a
problem. At the moment the only mining
equipment in use at the site is picks. Slate is sold
by the bakkie-load or transported with donkeys to
the tarred road, about 10 kilometres from the
There are also a lot of caves in the vicinity where
caving groups from elsewhere in the country come
caving from time to time. Mr Prince Makhubedu,
speaking for the group and himself, says they
have contacted the government about the slate
mining and visits from officials have taken place,
but nothing happened since then. “We need to let
people know that this area, with the abundance of
slate, does have economic potential, but we need
assistance to develop the area”. With regard to
the caves, Mr Makhubedu, who acts as a quide,
already registered an eco-tourism company.
“People also do not know that this is an area with
large eco-tourism potential, as with the slate, we
need the authorities to take note so that they can
assist us in starting economic developpment in the
area”, he said.

shop gutted
This grocery shop at Ga-Mashamothane was gutted last week
after a fire started in the shop after it was closed for the night.
Platinum Gazette was suprised last week Friday at about 19:00
when a panicked resident phoned the newspaper, shouting over
the phone that the shop was burning and that they do not know
wehere to get hold of the Fire Brigade.
The newspaper immediately contacted the Fire Brigade who
answered the telephone in record time, took the telephone
number of the caller, confirmed the emergency and sped to the
scene barely a couple of minutes after the caller first called the
newspaper. Alas, as the shop is quite a distance from town, they
could not stop the interior and the goods in the shop from almost
burning out completely.
The owner of the shop, Mr Imran Ahmed said the cause of
the fire was an electrical fault. The shop was closed when the
fire started. Luckily nobody was inside the shop when the fire
started. He said the shop will open for business again within the
next week.
The toll free number of the Fire Brigade and
Ambulance is 0800 330 022.

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ECM donate trees

Arbor Week 2009 were a very special time at Eastern Chrome Mines.
Charles Mathoma (Environmental Specialist) and Sanet Booysen (Environmental
Practitioner) went out and addressed six of the local schools and a community during
this time with regards to the importance of trees in the environment and for human
A total of more than 1200 community members and students from our local schools
were addressed. 120 common species trees were planted and 10 rare species. Trees
were planted at the schools, community and in the villages and offices for rehabilitation
purposes. It was an honor for both Charles and Sanet to plant one of the rare Boabab
trees (Kremetart). One of the features of a Kremetart is that it only grow one meter in
every seven years.
Something from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry: “The Department
values trees as its benefits include filtration and absorption of air pollutants, reduced
storm water run off and generally it impacts on the quality of life. Trees help to
maintain low levels of carbon dioxide, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect, which
threatens to make the earth uncomfortably warm, therefore minimizes global warming.
Nature’s air conditioners have been providing us with clean air for years. Trees, one of
the most effective oxygen producers, in actual fact one tree offers four people oxygen to
breathe for an entire year.
The realization of the value of trees becomes so much more tangible once it is
brought down to numbers. By planting a tree, we are offering our children and
children’s children a better quality of life. Trees have got a lifespan of more than 100
years; therefore a lifetime investment will be made if we plant a tree today.” Samancor
Eastern Chrome Mines would like to thank all their suppliers and service providers for
their contribution to make the awareness campaign a success.

Mangabane Primary School was

visited last week Friday (left and
above) where constable Dan Matsimbi
of the Police’s social crime prevention
unit in Burgersfort planted a tree. In
the bottom,left photograph Mr
Charles Mathoma address this
school’s pupils in front of the school’s
papaya trees.

Other schools visited were Steelpoort

Academy and (from top to bottom,
right, photographs supplied by ECM),
Tingeling Nursery School,
Magakantshe Primary School, Joshua
Generation and Laaities and Ladies
Nursery School.

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Stolen and
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Suzuki K7. Virtually
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Nok. 95/97 Model.
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Kawasaki ZX 12
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2676 for any questions.
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Burger bou is groot pret

OK Grocer Burgersfort bied vir die eerste word beplan. ‘n Cadac gasbraaier en gasbottel, ‘n
keer die OK Burgerkompetisie aan. Die kompetisie word nie sonder ‘n doel naweek vir 4 persone by Gethlane Lodge
Die kompetisie is vir die hele gesin of gehou nie. Elke deelnemer moet 20 burgers (ontbyt en aandete ingesluit), R1 000 se
sommer as ‘n lekker spanbou vir ‘n maak waarvan 19 verkoop sal word. vleis geskenkpak, Nokia selfone,
werksgroep. Hierdie geld sal na ‘n plaaslike brandstofbewyse, OK geskenkbewyse,
Daar is verskillende kategorieë waarin liefdadigheidsorganisasie gaan. geskenkpakkies van Sasko, Clover, Refresh
daar ingeskryf kan word. Persone kan kies Die kategorieë waarin ingeskryf kan word en Pack & Stack.
om self ‘n ‘pattie’ te maak volgens hul eie is: Beste burger volgens smaak, Beste Die idee is dat deelnemers nie net aan die
resep of hulle kan van die groot
verskeidenheid ‘patties’ op die OK
burger volgens voorkoms, Beste burger
stalletjie en spangees. Daar kan ook ook in
vleisgedeelte van die burger aandag gee
nie, maar ook aan die slaai bv. pynappel of Pryse
winkelrak gebruik maak. al drie die kategorieë ingeskryf word. blaarslaai, kaas, sous en die broodrolletjie
Die kompetisie vind op Saterdag 3 Oktober Dit beteken dat selfs al sou jy nie self ‘n wat gebruik word. Die hele eindproduk
voor die OK Minimark plaas en almal is ‘pattie’ maak nie, maar ‘n gekoopte een word beoordeel.
uitgenooi om die dag te kom geniet.
Daar sal baie vir die kinders wees om te
doen met ‘n stoeigeveg tussen Buddy, die
gebruik, jy steeds ‘n kans staan om te wen
in die voorkoms en spangees kategorieë.
‘n Groot verskeidenheid pryse is op die
Daar word beplan om hierdie kompetisie op
‘n jaarlikse basis aan te bied en later dalk
selfs op ‘n streeksvlak aan te bied.
OK gelukbringer en die Orosman as een spel. Dit sluit onder andere die volgende in: Besighede kan mekaar uitdaag en families
van die dag se vermaaklikhede. Gesigverf, kan kom kuier en saam pret hê met hierdie
paintball, ‘n vlooimark met ‘n kompetisie.
verskeidenheid stalletjies en vele meer Spangees Die reëls en inskrywingsvorms is by OK
Grocer beskikbaar. Persone wat graag nog

‘n stalletjie wil bespreek om aan die
vlooimark deel te neem kan dit steeds
Proe Navrae: Gert van Niekerk, 082 619 6051.

Kuier 3 Oktober 2009

OK Grocer Beste

Voorkoms Oorspronklikheid
3 Oktober 2009
By OK Minimark
Liefdadigheid Geur
Skryf in vir een van die volgende

Bouwerk kategorieë:
Beste Burger volgens Smaak; Beste
Burger volgens voorkoms; Beste ‘Burger’
stalletjie en Spangees; Al 3 Kategorieë
Daar is geen inskrywingsgeld nie, maar elke deelnemer
moet bereid wees om op hulle eie koste 20 hamburgers te
maak, waarvan 19 ter wille van ‘n plaaslike

vorder fluks liefdadigheidsorganisasie verkoop sal word en die

oorblywende een beoordeel sal word.

Pryse is groot en sluit onder

andere in die volgende:
Naweek vir 4 by Gethlane Lodge
(ontbyt en aandete ingesluit);
R1000 se Vleis Geskenkpak,
Cadac Braaier en Gasbottel; 2 x
Nokia Selfone; Brandstofbewyse;
OK Geskenkbewyse, asook
geskenkpakkies van Sasko,
Clover, Refresh en Pack & Stack.

beskikbaar by
OK Grocer
Navrae en die
besprekings van
stalletjies vir die
vlooimark van die dag
skakel: Gert van
Niekerk, 082 619 6051
Bouwerk aan die nuwe munisipale geboue vorder fluks. Die gebou wat reeds die
struktuur van ‘n vyfverdieping kantoorblok begin aanneem sal groot genoeg wees Burgersfort, Morone Centre
om al die verskillende departemente van die munisipaliteit te kan huisves. Die
nuwe gebou word agter die Morone Sentrum teen die koppie opgerig. Tel: (013) 231 8090 or
087 808 4022/3

Project is progressing
Bogwasha Disabled School at Ga-Motodi
The Bogwasha Disabled School at Ga- started a project to help them build a they were still in need of a water tank and of OK Grocer management. At the time of
Motodi was left without shelter after a proper building and when Platinum proper toilet facilities. Platinum Gazette’s visit the building was
storm last year. OK Grocer Burgersfort Gazette last reported about the project Tubatse Build It donated a water tank and still without glass in the windows and a
a pit toilet stall. The cement floor, but this was due to be
group now receives installed. The toilet was also not properly
fresh water every secured yet, but was due to be fixed soon
week and no longer after the visit.
needs to walk far to “We are very happy about all the
fetch water. The assistance we’ve received,” said Mr
building that will EphraimMafahlana, secretary of the group.
house the school is Below: This structure was still used as
progressing well the toilet at the time of Platinum Gazette’s
thanks to the efforts visit.


1. Backed by Toyota 5. Seven day exchange plan

2. Guaranteed not stolen 6. Guaranteed year model
3. Standard warranty 7. Every vehicle subject to a
4. Guaranteed mileage check list

59 000 000 10 000

2 1
R R279 R

2004 Toyota Prado 4.0 V6 VX 2008 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D D/Cab 2005 Toyota Corolla 180i GSX

R95 950 0 000

R79 R11

Price o
2004 Camry 2.4 XLi Auto 2001 Camry 220 SEi Manual 2006 Polo Classic 1.9 TDi
R165 Reque

Burgersfort t sfor
h Road, Burger
Dirk Winterbac
Contact: Bilaal
084 505 8209
2008 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Advance 2004 Peugeot 307 CC
Terms & Conditions apply.

Water, roads
for Moutse
Greater Sekhukhune District Municipality (GSDM) has begun
design work for R250-million that will supply sustainable water
to Moutse.
GSDM executive mayor Cllr Mogobo David Magabe made this
announcement on Friday (18 September 2009) during the launch
of the R10, 2-million Mohlamme Access Road Project in
Ntwane.Cllr Magabe said the Department of Water Affairs has
just granted GSDM a licence to abstract water from Loskop Dam.
“We will put in reticulation networks, build two dams and a
purification plant over a three-year period,” he said. Road of contention: The roads in Kgautswane near Ohrigstad are not good, in fact, they are
Moutse is, like most areas in Sekhukhune, facing water really bad. The gravel resurfacing of a stretch of road in this area has now started, but residents
shortages due to lack of reliable bulk water sources and the arid say it is not enough. The resurfacing of just more than 2 kilometres of a long road is not
nature of the District. Residents that do not have water in this acceptable. The so-called Kguatswane Crisis Committe engaged with thegovernment on the
area are getting a supply from water tankers from the District. matter about this and other issues that are still not resolved.
However, another problem that exacerbates water scarcity is the
accidental breakdown of water infrastructure as well as
vandalism by unscrupulous people in the area. This team of youngsters from GreaterSekhukhune District recently attended a an inter-district
The two-kilometre Mohlamme Access Road Project will be indigenous games competition at Leboeng. They were quite happy,and full of joy, but protested
completed in March next year and 24 job opportunities have been because they did not receive team apparel like the other teams.
In the next three years government is going to spend more
that R99-million on road projects in the whole Moutse area.Cllr
Magabe said the District was busy with other road projects in the
Moutse are, namely:

The Tambo Internal Streets Project, on which construction

work is on-going to upgrade gravel to surfaced road and
installation of drainage system e.g. storm water channels and
underground storm water pipes. This project is expected to be
completed in October this year at a total cost of R9, 2-million. A
total of 95 people have been employed.

The Elandsdoorn Internal Streets Project to be completed in

November 2009. An amount of R5, 6-million has been allocated to
this project and as it stands now, the District has gone 55%
toward completing it. This project has employed 13 people. More
people are set to be employed when the storm water system and
kerbs are installed.

Lastly, the Ngolovane Internal Streets Project is 65 % into

completion. It is worth R3, 9-million and 54 people are employed.
The number of employment opportunities will go up when the
time for laying kerbs and paving blocks arrives.

On 19 September 2009 the Police in Tubatse arrested four
males aged 20,21,35 and 46 years for possession of dagga.
Gerdt Roetz
3 Oktober by Die
Watergat - 20:00
Toegang is
On the 19th the Police received a tip-off about people who
are in possession of dagga in Riba Cross and Ga-Matodi. Twee van die 2009
Supersterre finaliste sal
The Police made follow ups and managed to arrest four ook die aand optree.
suspects and seized the dagga. Die Watergat,
The suspects appeared in the praktiseer Magistrate’s court 013-231 8091
Moet dit nie mis nie!
on 21 September and two paid admission of guilt fines of
R500 and R1000 respectively

On 20 September 2009 the Police in Tubatse arrested a

male suspect of 37 years for rape.
It is alleged that the suspect raped a female of 20 years in
Ga-Riba village outside Burgersfort town on 19 September
2009. On 20 September 2009, the matter was reported to
the police in Tubatse and they conducted an investigation
and managed to arrest the suspect.
The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court
on 21 September 2009 and he was not granted bail. The
case was remanded to 01 October 2009.

On 21 September 2009 the Police in Tubatse arrested a

male suspect of 30 years in connection with a murder case.
The arrest follows an incident in Kgotlopong village
outside Burgersfort on 04 September 2009. It is alleged
that the suspect stabbed a male of 36 years with a knife
after they had an argument. The victim was taken to the
hospital where he passed away. The matter was reported
to the Police in Tubatse and they conducted an
investigation that led to the arrest of the suspect on 21
September 2009. The suspect appeared in the Praktiseer Riaan van der Merwe en Lientjie Baxter is op 29 Augustus in
Magistrate’s Court on 23 September 2009 and he was not die huwelik bevestig. Die seremonie het in die AGS Kerk
granted bail. The case was remanded to 05 October 2009. plaasgevind en die onthaal by Calvin College. Die paartjie vestig
hulle in Burgersfort.

Agency: Realty 1
Property Group Need a project?


Tel/Fax: 013-214 8341 • Cell: 072 519 4076
Sales: Rasta, 079 953 2116 • Sello, 078 876 8538 This house on the R555 between Burgersfort and Ohrigstad has a lot of history behind it.
(Card facilities not available) It is sadly also in need of some tender loving care.
The house was the original materity clinic of the 1950’s. It still has the original memorial
IBR & Corr • Timber • Gumpoles • Rooftiles • Glass & Putty • Fencing stone from its date of opening and buyers will with a passion for history will love it.
• Window Frames • Hardware • Rainwater goods • Cement Products It is situated on 1.7ha of land and has some out buildings.
It has three bedrooms and one bathroom.
ls!• Door & Frames • Water Tanks. Spec
Buyers will need to invest in restoring and upgrading this property, but the price is just
Rooftiles @ R6-50 each
ials! right and the additional space is ideal for future developments.
Rooftile Ridges @ R25-50 each
Fencing: 2.4m KR standard @ R44-50 (while stocks last):
2500 Litre
1,8mx30m Diamond Mesh @ R389 76x50 = R13-10 p/m House & Building Price: R380 000
@ R1650 each Masonite doors @ R145 each 114x38 = R13-10 p/m
Maintenance Agency:
Pine O/B doors @ R135 each 38x38 = R5 p/m Realty 1 International
MD Doorframe @ R133 each
Prices incl. VAT
Bafana Steel Traders cc
Professional and quality work at the best prices. Burglar Agent:
Modikwa Platinum Mine proofing, gates, pallisades & fencing, painting, general
Ronel Breedt, 083 262 2110
Burgersfort Polokwane/Pietersburg maintenance and repair work on houses and other buildings.
Contact: 079 127 6730 or 073 969 9994.
Driekop, Main Rd, Legononong Area

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Ceiling Fans

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Property Group

Fixing up this
property might just be
the challenge you’ve
been looking for. It
also comes with an
interesting history.
See the opposite page
for more details.
Above: The original opening memorial
stone is still part of the property.
24/7 Plumbing
Left: The property For all repairs, maintenance,
has some out blockages, installations, geyser repairs
buildings. and leakages.
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124995 9995
Value Tank WATER-
2200 litres PROOFING
colours) 5lt with

109995 free membrane

CRAFT 84995
813mm x STEEL
2032mm WINDOW
Tubatse Build It, Shop 27, Cnr. Dirk Open Mondays - Fridays: 07:30 - 17:00
Winterbach & Kruis Street, Saturdays: 07:30 - 14:00
View from the entrance of the property. Burgersfort. Tel: (013) 231 7529 Sundays and Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Can having a braai unify

24 September was not only National
Heritage Day, but also National Braai
This initiative was started as a way to try
and unify all South Africans across
cultural, language and racial barriers.
Braai is a truly South African word for the
English or American BBQ. According to
the organisers of National Braai Day, all
South Africans enjoy a braai and the day
even has the support of famous South
Africans such as nobel prize winner arch
bishop Desmond Tutu and SA cricketer
Greame Smith.
We asked readers whether they think that
braai is a way to unify a nation and
whether they support the National Braai
Day initiative.

SMS your opinion Mnr. Phillip Schnetler sê: “Ja, ek stem Mr Paul Maroga said: “Having a braai as a Mr MR Mathebula said: “South Africa is a
saam dat dit mense bymekaar bring. Dit rainbow nation is not a problem. new South Africa now. That is why we
to 073 416 5119 bring familie en vriende bymekaar en Everybody accepts a braai and enjoys a make ourselves happy together with a
vorm kultuur”. braai across all races”. braai”.

Me. Helena en mnr. Christo Viljoen sê: “Dit bring mense “’n Braai is altyd ontspanne, gemaklik en ‘n lekker kuier,” sê Me. Mr Jeffrey Motswiane said: “It is good to
bymekaar en ons land het dit nodig. Dit gaan eintlik oor gesellig Joekie Lambrechts en me. Mariëtte Erasmus. By hulle is Marlie have a braai. We as South Africans unite.
wees. Jy hoef nie steak te braai nie, jy kan net wors ook braai. Erasmus, Coelette Erasmus en Erik Erasmus. It includes all races”. With him is
Arm en ryk kan braai”. Tlhologelo.

Mr Americo Nhanenge and Ms Charmaine Mduku said: “It is a good thing. We like to Me. Leeza Ballack sê: “Ja, dis ‘n goeie Mr Abraham Kgwete said: “We enjoy it
have a braai”. ding dan kan die mans bietjie agter die very much. Ja, it brings people together”.
kospotte staan”.

Mr Thapelo Kelly said: “It is a good thing Mr Elliot Mashaba and Mr Mahlomola Makofane said: “It builds friendship. If someone Mnr. JM Grobler sê: “Ek dink dis ‘n lekker
to celebrate who we are”. has a problem it is easy to sort it out around the braai”. kuierstorie. Dit bring mense bymekaar”.

our rainbow nation?

“The whites don’t feel comfortable when Ms Gladys Nkwana said: “Ja, I think “Ja, ons is mos Suid Afrikaners. Pap en vleis, nie BBQ nie maar braaivleis. Dis mos
we are around. So I don’t know about everybody enjoys it”. ons tradisie,” sê mnr. Piet Terblanché en me. Gerda Ferreira.
unify, but let us try and share” said Mr
Michael Madigage.

Mr Fouché Motswiane said: “It is not Ms Noma Mkhawane said: “I think so. It is Mr Simon Maphanga said: “It is true it Mnr. Ismael Mokgakala sê: “Ja dis goed,
something that unifies. A braai is only for a nice initiative because we must all come brings people together. You can enjoy a want dan is daar nie ‘n probleem nie”.
one day and it cannot bring together together and be one family”. day with a braai”.

Mr Immanuel Nkuni and Mr Alphonci Khoarai said: “Of course it is true, it brings people together.
Unfortunately we will not celebrate National Braai Day as we will have to work. We will be underground and
Ms Mathilda Rapudi and Mpho Rapudi said: “Ja, it is a good
cannot braai”.
initiative. Then people can get to know each other”.

Maatlopo still
going strong
On Saturday 19 September Maatlopo United FC played against Mooihoek Real Touch at
the Brazil grounds.
This was the second time Maatlopo faced Mooihoek Real Touch. The previous encouter
between the two teams was during the Nedbank Regional play-offs. Back then Maatlopo
walked away as the best team beating Mooihoek Real Touch 4-0.
Lupa Malatjie scored the first goal for Maatlopo on Saturday. This goal was made
possible through a pass from Thapelo Moropane in the 15th minute of the game. After 20
minutes of play Lupa scored again. By half time the score was still 2-0 in favour of
Maatlopo United.
In the second half Mooihoek Real Touch fought back, but Maatlopo once again managed
to get past the defenders and Taripo Matsemela scored the team’s third goal through
good use of a corner kick.
Lupa Malatjie scored a third time in the 70th minute of the game to set the scoreboard at
The team played against Phasha City Rocks yesterday. By the time of going to press the
game had not yet taken place. On Saturday 26 September they will take on Dudu Stars
at the Moroke Stadium. The game will start at 15:00.
“We are very happy about the support we’ve received, especially from the spectators,”
said Mr Jimmy Makola, PRO of the team.
Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 073 775 4150 or Sydney Mokoka, 072 869 4418.

These soccer
photographs were
taken during the
match between
Maatlopo United and
Tubatse United on 12

Veteran marathon runner, Daniel
“Marathon” Makua will be running his
209th race on 3 October. He will
participate in the Nedbank half
marathon race in Polokwane.
Daniel has been running marathons
and half marathons for the last 21
years. He is currently a member of the
Greater Tubatse Marathon Club. His
last race was at Monsterlus when he
participated in the Greater
Sekhukhune District Municipality’s
Mayoral Marathon. Here he finished in
a time of 1:20 and received a silver
Daniel who spends many hours running
on the roads in the area is very
concerned about the road safety of
people in the area. “Pedestrians, but not
only pedestrians get killed. People must
remember that speed kills, that they
should not drink and drive or talk on
their cell phones when driving.
Maatlopo United management: Collins Mashabela (assistant Pedestrians should always look before
coach), Morgan Mammila (managing director), Matome Makgopa crossing a street,” he adds. He also
(team manager),Charles Manaka (coach), Sydney Makoka (CEO) thanked his supporters and urged them
and Jimmy Makola (PRO). to be careful on the roads this holiday.

Letters / Briewe
Dagboek / Diary Express your opinion. Write a letter to the Platinum Gazette. Letters may
be e-mailed, posted or faxed. Contact details are on page 2 of this issue.
Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum
Ollie die nar
Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se
Ollie die nar is op 8 Oktober in Steelpoort. Die geleentheid word deur Laaities & Ladies uitgawe.
Kleuterskool gereël. Dit vind by die AGS Kerk se saal om 18:00 plaas. Kaartjies kos
R15 per persoon. Die kleuterskool en die kerk sal verversings verkoop. Kaartjies kan by
die kleuterskool gekoop word, maar sal ook by die deure beskikbaar wees. Navrae: 072
472 4073. Thought for the week
Oktober Beer Fest by Tubatse Chroom Klub
“Opportunity is missed by most people
Persone wat graag by die Bierfees op 23 en 24 Oktober ‘n stalletjie as deel van die
vlooimark wil hê is welkom om Jacki te kontak by 013-230 8340. If you would like to because it is dressed in overalls and looks
have a stall at the Tubatse Beer Festival on 23 and 24 October now is the time to book!
Contact Jacki on 013-230 8340.
like work” - Thomas A. Edison.
Wildevy Kleiduifskiet

Nog net plek vir 2 spanne!

Die Wildevy Manne hou op 10 Oktober weer ‘n Kleiduif skietkompetisie by PLM
Boerdery op die 4x4 baan. Beperkte spasie is beskikbaar - slegs 15 spanne. Die kostes
is R1 600 (R400 per persoon) per span en sluit in: 24x haelgeweer patrone per persoon;
24x kleiduiwe per persoon; 2x oefenrondtes per punt. Daar sal ook ‘n bring-en-braai na
die kompetisie wees en die Wildevy Manne sal die pap en sous voorsien. Daar is pryse
op die spel. LET WEL: Geen drank sal tydens die kompetisie toegelaat word nie en
geen deelnemer mag drank inneem voor hy aan die kompetisie deelneem nie.
Sluitingsdatum vir inskrywings: 30 September 2009. Navrae: Philip Smit by 082 316

“Geniet jou Man” praatjie

Op 7 Oktober word kan vroue na Ivy Sutton se inspirerende praatjie “Geniet jou Man”
by Winterveld Klub kom luister. Die aand begin om 19:00 en kaartjies kos R100 per
persoon. ‘n Ete is by die kaartjie ingesluit. Kaartjies is beskikbaar by OK Minimark,
Burgersfort en Steelpoort Hyper Liquor. Alle fondse wat met die aand ingesamel word
sal vir liefdadigheid aangewend word. Daar sal die aand ook onderklere, juwele,
skoonheidsmiddels en vele meer te koop aangebied word. Navrae: Ansie - 082 855
3117 of Sanet - 082 4407549.

Boere Erfenisdag vieringe

Op Saterdag 26 September hou die Wildevy Manne ‘n tradisionele boeredag om

erfenisdag te vier. Aktiwiteite van die dag sluit in: Perde kompetisie - R100 inskrywing
per perd, sakresies, eiergooi kompetisie, potjiekos kompetisie, skyfskiet, glybaan
hindernis, toutrek kompetisie (hoof aktiwiteit van die dag), kos stalletjies, groot opskof
met ‘n DJ tot laat.
Groot pryse is te wen vir die mees oorspronklike boere drag. Kontant kroeg met lae
pryse sal beskikbaar wees. Geen koelbokse sal toegelaat word nie.
Waar: Waterval CVO Skool. Tyd: 09:00 tot laat.

Navrae: Piet, 082 388 0157; Wynand, 082 318 7412 of Embrich, 082 240 0546.

Imagine op Steelpoort

Die gospel groep Imagine kom hier optree optree. Dié vier mannne het reeds duisende

CD’s verkoop en het al in lande soos Kanada en selfs China optredes gehad. Moet hulle
nie misloop nie.Die groep tree op 3 Oktober 2009 by die AGS Kerk in Steelpoort op.
Die geleentheid begin om 19:00 en kaartjies kos R50 per persoon. Navrae: Jaco, 072
585 0614 of Amanda, 076 504 1309.

RIP Gholfdag

Op 3 Oktober 2009 word daar ‘n Rest in Peace gholfdag beplan. Die dag sal by die
Tubatse Chroom Gholfklub plaasvind.
Elke speler ontvang ‘n kruis wat saam met hom of haar op die baan gaan. Die baansyfer
plus sy voorgee word bymekaar getel en dit is die hoeveelheid houe wat die speler vir
Read Platinum
die dag mag speel. Wanneer die houe klaar is, plant hy or sy die kruis en gaan terug na
die klubhuis.
Persone wat graag aan hierdie dag wil deelneem is welkom om hul plek by Martin van
Gazette online at
Rooyen te bespreek. Hy kan by 082 816 4833 gekontak word.

Gertd Roetz by Die Watergat
Gertd Roetz tree op 3 Oktober by Die Watergat op. Die vertoning begin om 20:00 en or e-mail us to become an
toegang is gratis. Twee van vanjaar se Supersterre finaliste sal ook dié aand optree.
Almal is welkom om die aand te kom geniet. e-scriber. Then we e-mail you your
OK Grocer Burgerkompetisie newspaper every week so you won’t
Die OK Grocer Burgerkompetisie vind op 3 Oktober voor die OK Minimark in miss a thing!
Burgersfort plaas. Almal is welkom om die dag by te woon en spanne wat graag ‘n wen-
burger wil bou is ook welkom. Groot pryse is op die spel. Navrae: Gert van Niekerk, E-mail:
082 619 6051.
Church ser vices in the area:

NG Kerk Burgersfort Services: 08:00 - 09:00 Time: Sunday 10:20 - 12:40; Wednesday Services: Sundays - 10:00 - 12:30 am.
Dienste: Sondae 08:30 - 9:45 St Martin, Ga-Manoke 17:00. Mondays - 17:30 - Prayer.
Navrae: Ds. Johan Koen, 082 780 7421 of Services: 10:00 - 11:00 Gateway Church International in The church is situated next to Mahlangu
(013) 231 7627 vir die kerkkantoor. Riba-Cross Trustworthy Bible Steelpoort Bus Stop, first street as you enter
Abundant Life Mission Church Church Bl6 Hall next Excelsus Academy Longtill.
Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 Services: Sundays 09:00 - 12:00 Sunday -Worship service 09h30 Enquiries: Pastor Maibela, 072 829
Pastor Shadrack Pandala, 082 412 3024 The church is situated next to Mogolo Monday -Prayer 18h00 7320.
or 072 334 0922. The church is situated High School. Fridays - Youth meeting The Alliance Church in S.A.
on the ground floor at the GTM Enquiries: Pastor S. Malapane, 082 721 Tue & Thur- Bible school The Alliance Church in S.A. is situated
Licencing Department. 1625. Contacts: 013-2309086 (church office). at Kgautswane.
Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, St Paul’s Catholic Church, Volle Evangelie Kerk Burgersfort Services: Sunday 11:00 - 13:00. Monday
Steelpoort Sebedikane Dienste: Sondae: 09:00 en 18:30. intercession at 16:00. Wednesday youth
Sondagoggend eredienste om 09:00. Mass on Sundays: 07:00 - 08:00. Selgroepe: Steelpoort en Burgersfort. service at 16:30.
Kerk is op die hoek van Albizia & Tel: (013) 231 7735. Kontak: Enquiries: Pastor E.Z. Nkosi, 072 841
Tolbosstrate in Tubatse Village. His Glory Bible Church, Ga-Selala Past. A. Nortjé, 084 818 0920. 3885
Navrae: Ds. Riaan Botha, 082 318 3751. Services: Main service on Sundays at Adonai Christian Centre - Penge Freedom Embassy Ministries
Kerkkantoor: 013-236 5118. 10:00, Tuesdays Intercession at 18:00, Services: Tuesday - 17:00 - 18:00; Friday International - Burgersfort
AGS Kerk, Steelpoort Wednesday Bible study at 18:00 and - Youth Service - 17:00 - 18:30; Venue: Morone Street (Old Netstar
Dienste is Sondagoggend om 09:00 en Thursday Bible study at 18:00. Sunday - 10:00 - 12:30 Workshop, behind new Cashbuild, near
Sondagaande om 18:00. Enquiries:Pastor NW Mametsa, 076 117 Contact: Shoprite).Services: Sundays 10:00 -
Navrae: (013) 230 9146. 5075. Past. HR Phoku, 073 411 5142 or 083 12:30. Enquiries: Pastor James Ukpong,
New Apostolic Church, Steelpoort Followers of Jesus Christ 691 9749. 082 268 3586.
Services: Sundays at 09:00. Church Services:Ga-Mashamothane Living Hope Bible Church Salvation Church Services
Contact: Carien on 082 826 5782. Zone 8, next to Mahlakwana Tuck Shop. Venue: Aloe Ridge East, Tarrapin Street, Venue: Praktiseer. Sundays from 10:00 -
End of Time International Time: 10:00 - 12:30 every Sunday. Villa Dela Salute Hall, Burgersfort; 12:30. Enquiries: Pastor Khutu N.J, 073
Ministries Wednesdays: 17:00 - 18:00. Time: 09:00 - 11:00 every Sunday. 590 4223.
Services: Wednesdays and Fridays at Followers of Jesus Christ Prayer Centre Contact: Pastor M. Mnisi - 072 797 6114
16:00 and on Sundays at 10:00. Ga-Manoke next to Ga-Dibucks. Sunday: or Mr S. Sekhukhune - 082 409 5680. List the times of your church services and
The church is situated next to 08:00 - 10:00; Tuesdays: 17:00 - 18:00; The Fountain of Life Community contact details of the church as well as a
Dibakwane Welding Services at Fridays: 17:00 - 18:00. Mass Choir Church person to be available for enquiries
Mashamothane, Zone 2. practice: 18:00 - 19:00. Venue: Shushumela Ext. 1, Praktiseer, regarding the church.This is a free service
and will be provided subject to space
Enquiries: Pastor Mampa, 082 219 7017. Enquiries: Air Port Section.
St Mary, Bothashoek Pastor PS Malepe, 079 881 0074/073 572 Services: Wednesdays and Fridays: 16:30
Contact us: 083 543 1676 or
Services: 09:00 - 10:00 4181. - 17:30. Sundays: 10:00 - 13:00.
083 271 9151.
St Daniel Comboni, Praktiseer Followers of Jesus Christ Contact: Pastor MP Maimela, 082 514 Fax: 086 554 9031/013-231 7147
Services: 09:00 - 10:00 Church Services: Maakubu next to 8595. E-mail:
St Augustine, Alverton Madire Café. Apostolic Faith Mission

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/ Betrekkings/Vacancies

Important numbers:
Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128
Roossenekal (013) 273 0075
Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204
Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011
Tubatse (013) 216 8500
Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041

Ander nood/Other
Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital (013) 2147265
Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital
(013) 615 0204
Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 2317843
Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
Disaster Management -
(Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566
15 25 SEPTEMBER 2009

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs
3. Dienste/
2.Te Huur/To Let For your convenience you can easily place smalls at:

3.Dienste/Services Services
4. Te Huur/For Hire Cash Traders
Plaas gerus ‘n klein advertensie by:
5. Troeteldiere/Pets Burgersfort
6. Persoonlik/Personal We do same day
repairs on TV’s, Hi-
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous Fi’s, amps etc. We do
8. Vakature/Vacancies installation on DSTV.
Tel: (013) 231 8686
9. Vermaak/Entertainment Installation of car Burgersfort Apteek/Pharmacy
10. Te Koop/For sale Tel: 013-231 7140 or
Tel: (013) 232 7751
Pieter, 079 584 6919
or Bennie,
1. Sport Klubs/ 3. Dienste/ 076 111 8405.
Sport Clubs Services
8. Vakature/
Klein Advertensies • Smalls
Om ‘n klein advertensie te plaas kan u die the form below in full and fax it with the proof of payment to
GSKA Karate onderstaande vorm volledig invul en aan ons faks 086 554 9031. The fax must reach us before 08:00 on a
Carpet Cleaning Vacancies (faks nr. 086 554 9031) saam met die Wednesday.
Maandae & Machines available depositostrokie of bewys van elektroniese Bankbesonderhede/Banking details: Platinum
Woensdae van 17h30 from Multiserv next to oorplasing. Die faks moet ons teen voor 08:00 op ‘n Gazette, ABSA, Tak/Branch: Lydenburg 8562,
Plumber and
– 19h00 by Calvin OK Grocer, Woensdag bereik. To place a small please complete Rekeningnommer/Account number: 4072580313.
Electrician needed.
Collage. Almal Burgersfort. Shoe Must be qualified and
welkom van 6 jaar en repairs and cutting of Naam/Name: Tel:
have driver’s
ouer. keys are also done. licences. Experience
Skakel Jolanda Enquiries: will be an added
Hietbrink by 082 087 6676. advantage. Must be
082 859 9681.
able to speak good This could
COMPUTER Afrikaans and have been
2. Te Huur/ SERVICES.
Fax CV to 013-231
your business
Upgrades, repairs,
8225 or contact: brought to the
To Let networking, new
installations. Buy & 082 308 9227. attention of
Flat to rent in sell secondhand potential A flat rate of R30 per classified consisting of up to 20 ‘n Basis fooi van R30 per geklassifiseerde advertensie
words is charged. Should the advertisement have met tot 20 woorde word gehef. Sou die advertensie uit
Ohrigstad. computers. Location: customers.

more words, an additional R1-00 per word is charged. meer woorde bestaan, word ‘n addisionele R1-00 per
One bedroom flat Lebowa Business Contact: This includes VAT. Please ensure that writing is woord gehef. Hierdie prys sluit BTW in. Maak asb.
available. Private one Park.
083 543 1676

legible as the newspaper will not accept any seker dat u netjies en leesbaar skryf aangesien die
side. Rent per month. Contact:
R2 500. If interested Riaan, 076 842 9270. for advertising responsibility for mistakes due to illegible handwrit- koerant geen verantwoordelikheid vir foute as gevolg
ing. Please keep your receipt or deposit slip as proof van onleesbare skrif aanvaar nie. Hou asb. u kwitansie
please contact Read bookings. of payment and placement of the advertisement. of depositostrokie as bewys van betaling en plasing
082 950 3535 or 082 WILLIE HOUTWURM Platinum Platinum Gazette reserves the right to judge van die advertensie. Platinum Gazette behou die reg
804 4719 Maak kombuis- en whether to publish an advertisement or not. voor om te besluit of ‘n advertensie geplaas sal word.
ingeboude kaste.
Gazette Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. Navrae: 083 543 1676 of 083 271 9151.
Flat to rent in Houtvloere en lapas. online at Call
Burgersfort Alle houtwerk.
Two bedroom flat Cell: 082 709 6525.
083 271
available. Two
bedrooms, kitchen,
lounge, bathroom.
Elshamah Motors
Your Mechanic on
9151 with Find us @ these
Rent per month. R2
distribution points
Duty. We specialize
500 p/m. W&L incl.
in all minor and major
repairs and services
on ALL types of
073 969 9994
vehicles. Engine, * Burgersfort SUPERSPAR * Shoprite
gearboxes and
We specialize in
Mahindra vehicles.
Looking for * Boxer Stores Burgersfort
* OK Grocer
* La Beautique Clinique
* Mecklenburg SAPS
Lebowa Business
Park, Burgersfort.
someone * Xerox Copimaster
* Phelo Pele Pharmacy
* Tubatse Village
* Praktiseer Magistrate’s
* Burgersfort Pharmacy Court
Willie, 076 158 9192.
who knows * Laerskool Steelpoort * Penge
* Laerskool Burgersfort * Factory Shop
how to do * Tingeling Kleuterskool * Dwarsrivier Mine
“Doing business * OK MiniMark * 4U Office National -
without the job? * Greater Tubatse Municipality Burgersfort
* CTM * Ingwe Safety Equipment
advertising is like You could find him * Modikwa Platinum Mine * One Stop Motor Spares -
* Pick n Pay Steelpoort
winking at a girl in or her through * Winterveld Village * Lamb & Ale Ohrigstad
the dark. You advertising in this * Ohrigstad SAPS * Fingerprint of Africa
* Total Ohrigstad * Try Me Dealers
know what you are newspaper. * Leboeng SAPS Ohrigstad
doing, but nobody To place your * Praktiseer SAPS * Laerskool Ohrigstad
else does” vacancy * Burgersfort SAPS * Vyfster Slaghuis
* Magaba Garage * Sasol Delight
- Stuart Henderson advertisement call * Vision Meat Convenience Store -
Beánnla on * Burgersfort Toyota Steelpoort
083 543 1676. * Hendrik’s Panelbeaters (Please note: these are just some of our
distribution points).
16 25 SEPTEMBER 2009

4U Need a helping hand with

Platinum Gazette your finances?

When it is all just too
much to handle, seek the
advice of a registered
Debt Counsellor and
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Next to Toyota, Burgersfort.

Tel: (013) 231 8322
Tel: (013) 231 8008 (Reg No: NCRDC 487) E-mail:
Shop 30, Morone Centre, Burgersfort

Woman’s Revenge in the

middle of all the action This all girl team has already made it’s mark in the league
although it is only their first year playing action cricket
together. For six of the girls this season is the first ever
playing action cricket.
They are not afraid to take on all male teams and is so far the
top women’s team in the competition.
They played four games to date. The one game was against
Sugar and Spice (another all girl team). Woman’s Revenge
won. One team could not honour their appointed match date
and forwarded points.
The one was played against Blixems and the other against
Xstrata Lions. Both these teams are all male teams.
The women however fought hard and lost the game against
Blixems with 23 runs and the one against Xstrata Lions with
17 runs.
“Every game we play we get better and better,” said Sanet
Booysen, who is very proud of her team.
All the team members are either working for or is family of
employees of Eastern Chrome Mines or their suppliers.
Action cricket games are played every Tuesday and Thursday
at the Tubatse Chrome Club.

Six of the girls have

never played action
cricket before
The Woman’s Revenge team are: Koos Jonker (coach),
Bianca Wirths, Nadine (Sophie) Fourie, Eulandi Language,
Mariska Stickling, Izelle van Staden, Sanet Booysen
(Captain) and Wilma Calvert. Absent: Lelanie Boshof and
Janine Briedenhann.

Pret Liquor
Variety and NOW OPEN!
quality you Many
can count on! instore
Kontak Vision Meat :
Tel: (013) 231 7094/ specials!
083 637 8749

Osman Building, next to CTM, Burgersfort