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Time: 45 min Choose the best answer: 1. The default name for a new document of star office. a) Untitled b) New document c) No name 2. To move one cell to the right in the table press _______ key. a) ALT+TAB b) TAB c) SHIFT Marks: 50

d) default


3. On typing the character, the vertical bar that appears is called? a) Insertion point b) Cursor c) Both (a) & (b) d) None of the above 4. The toggle between type over mode and the insert mode using the _______ a) Backspace b) Delete c) Home d) Insert 5. Which of the key is used to select the entire document in star writer? a) Ctrl+A b) Ctrl+L c) Ctrl+E d) Ctrl+D 6. Which of the following is used to search for a particular text in star office? a) Insert ---> Find & Replace b) Format ---> Find & Replace c) Edit ---> Find & Replace d) Tools ---> Find & Replace 7. Which command is used to cut the selected text in star office writer? a) File ---> Cut b) Tools ---> Cut c) Edit ---> Cut d) Format ---> Cut 8. To select a word in a document a) Press Ctrl+W b) Shift+del c) Click the word in the document d) Double click on a word 9. Entering a new text or modifying the existing text in a document is called a) Text editing b) editing c) Document editing d) Text moving

10. To move down one screen (scrolling) in the document press _______ key. a) CTRL+END b) PAGE UP c) PAGE DOWN d) CTRL+HOME 11. The ________ is a named set of defaults formatting text. a) Highlighting b) Styles c) Formatting 12. Default line spacing in star writer is a) Double b) Fixed

d) Editing

c) Single line

d) 1.5 lines

13. Which of the following menu, the formatting options are available? a) Format b) Tools c) Window d) Edit 14. ________ can be used to call attention to key ideas or pointers in a document? a) Highlighting b) Shade c) Background d) Bold 15. The size of a font is measured in a) Dots per inch b) Bytes d) Characters per inch

c) Points

16. Click the increase indent icon, the paragraph is indented by ________ inch. a) b) c) d) 1 17. To print invitations __________ fonts can be used. a) Fajitha b) Symbol c) Wingdings 18. The font that looks professional is a) Times New Roman b) Wingdings

d) All of the above

c) Fajitha

d) Symbol

19. How many types of spacing options are available in star office writer documents? a) 7 b) 5 c) 2 d) 6 20. What is the special kind of indent available for numbered list? a) Hanging indent b) Decrease indent c) Negative indent d) Increase indent 21. The ________ key is pressed to select the spelling check dialog box. a) F2 b) F4 c) F7 d) F9

22. To add the error and its correction to the auto correct list the _______ command is used. a) Tools ---> Correct b) Tools ---> Auto Correct ---> Auto format c) Help ---> Auto Correct d) Tools ---> Files 23. The key that deletes character to the right of the insertion pointer is a) Erase b) Delete c) Backspace d) Right arrow 24. To add a word to the dictionary _____ button is clicked in the spelling check dialog box a) Add b) Replace c) Language d) Suggestions 25. Which of the following is selected for checking the spelling after the document is typed a) Tools ---> Spelling ---> Check b) Format ---> Spelling ---> Check c) Insert ---> Spelling ---> Check d) Edit ---> Spelling ---> Check 26. The number of tabs in auto correct dialog box is a) 2 b) 5 c) 6 27. The only checkbox in auto correct dialog box is a) Whole words only b) Backwards c) Text only

d) 4

d) Match case

28. Which text box is used to enter replacement word in auto correct dialog box? a) With b) Replace c) Replace with d) Change 29. The _______ button is used to skip the spelling change for the current word a) Change b) Ignore once c) Add d) Replace 30. What color is used to underline the words that do not match with the words in the dictionary in star office writer? a) Red b) Black c) Green d) Blue 31. _________ command is used to delete the selected columns. a) Table ---> Delete ---> Columns b) Table ---> Delete ---> Rows c) Table ---> Columns ---> Delete d) Delete ---> Columns

32. Which command is used to insert more than one row in the table? a) Table ---> Rows ---> Insert b) Format ---> Rows ---> Insert c) Format ---> Insert ---> Rows d) Table ---> Insert ---> Rows 33. How will we create simple default ---> style border? a) Table ---> Insert ---> Table b) Insert ---> Table ---> Rows c) Insert ---> Table ----> Column d) Insert ---> Table ---> Table 34. Which key is hold down to resize the column without changing the width of the table? a) Ctrl+Shift b) Shift+Tab c) Alt d) Alt+Ctrl 35. The icon that combines two or more cells into a single cell is a) Borders b) Split cell c) Merge cell

d) Line style

36. The total number of icons present in the table formatting tool bar is a) 13 b) 12 c) 14 d) 11 37. Stars office writer displays the table as a a) Square b) Border 38. How will you make all columns even? a) Space equally ---> Column b) Width equally ---> Column c) Column ---> Width equally d) Column ---> Space equally 39. The border is dragged to resize the height of a) Space b) Width

c) Cell

d) Grid

c) Row

d) Text

40. In text document, the area at the top of the page is called as a) Footer b) Header c) Page number

d) None of these

41. The default margins are _____ top and bottom margins and _____ left and right margins
4 a) 1.25 1 b) 1, 1.25 c) 1.25, 1.25 d) 1", 1

42. If the length of the document is larger than the width, then such an orientations is called a) Landscape b) Header c) Document orientation d) Portrait 43. Which command is used to display ruler line? a) File ---> Ruler b) View ---> Ruler c) Preview

d) Format ---> Ruler

44. How many types of page orientation are there? a) 2 b) 5 c) 3 d) 4 45. _________ number of spin boxes are displayed in the footer dialog box. a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 46. Which of the following is used to change the paper size? a) Radio buttons b) Drop down list box c) Check box

d) Text box

47. The default width of the page in default orientation is a) 8.5 inch * 11 inch b) 11 inch * 8.25 inch c) 11 inch * 8.5 inch d) 8.5 inch * 1 inch 48. Which indicates star office writer, how close to print to the edge of page? a) Margin b) Rulers c) Margin control d) Margin guide 49. Which dialog box is used to set the width of the paper? a) Page style b) Format style c) Character

d) None of these

50. Which command is used to insert page number in Header or footer area? a) Format ---> fields ---> page numbers b) Insert ---> fields ---> page number c) Tools ---> fields ---> page number d) View ---> fields ---> page number