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Egyptien Society of Technical Analyst

Certified ESTA Technical Analyst Program ( CETA )

The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) provides its professional program of Technical Analysis which is currently acknowledged by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). The course name is CETA which is an abbreviation for Certified ESTA Technical Analyst. CETA is the third certificate around the world after Japan & Australia's certificates that is accredited to be equivalent to the international Certificate of the international Federation of Technical Analysts (CFTe). CETA professional program is intended for anyone interested in technical analysis. The ESTA professional program (CETA) is consisted of three levels and candidates will pass an exam at the end of each level to be able to continue the program. The main aim of the ESTA professional Program is to teach candidates so they can demonstrate proficiency in a variety of technical analysis tools. Candidates will be able to understand market movements and their real causes, bad signals and how to overcome them, as well as taking important trading and investment decisions based on their well thought-out opinions. This program is a very tough program and will need a lot of effort from candidates to pass it. Level 1 exam will include multiple choice questions. Level 2 exam will include multiple choice, short questions, and essay questions. Level 3 will mainly be essay questions. Passing grade is set at 70% for each level. To attend the CETA program, candidate should be first an ESTA member & because of the very high demand on our professional program candidate should contact ESTA office to add his name on the waiting list of the course. And then, ESTA will call him as soon as his turn comes. -ESTA Professional program (CETA) syllabus Level 1 :

TA Definition. Psychology & Trend psychology. Supply & Demand & Market mechanism. Dow Theory. Chart Construction & time frames. Discipline. Stops Trend, support & resistance. Trend Lines & Channels.

Reversal patterns. Continuation patterns. Price Gaps. Candle sticks patterns.

Level 2 :

Moving Averages. Envelopes. Bollinger Bands. Momentum & Rate of Change. Moving Average convergence divergence (MACD). Stochastic Oscillator. Relative Strength Index (RSI). Williams's % R. True Strength Index. Kairi indicator. The Directional Movement index (ADX , +DI & - Di) Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Volume Indicators. Report Writing.

Level 3 :

Point & Figure charting. Relative Strength analysis Breadth Indicators. Fibonacci levels. Elliot Wave Theory. Cycle's theory. Psychology & sentiment indicators

About Us :-

The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) is the first professional technical analysis society in the Middle East. ESTA is a non-profit organization & was established in year 2000. Its main aim is to disseminate & teach the science of technical analysis all around Egypt. ESTA is a full member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), and that placed the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) as one of the top societies around the globe, along with STA (England), NTAA (Japan) & ATAA (Australia). Address Cairo Office: 45 , Mossadak St. , Dokki , 6th floor, Appartment 11. For more information visit our official website