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SAP Solution Brief

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Gain a Competitive Edge and Enhance
Your Credentials

Jump-start your career, gain a In today’s highly competitive market, individuals who demon-
competitive edge, and enhance strate that they possess essential business and technological skills
enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly
your credentials by taking
true if your expertise includes SAP® software. Your proven
advantage of the newly enhanced
knowledge of SAP applications and technology is your passport
SAP® certification program – and to a wide range of opportunities. Whether you are a consultant
enjoy the many benefits of your or an employee, your skills are in great demand, and validation
status as an SAP-certified expert. of those skills is critical.
The new SAP program now offers
Today’s businesses are taking a hard look at their investments
three levels of certification: and the returns they generate. Part of that scrutiny focuses on
associate, professional, and the proficiency and proven capabilities of the people they choose
master-level certification. This to implement and operate their SAP applications. To accelerate
new certification program allows
your career, you need to demonstrate that you are part of an
elite group that has the talent and experience required to
you to access an exclusive
optimize SAP software.
global community of fellow SAP-
certified experts, helping you The SAP certification program provides that competitive edge.
enhance your proficiency in Those who hold SAP certification have obtained their skills
through rigorous study and direct experience and have proven
SAP software – and your career.
themselves by passing demanding, process-oriented examinations.

SAP Certification: Join an Exclusive Community

When you are SAP certified, you join a distinguished community
of experts recognized throughout the business world. SAP has
been certifying individuals for over a decade. Today more than
140,000 consultants and users worldwide are part of this commu-
nity. SAP certification is the ideal way for organizations to assess
and verify their consultants’ or employees’ expertise and ensure
that they have the skills required to effectively implement and
operate SAP solutions.

Based on recent feedback from SAP’s business community, SAP Enjoy the Benefits of Leading-Edge Certification
has decided to significantly enhance and expand the global certi- In addition to validating your skill set, participation in the SAP
fication program. This feedback clearly indicates that the SAP- certification program delivers a wide range of extra benefits
certified community is demanding even more opportunities for including:
continuous learning and career-advancing certification tracks. • Access to a personalized Web site that allows you to track your
current certification status, relate your certification to career
SAP is responding by developing a multitiered certification opportunities, and determine the latest course offerings and
offering. You can now be certified at any one of three levels, certification options
as follows: • Membership in the exclusive, Web-based SAP-certified com-
• Associate certification – Requires fundamental knowledge munity, where you can interact with your other certified
of SAP solutions and the successful acquisition of broad colleagues, share best practices, and learn how others have
proficiency used certification to further their careers
• Professional certification – Requires proven project • Exclusive discounts on products and services
experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed • Easy online access to your SAP certificates and logos that
understanding of SAP solutions you can use to demonstrate your qualifications to potential
• Master-level certification – Requires demonstrated expertise customers or employers
regarding specific aspects of SAP software functionality and
technology, as well as the ability to drive innovation and solu- Find Out More
tion optimization that meet an organization’s technical and Training and education for SAP certification and certification
business requirements exams are available at numerous test centers worldwide.
For more information about SAP certification, please contact
Validate Your Expertise your local SAP training department or visit us online at
SAP certification is the ideal way to assess and verify your SAP
solution skills. By obtaining certification or enhancing your
existing certification, you demonstrate conclusively that you are
qualified and proficient at optimizing SAP software to improve
an organization’s business performance. Whether you are an
employee of an enterprise running SAP applications, working for
an SAP partner company, or employed as an independent con-
sultant selling, implementing, and maintaining SAP software –
you will find SAP certification an essential tool in today’s
competitive marketplace.

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