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Dingpolitik & Lacanian Sexuation

The traditional Lacanian formulae of sexuation begins from the subjects
relation to the phallic function. According to adherents of this position, all
subjectswhether masculine or feminineare in some relation, as a
precondition for their admittance into language, to the phallus as signifier.
It is possible to introduce an alternative function, the ding function. It is b
assuming the dimension of things!as-things that we can transform the
formulae of sexuation without subverting the overall lessons of sexuation.
This is revolutionar in the pschoanaltic understanding of sexuation.
"hereas the traditional model emphasi#ed the dimension of subjects
without the dimension of things $things qua things%, the new model
emphasi#es the co!existing of things and subjects. In m presentation I will
focus on the formulae, the methodolog for constructing the new
formulae, its proper interpretation, and on the implications for the
understanding its place within Lacanian dogmata.
Traditional Lacanian &ormula'
(asculine &eminine
x)x x )x
x )x x)x
*ew &ormulae'
Things + ,ubjects ,ubjects without Things
x)x -)-
- )- x )x
- )- x )x
x)x -)-