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✓ X is going to walk off all the powdered donuts that she just ate

✓ X is savoring her four day weekend...three more days to go

✓ X is glad there is happiness to be had in San Diego in the form of football

✓ X is playing on her iPod touch and discovering many time wasting applications to be u

✓ X just watched the City, how so 90210 of me.

✓ X is going to work right now, if she doesn't she may spend hours on facebook

✓ X is ready to start the weekend.

✓ X wants to leave the house but is too lazy

✓ X loves gelato vera

✓ X woke up with a wicked migrane :(

✓ X is going to veg and watch A.I. while channel flipping

✓ X Better go to bed or will have a rough morning tomorrow

✓ X is excited about the 3-day wkend and Jan. 20

✓ X is packing to spend the wkend in Yuma to see my grandma

✓ X is packing to spend the wkend in Yuma to see my grandma- what an exciting life I l

✓ X is wondering why she is up at 2 in the morning

✓ X is in Yuma with her kids.

✓ X is proud... getting chills watching tv

✓ X feels like gumby, she is being pulled in many directions.

✓ X is kicking a**
✓ X hates job postings

✓ X says "icky-monday poo"

✓ X is eating gummy bears and watching lost

✓ X is gonna celebrate Ed's Birthday

✓ X says "yay friday"

✓ X can't wait to buy her Flight of the Conchords tix tomorrow...who's in?

✓ X is tired but told myself to run the treadmill tonight or suffer the consequences

✓ X is going to get her teeth cleaned

✓ X is irritated to find out she has to have minor oral surgery soon

✓ X going to the old globe..yep Theatre night

✓ X saw full frontal nudity live for the first time and it wasn't at a strip club and it wasn't

✓ X is listening to pouring rain...sounds like a water symphony.

✓ X is doing absolutely nothing today!

✓ X is going to watch the HBO/SHO Sun shows of hers

✓ X just was immersed with french for three hrs....head bloat

✓ X is got kicked out of 24 fitness WTF?

✓ X is having a fight with the printer

✓ X is taking her valentines day nap

✓ X is grateful for this Monday holiday, now to get outside and enjoy the free day.

✓ X is baking chocolate chip cookies

✓ X is celebrating Ryan's 11th birthday today..I am so old.

✓ X wants to live in the land of Willy Wonka.

✓ X is getting ready for a busy day.

✓ X needs a big fat glass of something..something

✓ X - Naptime then maybe watching some movies at home.

✓ X is going hiking today...kid field trip, wouldn

✓ X is going to the nature center, hike being.back in the first grade again with m

✓ X is wiped out, is it still Monday?

✓ X is up at a god awful time

✓ X thinking of planning a cheap getaway cruise with the fam

✓ X shed a tear watching slumdog

✓ X caving in to her kids who want a hamster as a pet.

✓ X is watching train wreck tv

✓ X has a migraine the size of Texas

✓ X is glad it is Friday, glad it is sunny and glad I am headache free

✓ X is watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Stewie is going ballistic

✓ X hope it is sunny today, I am going to spend the day in La Jolla, but now I am going

✓ X is wondering what an ulcer feels like

✓ X listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album so far so good!

✓ X is kind of sad that American Idol is the highlight of her day today
✓ X is hoping all the lemons so far this year can make some good lemonade

✓ X is feeling better, kind of groggy from the medication but feeling more human now

✓ X yay for the new office and 30 rock tonight

✓ X wants you to join their Mafia: ph

✓ X is resorting to iPod touch facebook can't stand new interface on computer version

✓ X off to work and then to discuss entre le murs- "the class"

✓ X Misses my Stewie and Louie. Too quiet at work. :(

✓ X way to start a morning, with a dead rat on my doorstep, thanks cat.

✓ X Just watched on to the book to see the differences.

✓ X is now reading 3 books Twillight, The War of Art and Stupid Sock Creatures

✓ X OK, I will observe earth hour from 8:30 to 9:30 you pulled my arm. Good thing this

✓ X Going shopping for home stuff' table, paint ideas, stuff for making a bri

✓ X discovering the fun of twitter. Let me know if you have an acct and I will follow.

I am up way too early, set up my acct. So I can use my million social netwo
✓ X Productive=Sleep

No kids for a week. What am I going to do with myself? Going to actually stay up af
✓ X into a pumpkin.

✓ X so rad, I bought a unicorn peeing a rainbow tee-shirt at the Anya Marina Concert to

✓ X watching sex and the city the movie for the umteenth time

✓ X eating pesto pasta with pinenuts with yellow gold potatoes even the dogs like it.

going to enjoy the beautiful day, get a facial and have a clean house when I get bac
✓ X be better?
✓ X Crouching Dragon

✓ X Guide to everything Twitter- Like learning a new language-

✓ X Peeps for Breakfast, Peeps for Lunch, Peeps for Dinner. Happy Easter!

✓ X Why can't they have Britain's Got Talent in the US too? We have a BBC network. htt

I decided to leave my laptop home, too much to lug. Maybe it is time to look into th
✓ X moments...those too few moments I have.

Good to see family tonight! I had to walk nine blocks out of the way in heels in SF t
✓ X day party. Time to go to bed now.

It is nice to be home,that Sd welcome landing is the best. It is hot, I walked so muc

✓ X Real World tomorrow.

˙ʍou ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ɹoɟ ʇı ǝsn ʇɥƃıɯ ı ˙sıɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ǝʌol uı ɯɐ ı ¡ʎzɐɹɔ

✓ X This status contains special characters. It won't display properly in the collage.

✓ X Last week, I was burning up, now I am freezing. What is up with this weather?

✓ X Ah... the sound of pounding in my front yard.Could it be? A new cobblestone pavem

✓ X Elise is 7 today. Parents should get the day off of work for their kids birthdays.

Cuteness, Elise just wrote a fan letter to Allison Iraheta from American Idol. She's o
✓ X birthday.

✓ X So Adam Lambert is coming to San Diego this week, who is ready for the madness?

✓ X Took an hr. nap, is it still the same day? I have that fuzzy feeling of refreshment.

✓ X scrubs marathon

✓ X Off to "Happy Mothers Day" yoga.

✓ X There is still hope. Not all is lost. Where sadness blooms, happiness is not far away.

✓ X Basking in the sunshine, birds are chirping what more do I need?

✓ X Here is to a new adventure and new chapter in my adult life. Cheers!

✓ X Just want to wish everyone a good weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.

✓ X Bought a juicer. Hmmm, thinking how many meals I can have in liquid form??

✓ X Yay American Idol is on!

I missed AI, since I know who won, I think I will take my time to watch my DVR. I t
✓ X freedom anyways. Had a great time laughing last night at the Flight of the Conchord

✓ X Cafe Chloe nothing like a faux french cafe in San Diego. Had my bowl of cafe' moch

✓ X finally getting to read the Sunday paper just like the good ol days

✓ X that damn peggle game

I was going to write you but you beat me to it. Ryan is going to his great grandpa's
✓ X weekend (he passed last wk). Ryan does want to hang out with Elias another weeke
so during the

✓ X too quiet with no boys

✓ X Can't sleep. I wish there was world peace.

✓ X Just had a good time at the Old Globe w/Suzanne and got my Luigi's Pizzeria fix.

✓ X Independence Jam today and a mini cruise on Thurs. This is a good week.

✓ X likes Karen O she rocked!

✓ X needs the sun to come out and play

✓ X Yay! I am going to sophie's lounge to see airborne toxic event next Tues.

✓ X cox cable screwed me over I can't watch weeds tonight so mad

✓ X My head is chanting "wanna get away" and I am screaming "yes" on the inside. This

✓ X Planning my day for Fri., will be on Catalina Island. Planning to forget about normal
✓ X Peace out till Sun. Morn. Happy early Father's Day to the all the Dads out there.

✓ X I'm back and it is not Father's Day it is next Sun. I am not sure what day it is anymo

✓ X Going to Ryan's 5th Grade graduation this morning. Seems like yesterday, I went to

First time at Anthology- great venue. Airborne Toxic Event is a great group, got to "
✓ X joke. Now, I have got Somewhere Around Midnight stuck in my head, along with red

Gonna take the kids to see 'UP' today and then off to clean out my home office (hug
✓ X for Euna and Laura- 6:30p @ Abundant Life Church(3520 Mt.Acadia Blvd sponsored

✓ X Finally, it's Father's Day and officially the first day of Summer. June Gloom can go a

✓ X baking cookies again then off to watch weeds. No correlation

Taking advantage of all the Free Museum Tuesdays (for locals) @Balboa Park, they
✓ X be so it is the Air and Space and the Auto Museum.

I am surprised how much normal admission to the Balboa Park Museums are....$15
✓ X Auto museum. Luckily, I didn't have to pay. Kids are happy to be home for afternoo

I better start liking the Chargers and Sushi fast. I am going to my first tweetup Thur
✓ X there, I got a VIP seat. Free Sushi and an open bar till sponsored tab runs out. Shou
for me.

✓ X Going to meet my new Dogdaughter today

✓ X So much going on today...I think I am going to call it a day.

✓ X Ahhh, today is bring your dog to work day. I miss the old days. Everyday was take y

✓ X
is happy that Lola is catching on. I feel the stress in my shoulders and want it to go
✓ X
I can't believe I got married 9 yrs. ago today. That's about 3,285 days. Seems like y
love of my life.
✓ X
Happy 4th to all my facebook friends/relatives out there. May you eat lots of picnic f
in the sky.
✓ X
Heading down to tower 23 for Brunch..Beach for afternoon. Way to spend Sunday.
✓ X
Spent the morning watching CNN..It is hard to appreciate something unless it is gon
✓ X
your friend in the digital age
✓ X
saw Bruno funny yet so wrong, I'm a bit disturbed but I'll manage I always do
✓ X
Done, done and done
✓ X
learning about doing business on twitter- downtown at Croces. Interesting stuff
✓ X
I have had an eclectic and eccentric week, good to be uber busy again. Yay for sum
leisurely activities it brings.
✓ X
Busy weekend, busy is good.
✓ X
went to zoo today..too hot
✓ X
glad her family came to visit, good seeing the cousins, lil niece and sis
✓ X
Facebook is making me log in every time I click on something, this is pissing me off,
✓ X
watching Dirty Sexy Money glad they are putting closure to this show
✓ X
says a California Burrito is not good diet food
✓ X
Grateful for good friends and family. Now if my kids would get along, I would be rea
✓ X
watching Lola dig a hole to China when she should be doing something else.
✓ X
Changed my language to English (Pirate)...Aye, try it some time mates. See bottom
✓ X
Just watched 500 Days of Summer- Had a lovely lemon ravioli and eggplant/artichok
I saw some awesome cut shrubbery- all in a days work.
✓ X
there's a live band playing down the street why didn't they invite me?
✓ X
Finally, cleared out my old shoes, making room for new lovelies.
✓ X
Bill Clinton is the bomb-digity! Mike Saldate is going to have his family back! Yay!
✓ X
It's too hot
✓ X
Hard Rock Hotel, Margaritas oh my. It was nice chatting with the Airborne Toxic Eve
✓ X
Suffering a mild case of a summer flu. Yuck.
✓ X
wishes she would feel better now. Sickness stop coming and going, just stay away.
✓ X
What is so good about FarmVille? Someone tell me what is so good about acquiring
talk back like Babe? I don't want to start taking care of virtual farm animals. I have
it is. Just saying, go on with your day now.
✓ X
Getting the human kids ready for their kid-cation with grandparents. Yep.. human k
✓ X
Ran through the rain, it felt good, saw some lightning too.
✓ X
It's oh so quiet.
✓ X
Kids=0 (But I miss them) Doggies=3. Can't wait for the chaos. Bring it on.
✓ X
Preparing for my last class in Marketing via New Media (will be sad after it ends) an
Camarillo, ?, San Jose, Camarillo and back to San Diego.
✓ X
Not leaving till tomorrow, Yes mom, you will see me on Saturday.
✓ X
It is hotter than hades and I am not even in the desert yet
✓ X
having a great roadtrip so far- drove through Hollywood, Elise was excited, I was ju
✓ X
Drove forever but finally here, saw a truck in flames and all.
✓ X
back in Camarillo resting after 5.5 hrs in the car back to SD tomorrow
✓ X
going back to San Diego today- never thought a road trip could be so fun.
✓ X
Home again, now time to unpack and do laundry yuck..
✓ X
Lola likes apples
✓ X
school starts for the kids tomorrow! Pre-tweenie one and two off to sixth and secon
✓ X
My kids survived the first day of school, they still like it.
✓ X
Needs to download her camera and post her pics but I have a slight case of ADD.
✓ X
Just broke out the Beatles Rockband Game, not sure if I am excited or indifferent.
✓ X
Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone. I am sure this new yr. will be better than the
age. Only if I can get my hands on a fine wine.
✓ X
Oooh, I like this facebook lite. This FB version funnels the crap out for me. http://lit
✓ X
Does anyone know if there are any must-dos in Dallas, TX? I will be there this week
✓ X
Da done da done da done dada done da done done done dada done
✓ X
that second white mocha around 2 pm yesterday... Big mistake!
✓ X
at DFW going to SAN in a few hrs!
✓ X
It's an otter pop day
✓ X
Just read that they cancelled the Beautiful Life after two episodes, I am glad I didn't
cancel Parks and Recreation though, that show is too funny. Tonight, I watched Cou
not bad for ABC sitcoms...I still have to say Glee is the funniest show with the best w
✓ X
Dinner at Cucina Urbana and tix to see Kathy Griffin- how perfect is that?
✓ X
I wasted two hours of my life watching tv tonight- why can't stop watching 90210 o
having a staring contest with Stewie during the commercials. I think he won.
✓ X
Has anyone seen David Sedaris Live? I found out he is at Balboa Theatre on 10/30.
✓ X
Headache in full force, why today?
✓ X
Kid quotes of the night: "I know you are but what am I" and "that's what she said"
✓ X
Took a jog this morning. I wish I knew how fast and how far I went, but I don't hav
✓ X
I suppose packing has its benefits, Vegas tomorrow here I come.
✓ X
Having a great time in Vegas, haven't stuck a quarter in yet, one day left, haven't fo
✓ X
Listening to Anthony Edwards, Jermaine Dupree, Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)
Expo. How cool is that?
✓ X
LOVED LOVE (Cirque de Soleil Show) -Not lovin' the Goldfish Slots (they stole my m
the rest of the trip, up $20, that's something.
✓ X
Had a great time at Blogworld Expo and New Media Conference. Recommend highly
back to family.
✓ X
is at home about to crash for the night
✓ X
For a laugh, I recommend sites from the oatmeal and i can has cheezburger. Disclos
✓ X
Not sure about this new facebook interface. I hate change.
✓ X
Dear Facebook, Can we customize our own interfaces? If you do this maybe you wo
✓ X
Should be sleeping, see what one cocktail does to you.
✓ X
I'm one of those people that won't leave the house today, there are some mean driv
✓ X
Craving World Famous Lobster Tacos. Kind of late for eating anything right now.
✓ X
going to Aztec game later today. Elise will be in half-time show with other Heartlight
✓ X
Kids are off of school tomorrow, what am I going to do with them on a Wednesday?
✓ X
I'm thankful for my family, friends and my good doggies - happy first b-day Lola
✓ X
TV is the best babysitter, too bad Ryan is grounded from it.
✓ X
Gonna see the movie A Christmas Carol this afternoon. It's too soon to be the holida
✓ X
✓ X
Just hung out w/ Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. Great guys. Thankful for Social Med
✓ X
Just made my first turkey - slow cooked it so the meat is so tender,
✓ X
Packing for family and 2 dogs for a looooong car ride. Fun, Fun
✓ X
Happy Halloween um er...I mean Thanksgiving.
✓ X
Thankful of friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving
✓ X
Good times with the family this Thanksgiving, good to see the Autumn leaves and th
somewhere in CA.
✓ X
Freezing, yet fan is on because of Ed's need of white noise. Anyone have a fan soun
✓ X
Ya, I must be 15 again. Gonna see Adam Lambert tomorrow at Hard Rock SD dedic
hot he looks kissing guys on tv too.
✓ X
Susan Boyle's version of Wild Horses is really beautiful.
✓ X
Just finished watching Angels and Demons. For some reason, they made Tom Hank
✓ X
Pumpkin Bread, White Mocha, Sun is out. Today is going to be a good day.
✓ X
Have a bunch of google wave invites if anyone wants one. Just msg me your email a
✓ X
I like my facebook page too much to Seppukoo
✓ X
Had a great time at my second cookie decorating party this week. Can you say Suga
✓ X
I feel like I'm in a club, kiddos are playing DJ Hero
✓ X
Packing again. Just going on an overnight to one of the best hotels in San Diego, wh
am not excited because I have to leave my doggies. I think I am too attached to my
the Peppermint scrub at the spa tomorrow morning so I guess that makes staying o
✓ X
Craved a hot dog, ate a hot dog. It wasn't so bad.
✓ X
✓ X Went to Costco twice today. Boy is that place picked over.

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