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ATI Catalyst™ Software Q4 2009 newsletter

The ATI Catalyst™ Software quarterly ATI Catalyst™ – the ultimate software solution:
newsletter is designed to inform you about Performance
significant software features that have been
released in the past quarter and about
significant upcoming software features and Innovation Stability
milestones. This newsletter also includes a
selection of the latest press quotes, and
other important highlights

ATI Catalyst™ Software features released in Q4 2009:

GPU acceleration of H.264 video content using ATI Catalyst support for the OpenCL™ GPU
Adobe® Flash Player 10.1 Beta component of the ATI Stream SDK v2.0
• The ATI Radeon™ HD 5000, ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 • Provides full support for GPU acceleration of
and ATI Radeon™ HD 3100 Series supports OpenCL™ when used in conjunction with the
hardware acceleration features of the Adobe ATI Stream SDK v2.0
Flash Player 10.1 Beta for video encoded in the Video enhancements
H.264 format • High quality downscaling when transcoding
• GPU acceleration helps deliver smooth video video content from high quality content
playback, reduce system resource utilization and (1920x1080i @60 Hz) to low resolution content
preserve battery life (320x240p @ 30Hz)
ATI Catalyst™ Control Center enhancements • GPU acceleration of the Window 7 “Drag and
• Switch between extended desktop and duplicate Drop” video converter
desktop modes in a single step Linux enhancements
• Welcome screen real-time content updates - • New Operating System support: SLED and SLES
ensures users are aware of the latest AMD 10 SP3, Ubuntu 9.10, RHEL 5.4. openSUSE 11.2
promotions and products (early look support), RedFlag DT6.0 SP3
• New video preview option to better understand • ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition –
the benefits of enabling AMD video features Display enhancements; Projector support ,
OpenGL enhancements new CRT/VGA settings, TV settings,
• Double precision support Component Video Overscan / Underscan
• OpenGL 3.2 extension support controls
DirectCompute 10.1 support Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing support for the ATI
• DirectCompute 10.1 is a subset of the features Radeon™ HD 5900, HD 5800 and HD 5700 Series
found in DirectCompute 11 • Highest level quality of Anti-Aliasing possible
• Supported on the ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 series, • Uses a high number of samples to reduce
ATI Radeon™ HD 4700 series, and ATI CrossFireX™ shimmering in textures and shading as well as
technology supported variants smooth out polygon edges
Upcoming ATI Catalyst™ software Upcoming ATI Catalyst™ software
features features
ATI Catalyst™ application profiles – delivering AMD Dual graphics support
support for new games using ATI CrossFireX™ • AMD platforms featuring the RS880 and either
technology configurations sooner of the “Cedar” or “Park” GPU will use both
• ATI CrossFireX™ technology application profiles integrated and discrete GPUs together to
are being removed from the 3D driver accelerate DirectX 10/10.1 applications for a
component to a separate .XML file to enable significant performance boost
quick updates on Sterepscopic 3D support
• ATI Catalyst™ packages will continue to install • The Direct3D driver will be updated to support
the reference and fully qualified ATI 3rd party vendors such as IZ3D to enable 3D
CrossFireX profile by default (which come from glasses using 120 Hz displays
the same driver release used for the ATI • USB support for Bit Cauldron’s 3D goggles
Catalyst package) Eyefinity enhancements – Bezel support
• The new ATI CrossFireX application profile list • Easy-to-use wizard shows users how to adjust
(posted as a separate file downloadable file on their display layout to remove the pixels is created from the current mainline occupied by their display bezels for a more
driver (approximately 2 driver releases ahead immersive gaming experience
of the driver being used for the current ATI Mutlimedia updates
Catalyst driver) • Increased GPU acceleration of the Windows 7
o Provides enthusiast users with “Drag and Drop” video converter
access to the very latest ATI • Display Port audio for DisplayPort panels
CrossFireX profiles • ATI Catalyst Control Center update - ATI Video
o The separate ATI CrossFireX profile converter support in the “Advanced View”
is considered beta will not be ATI Catalyst™ software for ATI Mobility Radeon™
supported by AMD’s customer GPUs
support team • Laptops* featuring ATI Radeon™ graphics will
ATI CrossFireX™ configurations featuring ATI be able to install monthly ATI Catalyst
Power Play™ technology for the ATI Radeon™ HD software suite releases on systems using
5900, HD 5800 and HD 5700 Series Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Delivers significant power savings by setting * requires notebook vendor approval to install on laptop
the secondary GPU(s) engine and memory Linux enhancements
clocks to very low levels when GPU(s) are not • 2D performance enhancements
in use • New OS support: Ubuntu 9.10, OpenSUSE 11.2

ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite in

the news:
“We do have to give some big props to the driver team
for creating a wonderful HD 5970 driver. You can know
that if you have a HD 5970 or if you're lucky enough to have two, you will see some simply fantastic
“YouTube CPU usage on the Prince of Persia trailer performance from the setup.”
drops 31%, Hulu's Legend of the Seeker drops CPU use
20% while nearly doubling the frame rate (i.e. from
dropping half the frames to showing everything), and
480p Hulu drops CPU usage 10% with frame rates almost
tripling (from ~13 FPS to over 30 FPS for what appears “In the Catalyst Control Center, one can enable and
to be 30 FPS video content). Unlike the Intel modify the values for a host of color enhancements and
platform, if you have an ATI card and a moderate CPU it post-processing effects, and GPU-accelerated Flash
appears that Flash 10.1 is a clear win.” videos will be modified in real time. In fact, AMD has a
split-screen preview mode to show how the video
output is being modified. This is beyond nifty.

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