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Workshop 1 7th September, 2014

1) The milk of Ashudh Dairy is pure and contains 88.75% Protein, 2.75% Fat and 8.5% Nonfatty solids. A shop generally sells the milk in 1-litre bottles. Daya from CID raided the shop
one day and found that the milk in one of these bottles contained 91% Protein, 2.2% Fat,
the rest being Non-Fatty Solids and that the bottle weighed more than 1 litre. If all the three
items (Proteins, Fat and Non-fatty solids) were freely available to the shopkeeper, how
much protein had been added to that bottle ?
a) 100cc
b) 150cc
c) 200cc
d) 250cc
e) Cannot be determined
2) In order to start a business, a man borrowed Rs. 1200 and promised to pay 5.5% interest
every year and to repay the Principal after 15 years. The business suffered a loss of 2000 Rs.
In his business after sometime and therefore got the rate of interest reduced to 5%. At the
end of the agreed period, he had paid in all Rs. 936 as interest and had made a profit of Rs.
3789 from his business. For how many years has he paid at the higher rate
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 5
e) 3
3) Mr. Kharchila bought 35 books at Rs. 200 and sold them at an average price of Rs. 223 for
each book. He bought some laptops (quantity unknown) for a total price of Rs. 5800 and
sold all of them for a combined price of Rs. 6467. Finally he bought 73 Mobile phones, each
of them ranging between Rs. 12600 and 13870 and sold them at a profit of 11.5%. What is
his total profit percentage (round off to one decimal place) ?
a) 8.35%
b) 6.9%
c) 11.5%
d) 12.6%
e) Cannot be determined
4) Minku bought a rectangular plot of land in UP 2 years ago at the rate of 1000 per m 2 . Cost
of plot increases by 5% in every 3 years & worth of a rupee falls down at the rate of 2% in
every 2 years. Which is the closest value of the land per m2 4 years hence ?
a) Rs. 1005
b) Rs. 1100
c) Rs. 1080
d) Rs. 1040
e) Rs. 1125
5) The price of an article reduces to 576 after two equal successive discounts. The markup is
80% above the CP of Rs. 500. What is the new profit percentage in instead of two successive
discounts, the markup price was further increased successively two times by the same
percentage ?
a) 259.2%
b) 159.2%
c) 59.2%
d) 359.2%
e) None of these

For Questions 6-8 :

Small Bazaar, a retail outlet, has planned a discount scheme. It is a game, where if you win
any round, you will get some discount specific to that round and if you lose, you will be
losing all the all the discounts won so far. The scheme :
Round 1 ------------- > Discount coupons of 2%
Round 2 ------------- > Discount coupons of 4%
Round 3 ------------- > Discount coupons of 6%, and so on.
There are infinite rounds and you can participate in all the rounds but you can participate in
any round only once and before participating in Round N, you should have participated in
Round 1 to Round (N-1) (all the rounds before that particular round.)
All the discounts won will be successive e.g., if you win Round 1 and then Round 2 also, you
will get a successive discount of 2% and then 4%. But again as the rule goes on, if you lose
Round 3, you will be losing all the discount coupons won so far. But despite losing Round 3,
you can participate in Round 4 and so on.
6) What is the minimum possible no. of rounds to obtain the maximum possible discount ?
a) 100
b) 25
c) 50
d) Infinite
e) Cannot be determined
7) What is the maximum possible discount ?
a) 1000%
b) 50%
c) 200%

d) Infinite

e) None of these

8) What is the minimum possible discount after 20 rounds provided that the customer has
won a minimum of 18 rounds
a) 100%
b) 50%
c) (2+4+...+20) %
d) 0
e) Cannot be determined
9) Mr. Laalchi puts some amount in a bank & obtained an interest of Rs. 15 at the end of one
year. He added Rs. 85 to this amount & put the whole amount again in the bank for another
year. At the end of the 2nd year, he got Rs. 420 as the amount for 2nd year. What amount did
he put in the bank in the beginning and what is the rate of interest being offered by the
bank, if the minimum amount that can be deposited in the bank is Rs. 75
a) 250, 5%
b) 300, 5%
c) 200, 8%
d) 330, 3.5%
e) None of these
10) A fresh consignment of berries weighing a' kg was received from Meri Berry. On analysis it
was found that the berries contained 99% water. After 15 days, it was found that the same
lot now contained 98% water. What was the new weight of the consignment after 15 days ?
a) 4a/5
b) a/3
c) 2a/3
d) a/2
e) None of these

11) The population of towns A & B is in the ration of 1:4. For the next 2 years, the population of
A would increase & that of B would decrease by the same percentage every year. After 2
yrs, their population become equal. What is the percentage increase/decrease every year ?
a) 25%
b) 66.66%
c) 50%
d) 33.33%
e) Not possible
12) Fakir Chand has a weighing balance in which there is a technical fault. The right pan of the
balance always measures 200g more than its left pan. While purchasing the articles, Fakir
Chand puts goods in the left pan and weight in the right pan and while selling he puts the
goods in the right pan and weight in the left pan. He uses only 2 kg weight for the
measurement and to measure 2n kg weight, he measures n times but sells the good at the
cost price. What is his profit percentage ?
a) 20%
b) 200/9%
c) 200/11%
d) 30%
e) Cannot be determined
13) Angoor Sahab has two types of grapes. One is the fresh grapes containing 80% water and
dry grapes containing 25% water. He sells 20 kg dry grapes, by adding water to the dry
grapes, at cost price. What is the total profit percentage when after adding water, the
weight of 20 kg dry grapes increased in the proportion of the water in the fresh grapes.
Assume water is freely available and price of both the grapes are the same ?
a) 275%
b) 200%
c) 80%
d) 125%
e) 100%

For Question 14-15 :

Had the CP been 10% less and the SP been 10% more, the Profit % would have been double
than that of the earlier case
14) What is the Profit Percentage in the original case ?
a) 20%
b) 28.56%
c) 14.28%
d) None of these
15) How many values of the actual SP is/are possible ?
a) 1
b) 0
c) 3
d) 2

e) Cannot be determined

e) Infinite

16) Chor Singh marks his goods by 20% and then gives a discount of 20%. Besides he cheats
both his supplier and customer by 100 gms, i.e., he takes 1100 gms from the supplier and
sells 900 gms to the customer. Chor Singh also takes a discount of 20% from his supplier
which he disregards while preparing his mark-up. What is his net profit ?
a) 37.5%
b) 46.6%
c) 52.33%
d) 58.33%
e) None of these

17) Jadoo and Krish purchased a mask each for the same price and both marked up their
respective masks by the same amount. Jadoo gave a discount of Rs. 20 followed by another
discount of 20% on the reduced price. Krish gave a discount of 20% followed by a discount
of Rs. 20 on the reduced price. If Jadoos profit percentage is 3 times Krishs loss
percentage, what is the profit (in Rs.) of Jadoo on his mask ?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 1
d) 3
e) Cannot be determined
18) A spring balance reads 1 kg when actually 800gm is weighed on it. The shrewd grocer has
already marked up the price of the goods by 20%. One day, GOD visited him in his dream
and asked the grocer to correct the weighing balance and start giving customers a discount
of 10%. A day later, Ramu paid Rs. 16 for a kg of Rice. Before the GODs visit, how much
would he have paid to take back the same quantity ?
a) 26.66
b) 27.5
c) 24
d) 28
e) None of these
19) A coaching institute trains boys and girls for job placements. Number of boys who got calls
for Companies A and B was equal to the number of girls who received calls from A and B.
Each of the boys and girls got calls from both A and B. 60% of the boys failed in Group
Discussion and thus equal number of boys appeared for the Interview but 20% of the boys
who appeared for the interview of A and 60% of the boys who appeared for the interview of
B failed. A candidate can get call from both A and B but can appear for the interview of
either A or B but not both. Given that only 24 boys from the caching institute were selected
by A and B together, then find the number of girls who got calls from A and B. A candidate
can appear for the next stage (calls GD Interview selection) only if he/she qualifies the
previous stage
a) 100
b) 200
c) 350
d) 250
e) 300
20) Vijay went to purchase a Laptop. The shopkeeper asked him to pay 20% tax if he asked the
bill. Vijay manages to get the discount of 5% on the actual sale price of the laptop and he
paid the shopkeeper Rs. 3325 without tax. Besides, he managed to avoid to pay 20% tax on
the already discounted price. What is the amount of discount he has got ?
a) 750
b) 375
c) 875
d) 525
e) None of these
21) When a bicycle manufacturer reduced its selling price by 50%, the number of bicycles sold
radically increased by 600%. Initially the manufacturer was getting only 140% profit. What is
the percentage increase in the profit ?
a) 10%
b) 14%
c) 0%
d) None of these
e) Cannot be determined

22) How many number of Zeroes would be there at the end of 123! expressed in Base 6 ?
a) 5
b) 75
c) 12
d) 23
e) None of these
23) P is a natural number. 2P has 28 divisors and 3P has 30 divisors. How many divisors of 6P
will be there ?
a) 35
b) 40
c) 45
d) 48
e) Cannot be determined
24) There are two 3 digit number. When one of the numbers is divided by the other, the
quotient is 6 and the remainder is 0. Sum of both the numbers is a multiple of 504. What is
the difference between the numbers ?
a) 360
b) 120
c) 480
d) 720
e) No unique solution
25) There is a prison with 100 cells inside it. Cells are numbered from 1 to 100 and every cell is
occupied by one prisoner only. One day the jailor decides to release some of the prisoners
and for this he defines an algorithm of 100 steps as follows :
Step 1 : Reverse the status of cells which are divisible by 1
Step 2 : Reverse the status of cells which are divisible by 2
Step 3 : Reverse the status of cells which are divisible by 3
Step 100 : Reverse the status of cells which are divisible by 100
The status of any cell can be Closed or Open. Initially, all the cells are closed. After executing
all the above steps, the prisoners whose cells remained open are set free.
How many prisoners are released ?
a) 64

b) 10

c) 25

d) 19

e) None of these

26) In the previous question, if the number of prisoners in each cell is equal to the cel number,
find the number of prisoners released
a) 275
b) 39
c) 385
d) 290
e) None of these
27) Let N = 27 *54 *195 , then how many factors of N are perfect squares ?
a) 40
b) 36
c) 90
d) 30
e) None of these

28) In the above question how many factors of N are perfect cubes ?
a) 10
b) 15
c) 24
d) 18

e) None of these

29) Two players A and B are playing a game of putting + and - signs in between any two
integers written from 1 to 380. A starts the game by putting a Plus sign anywhere between
any two numbers and those two numbers are paired together, removed and kept aside. B
does the same. When the first round is done, the same process is repeated for the second
round and so on till the final result is achieved. If it is even then A wins and if it is odd then B
wins. A and B are putting signs by taking turns one by one and either of them can put the
sign anywhere between any two integers. Who will win at the end ?
a) A
b) B
c) Either A or B
d) Depends on the number of + signs
30) Starting with 1, positive integers are written one after the other. What is the digit at the
3,90,000th place ?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
e) 0
31) [1111......1111 (200 digits) 2222......222 (100 digits)]1/2 is equal to :
a) 131313.......1313 (100 digits)
b) 212121.......212121 (100 digits)
c) 111.......111 (100 digits)
d) 222.......222 (100 digits)
e) 333.......333 (100 digits)
32) The last digit of the LCM of (32003 1) and (32003 + 1) is :
a) 8
b) 2
c) 4
d) 6

e) 0

33) a, b and c are positive integers such that a + b + c = 1937. Let E = ( 1)a + ( 1)b +( 1)c .
Find the number of possible values of E
a) 1937
b) 1936
c) 3
d) 9
e) None of these
34) The sum of the factorials of the three digits of a three-digit number is equal to the number
itself. Which of the following statements is true regarding the number of such three digit
numbers, is repetition of digits is not allowed ?
a) No such number exists
b) Exactly one such number exists no. is 145
c) There is more than one such number, but they are finite in number
d) There are infinite such numbers

35) You are selecting 10 numbers randomly from the set of first 100 off numbers. The sum of
these 10 odd numbers is 10 values is N. How many different values of N are possible ?
a) 900
b) 1800
c) 1801
d) 901
e) None of these
36) The total number of 5s represented in Base 6 in the expression (6240)10 (12345)6 is N. Find
a) 1
b) 0
c) 235
d) 236
e) None of these
37) Find the number of natural numbers which are smaller than 2*108 written by using the
digits 1 and 2 only
a) 760
b) 766
c) 780
d) 782
e) 786
38) A class consists of 15 students. The teacher writes a natural number on the blackboard and
asks students to tell something about the number. The first student says this number is a
multiple of 1. The second student says this number is a multiple of 2, and so on till the
fifteenth student says this number is a multiple of 15. The teacher notices that all but two
were not correct in their statements and that both of them spoke one after the other.
Which two students were not correct ?
a) 14th and 15th
b) 7th and 8th
c) 6th and 7th
d) 10th and 11th
e) 8th and 9th
39) Consider all possible 9 digit binary numbers (base 2) having five 1s and four 0s. The sum of
all such numbers in the decimal system is :
a) 26845
b) 24865
c) 28645
d) 26485
40) What is the remainder when 40212 is divided by 1000 ?
a) 696
b) 724
c) 600

d) 688

e) 824

41) n = 10000! It is divisible by pp where p is a prime number what is the max value of p ?
a) 101
b) 107
c) 89
d) 97
e) 109