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#656 Hands-on Operations

Training Skid

What is a #656 Hands-on Operations Training Skid?

Hands On Trainer
Built for Process Operator Training
Actual Industrial Specifications Equals
Realistic Training
Fully Operational System
100% Made In The USA

120 + Real World Plant Activities

Fifty Procedures
Seventy Plus Exercises

Skid Mounted And/Or Portable

Delivered To Your Site

The Hands-on Operations Training Skid (#656) is a

comprehensive process-related training system that
provides realistic training for process technicians in
process facilities of all kinds.
This training aid will build upon training topics
imbedded in any PTEC (Process Technology) or
BOT (Basic Operator Training) curriculum. The
#656 will include realistic full-sized equipment
which can be used in a variety of real-world

All of this activity has been a goal of industry needs

for years. The reality is, however, that budgetary
concerns, environmental requirements, and a generic
system that encompasses all of the above are very
difficult to attain in one unit. The estimated cost of a
new Pet Plant is from approximately 1.5 2 million
This system will provide the following benefits:

This environment allows for training, assessment,

and structured exercises of the primary activities
undertaken in the petrochemical industry. The #656
creates a realistic environment for training of plant
operations as performed in the field.

The #656 contains between 100 - 120 hands-on

activities and exercises available for use. These
activities and exercises are fully compatible with
individual PTEC courses and will be a singular
answer to situations where Internships cannot be
instituted. This ensures the viable alternate of
Independent Study to fulfill the needs of a
required Capstone credit.

This unit would be extremely useful to training

departments for Basic Operator Training for those
companies that cannot or do not hire PTEC
graduates and can be very useful for incumbent
training of incumbent company employees.

It fits well within the typical budget of funding

for Industrial Schools.
This unit will be environmentally friendly; not
using glycol which is very corrosive or
methanol which is flammable. Some locations
may require environmental licenses or
certificates to operate with those chemicals.
This unit will use water.
Glycol and methanol Pet Plants require a
considerable amount of funding for
maintenance costs. This unit will require very
little maintenance cost.
The #656 is extremely flexible allowing
realistic exercises to be performed where they
are not possible on glycol and/or methanol pet
plants ( i.e.: leaking flange ) The unit is
designed so that it can be made portable for
use with a truck and trailer if so desired.
This unit will have PLC capabilities for
computer operations.

The value a PTEC student or a new Basic Operator Trainee will gain from this facility will be enormous. This
equipment will serve Engineering Orientation very well for future training of new engineers within the industry.


Two Tanks
Four kinds of real level indication
4 Magnetic sight glass
4 Steel en-cased sight glass
Level transmitter
Metering sight glass for chemical injection
Level indicator and controller
Quarter turn valves


Four pumps
Spare pump for switching
Suction duplex strainers
Chemical injection, PD Metering Pump
Check valves, bleeders, all traditional
Remote starters
Series/Parallel Capability
Suction Y Strainers

Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube

Back flushing connections on exchanger
(tube side)
Bypass, temperature indication
Bleeders for draining and isolating
Ability to remove from service and pull the

Electric Heater

Aerial Cooler

Fan air cooler

Manual bypass with temperature

Max capacity to match facility electrical

Temperature controlled
Temperature bypass control valve
Interlocks and permissives
Heater bypass operation


Two Complete control valve stations

PLC Controls
Local pressure gauges and temperature
Manual bypasses around all major equipment
Cascade control function

Sample Stations


All 150# class, industrial specifications and

Bleeders and flanges for isolation and blinding
Flange / Gasket training applications
Accessible for working
ASME / API Compliant

Two authentic benzene sample stations

Bomb sample station (high benzene)
In-line sample station (low benzene)
Close loop system
Stainless steel construction

Duplex Strainers
Safety Equipment

Chemical Injection

Making Line-ups

Control Panel

Engineering and Construction

Service to PTEC and Industry: Provide complete service for the 656- Hands-on Operations
Training Skid from concept to full operation.

Licensed Professional Engineering Firm.
Process Engineering. Conceptual designs for any type of unit operation in standard
industry applications.
Mechanical Engineering and Design. Modular and 3-D visual designs for equipment and
Structural Engineering and Design. Skid designs for transportation and portability.
Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering and Design. Experience with all ranges of
voltages and instrumentation from pneumatic to digital.
Automation Engineering and Design. Design and installation of DCS systems.
Training and Startup. Experienced operations personnel for procedures, training, and
start-up assistance.
Fabrication Shop. Licensed with ASME stamps for heavy industrial applications. A big
small shop for custom jobs.
Field Installation. Experienced field staff to install facilities at any location.