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First hour:                 Freedom and Choice                                                             1

Second hour:            Idiocies of Man                                                                     11

Third hour:               E-qualities of Man                                                               18

Fourth hour:             Addiction to Power                                                              27

Fifth hour:                 Pride                                                                                    37

Sixth hour:                Money for Honey                                                                 47

Seventh hour:           Hope                                                                                      54

Eighth hour:             Marriage                                                                                63

Ninth hour:               Consequence of Free Will                                                   78

Tenth hour:               Price of not Growing Up                                                   90
Eleventh hour:          The Self in Turmoil                                                          104

Twelfth hour:            Resisting Spiritual Growth                                              124

Thirteenth hour:      Matter of Opinion                                                               147

Fourteenth hour:     Acts of Love                                                                         154

Fifteenth hour:         Best Wish                                                                            176

Sixteenth hour:        God is Gold                                                                         179

Seventeenth hour:   Talent                                                                                   184

Eighteenth hour:      Follow or Not to Follow                                                  189

Nineteenth hour:     Love is Conscientiousness                                              200

Twentieth hour:       Specialness and Importance                                         205

Twenty first hour:    Fooling Others and Self                                                   211

Twenty sec.  hour:    Thinking                                                                           217

Twenty third hour:   Who are We?                                                                     223

The last hour:            Proverbs                                                                           237

The Audacity of America                                                                                   241

God Bless America                                                                                            247

The Bottom Line                                                                                               248

The Small Print                                                                                                  260


 The Back cover

  Fear of the unknown prevents many of us from confronting issues that is essential to
our mental and spiritual growth. Our consciousness makes us alive, but our con-
science limits our personal freedom and spoils our life. We escape from our con-
science to be totally free, by denying our responsibilities; and create even more un-
certainty, and become even more fearful. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to war, and
man has never known a time of peace. So it is time to change and accept our respon-
sibilities and become truly free. If we are not brave to be conscientious, we are cow-
ards heavily armed against fear. As long as we are conscious we cannot escape from
our conscience and be free. To be free is to be conscientious.
 Matter is that which exists in the universe in all  forms, that is visible and invisible.
 Life is matter that which is conscious, and exists in the universe.
Man is matter that which is conscious with a conscience, and exists in the universe.  
 Immortality is not matter, but a  conscience that which is conscientious, and exists in the universe
and beyond.

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Also printed by AuthorHouse United States of America Bloomington Indiana.


From the First hour:

Freedom and Choice
  Man has been  fighting for  freedom ever  since he came into existence and still continue to do so
in this modern world. Few centuries ago Europeans went by the boat load to the new world to be
free from their old countries, and fought them and became independent countries. When Mr. Obama
won the election Mr. Brown was quick to say that Obama is a true friend of Britain. Britain and the
United States continue to have special relations because they have the ‘same values’, said Mr.
Brown. If Britain and the United States have the same values, and together they fight for those val-
ues; they are the same and are not free of each other.  They both got bombed by the same enemy.  
 Human beings like freedom but we also like to get married. That is like saying we don’t like to kill
animals but we like to eat meat. Marriage is getting hooked up with someone, not becoming free
from someone. It is when a married couple divorces that they become free. We like to call this ri-
diculous union of man and woman, an ancient pagan custom  like Christmas; Holy Matrimony. It is
nothing but an Unholy Mother Son romance invented by Adam and Eve to be free from God. Mar-
riage is an ancient pagan ritual. All the problems in the world  began with the introduction of mar-
riage , a device to love one’s self. Monogamy is loving one person and that usually is the self.
If you suggest to anyone to live like the tribes of the Amazon jungle to avoid getting caught up in
the global economic meltdown, you will be told to get real, ‘this is the twenty first century and do
you expect anyone to go back to the dark ages?’
Getting married is also from the dark ages, and they still do get married in the Amazon jungle. In
the nineteen sixties, teenagers started the peace and love movement (free love). But it didn’t last
because it was only free sex. So they all went back to self love. Nothing in the world will change
unless we change the basic idea of marriage and family life that we so adore.   
  We say that a man who joins the priesthood has given up; sacrificed his own life for God, for
‘Love’. In other words he has given up having a woman, sex and children and all the things that are
not Love to be with Love. He has sacrificed, (the act of giving up something desirable for some-
thing even more desirable). And all these people who want to get married goes to him to marry
them, and preach to them the values of marriage; what he has given up. What a load of crap.
  We love freedom; but the only thing that is on our
mind from the time we reach puberty is bondage with the opposite sex, not for a one night stand but
till death,  and if at all  possible, forever. Bondage is not freedom, it is a state of being a slave.
  When Jesus Christ came to earth he said, “The law and the prophets were until John.”  Luke.16.16   
Jesus spoke with authority from God Himself to all Christians when He said, “The sons of this age
marry and are given in marriage. But those who are counted worthy to attain that age, and the resur-
rection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage;” Luke.20.34:35    
  Resurrection from the dead do not mean rising from the physical death. It means awaking from a
spiritual death. For we have all died spiritually and come short of the glory we should all have as
Sons and Daughters of Love. To avoid growing up we chose to leave the presence of God (Love) in
the Garden of Eden and became like Satan, the great accuser: Anti Love, and went to work for our-
selves. Adam and Eve were brother and sister and they did not want to serve (love) each other, so
they had servants to obey them out of need. Cain and Abel were born. They did not want to love or
serve (obey) Adam and Eve either, or each other for that matter, and so the world continues to do
like Adam and Eve. Fighting to be free of serving (love or obey), but working to be served (loved or
obeyed). Human beings became the working man. We work very hard; to avoid working for an-
other, and to watch out that no one makes us work for them (Love them). Because it will break our
pride and cause misery to our souls.
  United States stand for freedom and liberty,  but it  is in the United States that you won’t get any-
thing for free. It is not a welfare state like good old England, although Mr. Brown likes to say that;
‘we have the same values’. On the contrary, if Mr. Brown were to suggest his labour policies to the
American people;  he will  be  called  a  neo-Marxist   socialist bastard, who want to share the
wealth with the poor; and will be arrested and sent to     Guantanamo. He will be treated like Jesus,
worse than Bin Laden.
  As long as our parents are not of the same likeness                                           we have two choices.
Which one to follow. Which one is better and of course, which one is boss. You soon find out which
one is boss because if he was boss he would be like God. That is why when you ask him for any-
thing he tells you to ask mother. If he took control, another man is very ready to serve her. Men are
always queueing up to serve a woman and it is tough competition out there. We come to this world
to compete, and may the best man win.


From the Second hour:

Idiocies of Man
 Jesus was the Son of God (Love), and he said, “And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake ”
Love will be hated by all?
 Love is caring for each other and sharing with each
How the world hates caring and sharing can be seen not only in Darfur and Congo or Ruwanda but
right in your home wherever you might be.
  It may well be true that free market and capitalist economies we have in the West are the best we
have in the world. But it is also true that the best fuel to drive these economies is fossil fuel in the
form of oil mostly found in countries hostile to the West. It is sad, the United States has no skills, 
diplomatic or business, to deal with these countries. United States should be best friends with these
nations as they are with Israel.
Why is it that they can do business with their old communist enemies they fought a cold war for
sixty years, but cannot do business with countries that possess what they need so dearly to run their
precious free market?
Free market means free to price the oil according to demand, even if the oil is Iranian.
And if the United States and the Western nations were that good at free enterprise, and know how to
do business profitably, why are they wasting billions of dollars waging wars in Iraq and Afghani-
stan, when it is impossible to defeat them in their countries?
You would think  that they learned  this in Vietnam.
And if the New York Trade Centre was attacked by Osama Bin Laden and his sweet hearts, why did
George Bush bankrupt the nation going to war in Iraq; when, clearly Sadam was not the culprit nor
was he a friend of Osama or had any connection to Al queda?
  One moment the United States is very proud that they can make a space craft do a pin point land-
ing on the moon, and via satellite they can see into your bedroom; but they had to go into Iraq with
massive amount of troops to find that all their intelligence was dumb, and Sadam was not their en-
emy and had no trace of any weapons of mass destruction. In fact, if Sadam had such weapons the
United States would not have dared to go into Iraq. That is why they have gone into Iraq and Af-
ghanistan and surrounded Iran, who has those weapons of mass destruction; and dare not step an
inch into Iran. How long are the Americans going to be surrounding Iran with so many troops when
they are already owing Trillions of dollars and desperately need oil from the middle east to run their
free market. At this rate they will end up with a flea market.
  Did you ever imagine that the United States, the great capitalist nation of all, would be owing over
five hundred billion dollars to the  great communist China?
What has happened?
Where has America gone wrong?
  Small people like the president of Venezuela gets up on the UN podium and call the president of
the United States, the most powerful nation on earth, the Devil;  something is really wrong.  And,
now to see a black man at the White House is even more questionable.
America is having one of the worst economic crisis ever, and a war on two major fronts miles away
from home with some backward mountain goats, and they have put a golliwog in charge?
  The White House has been given colour and the whole world is expecting Chicken George to stop
the Cock Fighting that George Bush started. Well, one thing is very clear, as much as it is a historic
win for Obama, it is a historic U turn for America. And perhaps this is another great step forward
that this great nation has taken. Not so much because a black man has become the president but a
black man is proud to be their president. It is really a win for the white Americans. For the first time
in many years we can be proud of the American people. God Bless America.


From the Third hour:

E-qualities of Man
   You cannot trust the North Koreans and the Iranians. But can you trust  Americans like Bernard
Madoff, who made off with billions of dollars with his Ponzi scheme?
Al qaeda is suppose to have brought down the New York Trade Centre, but who brought down the
U S economy?
Who is the enemy now?  
Who has caused more hell for the American people?
  After all, money is God they trust, and that has been squandered by the enemy within. North Korea
and Iran and the  Al qaeda  maybe the enemy of the United States; but have institutions with U S
federal Government origins and entanglements like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae  been friends of
the American people?
   Was  the  Governance  of  George  Bush  and  the Republicans  honest?
How much money did  George Bush spend to go to war with Iraq to topple Sadam, who didn’t have
the weapons of mass destruction he said Sadam had?    
  Sadam was not the guy who struck the New York Trade Centre. They were mainly Saudi citizens.
Perhaps that is why Obama bent over backwards to the Saudi King on his first visit there.
Who is the liar and the cheat?
Who is the enemy?
If George Bush told some white lies what is Barack Obama going to tell the American people and
the rest of the world?  
  According to our scientists, whom we trust before God; matter cannot be created nor destroyed.
Which means wealth cannot be created nor destroyed. Which means there can only be change.
Which means wealth can only change hands. Which means we have to fight each other and kill each
other to acquire (create) more wealth for ourselves. While we believe life is creating wealth, we will
always create wars and destroy each other. 


 From the Fourth hour:

Addiction to Power

 Presidents and Prime Ministers always proclaim their gratitude when they are elected saying;  ‘I
am  humbled, and proud to serve the people.’
  Humble is lower in dignity or importance.
They have been elected to the highest office in the nation and they are humbled?
  They have just taken residence in the White House or No.10 and they feel low in importance?
They have worked very very hard, lying to the people with promises they can’t and won’t keep, and
they feel proud to serve the people?
  Do they feel proud because they are going to serve the people with lies?
Do they feel less important because the people are not important?
  Proud and humble: everybody has to be humble with them and be proud to serve them. They know
how to turn the words around, they are politicians and the voters are suckers.
  We love positions and each position has it’s duties and benefits. Father and Mother are the ultimate
positions; because they literally become God to the children. Parents don’t have servants, they have
slaves. Children have no say in anything, whether they are born to the rich or poor. The child is a
rich man’s slave or  a poor  man’s slave.  A slave is a slave.  And if at all possible, the slave would
also have a slave, so slavery continues in the world. We are all slaves to someone and that is why
we always talk about freedom. Especially in the west, we are so obsessed about being free. If we
were really free we would not be talking about freedom and free societies. United States boasts be-
ing the most free nation in the world, but supports some desperate despots around the world to
spread freedom and create free societies in the world.
They supported the Shah of Iran who was a dictator and now want to know why the people of Iran
don’t trust America?
If the American people do not take more interest and hold their leaders accountable, they will suffer
worse attacks than they did on September eleventh, seven years ago.

From the Sixth hour:

Money for Honey
What can’t you afford with a billion dollars?
You can buy the best wife, home, food, transport, medical care, and all the love in the world. If you
have money you can have everything like Bill Gates or Richard Branson. They have everything.
But they work much harder than you and I do.
  Most of us spend more time earning money than we spend time with our wives or children, but
will never earn even one percent of what Bill Gates earns. He can’t have time for anything.
So what does he do with all the money?
He can have the best of everything but he can’t have any time for anything except for work. Our
father was like that, he bought everything and spent all his time at work and he did it all for mother
and children. When he started work, he bought piggy banks to save for honey, and all the money he
earned, he put into these pigs, and we had to call these pigs mother and aunties. He got thin and the
pigs got fat and he didn’t get much honey, because he didn’t earn enough. Not much money, not
much honey. Even bees don’t work as hard as men do for honey.  People called him doctor
Perera,  but  they  should  have  called  him  donkey
Perera.  Perhaps that  would  have insulted donkeys.
Even a mule would know, you can’t buy honey.
Paul McCartney got done for fifty million for his honey. That is as much as Bob Geldof raised to
feed the starving Ethiopians in the eighties.
Who sang,  ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’  in the sixties?               

The value of money is based on human need, and the value of love is based on money; but human
need is based on greed.

Greed breeds like rats and our needs multiply like the plague and overwhelm us with even more

Human needs are easy to meet, but human greed can never be met.


From the Seventh hour:

  So Buddha sat under a tree and thought. He thought what he might wish for. After thinking, it be-
came clear to him that it was best not to wish for anything, not even for his own life. It is at that
moment that he became enlightened. Enlightenment is to become aware, have greater knowledge or
understanding of a subject or situation. Buddha’s enlightenment hasn’t taught us anything, for there
is no one who has become enlightened like Buddha. Millions in Sri Lanka and many other nations
who claim to be devout Buddhists, have no clue about what Buddha taught or have no imagination
like the Buddha; for none of them practice what he taught. They seem to love and follow and prac-
tice Richard Branson’s ideology, although they don’t have any idea how to do like Branson either.
Branson’s  business turnover must be larger than Sri Lanka’s GDP. Sri Lankans live in hope, like
most  people in the world. They have hope and faith in their politicians and not their Buddhism or
their Christianity. It seems Muslims have more faith in their Islam; and God has blessed them with
oil, what the Buddhists and the Christians need to practice Bransonism. Now the Muslims are hold-
ing Branson to ransom. Eighty percent of Sri Lankans claim to be Buddhists, but there are more
banks than Bo trees in Sri Lanka. If you are Buddhist, all you need is a Bo tree and a yellow robe
and of course a begging bowl, and Sri Lanka will truly be a paradise. But there are more green uni-
formed men with guns in every street corner than any men in yellow robes sitting under Bo trees.       
  Jesus Christ did not become enlightened, he came to enlighten us. He said,
“Sell all you have and give to the poor and come follow Me.” Mark.10.21  
  Pretty much what Buddha did, even before Christ appeared on earth. Millions of Christians and
Buddhists ever since, find it impossible to understand or even contemplate following their Gods
they have faith and hope in to make their lives better.


From Eight hour:

  If a teenager wants to get married, he or she will be told by their elders that; they are not old and
mature enough to make such a decision. They will be told, ‘it is a serious matter and it is going to
affect the rest of their lives’, and so on. They will also be told that ‘they are young and should have
fun and enjoy life’, before getting hitched and settling down and lose their independence (liberty).
  So marriage is a hitch. It is serious and not fun and cannot be enjoyed. This is true. Statistics show
that half the marriages end in divorce. At least in Britain and perhaps in the United States. Without a
doubt; the half that survive may as well be divorced. So most of the married are not enjoying life.
Yet most people’s ultimate dream and goal in life is to get married and lose their liberty.    
  Where does the fun begin and end in a marriage? What part of a marriage is fun and joyous?
What else do married couples do that the singles don’t?
Nowadays most singles also have sex and kids. Gays and lesbians also have sex and kids.    
Is it love the married have that everybody wants to get married?
  Is love the hitch in a marriage?
Is love the serious part in a marriage?
  Is love the joyous part in a marriage?
Is it love that ends a marriage?
  Is Marriage good for life?
Did God institute marriage?
  When God made Eve, He made a playmate for Adam. Not a bunny girl for a playboy, but a mate, a
friend, a helper.  “I will make him a helper, comparable to him.” Gen.2.18

From the Ninth hour:
Consequence of Free Will
   Human beings have become evil because of their unwillingness to grow up. There are no extrater-
restrial  evil spirits on earth, there are only human beings with spirits as rotten as the devil we seem
to believe in. And we like to say that it is the devil who makes us do evil things. God did not create
a devil, He created Man who has become little devils and collectively the great Satan we worship.
   We all want to have  our own  lives and we believe
that it is our right to have our own lives. But at the same time we want to have our own lives with
another human being who also want to have his or her own life. Except for a few of us, we want to
live   our own lives with someone of the opposite sex.
We also want to have children to have our own lives who also will want their own lives.
We want our own prefect lives with many others who also want and have the right to have their own
  I have the right to have my own wife and my own children and my own house and my own job
and my own car and my own sex and my own rules.
My wife also want her own husband and children and house and job and car and sex and rules.
The children also want everything of their own.
At the end nobody is having anything of their own. In our attempt to have our own prefect lives we
have made life hell for ourselves.
  Yes we do try to change, but we only try to change to have the same own lives. So we do make a
lot of changes. We elect new governments and marry new spouses and even have new children and
friends and jobs and homes and cars and toys.
  We have created a system or the system has emerged from our determination to have own lives.
Since we can never have our own lives with others who also want their own lives, the system will
never be perfect.        
  Because, what we want is not rational and is in fact utterly childish, life for many is diabolical. All
because we are too lazy to grow up.
  God in His wisdom gave us free will for He willed to see our will before making our will eternal.
We have manifested our will as mortals. What lives is the will, and we have willed for that which
will come to and end like our body.
“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” Jesus Christ. Matt. 26.41


From the Tenth hour:

 Price of not Growing Up

 If a poor nation like Pakistan who needs to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund to
balance their books, is a nuclear power; why do you think that oil rich Iran is still trying to build a
nuclear bomb?
Iran must be producing as many nuclear bombs as barrels of oil they produce; and buying as many
missiles from North Korea, as payment for many barrels of oil Korea need. The west has imposed
sanctions  on oil exports to North Korea because of their nuclear program while at the same time
imposing sanctions on Iran selling oil, for the same reason.
Don’t they realize that Iran is one of the largest oil producing nations who might easily do business
with North Korea?
It is also worth noting that, at the hight of hostilities between the United States and Iran,  Colonel
Oliver North was selling arms to Iran  when  President  Reagan  had  made a public pledge not to
deal with Iran.
  What the public is told is always not the truth , so who, and why they brought down the Trade
Centre in New York in 2001 we might never know. They told us that Sadam had weapons of mass
destruction, and went to war with Iraq; and it didn’t take them very long once they got there, to find
he didn’t have many weapons of destruction, let alone weapons of mass destruction. One thing is
very obvious though, there is mass destruction in Iraq  since the  allied  forces got  there,  than at
any  time when Sadam was in power. Incidentally, one of Sadam’s generals is branded as Chemical
Allie because he unleashed chemical weapons on the Kurdish people of Iraq. The United States
dropped many more chemical weapons in Vietnam than Chemical Allie ever did on the Kurds; and
the only nation to use nuclear weapons in war is the United States and the only nation to worry
about any other nation developing nuclear power and weapons is the United States. Russia and
China, the other two supper powers are not jumping up and down that North Korea and Iran are de-
veloping nuclear bombs. And North Korea is next door to China, they don’t seem to worry about it
like the United States.
   Sadly  the  United States  haven’t  learnt  anything from the Vietnam and the Korean wars. If they
had; so many of their soldiers wouldn’t be dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, causing deep sorrow to
their families; and at a staggering financial cost to the tax payer. If a supper power like the United
States feel threatened by third world, small nations like Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq and Afghani-
stan; there
really is something wrong.
Can you believe that a heavy weight is cornered by a couple of feather weights and need to be saved
by a coalition of heavy weights, and now they all need to be saved by the bell?


From the Twelfth hour:

Resisting Spiritual Growth
   In the beginning Man created the dream from the reality.
  The dream was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the dream. And the the
spirit of Man was hovering over the face of reality.
  Then man said, “Let there be delight”; and Evil appeared.
   And  Man saw  the  delight  and it was  good;  and  Man divided the the delight from the reality.
  Man called the delight the dream and the darkness He called reality. So the evening and the morn-
ing were the first day.                                                                    
  We love the dream and hate the reality; that is man’s all. Regardless of how beautiful a maiden is,
in time the beauty fades; but only with time can the spirit of a maiden prettify. But we believe in the
body and the short life of the body. Eternal life is only a myth. We don’t stop to think, that if we are
able to  dream beyond the life of the body, we are more than the body; and if we are more than the
body life is as long as you can imagine.
John Lennon wrote; ‘Imagine there is no heaven, and no hell below’.
Well, what did he imagine that was not heaven or hell?
He answered the question when he wrote; ‘Woman,  
I can hardly express my mixed emotions and my thoughtlessness; after all I’m forever in your debt.’
‘Please remember, my life is in your hands.’   
  If you are forever in debt and your life is in the woman’s hands; heaven or hell cannot ‘give peace
a chance’. You can only dream of freedom; that is why we are so obsessed with freedom and fight
for freedom but never are free. Even if you live in the most free nation on earth, your life is in her
 Can you imagine the president of the most free nation on earth, to be a bachelor boy?
How will he set an example for the dream?  
The commander in chief can never be free, so he dreams on.
  When you are brought into the world for evil reasons by evil people what else can you do but
dream. The reality of life is impossible to fathom for two year old spirits, that they hide behind the
dream, a dream no one has ever seen, for they are still in bed with their parents. The Oedipus and
Electra complexes are pandemic. If there were only a few evil people in the world there won’t be so
much evil in the world. People at the top who are trusted to handle your money are able to embezzle
sums in the region of fifty billion dollars. People who are elected  to be presidents  end up  having
to resign for wrongdoing.  Israelis and Palestinians are fighting like kids, over chocolate.


From the Thirteenth hour:

Matter of Opinion
 The opinion of Arabs on marriage is not the same as of the English. The opinions we form are not
necessarily based on fact or knowledge and therefore are just opinions and may not be correct.   
The most important of our common experiences are; birth and death, hunger and thirst and love and
fear. Until we can all reach the same opinion on  these issues we cannot deal with each other ration-
ally and thus cannot deal with life itself.
  When Buddha finally dealt with these issues he was free and he felt he didn’t need to be here any
longer. He had found life and he had found that life is not here on earth.
  Jesus said that he came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. John.10.10
  He also said that his kingdom was not of this world. John.18.36  
  If it was here he would not have said, to “come follow me” and gone to his Father.
  What God has given us here is not life. We haven’t been given life but time to choose; life or
death. We are all given what we need to make that choice and while we are making that choice the
world is in chaos. And we think that this is life.
  We cannot have two Gods, and there cannot be two ways of living. We are given the freedom (a
time) to decide who that God is and what that life is, that we want. Most of us have chosen the God
and the way of life we want. The mistake some of us make is that we try to impose our choice on
others to the point of forcing them to live the life and worship the God we have decided to believe
in.  Jesus and Buddha did not try to force anyone to live the life they preached. In fact Jesus was
crucified for preaching by example. Everyone has to die for what they believe in.   
   Americans die in Iraq for what they believe in and Muslims die in Iraq for what they believe in. It
really doesn’t matter who is right and wrong, because they both have to die. No one is here to have
life, but is here for a time to choose the life one wants. To make that choice we are given everything
that comes to us, good or bad in our opinion. In Buddha’s opinion giving up his wealth and family
was good and going on the cross for Jesus was good.
Jesus said that he came for this reason, “to be crucified and the third day rise again.” Luke 24.7  
  Everybody gets crucified at the end. It doesn’t matter what you believe in; if you are American you
get crucified and if you are Muslim you get crucified. We crucify each other like we crucified Jesus.
Jesus went to his Father after he was crucified and those who crucified him went to their farther. It
doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, we all go where we want to be.
  Ultimately we all make our choice. To love or to be loved. Those who choose to love are crucified
for loving and those who choose to be loved are crucified when the loving have been crucified. The
loving end up together, and the wanna be loved end
up together.  Heaven and hell is created.
  While  we are on  earth  we do  our  best  to create
our heaven. Being loved is heaven.
How are we going to be loved?
 Being lovable.  
How are we going to be lovable?
 With acts of love.


From the Fourteenth hour:

Acts of Love
 But today seems to be much darker than it has ever been. The very necessity to have a United Na-
tions Security Council only implies that we are hardly civilized. The first executive order the newly
elected president Obama issued was to end torture. It is almost like he just got freedom from the
slave masters.
   And if the  top  notches  in the  financial  industry
can’t control their greed to satisfy their egos and con  people  with massive  scams and cause  hell
for millions, how has the world become civilized?
Our egos have gone from wooden shacks to concrete skyscrapers and the minute integrity we had
has disappeared like the Dodos.
  Integrity is not something we value. What we value is what we accuse God of having; and that is
having absolute power.
America boasts that it is the most powerful nation on earth.
But how?
Financially  and  militarily.
 Other  nations  are  also powerful as much as their financial and military might. Their power and 
authority is from money and guns and not from morals and ethics. Not much different to the bar-
barians. All our good behavior is only because of the law and how well it is enforced by the law en-
forcement agencies.
No one can park their car and leave it unlocked   for ten minutes in civilized London, it will be sto-
No one can leave their wife unattended she will be stolen.
Even your garbage can be stolen these days.
Who does these things in London and New York?
Is it the Al qaeda?
Yea!  They are everywhere, upstairs  and  downstairs  and  in  our  government chambers.
  We perform barbaric acts just to boost our egos, and since we all seek to inflate our egos we cannot
trust anyone. Everyone is a rival, including father and mother and brothers and sisters and spouses
and children and friends. Our relationships with anyone is essentially of rivalry. Our instincts are
always to protect ourselves from another like ourselves; because we only seek to get for ourselves.
We have built so many walls and extensive moats, so no one sees us but our walls.  Psychiatrists
spend countless hours with patients and yet never penetrate through their thick walls to get to know
the real person. But there really is no person at all behind the walls, only an ego as large as the in-
visible walls and as predatory as the crocodiles in the moats.
  Without a conscience an ego is nothing but hot air in a beautifully decorated balloon and sucking
up as much air as possible to climb as high as possible to be noticed. Their end comes when they
run out of hot air and come crashing down.
  We suck from our mothers breasts as soon as we arrive on earth and we continue to suck every-
thing we need till we leave. All our acts of love is to suck love, and as much love as we suck we
feed it all to the ego and the ego bloats with pride. If we were to suckle love, we would shrivel and
die with shame. The ego cannot love. It is impossible for the ego to love anything but itself, and that
is it’s pride; for the ego without a conscience is alone and can only give to itself. The ego survives
on pride, and this pride is not with anyone but with itself and it is not competing with others, but
with it’s maker and that is it’s  conscience (God).
  All our egos came from God, ‘our consciences’ and we deny our consciences to become individu-
als. Except for a few individuals most of us are unable to be individuals in oneness with our maker
and therefore cannot enjoy our ‘ego-trips’ in another dimension. We are having the ego-trip with
ourselves and eventually one destroys the conscience (God), and it is then that we learn that we
have destroyed ourselves.
  The great struggle with ourselves divides us and unless we overcome the struggle we remain di-
vided, and as long as we are divided we will need the United Nations. If we were united we would
not need organizations to pretend we are united. When we say we are united, we are not. United
Kingdom is not really united, if it was, we would not call it united; it is only united by law. The
Scots hate the English and the English hate the Welsh and the Irish hate the English and we all hate
each other. We are only united by law not by love. 


Form the Sixteenth hour:

God is Gold
 So why do we love the material world?
When we have given up the spirit we have become material and we love ourselves, so we love what
we are and want more and more of what we are to feel that we are alive. When the value of the ma-
terial stocks drop in the stock exchange we feel depressed. America is the richest country in the
world materially. When the value of America’s material possessions drop due to some of their crafty
leader’s excessive craftiness, the rest of the world loses faith in the material world, and rush to
church for some spiritual guidance to help them recover from their loss of faith in the material.
  How  we  value  the  material  is how  we value our
material selves.  
Why do we love gold and diamonds so much that we value them more than people’s lives?
It is because people’s lives disintegrate far quicker than gold or diamonds. It is as simple as that. If
we knew for sure that we live after the body dies, we would value people’s lives far more, and if we
were sure that after the body dies we live forever, we would value people’s lives as priceless. But
until we are sure we will put our faith in gold for gold lives long and must therefore be God.
Gold is the God we see; bright and yellow and beautiful. We can see it, get it, touch it, play with it,
buy it, sell it, wear it, and with it we can have everything we want and need in the world for a happy
and prosperous life.


From the Eighteenth hour:

Follow or Not to Follow
  Human beings are still in their infancy as they were  in their cave dwelling days, still following
their forefather’s customs and traditions. There really is no change in human character, so history
repeats itself.
Obama’s slogan was change and the American people changed their vote to a black man, but what
is  America  going  to change,  beside  the  colour of
their president?
In fact they haven’t changed at all, it is the  black man who  has finally  changed  from the caveman
to civilized man. The black man has changed, and become like the white man. And on the 5th of
November 2008 God spoke:
“Behold, the Black Man has become like one of us. Let him have the White House and have domin-
ion over the Black and the White, and the Yellow and the Brown, and the Red, and over all the
creeps of the earth.” And all the peoples of the world shouted for joy and praised God.
  What is Australia going to do; now that the most powerful man is a Coon?
Will they lynch him and rape his wife and steal his kids and take his property, the White House, for
Will they give him an English test to enter Australia?
Will they tell him to go to his own and give him Native Title and a pass to the Tent Embassy?
Definitely not!
They will be going right up his rectum until they come out of his mouth.
  Change has come to the black people in America no doubt. After many years of tears, the black
people in America are being treated equal to White people.
But isn’t  it tragic to  see that  black  people are not  treated equal in many nations in Africa by
black people?
In fact it is worse for them than it ever was for the black people in America.  


From the Nineteenth hour:

Love is Conscientiousness
  You might say, we are more awake and are aware of ourselves than any other animal, and so much
so, that we are almost not animal except physically and biologically. We are almost like God to
other animals; and even can control some things in nature like God. If evolution created us, we
should ask ourselves what evolved into us.
Matter may have  evolved into our bodies, but what
evolved into our consciousness?
Are we to think that matter has created consciousness?
The pot has created the potter?
   When we are not conscious we can easily dream that we are just pots created by wind mixing rain
and clay. The scientific minds are so lost without their conscience. Some of the greatest scientific
minds like Darwin and Einstein were significantly more conscious and aware than most of us, but
they were as conscientious as anyone of us. Their greatness to us is that they were great thinkers.
But no one would suggest that Darwin or Einstein were conscious and conscientious like Buddha or
Jesus. You wouldn’t call Darwin, The Enlightened One and Einstein, The Son of God.
  Whom we call the Enlightened One and the Son of God were creationists. The great scientific
minds have travelled so deep into cyberspace in their enterprise to avoid the truth, and gratify the
The intelligent has become silly.
The grown-up is childish.
We admire and respect our scientists and so we should, for they give us all the gadgets and hope for
a better material future; but they do not give us one atom of knowledge or hope in love, for which
we all
pray to God.
 If the scientists are correct, that their great minds came into existence by happenstance; why then
don’t we abolish the church and scrap the Bible?
  The Bible is still out selling all books, although the sermon on the mount is as mind boggling to
most of us as Darwin’s theory of evolution, and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Darwin and Ein-
stein’s theories keep us dreaming.
They give us hope for a way to get love but not have to love in return. To remain conscious but not
The sermon on the mount on the other hand, do not give us any hope of getting love even by giving
all our love. To remain conscientious until we are unconscious.
So we call the conscientious God (Love), and the unconscientious human (not love). The immortal
and the mortal. The eternal and the transient. 
Therefore Love has said:
“Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths
And honor Me with their lips,
But have removed their hearts far from Me,
And their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,
Therefore, behold I will again do a marvelous work
Among this people,
A marvelous work and a wonder;
For the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,
And the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden.” Isaiah 29.13
  Einstein was intelligent and so are most of us. Only Einstein calculated like none of us.
Buddha was conscious and so are most of us.
Only Buddha was conscientious like none of us.
Jesus was Son of God and so are all of us.
Only Jesus didn’t fall like most of us.
  Why can’t most of us understand God and  know eternal life?
Why can’t most of us be conscientious and perceive love?
God is conscientiousness and only by being conscientious can one know God.
When one is truly conscientious one not only knows God but is God.
When the disciple Philip asked Jesus to show the Father to him, Jesus replied;
“Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip?”
“He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father?”


From the Twenty Third hour:

Who are We?
 We are all born so that God could live in us and experience life in the physical plane that he cre-
ated. From His thought he created the physical universe and He himself wanted to become a physi-
cal being to make His thought a reality. Thinking ability is not physical and has no form or magni-
tude or dimensions. Our little brains can think far beyond our heads. We can think and create huge
pyramids and tall skyscrapers and enter them and live or die in them to experience our own creative
thoughts. And so has God thought of the universe and created it and have entered every part of his
creation. God is everywhere. But God created man and woman in His/Her image to create
more of  Himself/Herself.  God  thought  of  having
God is a free spirit and how can He create children to be free agents and yet be like Him?
He had to create us to choose to be like him, so that we will be His children who will be separate
individuals but adhere to the love of God.
  When you see Michael Jackson dance you see God dancing, and when you hear Celine Dion sing
you hear God singing, and when you see Muhammad Ali box, you see God’s physical strength, and
when you see Shakira shake her rump, you see God’s physical beauty and when you see the works
of  Pablo Picasso, you see the genius of God, and when you study the findings of Einstein you don’t
understand the brilliance of God.
And when you know Jesus you know the Mind of God and understand His character.
  When the master of the feast had tasted the water
that was made wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the wa-
ter knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom. And said to him, “Every man at the begin-
ning  sets  out the  good  wine,  and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior.  You have
kept the good wine until now!”  John 2.9:10
  We  have not  known  life  or  were  not  conscious until  we came  to be  on  this  physical  planet 
in  a
body made of matter. The inferior life of mortal man. If we are to become enlightened, that is; be-
come conscious of the consciousness that gave us consciousness, we might be tempted to taste the
superior life of immortal God. But unless we seek for it like hidden treasure we will not deserve
even a trinket of that treasure. And we have but a short time, and then it will be lost forever.


From the Last hour:

What you were given is what you have,
What you’ve gotten is what wasn’t yours.
What you’ve given is nothing at all,
What you have will be taken from you.

The blind do not see the creation,
The sighted do not see the creator.
Only in thought they will both see,
Only in thought they will both be.

What you gain another will lose, for

What is there is all there is.
What you share another will have, for
What is there is enough for all.

The beginning of man,

was the thought of God.
The man becoming God,
was the intention of God.



The Audacity of America
 When a few enjoy most of the wealth in the world, revolutions happen. When a few borrow all the
money in the world, credit crunch happens. When a few have all the oil in the world, fear happens.
These are like diseases that become pandemics and destroy many lives.
  It is the audacity of mankind and not just America
to expect peace in the world, and yet believe life is competition. The American dream is every na-
tion’s dream. Some Muslim, communist, authoritarian and ‘good cultured’ nations who seem to hate
America have the audacity to buy American dollars and sell whatever they can to America. They all
love and worship money and buy everything including the woman just like in America. It is the hy-
pocrisy of these nations that is more disgusting than any amoral attitudes of America. You will find
who are willing and unwilling to do good or bad, in every nation on earth. You will also find them
who do good or bad willfully in all nations.
 Better is one who is slighted but has a servant, than he who honors himself but lack bread.
  Even better is the uncivilized who is closer to nature, than he who is advanced but is an abomina-
tion to God.
   But the best is  the  civilized  who  is with  nature,
than who is civilized yet unnatural.
  And whichever nation without blemish should fire the first missile.  
Obama is bold to hope to change America and Osama is bold to hope that America will change.
  If all nations were to adopt the American example and develop like America, nature will destroy us
all. It doesn’t matter if God created nature or it just evolved from nothing, we and nature will be
destroyed. Yes, all those who voted for Obama knows that we all need to change before it is too
“--for our efforts to control climate change, but also acknowledge that if China and India, with their
populations, had the same energy usage as the average American, then we would have all melted by
now.” Barack Obama.


The Bottom Line
 Was Jesus joking when he said,
“Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your father in heaven is perfect.”  Jesus Christ. Matt.5.48
  We have had many people say to us that,
‘If the world and all the people were perfect, the world and the people would be very boring. If the
world was like the garden of Eden and the people were like Jesus and Buddha it would be boring as
  If we have never been perfect how do we know that life would be boring if we were perfect?
  Is life interesting because we deceive each other?
Is life interesting because some of us have more than others?
  Is it interesting to watch people starve to death?
Is life interesting because we are not perfect?
Why then do we call people who have been very interesting like, Mr. Bernard Madoff and Mr.
Adolf Hitler  criminals?
  How boring would the world be without such brilliant and interesting gentlemen like Osama Bin
So the bottom line is,

From the Preface:
   A mind without love is blind in the heart, and the blind leads the blind. 
  We have become lame for we have all fallen for we are all blind. 
  If the blind will to see, the lame will walk and the dead will rise.
  Everything in moderation is good, but anything in botheration is bitter. 
  If loving is a botheration, life will be poisoned and life will be transient.
  So let there be no botheration or moderation in your loving.
      For loving is life, and life will be sweet and life will be


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