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Fig.(10) increase the ability to detect the edge and noise in the image. Fig.(7). The proposed algorithm deal with the image was fouled with Gaussian noise and salt & pepper noise. 2-use the results of the equation (10) for each part and the results of equations (17). PROPOSED WORK The Weights image In this paper.(9). respectively [4]. EXPERIMENT In this section. the original image is segmented into three parts .(8).1 is the original image. opening and closing 5. Fig. 2 show the output image after applying SOBLE operator with Gaussian noise.compute the mean of each part of image (11) (12) 2 .(8). in the (the part between and ) used median-scale structure element established by dilation of structure element and in the (the part less than ) used structure element(B). (19) B. .We can rewrite the last operation as : ( ) ( ) B (7) ( ) ( ) (8) * + * + The algorithm reduce the effect of the noise and detect the edges in the image by equations. The proposed algorithm as follows. by two thresholds. A.computing the standard deviations of each part of image. Where III. 3 show the output image after applying SOBLE operator with salt & pepper noise.Applying the equations from(7) to (10) on each part of the image 4. . the weights are computed by the following steps: 1-Select the initial thresholds by using iterations to gain new thresholds. . corresponding each parte in Apply The Algorithm 1-Read the original image (noisy image). The image in fig. Computing The Weights In this paper. 3.respectively. | | | | | | 6. Fig. we will use [4]: (13) The mean of each part is calculated by using mathematical morphology. In the (the part greater than ) used large-scale structure element which established by dilation of structure element(B). . to gets the best enhancement.the weight of each part is (9) Where is modified morphological edge detection operation. the proposed algorithm is compared with the existing SOBLE operator. 2-Making structure elements which is suitable with the size of each part in image by dilation structure element(B). ( ) ( ) for and . and the results are effected with the selected structure element. . Improved modified morphological edge detection operation is defined as[4]: ( ) ( ) ( ) (14) (15) (16) )11) (18) (10) The equations (7). 4 show the output image which was processed by proposed algorithm with Gaussian noise. 5 was the output image of proposed algorithm with salt & pepper noise. (18) and (19) to computing the output image which is following equation: defined from the: (20) IV.

Chen. R. No.4. 3 . Dillip Ranjan Nayak.87 82. IEEE/ICME International Conference on Complex Medical En2ineerin2.2007.18 The preceding results showed that the proposed method was better than SOBLE operator. Q. Li Guo. Yuvraj Sharma.30 November 2000.28 38. and the processing time was a same approximately. International Journal of Applied Engineering." Threshold Based Edge Detection Algorithm". December 2014 .Ramadevi. was apply the proposed algorithm and SOBLE operator on another images. Liqun Gao. CONCLOION The edge is very important in medical image. Wu. [5] Pooja Kaushik. Pattern Recognition 35 (2002) 199}210. 1. Vol. The output images of proposed algorithm was better than output images of SOBLE operator. Figure 2:SOBLE Operation With Gaussian noise Figure :3 SOBLE Operation With Salt &pepper noise REFERENCES [1] T. IACSIT International Journal of Engineering and Technology. T. August 2011 .Figure 1: Original Image Figure 5: Proposed Method With Salt &pepper noise TABLE.28 82. the results showed the proposed method had the values of MES and PSNR better than other methods. V. Rahmani Torkaman. Zhaoyu Pian.Sridevi." A pseudo top-hat mathematical morphological approach to edge detection in dark regions".3. J.H."Edge detection using fuzzy double Gradient morphology ". Y. Figure 4:Proposed Method With Gaussian noise [3] B. Jianhua Wu.28 72. Bonfring International Journal of Advances in Image Processing. In this paper.11 38. The size and shape of the structure element (B) has important act in processing and effecting on the results."Magnatic Resonance Images Detection Edge Based On Multi-Scale Morphology ". [4] Kun Wang.I Various techniques of Comparing Parameters MSE and PSNR(dB) Technique SOBLE Operator SOBLE Operator Proposed Method Proposed Method Type of Noise Gaussian Salt &pepper Gaussian Salt &pepper EMS 72.2012." Comparison Of Different Image Enhancement Techniques Based Upon Psnr & Mse". In addition. 4.82 PSNR 27. No.Poornima. [2] Hughes. Vol. Although. the proposed algorithm complicating more than SOBLE the operator but its results better than results of SOBLE operator.11 27.