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Table of Contents

About YTL Foundation


Why embark on this Journey

How to start

Front Wall
Back Wall
Furniture & Fittings


Case Study: SMK Puchong Frog Classroom


Workscope and Schedule Sample



Front Wall Measurements


Left Wall Measurements


Right Wall Measurements


Back Wall Measurements


Door Measurements


Furniture Layout Sample


Table Measurements


Ceiling Plan & Chairs


Table Designs


List of suppliers and manufacturers

About YTL Foundation

The YTL Foundation was founded in 1997 on the belief that education
is the basis on which every society progresses. Education moulds
minds, inspires achievements and ultimately, builds nations.
By developing and improving education in the communities in which
it operates, the YTL Foundation aims to empower individuals and
communities to be catalysts of change to enrich and benefit society.
In its early years, YTL Foundation provided aid to deserving individuals
who would otherwise be denied opportunities to pursue higher
education. Through scholarships and book prizes, it enabled many
students to achieve their dreams and realise their potential; in the
process growing a talent pool of high achievers.
Over the years, YTL Foundation expanded its role, organising
workshops, talks and conferences to enrich and inspire educators,
students, parents as well as other stakeholders in the field of education.
Today, YTL Foundation is pushing the boundaries, partnering
like-minded organisations that share their vision for equal access to
good education. Through programmes, funding, thought leadership
and by championing the use of technology, YTL Foundation is
redefining the teaching and learning process.

Backed by the YTL Group of Companies 60-year heritage of

nation building, YTL Foundation hopes to build better societies,
through better education.

The YTL Group believes that children deserve the best in education and
that technology plays a critical role in the future of learning. With
this in mind, YTL embarked on a journey with the Ministry of Education
to implement the 1 BestariNet project. This project was initiated by the
Ministry of Education to introduce and integrate technology in the everyday
teaching and learning process in schools nationwide. This has made
Malaysia the first country in the world to equip over 10,000 primary and
secondary schools and a community of 10 million teachers, students and
parents with 4G connectivity and a proven cloud based virtual learning
environment, the Frog VLE, provided by FrogAsia.

In April 2014, Datin Kathleen Chew was invited by Teach For Malaysia to
teach a class in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puchong Batu 14 (SMK
Puchong). The class she taught in was in a terrible state of disrepair; chairs
and tables were broken, window panes missing and the door had a hole
where someone had kicked it in. She was stunned at the condition of the
During her session, she observed that the students were responsive and
eager to know more about the world but the dilapidated and vandalised
classroom did not encourage positive behaviour in the students. What if
these students were instead given a clean, bright and fun classroom?
Would these students learn to respect their learning environment and
have a better chance to reach their full potential?

YTL Foundation and FrogAsia therefore decided to embark on a

classroom makeover initiative. YTL Foundation enlisted the help of the
SPYTL Design Group and challenged them to develop the Frog
Classroom; a classroom designed to fulfil the needs of teaching and
learning in the future and is cost effective, easily replicable in other
schools and can be built by volunteers. To further support this initiative,
YTL Foundation donated a Chromelab of 41 Chromebooks to the school
for the Frog Classroom.
The result is a classroom that is undoubtedly world class. The design
centres on the desks which are curved and arranged in a spiral around
the room. Students sit across from each other in groups so they can
learn collaboratively. The walls are painted in sections of bright blue,
green, magenta and white with white boards at the back of the class
for students to express themselves. A punching bag is hung in one
corner while an ornately framed mirror is hung in another.

Why embark on this Journey

The YTL Group believes that education empowers individuals and
communities to build better societies. We want to help make the
learning process fun, lively and enriching for the students. SMK
Puchong is not unique. There are many schools all over the country
that have classrooms in bad state of disrepair, making teaching and
learning challenging.
We believe that an inspiring and comfortable learning environment
can bring about positive changes in learning and teaching attitudes
amongst students and teachers.
With your commitment in creating an excellent learning environment
for students, you will have a part in shaping the next generation. We
thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

How to start
Register interest with YTL Foundation
Let YTL Foundation know that you are interested in a classroom
makeover project. A list of schools identified by FrogAsia will be
available for your selection. Once you have selected your school,
a school visit will be arranged by the Foundation.

Create a team
Form a team that is passionate and can fulfil the execution needs.
Each team should identify a project leader who will assign roles to team
members. Your team should ideally not have more than 30 people.
(Refer to pg.16 & 17 for job roles)

Meet with the head teacher

It is important to build a relationship with the head teacher and school
staff. Get to know them well because you will be working closely with
them. Find out the needs of the school and what are the most pressing
needs in the classroom (e.g. Is the classroom too warm. Are the doors
badly vandalisedetc)

Visit the classroom

The team will have to visit the classroom to measure and identify the
extent of work required. Some work may need to be carried out by
qualified contractors before the team can begin work on the classroom,
for example if electrical wiring is involved.

Design the Classroom

A template of the Frog Classroom and a toolkit is provided with this
manual. The toolkit allows you to be creative and you can adapt the
design of the classroom but only within certain parameters as some
features, such as the tables, must be retained.

The team has to identify the work that needs to be carried out in the
classroom and the furniture required (e.g. windows, floor, ceiling fans,
curtains, white boards/notice boards/pinup boards/magnetic boards,
chairs and tables)

Brainstorm with the team

Get the team together and using information gathered during the
school visit design a classroom that fulfils the schools needs. Think
about incorporating fun but meaningful items into the design. (e.g.
SMK Puchong received a punching bag in their classroom because
the doors in the classroom had been punched in by the students and
the punching bag represented a better and safer way for the students
to channel their energy).
If you believe that the classroom needs Chromebooks or a Chromelab,
please discuss this with the Foundation. You may have to fundraise for
this but the Foundation may be able to partially assist.

Draw out a plan/timeline

Draw up a programme which indicates the time period for each task,
taking account of school holidays. Take note that a classroom makeover usually takes about one week.

Assign Job Roles

Assign job roles and responsibilities for each team member
(Refer to pg.16 & 17 for job roles)

Look for sponsors

The team should try to source sponsors for materials and donations.
Fundraise if necessary.

At the selected classroom, start by removing existing furniture. The
team may clear the room themselves on the first day or may request
the school to get the students to do this a day or two before actual
work commences in the classroom.
If M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) work is required (such as additional
ceiling fans, air conditioning units, electrical power points, especially for
charging Chromebooks or notebooks), arrange for these items to be
acquired and installed by designated electrical contractors and air
conditioner suppliers immediately after the classroom has been cleared.
Once the classroom has been cleared and the M&E work completed,
the team may commence the classroom makeover.
Please refer to Workscope and Schedule Sample (pg.16 & 17) of the
classroom makeover in SMK Puchong. It outlines work scope and
schedule, task leaders and the work involved.

The team will have to assess if existing windows need some
refurbishment such as:
Repainting of frames
Washing of glass panes
Replacement of broken/missing glass panes

Existing curtains should be changed (see supplier list : back cover).
Please use 80-90% Black Out curtains as this will help if a projector is
used in the classroom.

If new doors are necessary, please place an order (see supplier list :
back cover ). Drawings are provided in the toolkit based on the
standard Frog Classroom door design with the recommended locking
system. Dimensions may vary depending on the existing door frame.
Get your designated contractor to measure and construct based on site

Front Wall (with white board)

Assess if the existing whiteboard frame needs to be refurbished or
replaced. The front wall should be repainted with paint matching the
colour codes provided by the Foundation (Refer to pg.22).

Back Wall

(with notice board)

The back wall should be repainted with paint matching the colour
codes provided by the Foundation. A series of whiteboards, colourful
glossy boards for writing, cork boards and magnetic boards should be
installed on the back wall to provide students with spaces to express
Optional: Vanity Mirror or Punching bag.
A heavy duty concrete wall plug is needed to hang the punching bag.
Please note that the minimum weight of the punching bag is 70 kg.
Purchase/source/acquire necessary materials / tools (e.g. paints,
brushes (big and small), rollers (big and small), paint thinner, paint
pans, wall filler, ladder, pails, hammer, nails, screws drivers, drills, rags

or used cloth for cleaning, hand gloves, permanent coloured markers

for doodling etc.

If a new floor finish is necessary, identify possible options. You may
refer to the supplier list. It is advisable to start work on the flooring only
after the major painting work is finished.

Furniture and Fittings

Check on available stock as soon as you have made a selection of the
chairs. The supplier may not have ready stock available which means it
will have to place orders with the manufacturer. Place an order for
chairs at least two to three weeks prior to the required date of delivery.
Images of chairs and supplier contact information are provided (Refer
to pg.33 for proposed chair samples). Please confirm colour availability
(black, citrus, red, and saffron) with the supplier.
Once furniture layout has been confirmed, place an order for the table
tops and steel legs. Detailed drawings of three types of table tops and
one typical set of steel legs are provided (Refer to pg.30 -32).
Recommended manufacturers of table tops, table legs and wall
brackets for punching bags are also provided.
Determine quantity for each type of table top. The order must be
placed at least two weeks prior to the date of delivery. It will take at
least one week to finish the doodle work on the table tops.
Table Legs
The assembling of table tops and legs should be done in the classroom. You will need approximately eight inch long screws for each
table and an electric drill.

Table Design / Doodling:

Transferring of Design to Tables
Samples of images with positive messages are included in this manual.
You may need four to five images for each table, depending on the size
of each image. You may choose to draw directly on the tables using
permanent coloured marker pens or print the images by:

Flipping the actual image using Photoshop.

2. After printing the flipped image, either on A4 or A3 size paper, place the
printed copy (image facing the table) on to the area of the table surface
where you want the image to be. Make sure the paper is secured by
taping the paper to the table so it wont move.
3. Wet a piece of cloth with paint thinner and rub on the surface of the
paper. Make sure the entire paper surface with the image is covered
with thinner. Put pressure and rub so that the image can be transferred
to the table surface. You can lift the paper slowly to check if you have
successfully transferred the image on to the table surface. Some of the
images may need to be touched-up with the permanent colour pens.


Table Finishing

Note: Determine quantity based

If your team is unable to draw the images on the table, it is advisable

to engage artists/volunteers to help out. If table design/drawing is not
desired, an option for a laminated finishing can be requested when the
order is placed.
Please arrange to have tables and chairs delivered at least two days
before the targeted date of completion. Arrange tables and chairs
according to the confirmed layout.
Clean the area before handover. You will need brooms, dustpans, a

vacuum cleaner, cloth and cleaning liquids. Minor painting touch up

may still be required.

d on

Case Study: SMK Puchong Frog

A pilot Classroom Makeover project was initiated at SMK Puchong Batu
14. The Foundation worked with the teachers and the SPYTL Design Group
to transform an existing classroom into a Frog Classroom. The SPYTL
Design Group gathered a team of 30 staff to participate in this project.
After speaking to the principal and teachers in the school, it was
decided that two air conditioning units (2.5 HP each) and an addition of
three fans (a total of six fans) be installed in the classroom. After the
electrical work was completed, the team started the makeover.
On the first day, the team removed and washed the window panes
and cleaned the classroom. They also removed the white boards and
the notice boards on the back wall of the classroom for cleaning and
later reuse.
In the following days, the team painted the walls, designed the table
tops and finally brought the tables and chairs into the classroom. After
the walls were painted the flooring was installed by the supplier who
had donated the flooring. Finally the curtains donated by the curtain
supplier were installed. In the span of seven days, the classroom was
transformed into a great learning environment for the benefit the
students of SMK Puchong.





Estimated manpower
for classroom makeover
from start to handover:

Site investigation & measurements
4 pax (inclusive of team leader)
Clearing of existing furniture
1-2 pax site coordinator
(from design team)
Electrical & M&E work
3-4 pax (team leader, design team
coordinator, 1 electrical engineer
coordinator & 1 M&E coordinator)
Painting Work
20 pax to be distributed accordingly (team
leader, design team coordinator, and team
members) from start to finish and touch-up
Whiteboards, pinup boards,
magnetic boards, graph boards,
inspirational posters, hooks and
punching bag installation
5 pax (team leader, design team
coordinator and 3 team members)
New main door & lockset
2 pax (team leader & team coordinator to
liase and coordinate with door contractor)
15 pax (team leader, team coordinator
and team members)
Tables and chairs
4 pax (team leader, team coordinator
and 2 team members)
25 pax (team leader and team members)
from day 1 until last day for finishing and
final touch-up work before final handover.
3 pax (team members)


Workscope and schedule sample

(Reference: SMK Puchong Classroom Makeover)


Clearing Of Existing Furniture


Mechanical & Electrical Work (Airconditioning units, ceiling fans, power points)


Painting Work


Timber Floor Finish Installation


Whiteboards, Pinup Boards, Magnetic Boards, Graph Boards & Hooks Installation


New Main Doors Installation


Doodling (Can be done off site or before delivery of tables to classroom)


Tables and Chairs delivery, Fixing & Arrangement, Fixing Of Punching Bag Bracket


Cleaning And Finishing Touches

Work Assignment / Duties Delegation

1. Clearing of existing furniture - c/o Myra (design team, teachers & students)
- Handing over of classroom to design team
2. Electrical work - c/o Fiona (sourcing of donors and contractors)
- Adding of 3 ceiling fans and repositioning of existing fans
- New airconditioning units installed
- Additional 2 nos. fluorescent tube lights
- Site investigation: to provide proper support to new repositioned lights and ceiling fans
to make good of existing switches and socket outlets
3. Painting work - c/o Francis & Myra (design team and students)
- to workout, determine & distribute manpower for each day; can be on rotation
- areas to be painted are ceiling, walls, existing window frames, grills, soft boards and whiteboards frames
- Site investigation, surface preparation
- Buying/sourcing of tools (brushes, rollers, paints, primer, putty or filler, spatula, paint thinner,
pails/buckets, pans, cloths for wiping & cleaning, gloves etc.)
4. Floor finish installation - c/o Bernard & Myra (supply and install by sponsor)
- either vinyl planks or epoxy flooring
- to liase with sponsor during site investigation
- patching of existing floor prior to final floor finish installation
- procurement of adhesive for vinyl plank
5. Whiteboards, pinup boards, magnetic boards, graph boards, inspirational
Posters, hooks, installation - c/o Myra & Zati


- materials sourcing such as white glossy laminates, coloured laminates, heavy duty adhesive for
mounting; buying, custom making, fixing











School Holiday



Public Holiday

6. New main door and lockset - c/o Zati

- site investigation & measurement
- prepare shop drawings for construction; liase with contractor
7. Doodling- c/o Myra & design team (doodles to be reviewed by YTL Foundation)
- selection of positive doodles
- arrangement & composition of selected doodles for each table
- sourcing/ buying of pens and other necessary tools
8. Tables and Chairs - c/o Myra, Zati & Bernard
- arrange for delivery, fixing of legs to table tops
- furniture arrangement
- fixing of wall bracket and punching bag
9. Cleaning - c/o Ms. Wong
- final cleaning and polishing on the last day of work
10. Runners, site workers' meals - c/o Ms. Mazita, Lily & Ammar
- to provide / buy meals/drink for colleagues at site
- to buy last minute shortage of materials at site (screws, paints, etc.)
Securing classroom makeover area during work is everyone's responsibility.
All tools, materials being left at site every end of the day must be secured by the last person to leave.


Front Wall Measurements



Left Wall Measurements (Entrance)



Right Wall Measurements

Frog Classroom Colors

Blue (Door) BG75, 192 Blue Sapphire Dulux 98BG 26/393
Green GY42, 141 Irish Acres Dulux 10GY 41/600
Grey Neutral 39, 263 Seagull Grey Dulux 30YY 42/083
Pink RR11, 29 Flamboyant Dulux 21RR 19/459
Blue BG75, 192 Blue Sapphire Dulux 98BG 26/393



Back Wall Measurements



Door Measurements



SCALE = 1 : 10







SCALE = 1 : 10



SCALE = 1 : 10



SCALE = 1 : 10


Floor Plan (Furniture Layout Sample)



Table Measurements

Note: Determine quantity based on
confirmed layout)



SCALE 1:20



Note: Determine quantity based on
confirmed layout)



SCALE 1:20





CH 2855

CH 2855

Ceiling Plan


SCALE = 1 : 50


SCALE = 1 : 50

Chair supplier: Kian
Contact Person: Mohd Khairul Izzuan Bin Hj Ibrahim
Mobile: +6012 373 9003 ;
Office: 03-40423026

Note: also available in black which is not shown in this image


Table Designs



It was a great experience working together with my colleagues in a different
environment- it was like a happy family. Despite all the sweating under the brows
and some body aches, one cannot deny the satisfaction we felt after seeing the
finished work. It felt so good being a part of a good cause.
Gary Mah, Deputy Drafting Manager
The classroom makeover project was a great way to bond. It helped promote
good communications and trust among the team members. It also helped to
improve staff morale, especially when they participated in the problem solving
exercise. They shared their ideas and had fun in the process.
Francis Lim See Seng, Deputy Drafting Manager
As a designer, the most rewarding part of every project is when you unveil
your finished product to your client and you see your clients face light up with
happiness and satisfaction. Their nod of approval is like a pat on your back.
Unveiling the Frog Classroom to both students and teachers, watching so many
faces brighten up with joy and amazement was priceless! To think that a small
collective effort like this can make such a big impact on students outlook towards
education is just so fulfilling. Were all ordinary individuals but we became an
extraordinary team. We worked together, we had fun and we made a difference!
Regina Myra Superio Leong, Lead Interior Designer
We created with our minds and built with our hearts.
Boon Kean, Senior Architect
Dengan semangat ketekunan, kegigihan dan kerjasama kami berjaya
menyiapkan kelas ini. Dan ianya adalah contoh jelas yang kami tinggalkan
sebagai azimat untuk para pelajar bertuah ini mengejar cita-cita mereka.
Warna adalah kehidupan, dan dengan warna kami memberi nafas kepada kelas
ini untuk para pelajarnya berusaha mencapai cita-cita Kehidupan mereka suatu
hari nanti. Inilah pastinya suasana kelas yang menjana semangat para pelajar
dalam mengejar ilmu yang dicurahkan oleh guru mereka.
Hazlan B Aris, Senior Architectural Draftsman
Being a part of this project was really an experience for me. I had fun and this
project was truly a meaningful one. After the project was done, I felt light and
happy and it was a great way to relieve stress.
Samuel George, Technical Officer


List and contact of suppliers

and manufacturers for reference:
1. Curtains
Company: Regal Ambience
Contact Person: Winnie 012 2803 373
2. Custom Tabletops
YTL Joinery in Meru, Klang
Contact Person Mr. Loh Yee Keong 018 3089 739
Federal Furniture
Contact Person Alex Chiew 012 7080 618 / 603 8070 9200
3. Table legs
Company: KOHOH Stainless Steel Works Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Ah Meng 0123136343
4. Doors
Company: Federal Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Mr. Alex Chiew 012 7080 618
5. Timber Floorboards
Company: Goodrich Global
Contact Person: Ms. Joanne 012 3859 906
6. Laminates for whiteboards
Company: Ica
Contact Person: Ms. Jenny Pong 012 7247 199
7. Chairs
Company: Kian
Contact Person: Mr. Khairul 012 3739 003
8. Artificial Grass for doormats
Company: Excel Scape Solution S/B
9. Magnetic boards, corkboards, hooks, whiteboard marker
and magnetic boards - IKEA
10. Punching bag online purchase at lazada or
11. Window glass panels
Company: EKY
12. Paint by Nippon Paint