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L 1I N G

before taking up the present millins rock crushers and screens were put into huntington mills ten wilfley tables two
practice at the silver king coalition
Co altion a brief the crescent mill giving it a ton ca- assi fiers five frue
sunie of milling in the park
resume cassi
c classifiers wilt
and four wilf
and general re pacity in 1889 the unon I 1
union plant was bu it ley sl imers
city district has a pace there have been in empire canyon with a similar capacity
cap acty boutwell describes an interesting fea-
two types of ore at park city in the main the mayflower plant followed this in wood- ture of this old mill has since been
and both of these types are d disable into side gulch treating 15 ore and the union
abandoned he says the method of re-
sm elting ores
milling and smelting
smelling in one class gave up custom work to treat the
anchor covery from the slimes is by forcing them
siver ores carrying a fair amount
are the silver ores through a filter under high pressure from
of gold but not very high in the bases such success with these concentration mills compressed air the machinery required
as those of the american flag and ontario resulting the larger companies put up includes almes
in the other class may be placed the silver plants the daly west in the middle nine- cevers
sl mes settlers slimes rece
vers a r
receivers air compressor a slime press
lead ores which also carry some s ilverlver and ties the daly judge in 1902 and the S iver slime cake cutter belt conveyor and cum-
gold enough in smelt ng grades to mane king plant went into commission
commiss on be- mer drier the slimes which carry suf-
them bonanzas it is this latter class of fore the daly judge several other plants ma teral to warrant further treat
ficient material
ore that with some var actions the daly have been built since that time but since ment are first passed through a seres of s x
judge daly west and silver king coalition this plant is the one now treating silver V shaped settling tanks the settlings are
are treating king ores I1 will not attempt to consider the then drawn off and elevated to a stock tank
the first class ore is ma aly a combinat- other plants at th s time whence they are released to charge two re-
ion sulphides
of the sulp hides of lead copper and ceivers of 2500 gallons capacity thence
iron with high silver value the silver lying the settlings are driven by compressed air
in the galena and pyrite Associatea with
associated into three filter presses one of 1400 pounds
sulp hides there may be large amounts
the sulphides aini capacity the others of 2000 pounds ca
of oxidized material the milling ore is pa c ty after being subjected to high pres-
made up of the sulphides
sulp hides
des of lead iron ana sure the slimes are dumped on a belt con-
anc in a quartz gangue and may veyor transported to a chopping machine
oxidized material also at first the idea was thoroughly chopped and then subjected to a
to save the galena and pyrite and incident- high heat they were then sampled
ally any copper sulphides
sulp hides in the shape of ng silver king ore
or tetra hedri te and to reject 1I have ment boned in the description of
as much of the w th the silica as mining practice at ithethe silver king the fact
possible today an attempt is made to save
that first and second class ore was kept sep-
the zinc arate the first class ore is hauled a short
early methods at park city distance from the king shaft in a covered
the first mills erected at park city shed by a motor similar to the ones used
depended on regulation methods for getting underground
round to the sampler this sampler
the silver of the oxidized ores these were s one which would do credit to an up to
followed by the comb nation chemical and date custom plant and is one of the best 1I
physical methods and later caime the mod- have ever seen in service at any m ne the
ern wet concentration ore is dumped at the top of the pant into
was the marsac in 1874
the first mill built
which was equip- four ton bins whence it is taken by belt
ped with twenty stamps conveyor to a grizzly the overs ze of which
and worked on
flagstaff ore two s crushed in a comet crusher to 1I
other stamp mills of inch
the same size were soon 1 r-m I1 h al
erected for the mc-

it then fals to the first of five elevators

henry and the ontario set side by side on a floor below the cricrusher
aall three
somewhat later
mills were at work on antar 0 this elevator fats the crushed ore to the
ore the ontario first f our vezin samplers set side by side
mill was enlarged in 1877
and was equipped two floors above on oil the floor below is a
for a process involving
dry crushing the silver king sampler higger S battery of three sets of rolls the reject
chloria zing roasting and pan
on a process more or le ss com-
less original silver king mill from the first sampler as well as that from
non at that
mon time the
ibe machinery for which in june 1901 the silver K ng mill was the second goes to no 2 elevator while
is familiar
to fillmen
mill men in the early equipped with a ton sampler and an the reject from the last two are conveyed
ligh tes the marsac mill was enlarged and
eighties by belt to this same elevator twenty per
aerial iram leading to a load ng station at
al tram
evoked to custom
ores it was here that park city the sampler and tram will be cent cuts are taken and the sample falls
he well known to the rolls below is crushed re elevated and
or saver ores
russell lixia aaion process described later
was developed the pres the mill where the second class ore was sampled tile the cut falling back to the next
ant apts
it attempts at
fliee silver
developing new methods for treated contained at th s early date equip- set of rolls and so on through the seres ser es
ores of the camp are interesting in ment which made it one of the most mod- of rolls and samplers which cut four times
beof what at has been done in the past ern concentrators of the time the plant the last cut 0o ng to a coffee mill mm further
meanwhile the mckimmakr m concentrator was was bu air ts and a part of it 1i 4
lt in two ants
built crushing and sampling being done by the
deveo Ped
developed familar
earnil ar hand methods
born 1878 to
and patented in 1876 and ran so operated today the early plant con-
tempt at
1880 making
makin the first real at tained in each unit a blake crusher two
berr of
wett concentration in 1886 a num automa tc sampler four
rolls automatic Profess fonal paper
professional 77 U S geological
frue van ners Hunting tons rolls
banners more nine jigs dewater ers two survey
carbonate carry- ggs as shown in now
flow of which
from the various samplings treated is sometimes a lead
the rejects quartz gangue at other times those treating
treat ng the first two sizes alone
are elevated to a rotating spout delivering ing silver in a
coarse concentrate
sulphide ore the flow sheet make a which is drawn
to three bins which feed the buckets of the is a diluted screen all make hutch products
gives the details of the treatment so that off the
aerial tramway and are delivered at the giving a little tails from the first three sets of jigs are
railroad tracks at park acty feet I1 shall confine myself to
on bertan
certain parts of the pro- de watered in a paddle wheel and an d reground
away the cost of sampling is cents further detal traylor rolls one roll of which is fed
cess in
per ton of ore and concentrates sampled across the fface of bhethe other for a ddistance
up to a month or two ago the ore was istance
in this plant is a concentrate sampler one ton of one half inch these rolls are set to
taken from the receiving bins in
also the concentrates come from the level gates to 2 mm and replace the 5 fact hunt-
cars weighed and dumped to a crush
below the jig floor of the mill and are amill which was operated with
crusher the similarity of this to the orig- ington ivah a 6
crammed to the sampler in one ton cars
there they are elevated to a short conveyor inal mill is apparent the gates took the mesh screen until a short time ago they
place of one of the blakes and the crushed will crush tons of 12 inch undersize in
discharging on an apron about which
travels in a vertical plane an endless chain ore was as conveyed by a short belt to the eight hours the tails from the jigs treat-
bins above the line ing the last oversize and the heavier por
carrying two buckets which take a sample
as they pass under the apron and as they the gates now does all the crushing of the last undersize are sized onoil a
turn to go across the apron above discharge addit on three men at the belt sort 12 mesh single
and in addia sl callow screen which also
to a chute which delivers to a sampling out waste and crystallized galena which they receives the heavier portion of the overflow
plate on the same floor where the concen- throw behind them into different cars the from the watering de wheel after it has
trates are further hand sampled the re- first class thus sorted is weighed and ee ele- passed over a chip screen and through an
jects fall to bins below and are sent to park vated to the haulage level above and taken 8 foot callow cone
city over the tram
the sampler is operated by six men meir LFF

power is furnished by a 75 horsepower

motor driving a line shaft from which
counters are belted for the machines the
arrangement of machines of the same type
on the same floor facilitating the drive
the aerial tramway
the crude ore and concentrates after
sampling are sent to the railroad at park
city over an aerial tramway feet A

long this tramway has solved the entire

transportation problem as all supplies are
sent to the mine over it also it is of
the leschen patent automatic type and N
is supported on thirty nine steel towers 13
to 85 feet high eighty buckets with a
capacity of pounds of ore or pounds
of coal are fastened at intervals of feet
by permanent
iby perm ament lugs the running cable is
6 strand 19 wire langlay
lang lay 78 in in di-
ameter and of roebling make extra strong
cast steel the leschen track cables fur- 01
nished with the original equipment are still
in use they are inch and 1 inch in di-
ameter on the loaded and unloaded side
respectively the silver king mill photo by will C higgins
the total fall from mine to lower term- while the waste is elevated table concentration
inal is 1050 feet and the tram operatesoperates to the same point and crammed to the millmil the reground yi g tails are all made to
by gravity generating 17 horsepower with dump pass through a 2 mm callow screen and
no return load one man loads the buckets the conveyor belt is too far below the the material remaining on a 12 mesh screen
at the upper terminal and the buckets dump bin gates to allow the ore to fall on it A is roughed on a garfield table which rejects
automatically at paricity
park city tramway oper- movable feeder mounted on a truck con tailings and passes the to the
ation during the last fiscal year cost 64 fists of a motor driving through suitable so called tailing elevator which also re- e
cents per ton of ore and concentrates gears a set with its axis parallel
shipped ceived the from the Wilfleys which
to the belt travel the ore falls on the out- treat the 12 30 imesch stuff and the
both crude ore and concentrates are side of the
loaded on ral
ra road cars at park city and
and iss carried away from the wilfley treating the second
railroad from the bin to an apron which discharges
shipped to the smelters
d size from the V classifiers and the
sm elters in the salt lake on the belt
from the Wilfleys which retreat the
valley coarse concentration wil
the silver king
from the remaining primary wilf
As will be seen from the illustrato ons
the crushed ore from the bins is fed to leys
two tronunel lines consisting of six
both the mill and the sampler are of the fig tails 30 mesh are classified
the fine jig
each the oversize from the first is in a V classifier which feeds nine Wilfleys
extreme hillside type the second class ore crushed in rolls and both undersize and
is brought to the mill by the same motor the first four of which make finished conce-
crushed product elevated to the line again ntrates and ta takings
lings the n from all
that hauls the first class ore the mill being the second tro mimel is also a reject to an-
located further along the ir but the second group of three going
hi ll from the shaft
the oversees
than the sampler the ore now being ing
overs zes from the four remain- other set of V tanks in the slime depart-
go to 2 compartment hartz ment
alie Ccais 7
joao ton
eq bet ecea
ec ef
aele neof about
J crr
ZOO borlet
t lo
gam iz aly
m 3 fea vo f G a
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sefe condor
feed bm
al0 y
6 ee abor

com art 2 ts
3 ios
we y

7c 7
7 va 3 1 11

cyric uj
cones 1 ahle agn raie
4 ec 7
e Ccot J f ys
95 sace
jhc ve eto co
cor conca acx
r r
Z 4 auf
Z ya
e Is A3 6
le to
cc pvcC SS aci
S hhI1oef t Ccar P ro 14I P co n
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S C rew coaconveyor
ve Y S
7 da
2 ao ys E e va or

2 coy
CO cr
cor etc purvao 0

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avatar Z C
artz J ys
Ju jery
junery ee Z H tthh
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ries fh

ro af
no 67
ajo rr
se- a

2 conay
22 se ileI s 4 T sy 1

Z 1
4 Z lop
ori J QS 4 lajou i core
cone e H callow con es
2 mn caco c IMI S c ree
reea 6
bat bZyc9 yc
A 17 baileys ys
r Y ft CW conee r
ca I1 I1
7 Z tn ej C
1I J scree
C uj screens
as Cac PJI W Ws ct L

gart eld aale

7 ale cohew sc
12 cc
xjjy ado ter

ai aa cs fi casaul con e ZQ etca con ea su

ao0 besl cohew screen I1 W aeleeyY
306 resh
mesh CC screens
sc e s 1

3 C 5

Wss to is
1110 M
S V CIO cosser
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4 va
2 8 fe
fl C cone s
1 I cones
callow i
3 beyt
i eyt ey I1 wa ial Y ump
C tai
arc I1
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bics cs cones mid
J ids r M lda f0 wo
roll aja ter
md adlid pump
beyo ffor
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ciousda uj S jle e
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cp ts
S er
CP Z co 01
diey Y ec Y
o0ry I
17 ea 1
eft cones wid cju
tofe cones jofs
ar01 cn J
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Wih leys
4 F J J
rails 22 V lab
la w ads li-ts l- i 8 V a cacno
tle 1I 11 ley
coes Ccao
Cs aaat 3 W
W taisC I1
ds n
12 fl coes
ft V
I1 1
to levator wafey lash
wo sh wd e er
ae t
settler seer 15

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bif tifa
M ILL COAL ithon
MINES P r 1 er

pa y aCcty utah
po t6h L ot 18
YV 933
which have gone to handling
the untreated fine material from the the finer
on five wil all the table concentrates are settled in
classifier or settler below the line the second V tank are treated
is thickened the overflow going to the aleys wh ch make finished tails and concen-
fleys boxes at the ends of the tables the over-
coln back to the
hack flow water going to the second V tank the
slime V tanks and the coarse material feed- trates and send their concentrates a re shoveled to cars and tram
ing two Wilf leys which make a concentrate tailings elevator from which point they are to a drying plate when dry they are
and which go to the slime classi- treated further again shoveled into cars and crammed to a
fier all of the coarse which slime treatment conveyorr which delivers to an ele-
screw conveys
have gone to the tall tail elevator are again all the slimes from variousmparts ultiple
of the
vator which in turn delivers to one com-
mill are treated on wilfley deck
screened and coarse material is treated on
which there are two in
ill op- part ment of a bin under the jig floor
another hartz jig whose tails go directly to slime tables of concentrates are sluiced to a
a wilfley table for treating the last spigots of the the I jig
the 30 eration
era tion one drag

lifts them out allows

V classifier the other treating the box whence a
esh material is thickened and passed over second to drain somewhat and
anid delivers to one
three from the first and other slimes them
in series which continue the two compartments of the bin
re oll the flow sheet
of the other
treatment of as shown on
three feet over the table
lable it the machine continuously but is shifted
below the floor one of the compartments box extends
in from one series of decks to the other by
draining while the other is filling the
moves in accordance with the changes
washing and discharg- means of a V shaped divid dividing
ng board located
overflow from the drag is settled the set- the cycle of
under the feed box and actuated by a bent
tlings returning to the drag and the over- ing the decks have a longitudinal shake
per minute and at the beginning lever this lever is actuated inn unison with
flow going on to the slime plant about
the return of the decks to their loading
the concentrates are loaded in cars of operations the deck is practically level position
from these ans b ns and crammed to the through su table cams the table is tilted
at the proper time which can be varied
labor power and water
sampler the mill at present is operated on two
the tall gs flow out of the mill through through a cone and pulley drive from about
or fifteen minutes for the shifts f rom 7 a m to 3 p m and from 7
a teeter box sampler which gives the gen- eleven to fourteen
p m to 3 a m by a crew of the following
tail sample
eral mill tall I1 whole cycle
mr eggers has described the cycle of distribution
the head sample is taken below the 311 sorters on day shift
rolls the sample is taken by a cutter operations as follows
of the slimer is 1I conveyor man and sorter who on
which travels across the flow of ore at in- the cycle of operation
tervals determined by a positive drive con- as follows the pulp is fed onto one series ight
n shift feeds the jigs
2 jjg
g men on each of two shifts
s sting of two discs revolving at different of decks for the full length and at the in-
ner edge for a period of five to ten min- 1 on each shift
speeds and actuated by the roll feeder on each of two shifts
these discs have slots in their edges which utes at the time of receiving the pulp 1
on each of three shifts who
the deck is practically in a level position on 1
at certain periods of the revolute on will co-
though at times the class of ore may war- cleans up on the mid shifts and acts
incide with each other and with a lug clr ch
rant its being higher at the outer side than as watchman
drops into them and releases the sample
cup which is driven across the ore flow at the inner thus forming a shallow pool foreman
1 fo relman
by a multiplied lever on each deck which is somewhat deeper at the power is furnished as follows
wilfley multiple deck simer the inner edge of the deck than at the 1 35 H HPP motor driving crusher ho st and
outer the constant reciprocation of the conveyor
the wilfley multiple deck slimer is a
new concentrating device which finds much deck during this operation tends to settle 1 5 H HPP motor driving short belt gates
favor at park city the machine having re- the heavier ma teral
cateral al on to the deck surface to bin
placed the old wilfley tray climers at both and into the grooves on the linoleum the 1 50 11 P motor daiv ng rolls elevator and
the silver king and the daly judge at lighter sands taking their place above the line
the king they treat three times as much mineral when the deck has thus secured 1I 50 arp H P motor driving jigs and jig tails
as a tray slimer and produce a concentrate its load the feed is shut off and the next elevator and chip screen
containing about 36 per cent lead 45 ounces step in the cycle is a slight inclining of the 1I 50 H P motor driving fine rolls and
silver and with a recovery of about 50 per deck toward the discharge box and allow- feeder
cent of the values ing a portion of wash water through a valve
in 1 50 11 P motor driving g no 1 table flfloor
this table depends on a very thorough mechanism to flow upon the deck at the 1 50 H P motor driving rest of tables
and impartial al distribution of pulp on the inclination the table now has tho dischargedischar e elevators and slime
shime plant
various decks for its success as only the box is in a position to take the waste into 15 11 P motor
1 1511 driving machine shop
upper deck is exposed to view its outer compartment at th s point in the equipment
the table is imade
made in two sections with cycle a cam arrangement from beneath the water is obtained from shadow lake
feed ends together and each carrying in table moves this box so that the concen- and at times by pumping from the alliance
the case of those now noar in operation at the trates compartment will be directly below level of the mine to tanks above the mill
king six decks A new one of twelve decks the discharge from the deck costs and recoveries
on a side is now being installed the width simultaneously with this movement of the report of the silver king coalition
of decks on the larger table is larger than the concentrates box a cam arrangement mines company for the year ending april
that of the 6 deck type and by a little alter- tilts this deck to a steeper angle when ad- 30 1913 shows that tons of second
ation in the time of waseng
wash ng its capacity dit ional wash water is allowed to flow upon
ditional class ore was treated during the year with
will be four times as great the concentrates washing them into the the production of tons of conce-
each deck is made up of light strips of concentrates box when this part of the ntrate assaying per cent lead
wood upon which is a linoleum surface in performance is completed the mechanism ounces silver and ounce gold from
clr ch a series of lengthwise parallel
which brinas the table promptly back to a level tons of ore there were recovered 12
grooves are cut by a special machine in- position to receive another charge tons of concentrate a ratio of con-
vented by mr eggers of the denver office while
ie this has been going on anthethe series cent ration of about 65 to one this is a
of the mine smelter supply company of decks opposite to the one just described capacity of tons a day and the mill is
these riffles
fiffles are 1 16 inch deep and 12 i inch has been taking its load and in turn goes capate
wide and are separated by plane surfaces through the same cycle of operation
beof of about twice that amount of work
or say about tons daily the savin
about 18 inch wide the decks are 6 x 12 the concentrates dise discharge
barge into two was about 90 per cent of the lead and 80
feet with grooves on each in n the case two compartment boxes these boxes are per cent of the silver
of the twelve deck table the decks are provided with two compartments and a flap
combined in a frame with 11 inches be- the cost per ton of ore treated figures
valve in the second compartment for the about as follows
tween decks purpose of allouf
ing the fine concentrates
peed feed box at the top then
feed enters the feedbox labor
a chance fo to settle before the water is supplies
passes into the distributor below whence drained off this latter operation is done
it is evenly distributed through a series of pumping O

circular openings down through the frame

periodically and in a cycle conforming to teaming ow
the cycle of OD operation of the decks the power O
work of the table the accurate working flad valve is opened gradually so that the
of the distributor box as to division of pulp beatin and lighting
T 0
water mav be drained off as air etly as pos repairs 0 3 15
and timing is what accomplishes the even able
P ble taking with itt a
distribution on the invisible decks this amount of assa
y ng 22
floating concentrates the pulp is fed to superintendence 0
tailings release

G W buck is the present superintend-
ent at the mill and to him and to the re-
ports of the company 1I owe the est mates of
power and the cost reports