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Motivation Letter

Surabaya, June 26th 2016

Dear HR AIESEC Local Commitee Surabaya,

Herewith, I would like to give you my motivation and reasons why I am interested to
join these roles.
My motivation are simple, I want to contribute more to Indonesia after all, by joining
in oGCDP Department in AIESEC Surabaya as EP Manager. I want to expand my skills also
by delivering exchange service and helping the youth in Surabaya to get prepare for join the
My reasons why I want to join in this team because, It has a related background as my
last experience in Exchange Operation definitely in IR iGIP 1516. I hope it has a similarity.
And if I have accepted maybe itll be my last role in AIESEC Surabaya, because next year I
will be focusing on my study in college.
Im a type of person that is independent, adaptable , good planner , easy going,
conscientiously and discipline.
As a conclution, I am sure that I can join this team because I will give my best effort
in this. Thank you for your consideration.


Fendra Dwi Ramadhan

AIESEC Surabaya
Revio Office Building 2nd Orange Floor
JL. Kaliwaron No. 58 Surabaya | phone: +62 31 596 5090