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JBAR/SH Mandal Monitoring Report OCTOBER Month 2013.

District Name:NIZAMABAD Mandal Name/MEO Contact No: GANDHARI/

No.of CRPs Working: 7 No.of IERTs: 1 IERC Address: GANDHARI CHNC
SN Activity Status/Details.
1 No. Of Schools./Screened.
2 No. of children/Screened.
3 Referral Identified
4 No. of Surgeries/Treated
5 Health Provider
proceedings/Status of the visits
of the month
6 No.of Arogya clubs formed. Total:
7 No.of Chinnari Doctors/B+G=T:
8 Health Education: THENSHE
10 HE: SRD
11 HE: No.of SMCs conducted:
12 FRESH: School level
13 FRESH: Mandal
14 No.of Spectacles/Utility
15 SHER Updation
16 Rigisters -2, IECs-7: Utility
17 MDM Status:
18 Wall painting of JBAR
19 Wifs programme implementation:
20 Involment of nodel Teachers:
21 Availbility of the tablets:
HE: Health Education. SHD: School Health Day. SRD:
School Referral Day.
JBAR: School Health/Nutrition and Education for All
1.Health Education. 2. Health Services. 3. Healthy Environment. 4.
Community Involvement.
Referral & Follow up: ASHA, Health Provider, HM & Staff, SMC, PTA & CRTs are
RBSK: Rastriya Bala Swasthya Karyakram. * FRESH: Focussing Resources on
Effective School Health*
FRESH: In order to reach this enormous goal, Health or Education sector alone would not be
able to succeed and it therefore requires multi-sect oral cooperation in the context of FRESH,
especially the involvement of families, communities, national and international institutions,
donor agencies, development partners and private sector services.
Proposed 4 Levels: 1.School 2.Mandal 3.BPMU(CHNC Level) 4. District.

Signature of the MEO/Seal/Date.