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Comprehensive Care for $35 per Visit

No Insurance?
High Deductible?
No Problem!
Membership Fees
Initial Monthly
Set-Up Office
$130 Visit
(3 installments
+ office visit
+ $5 admin fee)

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What is the Advantage program?
The Advantage Medical Discount Program is a monthly
membership; it is not insurance and may only be used at
our participating locations. Advantage cannot be used if you
wish to bill your insurance for the care you receive at our
locations and cannot be used with any U.S. government plan,
such as Medicaid or Medicare.

What are the costs of my membership?

After your 90 day pre-paid installment period is complete,
membership fees are withdrawn every 30 days and will be
automatically deducted from the payment details you have

What is covered under my membership?

Almost all services provided at our clinics are covered,
including X-rays. Your membership DOES NOT cover
the following: prescription medications, durable medical
equipment (crutches, splints), and services performed by
outside facilities (such as specialist visits and lab work
done outside the clinic). Some types of physicals and
immunizations are also not covered.

Services include but are not limited to:

Wound Treatment X-rays
Fractures, Strains & Sprains Cough & Congestion
Stitches / Suturing / Stapling Allergic Reactions
Flu Symptoms & Sore Throat Allergies
Gastrointestinal Disorders STD Treatment
Urinary Tract Infections Burns
Ear & Eye Infections Asthma
Abscess Incision & Drainage Fever
Rashes & Skin Allergies Migraine
Sinus Infections Bronchitis
Athletes Foot / Fungal Infection and more!

For more information about the program

call 1-800-605-9046 or email us at

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and its family of brands

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