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Service Quality and its Impacts on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector

Ms.Soumya Shukla
Research Scholar, Deptt. Of Management ,Bodhgaya ,Gaya

In the current banking scenario it is obvious that banks gain competitive advantage by rendering efficient
service and thereby enhancing customer relationship. More emphasis on creating loyal customers is the need of
the hour. It is pivotal for all players in the financial service industry to understand the needs of the customer and
The quality of service is crucial to both the customer and the service firm. Today banks are facing
tough competitions. In business world customers are the source of profit and revenue for the service
organizations and improvements in service quality leads to customer loyalty. The customers have a wide choice
of brands to select from. In order to survive the competitions the banks have to do a better
Job meeting and satisfying customer need than their competitors. Banking service market could be evaluated in
terms of the mutual relationship between banks and customers or in other words their loyalty to the bank. The
primary duty of every Bank is to discover the customers need and fulfilling their expectations. The main aim
of the study is to find out the effect of quality on satisfaction by focusing on the relationship between service
quality and customer satisfaction and how quality can be improved in the service firms.

Keywords: Banking, India, Services marketing , Service quality