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TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT is a subsystem of an organization and core function

of human resource management. It ensures continuous skill development of employees working
in organisation and habituates process of learning for developing knowledge to work. Training
and Development is the foundation for obtaining quality output from employees. Training and
Development is a structured program with different methods designed by professionals in
particular job. It has become most common and continuous task in any organisation for updating
skills and knowledge of employees in accordance with changing environment. Optimisation of
cost with available resources has become pressing need for every organisation which will be
possible only by way of improving efficiency and productivity of employees, possible only by
way of providing proper employee training and development conditioned to that it should be
provided by professionals.

The HR Training and Development Manager is responsible for the organization's staff
training requirements, programs, and career development needs. They supervise training staff,
plan and administer training seminars, and manage conflict resolution, team building, and
employee skill evaluations. The HR Training and Development Specialist plans, produces and
administers staff and management training programs. They conduct programs to develop
employee skills in accordance with organization practices and policies. Additionally, they
research and evaluate training resources, as well as suggest new topics and methods. The
principal objective of training and development division is to make sure the availability of a
skilled and willing workforce to an organization. In addition to that, there are four other

Individual Objectives help employees in achieving their personal goals, which in turn,
enhances the individual contribution to an organization.

Organizational Objectives assist the organization with its primary objective by

bringing individual effectiveness.


Functional Objectives maintain the departments contribution at a level suitable to the
organizations needs.

Societal Objectives ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to

the needs and challenges of the society.


KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd., (KFC Holdings) is a branded chicken retail chain
operator. KFC Holding in Malaysia operates about 500 KFC restaurant nationwide also operates
the RasaMas chain of restaurant about 35 outlets. Approximately 52 Kedai Ayamas owning by
the Group of KFC Holding, making this company as nation`s first branded chicken and chicken-
based retail chain. Not only serve fast-food as main business, KFCH also widely involved in
poultry production and processing, as well as a host of ancillary businesses such as vegetable
farming, baking and sauce production.

KFCH has emerged as strong big company in Malaysia`s businesses and retail world with
high reputation for excellent product, efficient friendly service and financial strength.
Undeniably, KFCH is the only KFC restaurant operator in world whose serve Western Quick
Service Restaurant market greater than that of McDonald`s. KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd
(KFCH) operates service not only being the franchisee of KFC chain of restaurant in Malaysia
but also in Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia and India.

KFCH handles over 620 KFC outlets comprising of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei,
Cambodia and India and over 35 RasaMas restaurants in Malaysia and Brunei. Over the year,
KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd. (KFC Holdings) improve in advancement of fast-food with its
original recipe of kentucky fried chicken, KFC Holdings also engaged in the business of poultry,
processing, restaurants and property holding.

Other than that, KFC Holdings is also engaged in operating hatchery, breeder farms,
poultry retail and convenience food store chains. Chicken, fresh bun, cakes, snacks, sauces,
chicken rice meals and Freezer to Fryer products are the examples of products offered by the



3.1 Chicken abused

KFC main dishes is fried chicken and every year, KFC needs more than 700 million
supplies of chickens for the entire world wide restaurants. While claim that they only deal with
suppliers who promise to maintain high standards and commitment to animal welfare but it
happened to be that it is not. A hidden camera was installed and footage of the video shown taken
by an investigator of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had showing that the
chickens was purposely abused by the workers. This video went viral happened in a
slaughterhouse, at a Pilgrim's Pride plant in Moorefield West Virginia, where the workers are
kicking live chickens like playing footballs, thumping them into walls. Apparently those workers
do it just for fun. This does not happens once, in the United States only many of the suppliers of
KFC had committed this behavior. One of them is Tyson Foods, Inc. an American multinational
corporation based in Springdale, Arkansas, that operates in the food industry. The company is the
world's second largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork. They are one of the
main chicken distributer to KFC in the states. In the Tyson slaughterhouse showed that the birds
purposely were burnt to death, were blown apart by makeshift firecrackers, and broke their legs
by the workers so that it can be fit into slaughter-line shackles.

In India, on August 20, 2003, a five-foot tall chicken complete with an ensemble of
feathers and beak hobbled on a pair of crutches outside Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) was
kept in an Indian outlet in Bangalore. The chicken was brought by PETA activists, who carried
play cards reading, "Quit India" and "Stop Playing Fowl". The chicken was placed at the centre


and a peaceful protest was held against the alleged ill treatment of birds in KFC's poultry farms.
Media persons were called to give the demonstration a wide coverage.

The chickens are slaughtered before they are 6 weeks old. At the slaughter house, the
birds are hung upside down and transferred through conveyor belts to the killing room fully
conscious. Too many chickens are dumped from the crates to the fast moving conveyor belt that
caused the birds at the bottom to get suffocated. Unable to manage the large in flow of chickens,
the workers threw away some chickens slamming them to the walls or floors. During the
processing, to remove feathers, the live chickens are thrown into scalding-hot water. This is too
much cruelty on slaughtering the chickens that to be made as food.

3.2 Job satisfaction

Working in a fast food restaurant is definitely tired and bored, they worker need to keep
on repeating the same jobs everyday with no exception. This leads to job dissatisfaction to the
workers, it will change their attitudes when they feel annoyed in doing their works, this is also
why some customers complaint on they got rude services in the chain.

This can be relate with an incident happen at KFC I-City, Malaysia. on 6th February
2012. This happened to the customers including Mr. Ng who had waited in line for fried chicken
for almost an hour were told that the outlet had run out of stock. Mr. Ng had apparently
demanded an explanation and apology from the staff before he was assaulted by one of the KFC
staff. The video of the assault was viral over the internet. KFC Malaysia deputy president Alan
Au said,

"Rest assured, all relevant steps are being taken to review and improve our training
programed to avoid the recurrence of such incidents and to provide only the best service to you,"

All of the above problem can be overcome with the proper training and development
process. Using Kurt Levin Change model we can change the employee through a good training
process. Unfreeze status quo, Change, and Refreeze to stabilize. Training itself define as the
process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs. Training will
be needed if employee deficiencies in Skills, knowledge and abilities to perform specific task.
Training can be done on the job Training and off the job training. On the job training is to
strengthen the strengths simply by doing the actual job while being supervised and helped by


senior and supervisors. Minimize weaknesses that add more productivity and less mistakes.
Types of on the job training are apprenticeship and job instruction training. Off the job training
are more to listening, it is done through classroom lectures, films and videos, demonstrations,
case studies, simulations and programmed instruction through interactive video disks and virtual
reality, and computer-based training.

Development also is important for employee as this is more future oriented, and
development is different from training, its educating the employee such as reasoning, decision
making and personal growth. Development of the employee can be done through job rotation,
staying in one job can makes the employee become bored and unproductive, job rotation can
give new experience and will make the employee to be more efficiency. Assistant to position also
can be a development for the employee as he can learn through seeing his senior or manager.
Going to lecture and seminar to add new knowledge is crucial as in today, the world is moving
fast and the technology is changing rapidly. The employee also need to equip with the latest
information and knowledge to face the customers.

Simulation also is one of the best employee development method that the employee know
how to react when the same things happen at the real life time, as they already prepared for the
worst and best possible way to react to the simulation.



Orienting employees is important in giving an overview and motivate the employees to give
impact to the company.

Orientation is really important in introducing the company to the new employees. Even a
good potential employees who already have a professional certificates need to follow the process
of orienting. This is because to show them on what and how to do the job. Employees
orientation also gives new employees the information about the background of the company such
as regulation of the company.

There are four things that need to achieve in orienting process; firstly, the company or
organization must create an atmosphere that are comfortable, welcoming and at ease to the new
employees. This is to make sure that the new employees feel more motivate for their current
jobs. Based on the case, this can avoid any misleading that make that the employees demotivate
in the beginning of the job. Next, the new employees need to know and understand the overall
information of the company (past, present, culture, vision of the future, and policies). Besides,
the employees need to get everything clear in term of works and behaviour. It is mean that the
working and behaviour need to follow the rules given in order to maintain the ethical ways in
working place. The last one is that the employees need to get to socialize in work place, within
the orientation process, so that they can do the works which need the employees to work together
as a team.


Based on the case, the workers tend to do so, because it may come from the
dissatisfaction on the job, demotivated, not knowing the rules and etc. But all of this can be
overcome and avoid by just orientation. For example, if the information is not clear enough
about rules and policies, this can lead the new employees to do the things that are against the
ways that the company does. Hence, it can create an opportunity to the company to avoid the
situations that are unwanted and provide job satisfaction to the employees.

Training can help to develop the good performance, attitude and job satisfaction

Training means provide to new or current employees the skill that are need to perform
their job. Training is one of the important key roles in process of performance management.
Performance management means taking goal oriented approach to assigning, training, assessing
and rewarding employees performance. So, training is necessary in every aspect if the
organization in order to achieve the goals that are already stated.

So, how the training can help in improving performance, attitude and job satisfaction?
Basically it can be improve by just mere understanding concept of overall companys
information for example the information that regarding their work prospect, goal and the career.
The employees whose receives the necessary training is able to perform their job well. They
become more aware of safety practices and proper procedures for basic tasks. The training may
also build the employee's confidence because they have a stronger understanding of the industry
and the responsibilities of their job. This confidence may push them to perform even better and
think of new ideas that help them to excel.

Job satisfaction can lead to a positive environment

Job satisfaction means that employees are satisfied with current job position that being
employed by the company, which can result in low employees turnover and loyalty. Satisfied
employees tend to adjust more and handle pressure with ease as compared to frustrated ones.


Employees who are not satisfied with their jobs would find a problem in every small thing and
be too rigid. They find it extremely difficult to adapt with the changing times. On the other hand,
employees who are happy with their jobs willing participate in training programs and are eager
to learn new technologies which would eventually help them in their professional career.
Satisfied employees accept challenges with a big smile and deliver even in the worst of