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College Essays

Seattle University
1. Seattleites are known for buying more books per capita than residents of any other major
U.S. city. If you could recommend any book to your admissions counselor, what would it
be and why?
Response: If could recommend any book it would be the book that i have read in my AP
Literature class which is Beloved by Toni Morrison. This book is so abstract and poetic and
keeps the reader on edge. This book is also inspiration to me as a person who love to write this
book give me such spiritual and inspirational motivation to broaden my mind and writing. This
book is also very difficult to read and leaves the reader with lots of questions and and confusion
due to the 300 pages of open ended statements. Which is not a bad thing for many people. It's
better to open your mind to new ideas and concepts you would never even imagine you could

2. Please elaborate on one of your favorite extracurricular activities or work experiences.

Response: One of my favorite extracurricular duty would be working at Chick Fil A. Working
there is the best decisions I have ever made because for once in my life I didn't feel alone or left
out. I felt apart of something and i felt loved and cared for, In which i didn't experience much of
that growing up I have always been the outcast. Not only did I join a strong family, but I was
working somewhere where hospitality and caring for guest and taking pride in your character and
passion for customers service was important.
Linfield College
3. Please address any academic concerns that our admission committee may have regarding your
application for admission. These concerns could include (but are not limited to): a cumulative
unweighted GPA below a 3.0; SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing below 500, Math
below 490 or, ACT subscores below 20; D's or, F's on your transcript. If there are no concerns
please indicate by typing N/A in the space below.
Response: I do have concerns regarding my GPA and grades. On my transcript I have two F's
currently from my junior year of algebra 2 only because the subject wasn't taught very well to me
as it got more complicated and i didn't have many resources around to help me that didn't cost
me and my mom a great deal of money. Math isn't a subject that i got too well but i can do most
of algebra just not certain areas. It's been this way for me since middle school due to me and my
mom constantly moving around and different schools due to financial hardship and the need for
my mom to make more money to support me and my sister. I would go to these schools and they
would teach math very different which made it confusing and hard to grasp and on top of that the
fact of me having to adjust to new surrounding and the pressure from my family counting on me
to be the one who makes it and becomes a somebody. The constant push for me to please
everyone makes things very stressful and i get into a mode of breaking down and just not
believing in myself enough to try my best. As of my senior year this year i am making up the
both semester F's as well as gathering up additional credits because I have a crazy transcript due
to all the places I previously lived. Most of the coding of my credits from these other schools
made it hard for counselor to make my schedule because some of the classes i took in other
schools don't count here . So I have to make up two or freshman classes this year in order to get
all the important credits. my concern is that my Cumulative GPA which is currently at a 2.62
which is mostly because of a D in my AP Government class,Which is due to me not doing so
well on the last test before the first semester ended. I am also concerned about my ACT scores
my composite score is 17 and that's obviously not good but I know that the reason behind this is
because when I am taking a test and i frustrate myself out studying I tend to trying to remember
everything and then I second guess myself during the test. plus me hanging around friends who
don't really care about their future or graduating also made it difficult to stay focused because i
wanted to fit in with my friends so i didn't study as much as i should have to better prepare for
what was to possibly be on the test. That led to me currently suffering for it because I really want
to go to college and make my family and the most important person I want to make proud is my
mom because if it weren't for us struggling and living in bad conditions and me seeing my mom
cry I probably wouldn't still be here or still in high school working as hard as I am to get to
where I want to be which is to be just like my mom and be a nurse and then I will am higher and
do my dream job which is to become an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB-GYN).

4. Describe a situation in which you came into contact with someone whose beliefs were
different than your own. What did you learn from this experience and were your beliefs altered
in any way?
Response: I met many people throughout my high school days who are my current friends who
have very different beliefs than i was brought up to honor. For instance, I am a Christian and
there are many different variation to Christians. I learned that Some practice fasting as a way to
cleanse their sins and repent to God. I would have never known that until I met a current fiend of
mine who is a pastors daughter and grew up in the strong church life of a christian. My beliefs
weren't altered in anyway because i'm just use to sticking to how i was brought up.

5. What fictional character would you choose as your college roommate and why?
Response: A fictional character that i would choose to be my roommate would be Caroline
Forbes from Vampire Diaries because she in the TV show is someone who is funny, clean, and
friendly, open minded, determined to be successful, and she is cool with everyone except those
who try and hurt her friends or ruin her life. Caroline is Smart and fairly easy to get along with.
she is also sassy which fits perfect for me because i'm sassy too.