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Question Booklet Series :

Question Booklet No. :
'u iqfLrdk J`a[kyk %& 'u iqfLrdk la[;k %& 390132

Time Allowed: 90 Minutes Total No. of Questions : 120

vuqer le; % 90 feuV PAPER I uksa dh dqy la[;k % 120
Roll No. : (PaperI) OMR Answer Sheet No. :
vuqekad % -------------------------------------------- isij&I vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk la[;k : ---------------------------
Name of the Candidate (in capital letters) :
vH;Fk dk uke % ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Candidate's Signature Invigilator's Signature

vH;Fk ds gLrk{kj % ------------------------------- d{k fujh{kd ds gLrk{kj % ---------------------------------


MT (General)/ MT (Depot)/ MT (Movement)/
A, B, C, D, General Aptitude consisting of Reasoning, Data
MT (Accounts)/ MT (Technical)/
MT (Civil Engineering)/ MT (Mechanical Analysis, Computer Awareness, General
E, F, G & H Engineering)/ MT (Electrical Engineering) Awareness, Management and Current Affairs.

IMPORTANT: Read the following instructions carefully. Do not mark answers on the question booklet,
otherwise you may be debarred from the selection process.
1. Before commencing to answer, check that the Question Booklet has 120 questions. Each Question Booklet will be in
different series (combination of question booklet number and series). You must write correct Question Booklet Number
and Question Booklet Series on your OMR Answer Sheet. Further check that there is no misprinting, overprinting
and/or any other shortcoming in it. If there is any shortcoming in the question booklet, intimate the same to your
room invigilator and take a fresh question booklet and a fresh OMR sheet. No complaint in this regard shall be
entertained at any later stage.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The OMR Answer Sheet will be evaluated with a combination of question booklet series and
question booklet number hence you must write correct question booklet series and question booklet number. Any mistake in
filling any of them will lead to invalidation of your OMR Answer Sheet. Also in case of non filling of question booklet series and
question booklet number the OMR Answer Sheet will not be evaluated and its sole responsibility lies on the candidate.
2. Question paper is bilingual (Hindi/English). In case of any variation in Hindi version, English version will be taken as final for
evaluation purposes.
3. Ensure that your admit card and OMR sheet is signed by you and the invigilator. If the same is not signed, your
candidature is liable to be rejected.
4. All Multiple Choice Questions carry 1 mark. There will be no negative marking. No Mark will be awarded or deducted for
not attempting a question. Darken ONLY ONE OVAL for each answer. If you darken more than one oval or any stray mark
is found on more than one oval, no mark will be awarded for that oval.
5. This is an objective type test in which each objective question is followed by four responses serialled (1) to (4). Your task is
to choose the correct/best response and mark your response in the OMR Answer Sheet only as per the instructions
given and NOT in the Question Booklet.
6. Use Blue/Black Ball Point Pen for all your work on the OMR Answer Sheet. The ovals on the OMR Answer Sheet are to
be completely filled by Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only. ANSWERS ONCE GIVEN CAN NOT BE CHANGED.
Cutting/overwriting the answers are not allowed.
7. Use of Calculators, Slide rules, Mobiles, calculator watches or any such devices and any other study/reference material is
NOT allowed inside the examination hall and prohibited If found carrying, it shall be punishable offence.
8. Rough Work is to be done in the blank space provided in the Question Booklet, not on the OMR Answer Sheet. No other
paper will be allowed/provided for rough work.
9. Handover OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator on completion of the test. Do not take OMR Answer Sheet outside the
examination room. Doing so is a punishable offence. The candidate can retain question paper after exam is over.
fgUnh esa vuqnsk vfUre i`B Back cover ij fn;k x;k gSA
DIRECTIONS: (Question Nos. 1 to 3) From among the five funsZ'k% 'u la[;k 1 ls 3 fuEufyf[kr ikp MkWDVj 1, 2, 3, 4, ,oa 5,
doctors 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, four engineers G, H, K, L and six pkj bathfu;j G, H, K, L ,oa N% f'k{kd M, N, O, P, Q ,oa R esa ls
teachers M, N, O, P, Q and R, some teams are to be selected. Vhe dk p;u fd;k tkuk gSA buesa ls 1, 2, G, H, O, P, Q efgyk,a gSa ,oa
Of these 1, 2, G, H, O, P, Q are females and the rest are males. ckdh iq:"kA Vhe dk fuekZ.k fuEufyf[kr 'krks ds v/khu gksuk gSA
The formation of teams is subject to the following conditions. tc Hkh dksbZ iq:"k MkWDVj gks rks efgyk f'k{kd ugha gksxhA tc Hkh dksbZ iq:"k
Wherever there is a male doctor, there will not be a female teacher. bathfu;j gks rks dksbZ efgyk MkWDVj ugha gksxhA fdlh Hkh Vhe esa nks ls T;knk
Wherever there is a male engineer, there will not be a female doctor. iq:"k f'k{kd ugha gksaxsA
There shall not be more than two male teachers in any team.
1. ;fn Vhe esa nks MkWDVj] nks efgyk f'k{kd ,oa nks bathfu;j gSa] rks
1. If the team consists of two doctors, two female fuEufyf[kr lHkh Vhe laHko gS flok;%
teachers and two engineers, then all the following
(1) 1, 2, K, L, P, Q
teams are possible except:
(2) 1, 2, G, H, P, Q
(1) 1, 2, K, L, P, Q (2) 1, 2, G, H, P, Q (3) 1, 2, G, H, O, Q
(3) 1, 2, G, H, O, Q (4) O, P, G, H, 1, 2 (4) O, P, G, H, 1, 2

2. If the team consists of two doctors, three female 2. ;fn Vhe esa nks MkWDVj] rhu efgyk f'k{kd ,oa nks bathfu;j gSa] rks
teachers and two engineers, then the members of the Vhe ds lnL; gksaxs%
team are:
(1) 3, 4, O, P, Q, G, H (2) 1, 2, O, P, Q, G, H
(1) 3, 4, O, P, Q, G, H (2) 1, 2, O, P, Q, G, H (3) 3, 4, K, L, O, P, Q (4) 4, 5, G, H, O, P, Q
(3) 3, 4, K, L, O, P, Q (4) 4, 5, G, H, O, P, Q

3. If the team consists of three doctors, two male 3. ;fn Vhe esa rhu MkWDVj] nks iq:"k bathfu;j ,oa nks f'k{kd gSa] rks Vhe
engineers and two teachers, then the members of the ds lnL; gksaxs%
team could be:
(1) 3, 4, 5, K, L, M, N (2) 1, 2, 3, K, L, M, R
(1) 3, 4, 5, K, L, M, N (2) 1, 2, 3, K, L, M, R (3) 3, 4, 5, K, L, P, R (4) 1, 2, H, M, R, P, Q
(3) 3, 4, 5, K, L, P, R (4) 1, 2, H, M, R, P, Q

4. Pro Kabaddi League 2015 title was won by: 4. ks dch yhx 2015 dk ind fdlds }kjk thrk x;k%
(1) Jaipur Pink Panther (2) Benguluru Bulls (1) t;iqj fiad iSUFkj (2) cSaxyw: cqYl
(3) U Mumba (4) Dabang Delhi (3) ;w eqEck (4) ncax fnYyh

5. STATEMENT: 5. dFku%
All boys are girls
lHkh yM+ds yM+fd;k gSA
No girl is a father dksbZ Hkh yM+dh firk ugha gS
I. All girls are boys II. No boy is a father I. lHkh yM+fd;k yM+ds gSa II. dksbZ Hkh yM+dk firk ugha gS
(1) Only I is true (2) Only II is true (1) dsoy I lR; gS (2) dsoy II lR; gS
(3) Only I and II are true (4) None of them is true (3) dsoy I ,oa II lR; gS (4) buesa ls dksbZ Hkh lR; ugha gS

6. STATEMENTS: 6. dFku%
Some rings are diamonds dqN vaxwBh ghjs gSa
All fruits are tasty lHkh Qy LokfnV gSa
Some tasty are diamonds dqN LokfnV ghjs gSa
All diamonds are almonds lHkh ghjs cknke gSa
I. Some almonds are fruits II. No ring is almond I. lHkh cknke Qy gSa II. dksbZ Hkh vaxwBh cknke ugha gS
(1) Only conclusion I follows (1) dsoy fudkZ I dk vuqlj.k gksrk gS
(2) Only conclusion II follows (2) dsoy fudkZ II dk vuqlj.k gksrk gS
(3) Both conclusion I and II follows (3) nksuksa fudkks I ,oa II dk vuqlj.k gksrk gS
(4) None follow (4) dksbZ Hkh fudkZ vuqlj.k ugha gksrk gS

7. Who among the following were well known for their 7. fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdls Hkkjr esa xjhch ij v/;;u ds fy;s HkyhHkkfr
study on poverty in India: tkuk tkrk gS%
(1) V.M. Dandekar (2) Neel Kanth (1) oh-,e- MkaMsdj (2) uhy daB
(3) Raghuram Rajan (4) Both (1) & (2) (3) j?kqjke jktu (4) nksuksa (1) ,oa (2)

MTFCX5 [ A1 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
DIRECTIONS: In the following question, a question is posed funsZk% fuEufyf[kr u esa ,d u ds ckn nks dFku I ,oa II fn, x, gSaA
followed by two statements, I & II. Select the choice as follows. vki vius fodYiksa dk p;u fuEu dkj djsaA
A If statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question A. ;fn dsoy dFku I ukskj ds fy, i;kZIr gS
B If statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question B. ;fn dsoy dFku II ukskj ds fy, i;kZIr gS
C If statements I & II are required to answer the question C. ;fn dFku I ,oa II nksuksa ukskj ds fy, vko;d gSa
D If statements I and II together are insufficient and D. ;fn dFku I ,oa II nksuksa ukskj ds fy, vi;kZIr gSa vkSj
more data is needed to answer the question ukskj ds fy, T;knk vkdM+ks dh t:jr gS
Question: u%
8. Will the power position become satisfactory within 3 8. fnYyh esa fo|qr forj.k futhdj.k gksus ds ifj.kker% D;k fctyh dh
years due to privatisation of distribution in Delhi: fLFkfr rhu okksZa esa larksktud gks tk,xh%
Statements: dFku%
I Distribution losses will be cut by 30% in the next three I forj.k {k; vkxkeh 3 lkyksa esa 30% ?kVsxh
years II fo|qr vko;drk 10% frokZ c<+ jgh gS
II Power requirements are growing by 10% each year
(1) A (2) B
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D (3) C (4) D

9. In the diagram given below, if the circle F represents 9. uhps fn, vkjs[k esa ;fn F o`Rr ifjokj ds lkFk jgus okyh efgykvksa
women living with families, W represents working dk izfrfuf/kRo djrk gS] W dkedkth efgykvksa dk izfrfuf/kRo djrk
women and S represents women who are studying, gS vkSj S v/;;ujr efgykvksa dk izfrfuf/kRo djrk gS rks Nk;kafdr
what does the shaded area represent? Hkkx fdldk izfrfuf/kRo djrk gS\

(1) Women who are studying and working (1) v/;;ujr vkSj dkedkth efgykvksa dk
(2) Women who are living independently and studying (2) Lora= :Ik ls jgus okyh vkSj v/;;ujr efgykvksa dk
(3) Women who are living with their families and studying (3) vius ifjokj ds lkFk jgus okyh vkSj v/;;ujr efgykvksa dk
(4) Women who are living with their families, studying and (4) vius ifjokj ds lkFk jgus okyh] v/;;ujr vkSj dkedkth
efgykvksa dk
10. One of the pioneering robots, that went missing into 10. Fke iFknkZd jkscksV tks fd ,d nkd iwoZ vUrfj{k esa [kks x;k Fkk]
space almost a decade ago, has been recently found vHkh gky gh esa yky xzg ds lrg ij ik;k x;kA bldk uke crk,a%
on the surface of red planet. Name it:
(1) Beagle 2 (2) Mars2 PropM. Rover
(1) Beagle 2 (2) Mars2 PropM. Rover (3) Mars Rover (4) Spirit (MERA)
(3) Mars Rover (4) Spirit (MERA)

11. Union Government appointed four brand Ambassaders 11. Hkkjr ljdkj us vHkh gky gh esa fMthVy bafM;k ksxzke ds fy;s pkj
for Digital India Programme recently. Who among czkWUM ,EcsLMj dh fu;qf fd;k gSA fuEufyf[kr esa dkSu ,d ys[kd
these is an author and ethical hacker: ,oa bFkhdy gSdj gS%
(1) Pranav Mistry (2) Satwat Jagwani (1) .ko feL=h (2) lror txokuh
(3) Krati Tiwari (4) Ankit Fadia (3) fr frokjh (4) vafdr QkfM;k

12. A mountain which was recently renamed Denali is in 12. ,d ioZr] ftldk vHkh gky gh esa iqu% ukedj.k ^nsukyh* fd;k x;k]
which country: fdl nsk esa gS%
(1) USA (2) Russia (3) China (4) Australia (1) ;w-,l-,- (2) :l (3) phu (4) vkWLVsfy;k

13. A $ B means A is father of B, 13. A $ B dk vFkZ gS A firk gS ^B* dk]

A # B means A is sister of B, A # B dk vFkZ gS A cgu gS ^B* dh]
A B means A is daughter of B and A B dk vFkZ gS A csVh gS ^B* dh vkSj
A @ B means A is brother of B. A @ B dk vFkZ gS A HkkbZ gS ^B* dk
Then which of the following expressions indicates the rks fuEufyf[kr esa ls dkSu&lh vfHkO;f ^R iRuh gS K dh]* dks
relationship R is wife of K nkkZrk gS\
(1) K @ P $ T R (2) K $ P @ T R (1) K @ P $ T R (2) K $ P @ T R
(3) K $ P T @ R (4) K $ P # T @ R (3) K $ P T @ R (4) K $ P # T @ R

MTFCX5 [ A2 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
14. It will require a great deal of courage on part of 14. fnYyh esa dkuwu fuekZrkvks ds fy, kL= j[kus ds fy, ykbZlsal ysuk
lawmakers in Delhi to introduce and pass laws for ,oa iathdj.k djokus ds fy, dkuwu Lrkfor ,oa ikfjr djus ds fy,
licensing and registration of arms possession. Many vnE; lkgl dh vko;drk gSA dqN yksx ekurs gSa fd kL=ksa dk
feel private ownership of arms is the main cause of futh ;ksx nsk dh lkekftd cqjkbZvksa dk eq[; dkj.k gSA fnYyh fLFkr
sociological ills of the country. The arms lobby in kL= ykWch bls vius O;fxr Lora=rk ij geyk ekusaxhA kL=ks ds
Delhi would describe it as an invasion on personal l[r iathdj.k ds fo:) lokZf/kd JsB rdZ okys fodYi dks pqusa%
liberty. Select the best argument against strict
(1) bls ykxw djuk nqdj gksxk
registration of arms:
(2) blls lafo/kku esa fn, x;s vf/kdkjksa dk guu gksxk
(1) It would be difficult to enforce (3) T;knkrj gR;k ,oa tqeZ uhth kL=ksa ls fd, tkrs gSa
(2) It would be violation of rights in the constitution (4) dqN gR;k fcuk kL=ksa ds ;ksx ls fd, tkrs gSa
(3) Most murders/crimes are committed by the privately
owned arms
(4) Some murders are committed without the use of arms

15. In a 20 pages book, pages 1 and 2 face each other, 3 15. ,d 20 i`B okyh fdrkc esa] i`B 1 ,oa 2, 3 ,oa 4, 5 ,oa 6 ,d
and 4 face each other, 5 and 6 face each other. This nwljs ds lEeq[k gSaA ;g f;k vUr rd nqgjkbZ tkrh gSA lEeq[k okys
pattern is repeated till the end. The product of 2 pages nks i`Bksa dk xq.kuQy ugha gks ldrk%
facing each other in this book cannot be:
(1) 184 (2) 132
(1) 184 (2) 132 (3) 90 (4) 56 (3) 90 (4) 56

16. There are 50 employees in the office of ABC company. 16. ABC dEiuh esa 50 deZpkjh gSaA buesa ls 22 us ys[kkadu dk dkslZ
Of these 22 have taken an accounting course, 15 have fd;k gS] 15 us fok dk dkslZ fd;k gS ,oa 4 us foi.ku dk dkslZ
taken a course in finance, and 4 have taken a fd;k gSA fdlh Hkh deZpkjh us Bhd nks dkslZ ugha fd;k gS ,oa ,d
marketing course, None of the employees have taken deZpkjh us lHkh dkslZ fd;s gq, gSaA 50 deZpkfj;ksa esa ls fdrus
exactly two of the courses, and one employee has deZpkfj;ksa us dksbZ dkslZ ugha fd;k%
taken all of these courses. How many of the 50
(1) 9 (2) 11
employees have taken none of the course?
(3) 12 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(1) 9 (2) 11
(3) 12 (4) None of these

17. In a certain code STREAMLINE is written as 17. fdlh fufpr dksM esa STREAMLINE dks BFSUTDMHKL fy[kk
BFSUTDMHKL. How is SCIENTIFIC written in that code? tkrk gSA mlh dksM esa SCIENTIFIC dks dSls fy[kk tk;sxk%

18. In a group of 36 persons, a total of 16 take cold drink 18. 36 O;f;ksa ds lewg esa] 16 yksx dksYM fMad ysrs gSa tc fd 9 yksx
while 9 take only cold drink not green coconut drink. dsoy dksYM fMad ysrs gSa] ukfj;y ikuh ughaA bl lewg esa fdrus
How many persons in this group take only green O;f ,sls gSa tks dsoy ukfj;y ikuh ysrs gSa] dksYM fMad ugha R;sd
coconut drink but not cold drink. (Every person take O;f fMad ysrk gS pkgs og dksYM fMad gks ;k ukfj;y ikuh ;k nksuksa%
drink either cold drink or green coconut or both):
(1) 27 (2) 25
(1) 27 (2) 25 (3) 20 (4) 22
(3) 20 (4) 22

19. Which of the following circuit is used as a 'Memory 19. dEI;wVjksa esa ^eseksjh fMokbl* ds :i esa fuEu esa ls dkSuls ifjiFk dk
device' in computers? iz;ksx fd;k tkrk gS\
(1) Rectifier (2) Flip-Flop (1) fnVdkjh (2) fyi&yki
(3) Comparator (4) Attenuator (3) rqyukdkjh (4) ruwdkjh

India successfully launched its 1 dedicated satellite 20. Hkkjr us gky gh esa viuk igyk iw.kZ :i ls lefiZr [kxksyh;
for astronomy ASTROSAT recently. This success ^ASTROSAT* lQyrk iwoZd NksM+k gSA bl lQyrk us Hkkjr dks
made India a member of elite group of nations having mu loksZRV jkVksa ds leqnk; dk lnL; cuk;k ftudh viuh
their own space observatory. The elite group does not os/kkkyk varfj{k esa gSA fuEufyf[kr nsk bu loksRV jkVksa ds
consist of the following nation: leqnk; esa kkfey ugha gS%
(1) USA (2) China (1) ;w-,l-,- (2) phu
(3) Japan (4) Russia (3) tkiku (4) :l

MTFCX5 [ A3 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
21. In Microsoft Excel a Worksheet has 65536 rows and: 21. ekbZkslkWV ,Dlsy odZ'khV esa 65536 drkjsa ,oa%
(1) 200 columns (2) 256 columns (1) 200 dkWyEl gksrh gSa (2) 256 dkWyEl gksrh gSa
(3) 65536 columns (4) 192 columns (3) 65536 dkWyEl gksrh gSa (4) 192 dkWyEl gksrh gSa

22. Identify the wrong match. 22. fuEufyf[kr esa ls xyr tksM+s dks igpkusaA
(1) Vishwanath Tripathi Vyomkesh Darvesh (1) fooukFk f=ikBh & O;ksedsk nosZk
(2) Narendra Kohli Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati (2) ujsU dksgyh & u Hkrks u Hkfo;fr
(3) Dr. Kamal Kishore Goenka Prem Chand Ki (3) MkW- dey fdkksj xks;sudk & se pUn dh dgkfu;ksa dk dky
Kahaniyon Ka Kaal Kramanussar Adhyayan ekuqlkj v/;;u
(4) Ram Vilas Sharma Aam K Patte (4) jke foykl kekZ & vke ds iRrs

23. The theme of International day of peace for the year 23. okZ 2015 ds vUrZjkVh; kkfUr fnol dk Fkhe gS%
2015 is: (1) ,lksfk,lu QkWj ihl & ihl QkWj vkWy
(1) Association for Peace Peace for all (2) ihl buhfl,fVo & klifjVh QkWj vkWy
(2) Peace Initiatives Prosperity for all (3) ikVZujfki QkWj ihl & fMfXuVh QkWj vkWy
(3) Partnership for Peace Dignity for all (4) ihlQqy fjtksY;wkUl & lkY;wku QkWj vkWy
(4) Peaceful Resolutions Solutions for all

24. Who will host 2022 Asian games? 24. 2022 ,fk;kbZ [ksyksa dh estckuh dkSu djsxk\
(1) Beijing (2) Jakarta (1) chftax (2) tdkrkZ
(3) Guangzhou (4) Hangzhou (3) Xokax>km (4) gSax>km

25. To save water and protect environment hybrid vacuum 25. ty ,oa okrkoj.k ds laj{k.k gsrq Hkkjrh; jsyos us vHkh gky gh esa
toilets was installed recently by Indian Railways on gkbZfczM oSDd;we lk/ku kkSpky; dk Vk;y fdl Vsu esa fd;k%
trial basis in: (1) fnYyh & eqEcbZ jkt/kkuh Vsu
(1) Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani Train (2) fnYyh & dksydkrk jkt/kkuh Vsu
(2) Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani Train (3) fnYyh & fMczwx<+ jkt/kkuh Vsu
(3) Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Train (4) fnYyh & pSbZ jkt/kkuh Vsu
(4) Delhi Chennai Rajdhani Train

26. 8th edition global innovation index 2015 was released 26. vkBok laLdj.k Xykscy buksosku lwpdkad 2015 vHkh gky gh esa
recently. Indias rank in GII 2015: tkjh fd;k x;kA GII 2015 esa Hkkjr dk LFkku gS%
(1) 76 (2) 81 (1) 76 (2) 81
(3) 82 (4) 86 (3) 82 (4) 86

27. An organisation that has developed capacity to adapt 27. ftl laxBu us vuqdwyu vkSj cnyko dh {kerk fodflr dj yh gS]
and change is described as: mls fuEu :i esa of.kZr fd;k tkrk gS%
(1) Virtual organisation (1) okLrfod laxBu
(2) Learning organisation (2) lh[k jgk laxBu
(3) Changing organisation (3) ifjor laxBu
(4) Developing organisation (4) fodklkhy laxBu

28. The phenomenon of temporarily closing down the 28. mie dks vLFkk;h :i ls cUn djds dkexkjksa dks fu;ksk dh ekaxs
undertaking forcing workers to accept the demands of iwjh djus ds fy, fook djus dh ?kVuk dks dgrs gSa%
employer is:
(1) vLFkk;h NaVuh (2) NaVuh
(1) Lay-off (2) Retrenchment
(3) rkykcUnh (4) lekiu
(3) Lock out (4) Termination

29. The theory which explains affiliation in Group 29. lewg fuekZ.k vkSj xfrkhyrk MkbuSfeDl esa lEc)rk dks LiV djus
formation and dynamics is called: okyk fl)kUr gS%
(1) Proximity theory (2) Balance theory (1) lkehI; fl)kUr (2) lUrqyu fl)kUr
(3) Exchange theory (4) Propinquity theory (3) fofue; fl)kUr (4) lkn`; fl)kUr

30. Who is the father of Quality Circles? 30. xq.kokk pksa dk tud dkSu gS%
(1) Lewin (2) Robert Owen Ishikawa (1) ysfou (2) jkcVZ vksou bkhdkok
(3) Udpa (4) None of above (3) mMik (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
MTFCX5 [ A4 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 31 to 35) The following questions are based on graphic information for company A and company B.
Figures of gross sales, gross profit and net profit have been provided in crore rupees. The gross profit is arrived after deducting all
direct expenses (treat variable where ever required) related to production/sales units and net profit is arrived after deducting all
indirect expenses (treat fixed where ever required) which are not directly related to production/sales units.
funsZk% u la[;k 31 ls 35 fuEufyf[kr u dEiuh A ,oa dEiuh B ds fy;s xzkfQd lwpukvksa ij vk/kkfjr gSA ldy fch] ldy ykHk ,oa kq) ykHk
ds vkdM+s djksM+ #i;ksa esa fn;s x, gSaA ldy ykHk mRiknu@fch bdkbZ;ksa ls lEcfU/kr lHkh R;{k [kpks ifjor ekus tgk vko;drk gks dks ?kVkus ds ckn
fudkys x, gSa ,oa kq) ykHk lHkh vR;{k [kpks LFkk;h ekus tgk vko;drk gks] tks fd mRiknu@fch bdkbZ;ksa ls R;{kr% lEcfU/kr ugha gS] dks ?kVkus ds
ckn fudkyk x;k gSA

Company A (Rs. in crore) Company B (Rs. in crore)

31. If direct expenses are the criteria to judge inflationary 31. ;fn R;{k [kpsZ fLQfr nkkvksa dk fu.kZ; djus ds fy;s ,d dlkSVh gS]
conditions, which year should be under the grip of rks ikp okks ds nkSjku nksuksa dEifu;ksa ds vkdM+ks dk foysk.k djus ds
highest inflation after analysis of the data of both ipkr~ dkSu&lk okZ loksZPp fLQfr dh idM+ esa gS%
companies during five year:
(1) 2011 (2) 2013
(1) 2011 (2) 2013 (3) 2014 (4) 2015 (3) 2014 (4) 2015

32. After analysing the data of both companies during five 32. ikp okks ds nkSjku nksuksa dEifu;ksa ds vkdM+ks dk foysk.k djus ds
years the highest, indirect expenses to gross sales ipkr~ loksZPp] vR;{k [kpsZ ls ldy fch vuqikr] fdlds }kjk
ratio has been achieved by: kIr fd;k x;k gS%
(1) Company A, in 2014 (2) Company B, in 2012 (1) 2014 esa] dEiuh A }kjk (2) 2012 esa] dEiuh B }kjk
(3) Company B, in 2015 (4) Company A, in 2011 (3) 2015 esa] dEiuh B }kjk (4) 2011 esa] dEiuh A }kjk

33. After analysing data of both companies during five 33. ikp okks ds nkSjku nksuksa dEifu;ksa ds vkdM+ks dk foysk.k djus ds
years the highest, net profit to gross sales ratio has ipkr~ loksZPp] kq) ykHk ls ldy fch vuqikr] kIr fd;k x;k gS%
been achieved by: (1) 2011 esa] dEiuh A }kjk (2) 2013 esa] dEiuh B }kjk
(1) Company A, in 2011 (2) Company B, in 2013 (3) 2012 esa] dEiuh A }kjk (4) 2011 esa] dEiuh B }kjk
(3) Company A, in 2012 (4) Company B, in 2011

34. After analysing data of both companies during five 34. ikp okks ds nkSjku nksuksa dEifu;ksa ds vkdM+ks dk foysk.k djus ds
years the highest, gross operating margin percentage ipkr~ loksZPp] ldy pkyu ekftZu frkr kIr fd;k x;k gS%
has been achieved by: (1) 2011 esa] dEiuh B }kjk (2) 2012 esa] dEiuh B }kjk
(1) Comapny B, in 2011 (2) Company B, in 2012 (3) 2012 esa] dEiuh A }kjk (4) 2014 esa] dEiuh A }kjk
(3) Company A, in 2012 (4) Company A, in 2014

35. In which two years break even point sales of both the 35. dkSu&ls nks okks esa nksuksa dEifu;ksa dk fch lerk fcUnq break
companies will be same: even point ,d cjkcj gksxk%
(1) 2011, 2013 (2) 2012, 2013 (1) 2011, 2013 (2) 2012, 2013
(3) 2013, 2014 (4) None of these (3) 2013, 2014 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

36. If interest payments are subtracted from gross fiscal 36. ;fn ldy jktLo ?kkVs ls C;kt dk Hkqxrku ?kVk;k tkrk gS rks kskQy
deficit, the remainder will be: gksxk%
(1) Revenue deficit (2) Gross primary deficit (1) vk; ?kkVk (2) ldy /kku ?kkVk
(3) Capital deficit (4) Budgetary deficit (3) iwth ?kkVk (4) ctV ?kkVk

MTFCX5 [ A5 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
37. Which of the following are included in the original 37. loksZPp&U;k;ky; ds ekSfyd vf/kdkj {ks= ds vUrZxr fuEufyf[kr esa
jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? ls dkSu&lk lfEefyr fd;k tkrk gS\
1. A dispute between the Government of India and one 1. Hkkjr ljdkj ,oa ,d ;k T;knk jkT;ksa ds e/; ,d fookn
or more states. 2. laln ds fdlh Hkh lnu ;k jkT;ksa ds fo/kku&lHkk ds pquko ls
2. A dispute regarding elections to either house of the lEcfU/kr ,d fookn
parliament or that of legislative of a state. 3. Hkkjr ljdkj ,oa la?kkkflr {ks= ds e/; ,d fookn
3. A dispute between the Government of India and a 4. nks ;k vf/kd jkT;ksa ds e/; ,d fookn
union territory. dksMks dk ;ksx djrs gq, lgh mkj pqusaA
4. A dispute between two or more states.
(1) 1 ,oa 2
Select the correct answers using the codes.
(2) 2 ,oa 3
(1) 1 and 2 (2) 2 and 3 (3) 1 ,oa 4
(3) 1 and 4 (4) 3 and 4 (4) 3 ,oa 4

38. Enzymes are organic compounds of protein category 38. ,UtkbZEl ksVhu dk ,d vkxsZfud dEikmUM gS tks%
which: (1) thou f;k esa ,d mRsjd ds :i esa dk;Z djrk gS
(1) Acts as catalysts in life process (2) j esa vkWDlhtu dh vkiwfrZ ds ra= esa lgk;rk djrk gS
(2) Help in the mechanism of supply of oxygen in blood (3) kjhj esa Xywdkst ds ;ksx ds <ax ,oa nj dks fofu;fer djus esa
(3) Help to regulate the manner and rate of use of glucose lgk;rk djrk gS
in body (4) vkuqokafkdh j[kj[kko esa lgk;rk djrk gS
(4) Help in heredity maintenance

39. The name of a candidate for the office of President of 39. Hkkjr ds jkVifr in ds fy;s vH;Fk dk uke Lrkfor fd;k tkrk
India is proposed by: gS%
(1) Any five Citizens of India (1) Hkkjr ds fdlh ikp ukxfjd }kjk
(2) Any five Members of the Parliament (2) laln ds fdlh ikp lnL; }kjk
(3) Any fifty Members of the Electoral College (3) bysDVksjy dkWfyt ds fdUgha ipkl lnL;ksa }kjk
(4) Any ten Members of the Electoral College (4) bysDVksjy dkWfyt ds fdUgha nl lnL;ksa }kjk

40. The principle that a subordinate should receive order 40. ;g fl)kar fd v/khuLFk dks vknsk izkIr djuk pkfg, vkSj dsoy ,d
and be responsible to only one boss is known as: vf/kdkjh ds izfr tokcnsg gksuk pkfg,] dgykrk gS%
(1) Unity of command (2) Unity of direction (1) deku dh ,drk (2) funsZku dh ,drk
(3) Span of control (4) Span of direction (3) fu;a=.k dh foLr`fr (4) funsZku dh foLr`fr

41. The term gang boss is used in: 41. Vksyh ljnkj gang boss kCn dk iz;ksx fuEu esa fd;k tkrk gS%
(1) Line organization (2) Staff organization (1) ykbu laxBu (2) LVkQ laxBu
(3) Line and staff organization (4) All of these (3) ykbu vkSj LVkQ laxBu (4) ;s lHkh

42. Delphi technique is associated with: 42. MsYQh rduhd fuEu ls lacaf/kr gS%
(1) Decision Making (2) Planning (1) fu.kZ; ysuk (2) fu;kstu
(3) Staffing (4) Directing (3) deZpkjh vfHkfoU;kl (4) funsZfkr djuk

43. One megabyte is: 43. ,d esxkckbZV gS%

(1) 1048576 Bytes (2) 1068576 Bytes (1) 1048576 ckbZV~l (2) 1068576 ckbZV~l
(3) 1058576 Bytes (4) None of these (3) 1058576 ckbZV~l (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

44. The most frequently used instructions of a computer 44. dEI;wVj ksxzke }kjk lokZf/kd ckj ;q gksus okys funsZk vf/kdkj
program are likely to be fetched from the: fuEufyf[kr ls kIr gksrs gSa%
(1) Hard disk (2) Cache Memory (1) gkMZ fMLd (2) dSk eseksjh
(3) RAM (4) None of these (3) RAM (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

45. Which of the following commands is given to lock the 45. foUMkst esa dEI;wVj ykWd djus ds fy;s fn;k x;k dekUM gS%
computer in windows? (1) Ctrl + Alt + Del (2) Ctrl + Shift + Tab
(1) Ctrl + Alt + Del (2) Ctrl + Shift + Tab (3) Ctrl + Shift + Del (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) Ctrl + Shift + Del (4) None of these

MTFCX5 [ A6 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
46. In a laboratory study, 100 rabbits in an experimental 46. ;ksxkkyk v/;;u esa 100 [kjkxkska ds ,d ijh{k.k leqnk; dks
group were injected with serum D and 100 rabbits in lhje ^Mh* dh lwbZ yxkbZ xbZ vkSj fu;a=.k leqnk; okys 100 [kjxkskksa
control group were injected with harmless sugar ij gkfujfgr phuh ?kksy dh lwbZ yxkbZ xbZA ,d lIrkg ds vUnj
solution. In one week 50% of experimental group ijh{k.k leqnk; ds 50% [kjxkskksa dks taxy Toj uked laked jksx
contracted jungle fever a very contagious disease. gks x;k vFkkZr~ taxy Toj mlh rRo ls gksrk gS tks lhje ^Mh* esa ik;k
Therefore jungle fever must be caused by a substance tkrk gSA bl rdZ dks lk cukrk gS ;fn%
similar to substances in Serum D. This argument
(1) [kjxkskksa esa taxy Toj dh lkekU; nj 1% ls de gS
would be strengthened if:
(2) fu;a=.k leqnk; okys 50% [kjxkskksa esa Hkh mlh le; taxy Toj
(1) Normal rate of jungle fever in rabbits is less than 1% uked jksx ik;k x;k Fkk
(2) 50% of control group rabbits had also contracted (3) lhje ^Mh* ds rRoksa dks ,d tgjhys taxyh Qwy ls fudkyk tkrk
jungle fever in the same time gS
(3) The Serum D has substances extracted from a (4) Toj ihfM+rksa ds j uewus esa mPp Lrj ds fokSys rRo ik, x,
poisonous jungle flower tks lhje ^Mh* esa Hkh ekStwn Fks
(4) The blood samples of fever victims invariably contains
a high level of toxic substances also found in Serum D

47. What is the chronological (first published first and so 47. fuEufyf[kr iqLrdksa dks dkye igys dkfkr igys ,oa blh rjg
on) correct sequence of the following books? mlds ckn ds vuqlkj lgh vuqe esa yxk,a\
1. Richard Attenborough In search of Gandhi 1. fjpMZ ,Vucjks & bu lpZ vkWQ xk/kh
2. Louis Fischer The life of Mahatama Gandhi 2. yqbl fQkj & n ykbZQ vkWQ egkRek xk/kh
3. E.H. Erikson Gandhis truth 3. bZ-,p- ,fjDlu & xk/kht&VwFk
4. J. Eaton Gandhi, Fighter without a sword 4. ts- bZVu & xk/kh] QkbZVj fonkmV , lksMZ
Select the correct answers from the codes given below. uhps fn;s x, dksMks ls lgh mkj pqusaA
(1) 4, 2, 3, 1 (2) 4, 3, 1, 2 (1) 4, 2, 3, 1 (2) 4, 3, 1, 2
(3) 2, 4, 3, 1 (4) 1, 2, 4, 3 (3) 2, 4, 3, 1 (4) 1, 2, 4, 3

48. Who in census of India applied the ternary diagram 48. Hkkjr ds tux.kuk esa Hkkjr ds dLcksa ds dk;kZRed oxdj.k gsrq
for the functional classification of towns of India: =;kRed vkjs[k fdlus ;q fd;k%
(1) P. Padamanabha (2) A.R. Nanda (1) ih- inekukHkk (2) ,-vkj- uUnk
(3) Ashok Mitra (4) Chandra Shekhar (3) vkksd fe=k (4) pU ks[kj

49. Which Gharana of classical singing did late Pandit 49. Lox; iafMr Hkhelsu tkskh kkL=h; xk;u ds fdl ?kjkus ls lEcfU/kr
Bhimsen Joshi belong to? gSa\
(1) Dhrupad (2) Maihar (1) /kzqin (2) eSgj
(3) Kirana (4) Etawah (3) fdjkuk (4) bVkok

50. Dr. Norman Borlaug is famous as father of the green 50. 1960 esa gfjr kfUr ds tud ds :i esa MkW- ukWjeu ckWjykx fl)
revolution in 1960s. His initial goal was to create gSaA mudk kjfEHkd ms; xsgw ds mu tkfr;ksa dks iSnk djuk Fkk tks
varities of wheat adapted to the climate of: fuEu ds okrkoj.k ds vuqdwy Fkk%
(1) India (2) Mexico (1) Hkkjr (2) eSfDldks
(3) USA (4) China (3) ;w-,l-,- (4) phu

51. Which of the following in not a Simulation Technique 51. fuEu esa ls dkSu fodkl dk vuqdj.k rduhd ugha gS\
of development? (1) bu&ckLdsV (2) ekeyk v/;;u
(1) In-basket (2) Case Study (3) laos|rk izfk{k.k (4) izca/ku [ksy
(3) Sensitivity Training (4) Management Games

52. Indian Standard Meridian passes through the states of: 52. ^bafM;u LVS.MMZ esfjfM;u* fdu jkT;ksa ls gksdj xqtjrk gS%
(1) Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh, (1) mkj&nsk] e/;&nsk] Nkhlx<+] vksfMkk ,oa vkU/kz nsk
Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh (2) mkj&nsk] fcgkj] >kj[k.M] vksfMkk ,oa ifpe&caxky
(2) Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West
(3) mkj&nsk] jktLFkku] egkjkV] xqtjkr ,oa e/;&nsk
(3) Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and (4) rfeyukMw] dukZVd] vkU/kz&nsk] vksfMkk ,oa ifpe&caxky
Madhya Pradesh
(4) Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and
West Bengal

MTFCX5 [ A7 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
53. Pick the choice diagram that best represents the 53. ml js[kkfp= dks pqus tks fuEufyf[kr lEcU/k dks mfpr :i esa nkkZrk gS%
following relationship: bulSV 1B] mixzg] bulSV 1C] ,;jkV] esVlSV
Insat 1B, Satellites, Insat 1C, Aircraft, Metsat.

A. B.
A. B.

C. D.
C. D.
(1) A (2) B
(1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D
(3) C (4) D

54. The control function of management can not be 54. cU/ku dk fu;a=.k dk;Z fuEu ds fcuk ugha fd;k tk ldrk%
performed without: (1) fu;kstu (2) laxBu
(1) Planning (2) Organizing (3) LVkfQax (4) funsZku
(3) Staffing (4) Directing

55. To retain the chief/senior executives in an organization 55. laxBu esa eq[;@ofj"B 'kkld dks jksds j[kus ds fy, mfpr
which one is an appropriate strategy: O;wgjpuk D;k gS%
(1) Silver parachute (2) Golden parachute (1) jtr iSjk'kwV (2) Lo.kZ iSjk'kwV
(3) Bronze parachute (4) None of these (3) rkez iSjk'kwV (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

56. The grant of Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orrisa is 56. caxky fcgkj ,ao mM+hlk dh nhokuh dk xzkUV lEcfU/kr gS%
associated with: (1) kkg vkye II (2) cgknqj kkg
(1) Shah Alam II (2) Bahadur Shah (3) uokc vkflQ&mn&nkSyk (4) uokc kqtk&mn&nkSyk
(3) Nawab Asif-ud-Daula (4) Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula

57. The difference in the duration of day and night 57. fnu vkSj jkr ds le; esa vUrj c<+rk gS ;fn dksbZ pyrk gS
increases as one move from: (1) ifpe ls iwjc dh vksj
(1) West to East (2) kbZe esfjfM;u ds iwjc ,oa ifpe
(2) East & West of Prime meridian (3) /kzwo ls Hkwe/; js[kk dh vksj
(3) Poles to equator (4) Hkwe/; js[kk ls /kzwo dh vksj
(4) Equator to poles

58. The most learned ruler of the Delhi sultanate who was 58. fnYyh lYrur dk lokZf/kd fo}ku kkld tks fk{kk dh fofHkUu
well versed in various branches of learning including kk[kkvksa ftlesa [kxksy&kkL= ,oa nkZu&kkL= kkfey Fks] ls
Astronomy Mathematics and Philosphy was: HkyhHkkfr ifjfpr Fkk%
(1) Iltutmish (2) Alauddin Khalji (1) bYrqrfek (2) vykmhu f[kyth
(3) Sikandar Lodhi (4) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq (3) fldUnj yks/kh (4) ekSgEen fcu rqxyd

59. Identify the spell check command in MS Word? 59. ,e-,l- oMZ esa ^spell check* dekUM dks igpkusa%
(1) F5 (2) F7 (1) F5 (2) F7
(3) F8 (4) F9 (3) F8 (4) F9

60. Where the chairman or speaker of the house has 60. tgk ij lnu ds v/;{k vFkok lHkkifr ny&cny ds dkj.k v;ksX;rk
become subject to disqualification on ground of ds v/khu gS] ,oa tgk ij ,slk u mRiUu gqvk gS] rks ,sls u dks
defection and where such question has arisen, the lanfHkZr fd;k tk;sxk%
question shall be referred: (1) Hkkjr ds jkVifr }kjk fu.kZ; ysus ds fy;s ,oa mudk fu.kZ;
(1) For the decision of President of India and his decision vafre gksxk
shall be final. (2) lnu ds ml lnL; ds fu.kZ; dks ftls bl gsrq p;u fd;k x;k
(2) For the decision of such member of the house as the house gS ,oa mldk fu.kZ; vafre gksxk
may elect in this behalf and his decision shall be final (3) lnu ds usrk ds fu.kZ; gsrq ,oa mudk fu.kZ; vafre gksxk
(3) For the decision of leader of house and his decision (4) lnu ds usrk foi{k ds fu.kZ; gsrq ,oa mudk fu.kZ; vafre gksxk
shall be final
(4) For the decision of the leader of opposition and his
decision shall be final

MTFCX5 [ A8 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 61 to 65) Answer these questions on the basis of the information available in the graph below
providing GDP and the percentage of GDP for education in the given years.

funsZk% u la[;k 61 ls 65 uhps fn;s x, xzkQ esa miyC/k lwpukvksa ds vk/kkj ij u dk mkj nsaA fn;s x, okks esa xzkQ GDP ,oa fk{kk gsrq GDP
dk frkr nkkZrk gSA

GDP in Rs. Thousand Crore GDP gtkj djksM+ esa Percentage of GDP for Education fk{kk ij GDP dk frkr
61. In how many years has actual educational spending 61. xrokZ dh rqyuk esa fdrus okks esa okLrfod fk{kk [kpZ ?kVk gS%
reduced as compared to that of the previous year? (1) 0 (2) 1
(1) 0 (2) 1 (3) 2 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) 2 (4) None of these

62. Between the given years, both inclusive, what 62. fn;s x, okks ds e/;] nksuksa lfEefyr] nsk dh dqy GDP dk fdruk
percentage of the countrys total GDP has gone into frkr fk{kk ij [kpZ gqvk gS%
(1) 4.3% (2) 3.6%
(1) 4.3% (2) 3.6% (3) 5.4% (4) 4.9%
(3) 5.4% (4) 4.9%

63. The total amount given to education would be how 63. fk{kk ij nh dqy jde j{kk ij nh xbZ dqy jde dh fdruh xquh
many times the total amount given to defence, if every gksxh] ;fn R;sd okZ j{kk ij GDP dk 2% fn;k tkrk gS lEiw.kZ
year 2% of GDP is given to defence (for the entire dky ds fy;s\
(1) 2.15 times (2) 1.55 times
(1) 2.15 times (2) 1.55 times (3) 1.35 times (4) 1.80 times
(3) 1.35 times (4) 1.80 times

64. If due to an HR ministry report it is obligatory for the 64. ;fn ekuo laLkk/ku ea=ky; ds fjiksVZ ds dkj.k ljdkj ds fy;s fk{kk
government to allocate at least Rs. 3200 Crore for ij 2013 esa de ls de #i, 3200 djksM+ vkoafVr djuk gS] ckrsZ
education in 2013, provided educational spending, as fd fk{kk [kpZ GDP ds 6.5% ls T;knk u gks rks okZ 2013 ds fy;s
a percentage of GDP does not exceed 6.5% then what de ls de GDP dh fdruh jde okafPNr gksxh\ #i, esa djksM+
is the least desirable GDP for the year 2013? (in Rs. 000
000 Crore)
(1) 51.52 (2) 48.24
(1) 51.52 (2) 48.24 (3) 49.23 (4) 42.72
(3) 49.23 (4) 42.72

65. In which year was the spending on education the lowest? 65. fdl okZ esa fk{kk ij [kpZ lcls de jgk\
(1) 2010 (2) 2009 (1) 2010 (2) 2009
(3) 2008 (4) 2007 (3) 2008 (4) 2007

66. Proposal to prefer charge for impeachment of president 66. Hkkjr ds jkVifr ij jktvfHk;ksx yxkus ds fy;s vfHk;ksx Lrko
of India contained in a resolution in writing is to be ykus ds fy;s ,sls Lrko dk bjknk nsus okys lnu ds lnL;ksa ls Lrko
signed by not less than ____ total number of members of fyf[kr esa gLrk{kfjr gksuk pkfg, tks lnu ds dqy lnL;ksa dh la[;k
the house giving their intention to move such resolution: ds ----- ls de u gks%
(1) 2/3 (2) 1/4 (1) 2/3 (2) 1/4
(3) 3/4 (4) 1/2 (3) 3/4 (4) 1/2

MTFCX5 [ A9 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]
67. A victim of a road accident is unconscious. Put in 67. lM+d nq?kZVuk ihfM+r ,d O;f vpsrk voLFkk esa gSA Fke mipkj esa
correct order the steps in first aid: fy;s x, lgh eksa dks crk,a%
I. Treating for cardiac arrest I. n; xfr :dus dk mipkj
II. Treating for asphyxia II. olu ra= dk mipkj
III. Arrest Hemorrhage (bleeding) III. j lzko dks jksduk
IV. Cleanse and cover wounds IV. ?kko dks lkQ djuk o <dus dk mipkj
(1) II, I, III, IV (2) I, II, III, IV (1) II, I, III, IV (2) I, II, III, IV
(3) III, II, I, IV (4) IV, III, II, I (3) III, II, I, IV (4) IV, III, II, I

68. Which command will be used to carry out superscript 68. ,e-,l- oMZ esa kCn@v{kj dks ^superscript* djus ds fy;s
of words/letters in MS Word? dkSu&lk dekUM ;q djsaxs\
(1) ctrl+shift+minus (2) ctrl+shift+plus (1) ctrl+shift+minus (2) ctrl+shift+plus
(3) ctrl+shift+p (4) None of these (3) ctrl+shift+p (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

69. Which command will be used to carry out subscript 69. ,e-,l- oMZ esa kCn@v{kj dks ^Subcript* djus ds fy;s dkSu&lk
of words/letters in MS Word? dekUM ;q djsaxs\
(1) ctrl+plus (2) ctrl+shif+minus (1) ctrl+plus (2) ctrl+shif+minus
(3) ctrl+shif+p (4) None of these (3) ctrl+shif+p (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

70. Annual payment to certain Devaswom funds as 70. Hkkjrh; lafo/kku ds vUnj of.kZr vuqPNsn 290A esa fufpr nsokLoke
enumerated under Article 290A of the constitution of India uhf/k dk okfkZd Hkqxrku jkT; ds dUlkyhMsVsM QaM ij pktZ ,oa
shall be charged on and paid out of the consolidated fund Hkqxrku fd;k tk;sxkA lafo/kku dk ;g vuqPNsn fdu jkT;ksa dks lanfHkZr
of states. This Article refers which states: djrk gS%
(1) State of Kerala, State of Tamilnadu (1) dsjy jkT;] rfeyukMw jkT;
(2) State of Andhra Pradesh, State of Telangana (2) vkU/kz&nsk jkT;] rsyaxkuk jkT;
(3) State of Karnataka, State of Tamilnadu (3) dukZVd jkT;] rfeyukMw jkT;
(4) State of Rajasthan, State of Uttar Pradesh (4) jktLFkku jkT;] mkj&nsk jkT;

71. Which one of the following date is a valid date for 71. Hkkjr ds lafo/kku ds vuqPNsn&5 esa of.kZr ukxfjdrk dk ijh{k.k djus
testing the citizenship as enumerated under Article5 ds fy;s dkSu&lh rkjh[k ,d oS/k rkjh[k gS\
of the Constitution of India?
(1) 24-01-1950 (2) 26-11-1949
(1) 24-01-1950 (2) 26-11-1949 (3) 26-01-1950 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) 26-01-1950 (4) None of these

72. Horizontal, Vertical, and Random Cliques are parts of 72. vuqizLFk] /okZ/kj vkSj ;kn`fPNd fDyd fuEu esa ls dkSuls lewg ds
which of the following groups: fgLls gSa\
(1) Core Groups (2) Informal Groups (1) dksj lewg (2) vukSipkfjd lewg
(3) Formal Groups (4) Closed Groups (3) vkSipkfjd lewg (4) c) lewg

73. As per Keith Davis, which leadership skills are not 73. dhFk Msfol ds vuqlkj ,d laxBu esa Hkkoh usrk gksus ds fy, dfu"B
required at the junior management position in an cU/ku Lrj ij usr`Ro dh dkSu lh fuiq.krk dh vko';drk ugha
organization to be an effective leader: gksrh%
(1) Conceptual skills (1) oSpkfjd fuiq.krk
(2) Human skills (2) ekuo fuiq.krk
(3) Technical skills (3) rduhdh fuiq.krk
(4) Specialist skills (4) fo'ks"kK fuiq.krk

74. These oceanic resources belong to open ocean and no 74. ;g egklkxjh; lzksr [kqys egklkxj ls lEcfU/kr gksrs gSa ,oa dksbZ Hkh
individual country can utilize these without the ,d nsk fcuk vUrjkZVh; lgefr ds budk mi;ksx ugha dj ldrk%
concurrence of International institutions: (1) vuU; vkfFkZd {ks= ds 200 leqh ehy ls ijs
(1) Beyond 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone (2) vuU; vkfFkZd {ks= ds 100 leqh ehy ls ijs
(2) Beyond 100 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone (3) vuU; vkfFkZd {ks= ds 19.2 leqh ehy ls ijs
(3) Beyond 19.2 nautical miles of exclusive economic (4) vuU; vkfFkZd {ks= ds 12 leqh ehy ls ijs
(4) Beyond 12 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone

MTFCX5 [ A10 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

INSTRUCTIONS: (Question No. 75 & 76) An argument is funsZk% u la[;k 75 ,oa 76 ,d rdZ ds ipkr nks dFku I ,oa II fn,
followed by two statements I and II. Pick the choice as follows. x, gSaA vki vius fodYi fuEu dkj pqusaA
A. If statement I strengthens the arguments A. ;fn dFku I rdZ dks lqn`<+ djrk gS
B. If statement II strengthens the arguments B. ;fn dFku II rdZ dks lqn`<+ djrk gS
C. Both the statements I & II strengthen the arguments C. ;fn dFku I ,oa II nksuksa rdZ dks lqn`<+ djrs gSa
D. Neither statement I nor II strengthens the arguments D. u rks dFku I vkSj u gh II rdZ dks lqn`<+ djrk gS

75. The number of people dying in train accident per year 75. foxr 5 okksZa esa Vsu nq?kZVukvksa esa frokZ ejus okyksa dh la[;k c<+h
has increased in the last five years: gS%
I. A railway official on television stated that since larger I. ,d jsy vf/kdkjh us nwjnkZu ij crk;k fd pwafd T;knkrj yksx
number of people travel by train, however the Vsu ls ;k=k djrs gSa] gkykfd nq?kZVuk esa ekjs tkus okys ;kf=;ksa
percentage of killed in accident to number of travelers dk frkr dqy ;k=h la[;k ds lanHkZ esa foxr ikp okksZa esa
has remained the same as five years ago. ;Fkkor jgk gSA
II. The railway official also stated in term of numbers that II. jsy vf/kdkjh us ;g Hkh crk;k fd la[;kvksa ds lanHkZ esa foxr
the number killed in accident per year in last five years ikp okks esa ekjs tkus okyks dh la[;k frokZ 2000 Fkh tks ikp
was 2000 compared to 990 per year 5 years ago. okZ iwoZ 990 frokZ FkhA
(1) A (2) B
(1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D
(3) C (4) D

76. The metrological department had predicted a more 76. ekSle foKku lEcU/kh foHkkx us ;g Hkfo; dh gS fd 2001
than average rainfall during 2001 monsoons. Has their ekulwu ds nkSjku vkSlr ls T;knk okkZ gksxhA D;k mudh Hkfo;
predictions been successful. lQy jgh gS\%
I. 50% of the states have already got their average value I. 50% jkT;ksa esa vkSlr okkZ vHkh rd gks pqdh gS tcfd vHkh
of rainfall while one month of monsoon still left. ekulwu dk ,d eghuk cpk gS
II. The remaining states have already received 60% of II. ckdh jkT;ksa esa vkSlr okkZ dk 60% okkZ vHkh rd gks pqdh gS
their average value of rainfall. (1) A (2) B
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D
(3) C (4) D

77. Permanent instructions that the computer uses when it 77. tc dEI;wVj vkWu fd;k tkrk gS rks ;g LFkkbZ funsZk ;q djrk gS
is turned on and that can not be changed by other ftls cnyk ugha tk ldrk ,oa tks fufgr gksrk gS%
instructions, are contained in: (1) ROM esa (2) RAM esa
(1) ROM (2) RAM (3) ALU esa (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) ALU (4) None of these

78. The harmone which controls the process of burning 78. olk ksVhu ,oa dkcksZgkbZMsV dks tykus dh f;k] tks fd kjhj esa
fats, proteins and carbohydrates to liberate energy in tkZ NksM+rk gS] dks fu;af=r djus okyk gkeksZu dgykrk gS %
the body is: (1) dkWfVZlksu (2) ,UMsukfyu
(1) Cortisone (2) Adrenaline (3) FkkbZjkWfDlu (4) bUlqyhu
(3) Thyroxine (4) Insulin

79. Match the pair correctly. 79. tksM+ksa dks lgh lqesfyr djsaA
State st
Governors (as on 31 Aug., 2015) jkT; jkT;iky 31 vxLr 2015 rd
A. Assam 1. Kesari Nath Tripathi A. vle 1. dsljh ukFk f=ikBh
B. Uttarakhand 2. Tathagat Roy B. mkjk[kaM 2. rFkkxr jkW;
C. West Bengal 3. K.K. Paul C. ifpe caxky 3. ds-ds- ikSy
D. Tripura 4. Padmanabha B. Acharya D. f=iqjk 4. ineukHk ch- vkpk;Z
(1) A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2 (1) A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2
(2) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 (2) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4
(3) A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2 (3) A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2
(4) A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3 (4) A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3

80. Which enzymes is used as catalyst to convert glucose 80. ,UtkbZe tks Xywdkst dks bZFkuky esa ifjofrZr djus ds fy, mRsjd ds
into ethanol? :i esa ;q gksrk gS\
(1) Zymase (2) Invertase (1) tkbesl (2) bUoVsZt
(3) Maltase (4) Diastase (3) ekYVsl (4) Mk;LVsl

MTFCX5 [ A11 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

81. Find the wrong statement: 81. xyr dFku igpkusa%
(1) Pakistan recently became the first Asian country to (1) vHkh gky gh esa ikfdLrku CERN dk ,lksfl,V lnL; cuus
become associates member of CERN okyk Fke ,fk;kbZ nsk cuk
(2) SAMANVAY Portal was recently launched by Ministry (2) ^SAMANVAY* iksVZy vHkh gky gh esa fk fodkl ea=ky;
of Rural Development }kjk kqHkkjEHk fd;k x;k
(3) International Olympic committee has officially (3) vUrjkZVh; vksfyfEid desVh us vHkh gky gh esa kkldh; rkSj
recognised Frisbee as an Olympic sport recently ij flch dks ,d vksfyfEid [ksy ds :i esa ekU;rk nh
(4) Laos has become 206th member of Olympic family (4) ykvksl vksfyfEid ifjokj dk 206ok lnL; cu x;k gS

82. For empowerment of women, Women20 (W20) 82. efgyk lkfdj.k gsrq G20 us ^Women20 (W20)* xzqi dk
group has been launched by G20. Newly appointed kqHkkjEHk fd;k gSA W20 xzqi dh u;h fu;q v/;{k fdl nsk ls
president of W20 group belongs to which country? lEcfU/kr gS\
(1) Germany (2) South Africa (1) teZuh (2) nf{k.k&vhdk
(3) Turkey (4) China (3) Vd (4) phu

83. What would be the number of bytes transferred at the 83. ,d fdyksfcV frlsds.M dh nj ij vUrfjr ckbZVksa dh la[;k D;k
rate of 1 kilobit per second: gksxh%
(1) 100 (2) 108 (1) 100 (2) 108
(3) 125 (4) 128 (3) 125 (4) 128

84. Venus Williams of United States has won the 2015 84. ;wukbZVsM LVsVl~ dh ohul fofy;El us 2015 owgku vksiu ,dy
Wuhan open single titles defeating: fr;ksfxrk fdldks gjkdj thrk%
(1) Garbine Muguruza of Spain (1) Lisu dh xkfcZu eqxqj:>k
(2) Angelique Kerber of Germany (2) teZuh dh vatyhd djcsj
(3) Martina Hingis of Switzerland (3) LohV~tjyS.M dh ekfVZuk fgfUxl
(4) Sania Mirza of India (4) Hkkjr dh lkfu;k fetkZ

85. Arvind Pangariya has been chosen next G20 Sherpa. 85. vjfoUn iuxfM+;k dks vkxkeh G20 ds fy, ksjik pquk x;k gSA
Who was Just earlier G20 Indias Sherpa? buls Bhd igys G20 Hkkjrh; ksjik dkSu Fkk@Fkh%
(1) Suresh Prabhu (2) Sindhusri Khullar (1) lqjsk Hkq (2) flU/kwJh [kqYyj
(3) Shusma Swaraj (4) None of these (3) lqek Lojkt (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

86. Chapchar cut, Mim cut and pawl kut festivals are 86. pkIpj dV] fee dV ,oa ikWy dV R;kSgkj Hkkjr ds fdl jkT; ls
related to which states of India: lEcfU/kr gS%
(1) Nagaland (2) Mizoram (1) ukxkyS.M (2) fet+ksje
(3) Sikkim (4) Arunachal Pradesh (3) flfe (4) v:.kkpy nsk

87. The well-known book The Rediscovery of India has 87. fl) fdrkc n fjfMLdojh vkWQ bafM;k fdlds }kjk fy[kh xbZ gS%
been written by: (1) ,y-ds- vkMokuh (2) vuhrk nslkbZ
(1) L.K. Advani (2) Anita Desai (3) foe lsB (4) es?kukn nslkbZ
(3) Vikram Seth (4) Meghnad Desai

88. Fusion process theory is related to: 88. lay;u izf;k fl)kar fuEu ls lacaf/kr gS%
(1) Motivation (2) Coordination (1) vfHkizsj.k (2) leUo;
(3) Direction (4) Goal congruency (3) funsZku (4) y{; loZlerk

89. Bureaucratic model of management was developed by: 89. cU/ku dk nrj'kkgh ekWMy fdlds }kjk fodflr fd;k x;k%
(1) Max Weber (2) Mooney and Raiby (1) eSDl oscj (2) ewuh ,oa jsch
(3) E. F. L Breach (4) Robert L. Katz (3) bZ- ,Q- ,y- czhp (4) jkWoVZ ,y- dV~t

90. Which of the following elements occur predominately 90. fuEu esa ls dkSu&lk rRo dPps rsy eas izHkkoh rkSj ij ?kfVr gksrk gS\
in crude oil: (1) gkbMkstu (2) vkDlhtu
(1) Hydrogen (2) Oxygen (3) dkcZu (4) ukbVkstu
(3) Carbon (4) Nitrogen

MTFCX5 [ A12 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

DIRECTIONS: In the following question a number series is given. funsZk% fuEufyf[kr u esa ,d la[;k Ja`[kyk nh xbZ gSA Ja`[kyk ds ipkr
After the series a number is given followed by (a), (b), (c), (d) and ,d la[;k nh xbZ gS ftlds ipkr (a), (b), (c), (d) ,oa (e) fn;k x;k gSA
(e). You have to complete the series starting with the number vkidks Ja`[kyk dks mlh la[;k ls kjEHk djrs gq, iw.kZ djuk gS tks ml
given following the sequence of the given series and answer the Ja`[kyk dk vuqlj.k djrh gks tks fd ij esa nh xbZ gS ,oa vius u ds
question given below the series. mkj uhps fn;s x, Ja`[kyk ds vuqlkj nsuk gSA
3 4 16 75 364 1945 3 4 16 75 364 1945
91. 91.
1 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e ) 1 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e )

What will come in place of (c) (c) ds LFkku ij D;k vk,xk

(1) 63 (2) 64 (1) 63 (2) 64
(3) 65 (4) None of these (3) 65 (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
92. Match the correct election symbols of political parties 92. jktuSfrd nyksa dkss muds lgh pquko fpUgksa ls lqesfyr djsa ,oa xSj
and identify the mismatched one: lqesfyr dks igpkusa%
(1) Indian National Congress (I) : Hand (1) Hkkjrh; jkVh; dkaxzsl vkbZ- % gkFk
(2) Communist Party of India (Marxist) : Ears of corn and Sickle (2) Hkkjrh; dE;wfuLV ikV ekfDZlLV % tkS dh ckyh ,oa gfl;k
(3) Nationalist Congress party : Clock (3) jkVhoknh dkaxzsl ny % ?kM+h
(4) Bhartiya Janta Party : Lotus (4) Hkkjrh; turk ikV % dey

93. 9, 9 leadership style as per managerial grid is called: 93. eSusftj;y xzhM esa 9, 9 usr`Ro kSyh dks dgrs gSa%
(1) Country club style (2) Team style (1) dUVh Dyc kSyh (2) Vhe kSyh
(3) Middle road style (4) Task style (3) e/; ekxZ kSyh (4) VkLd kSyh

94. Horizontal loading of a job indicates which one of 94. ^dk;Z dh {kSfrt ynku* fdl ,d lao`fk dh vksj bafxr djrk gS%
the phenomenon: (1) dk;Z p.k (2) dk;Z ifjo/kZu
(1) Job rotation (2) Job enlargement (3) dk;Z /kuhdj.k (4) dk;Z lajpuk
(3) Job enrichment (4) Job design

95. The following is the top most need in the hierarchy as 95. eSlyks fl)kar ds vuqlkj inkuqe esa fuEu lokZf/kd t:jh gS%
per Maslows theory (1) lEeku (2) Lo&dk;kZUo;u
(1) Esteem (2) Self actualization (3) lqj{kk (4) lkekftd
(3) Safety (4) Social

96. The French industrialist who first identified the basic 96. kalhlh m|ksxifr ftlus ewy cU/ku dk;ks dh lcls igys igpku
management functions is: dh] og gS%
(1) Weber (2) Taylor (1) oscj (2) Vsyj
(3) Herzberg (4) Fayol (3) gtZcxZ (4) QS;kWy

97. Organization chart is an important technique of: 97. laxBu pkVZ fuEu dk ,d egRoiw.kZ rduhd gS%
(1) Analysis of any organization (1) fdlh laxBu dk foysk.k
(2) Analysis of non-formal organization (2) xSj&vkSipkfjd laxBu dk foysk.k
(3) Analysis of formal organization (3) vkSipkfjd laxBu dk foysk.k
(4) Analysis of informal organization (4) vukSipkfjd laxBu dk foysk.k

98. Goal-setting theory states that: 98. y{; fu/kkZj.k fl)kUr of.kZr djrk gS fd%
(1) Difficult goals lead to higher performance (1) eqfdy y{; mPp nZku dh vksj mUeq[k djrk gS
(2) Easy goals lead to higher performance (2) ljy y{; mPp nZku dh vksj mUeq[k djrk gS
(3) Difficult goals lead to lower performance (3) eqfdy y{; fuEu nZku dh vksj mUeq[k djrk gS
(4) Easy goals lead to lower performance (4) ljy y{; fuEu nZku dh vksj mUeq[k djrk gS

99. A program written in assembly language converts the 99. ,lsEcyh Hkkkk esa fy[kk gqvk ,d ksxzke lzksr ksxzke dks fuEufyf[kr
source program into: esa ifjofrZr djrk gS%
(1) Assembly program (1) ,lsEcyh ksxzke
(2) Machine language program (2) ekhu Hkkkk ksxzke
(3) Object program (3) vkWtsDV ksxzke
(4) None of these (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

MTFCX5 [ A13 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

100. Match the following: 100. fuEufyf[kr dks lqesfyr djsa%
Field Nobel Prize winner 2015 {ks= 2015 ukscsy iqjLdkj fotsrk
A. Economics 1. Svetlana Alxievich A. vFkZkkL= 1. Losrykuk ,ysDlhfop
B. Peace 2. Angus Deaton B. kkfUr 2. ,Uxl MhVu
C. Literature 3. Takaaki Kajita & Arthur B. McDonald C. lkfgR; 3. rdkdh dthVk ,oa vkFkZj ch- eSdMksukYM
D. Physics 4. Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet D. HkkSfrdh 4. V;wfufk;u uskuy Mk;ykx DokVsZV
(1) A3, B4, C1, D2 (2) A3, B1, C2, D4 (1) A3, B4, C1, D2 (2) A3, B1, C2, D4
(3) A1, B4, C3, D2 (4) A2, B4, C1, D3 (3) A1, B4, C3, D2 (4) A2, B4, C1, D3

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 101 to 104) Answer these funsZk% u la[;k 101 ls 104 fuEufyf[kr lwpukvksa ds vk/kkj ij bu
Questions based on the following information. The graph given uksa ds mkj nsaA uhps fn;s x, xzkQ esa xyz fyfeVsM ds ikp okks dk
below represents the sales and profit in Rs. Crore of xyz ltd. for 200708 ls 201112 dk fch ,oa ykHk djksM+ #i;ksa esa nfkZr djrk
five years from 200708 to 201112. During this period the sales gSA bl dky esa fch c<+dj #i, 150 djksM+ ls #i, 800 djksM+ gks xbZA
increased from Rs. 150 Crore to 800 Crore. Correspondingly, the blds lekukUrj kq) ykHk 4.2 djksM+ ls c<+dj 15 djksM+ gks x;kA kq)
net profit increased from Rs. 4.2 Crore to Rs. 15 Crore. Net profit ykHk dks dqy ykxr ij fch ds vkf/kD; ds :i esa ifjHkkfkr fd;k tkrk
is defined as the excess of sales over total costs. gSA

Sales & Profit of xyz Ltd. xyz fyfeVsM dk fch ,oa ykHk

101. The highest percentage of growth in sales, relative to 101. xrokZ ds lkis{k fch esa o`f) dk loksZPp frkr fdl okZ esa gS%
previous years occured in: (1) 200809 (2) 200910
(1) 200809 (2) 200910 (3) 201011 (4) 201112
(3) 201011 (4) 201112

102. The highest percentage of growth in net profit, relative 102. xrokZ ds lkis{k kq) ykHk esa o`f) dk loksZPp frkr fdl okZ kIr
to the previous years was achieved in: fd;k x;k%
(1) 200809 (2) 200910 (1) 200809 (2) 200910
(3) 201011 (4) 201112 (3) 201011 (4) 201112

103. Defining profitability as the ratio of net profit to sales, 103. kq) ykHk ls fch ds vuqikr ds :i esa ykHknk;drk dks ifjHkkfkr
xyz ltd. recorded the highest profitability in: djrs gq, xyz fyfeVsM us loksZPp ykHknk;drk fdl okZ vftZr dh%
(1) 200708 (2) 200910 (1) 200708 (2) 200910
(3) 201011 (4) 201112 (3) 201011 (4) 201112

104. With profitability as defined as the ratio of net profit to 104. kq) ykHk ls fch dk vuqikr ds :i esa ykHknk;drk ifjHkkfkr djrs
sales, it can be concluded that: gq, ;g fudkZ fudkyk tk ldrk gS fd%
(1) Profitability is non decreasing during the five years (1) ykHknk;drk ikp okks 200708 ls 201112 ds nkSjku fcuk
from 200708 to 201112 ?kVs jgh gS
(2) Profitability is non increasing during the five years (2) ykHknk;drk ikp okks 200708 ls 201112 ds nkSjku fcuk
from 200708 to 201112 c<+s jgh gS
(3) Profitability remained constant during the five years (3) ykHknk;drk ikp okks 200708 ls 201112 ds nkSjku fLFkj
from 200708 to 201112 jgh gS
(4) None of these (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

MTFCX5 [ A14 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

105. A program that places programs into main memory 105. ,d ksxzke tks ksxzke dks eq[; eseksjh esa j[krk gS ,oa mls fuiknu
and prepares them for execution: ds fy;s rS;kj djrk gS%
(1) Linker (2) Assembler (1) fyadj (2) ,lsEcyj
(3) Loader (4) Absolute entity (3) yksMj (4) ,clksY;wV ,ufVVh

DIRESTIONS: (Question No. 106 to 110) There are six IPL players funsZ'k% 'u la[;k 106 ls 110 IPL ds N% f[kykM+h N% fofHkUu jkT;ksa]
from six different states UP, Jharkhand, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi mkj ns'k] >kj[k.M] gfj;k.kk] jktLFkku] fnYyh ,oa if'pe caxky ls fnYyh
and West Bengal staying in three different hotels of Delhi. Two ds rhu fofHkUu gksVy esa Bgjrs gSaA R;sd gksVy esa nks f[kykM+h ,d :eesV
players in each hotel are roommates. Every player reads one of the gSaA R;sd f[kykM+h ,d v[kckj i<+rk gS&VkbZEl vkWQ bfUM;k] n ,f'k;u
following newspaper. The Times of India, The Asian Age, The ,t] n fgUnqLrku VkbZEl] n ikW;fu;j] n fgUnw ,oa n bfUM;u ,DlslA /kksuh
Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, The Hindu and the Indian Express. v'kksdk esa Bgjrs gSa ,oa og >kj[k.M ls gSaA og n ,f'k;u ,t ,oa
Dhoni stays in Ashoka and he is from Jharkhand. He does not read fgUnqLrku VkbZEl ugha i<+rs gSaA vkj-ih- flag mkj ns'k ls gSa ,oa n
the Asian Age and The Hindustan Times. R.P. Singh from U.P. bfUM;u ,Dlsl i<+rs gSaA og vfer ds lkFk ugha Bgjrs gSaA ;qojkt flag
reads The Indian Express. He does not stay with Amit. Youvraj jktLFkku ds f[kykM+h ds lkFk Bgjrs gSaA yh eSfjfM;u esa Bgjus okyk ,d
Singh stays with a player from Rajasthan. The Asian Age is read by f[kykM+h n ,f'k;u ,t i<+rk gSA jkgqy gfj;k.kk ,oa if'pe caxky ls ugha gSa
a player in Le Meridian Hotel. Rahul is not from Haryana and West ,oa og n ikW;fu;j i<+rs gSaA lezkV gksVy dk ,d f[kykM+h n fgUnw i<+rk gSA
Bengal and he reads The Pioneer. A player from hotel Samrat lfpu u rks fnYyh ls gSa vkSj u gh if'pe caxky lsA n fgUnqLrku VkbZEl
reads The Hindu. Sachin is neither from Delhi nor from West ,oa n bfUM;u ,Dlsl v'kksdk esa ugha vkrk gSA mkj ns'k vkSj gfj;k.kk
Bengal. The Hindustan Times and The Indian Express do not come ds f[kykM+h lkFk&lkFk Bgjrs gSaA n ikW;fu;j v'kksdk esa vkrk gSA f[kykM+h tks
in Ashoka. Players from U.P. and Haryana stay together. The n bfUM;u ,Dlsl i<+rk gS og yh eSfjM;u gksVy esa Bgjk gqvk gSA
pioneer comes to Ashoka. The player who reads The Indian
Express resides at Le Meridian Hotel. 106. lezkV gksVy esa dkSu Bgjk gqvk gS%
106. Who stays in Samrat Hotel: (1) ;qojkt flag ,oa /kksuh
(2) ;qojkt flag ,oa vfer
(1) Youvraj Singh and Dhoni (3) lfpu ,oa vfer
(2) Youvraj Singh and Amit (4) mi;qZ esa dksbZ Hkh lgh ugha gS
(3) Sachin and Amit
(4) None of the above is correct

107. Who reads the Times of India: 107. n VkbZEl vkWQ bfUM;k dkSu i<+rk gS%
(1) Sachin (2) Rahul (1) lfpu (2) jkgqy
(3) Dhoni (4) None of these (3) /kksuh (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha

108. Who stays with Sachin: 108. lfpu ds lkFk dkSu Bgjk gqvk gS%
(1) R.P. Singh (2) Dhoni (1) vkj-ih- flag (2) /kksuh
(3) Youvraj Singh (4) Rahul (3) ;qojkt flag (4) jkgqy

109. Which state does Amit belong to: 109. vfer fdl jkT; ls lEcfU/kr gS%
(1) Delhi (2) Jharkhand (1) fnYyh (2) >kj[k.M
(3) West Bengal (4) Rajasthan (3) if'pe caxky (4) jktLFkku

110. In which Hotel does Rahul stay? 110. jkgqy fdl gksVy esa Bgjk gqvk gS%
(1) Le Meridian (2) Samrat (1) yh eSfjfM;u (2) lezkV
(3) Ashoka (4) Data Inadequate (3) v'kksdk (4) vkdM+s vi;kZIr

111. Which of the following is not used as a data structure? 111. fuEufyf[kr esa dkSu&lk ,d MkVk lajpuk ds :i esa ;q ugha gksrk\
(1) Array (2) Linked list (1) Array (2) Linked list
(3) Graph (4) Directory (3) Graph (4) Directory

112. Microsoft Access is: 112. ekbZkslkWV ,sDlsl gS%

(1) RDBMS (2) DBMS (1) RDBMS (2) DBMS
(3) Table (4) Text Editor (3) Vscy (4) VsDLV ,MhVj

113. The year of the Runaways has been written by: 113. ^The year of the Runaways* fdlds }kjk fy[kk x;k%
(1) Hanya Yanagihara (2) Marlen James (1) gkU;k ;kukfxgkjk (2) ekjysu tsEl
(3) Sanjeev Sahota (4) Tom Mc Carthy (3) latho lgksrk (4) VkWe eSd dkFk

MTFCX5 [ A15 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

DIRECTIONS: Each face of a cube has a different colour. Its top funsZ'k% ,d ?ku dk R;sd eq[kM+k fHk jax dk gSA bldk 'kh"kZ eq[kM+k dkys
face is painted BLACK. BLUE is between RED and YELLOW. jax ls jaxk x;k gSA yky vkSj ihys ds chp esa uhyk gSA dkys vkSj lQsn ds
GREEN is between BLACK and WHITE. WHITE is between chp esa gjk gSA ihys vkSj yky ds chp esa lQsn gSA
114. ry esa dkSu&lk jax gS%
114. Which colour is at the bottom: (1) yky (2) lQsn
(1) Red (2) White (3) Black (4) Yellow (3) dkyk (4) ihyk
115. C is a place which is located 2 km away in the north- 115. jkt/kkuh Z ls mkj&ifpe fnkk esa 2 fdeh- dh nwjh ij ^C* dk
west direction from the capital Z. R is another place that LFkku fLFkr gSA ^R* ,d nwljk LFkku] ^C* ls nf{k.k&ifpe fnkk esa
is located 2 km away in the south-west direction from C. 2 fdeh- dh nwjh ij gSA ^M* ,d nwljk LFkku] tks fd ^R* ls
M is another place and that is located 2 km away in the mkj&ifpe fnkk esa 2 fdeh- dh nwjh ij gSA ^T* ,d vkSj vU;
north-west direction from R. T is yet another place that LFkku] ^M* ls nf{k.k ifpe fnkk esa 2 fdeh- dh nwjh ij gSA Z ls]
is located 2 km away in the south-west direction from M. ^T* fdl fnkk dh vksj gS\
In which direction is T located in relation to Z?
(1) nf{k.k&ifpe (2) ifpe
(1) South-West (2) West (3) mkj (4) buesa ls dksbZ ugha
(3) North (4) None of these

116. Arjun is Arvinds brother. Swati is Arvinds mother. 116. vtqZu vjfoUn dk HkkbZ gSA vjfoUn dh ek Lokrh gSA dkk Lokrh dk
Prakash is Swatis father. Malti is Prakashs mother. firk gSA dkk dh ek ekyrh gSA ekyrh dk vtqZu ls D;k laca/k gS\
How Arjun is related to Malti? (1) ikS= (2) iM+ikS=
(1) Grand Son (2) Great Grand Son (3) iq= (4) fu/kkZfjr ugha fd;k tk ldrk
(3) Son (4) Cannot be determined

117. Tide caused by the gravitional pull of the moon and 117. Tokj HkkVk] tks ,d lkFk ,d gh fnkk esa pUek ,oa lw;Z ds
sun together in the same direction is called: xq:RokdkZ.k f[kpko ds dkj.k gksrk gS] dgykrk gS%
(1) Spring Tide (2) Neap Tide (1) o`gn Tokj HkkVk (2) y?kq Tokj HkkVk
(3) Tidal Wave (4) Tidal Bore (3) Tokjh; rjax (4) Tokjh; fHkfk
118. A non violent revolution called velvet revolution and 118. ,d vafglkRed kfUr ftls osyosV kfUr dk uke fn;k x;k ,oa
whose hero was Vaclav Havel took place in 1989 in: ftlds ghjks oSDyo gSosy Fks] 1989 esa gqvk%
(1) Czechoslovakia (2) Indonesia (1) psdksLyksokfd;k esa (2) bUMksusfk;k esa
(3) Myanmar (4) Egypt (3) E;kuekj esa (4) felz esa

DIRECTIONS: Answer the following question according to the funsZ'k% fn;s x, funsZkksa ds vuqlkj fuEu u dk mkj nsaA
instructions given. A$B dk rkRi;Z gS A] B ls NksVk ugha gS
A$B means A is not smaller than B A#B dk rkRi;Z gS A] B ls cM+k ugha gS
A#B means A is not greater than B A@B dk rkRi;Z gS A] u rks B ls NksVk vkSj u gh B ds cjkcj gS
A@B means A is neither smaller nor equal to B A*B dk rkRi;Z gS A] u rks B ls cM+k vkSj u gh B ls NksVk gS
A*B means A is neither greater than nor smaller than B A%B dk rkRi;Z gS A] u rks B ls cM+k vkSj u gh B ds cjkcj gS
A%B means A is neither greater than nor equal to B
119. dFku%
M@J, J$T, T*N fudkZ%
I. N#J II. T%M III. M@N (1) dsoy I ,oa II lR; gS (2) dsoy II lR; gS
(1) Only I and II are true (2) Only II is true (3) dsoy I ,oa III lR; gS (4) lHkh lR; gSa
(3) Only I and III are true (4) All are true

120. In a certain code language, 120. ,d fufpr dksM Hkkkk esa]

cro te na stands for elephants are huge; cro te na dk rkRi;Z gS elephants are huge;
mee cro da stands for animals are dark and mee cro mee cro da dk rkRi;Z gS animals are dark ,oa
te dana stands for huge animals are lovable. How is mee cro te dana dk rkRi;Z gS huge animals are lovable.
elephants are lovable written in this code language? elephants are lovable dks bl dksM Hkkkk esa dSls fy[kk tk,xk\
(1) mee dana cro (2) na mee dana (1) mee dana cro (2) na mee dana
(3) na dana cro (4) te da mee (3) na dana cro (4) te da mee

MTFCX5 [ A16 ] PAPER I [ 6 5 2 1 5 7 ]

bl iqfLrdk ij dqN Hkh fy[kus ls igys fuEufyf[kr funsZ'k /;kuiwoZd i<+sa
egRoiw.kZ%& fuEufyf[kr funsZ'k /;kuiwoZd i<+saA vius uksa ds mkj u&iqfLrdk esa u yxk,a vU;Fkk p;u f;k ls vkidh ik=rk oafpr
dj nh tk;sxhA
1. viuk mkj fy[kuk kjEHk djus ls igys viuh 'u iqfLrdk dh Hkyh&Hkkfr tkp dj ysa] ns[k ysa fd blesa 120 'u gSAa R;sd 'u
iqfLrdk dh fljht fHk gksxh u&iqfLrdk la[;k ,oa u&iqfLrdk fljht dk la;kstuA vkidks OMR mkj if=dk ij lgh
'u&iqfLrdk fljht ,oa u&iqfLrdk la[;k fy[kuk gSA iqu% ;g Hkh ij[k ysa fd blesa fafVax lac/a kh vFkok vU; fdLe dh dksbZ deh
ugha gSA ;fn fdlh dkj dh dksbZ deh gks rks i;Zo{s kd dks lwfpr djsa vkSj u&iqfLrdk cnydj ,d u;h iqfLrdk ,oa ,d u;h OMR
ysaA bl lanHkZ esa fdlh Hkh dkj dh dksbZ f'kdk;r ij ckn esa dksbZ fopkj ugha fd;k tk,xkA
egRoiw.kZ uksV% vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk vH;Fk ds u&iqfLrdk fljht ,oa u&iqfLrdk la[;k ds la;kstu ls ewY;kafdr dh
tk;sxhA vr% vkidks vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk ij lgh u&iqfLrdk fljht ,oa u&iqfLrdk la[;k fy[kuh pkfg,A buesa ls fdlh
,d esa Hkh xyrh gksus ij vkidh vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk fujLr gks ldrh gSA vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk esa u&iqfLrdk la[;k
,oa u&iqfLrdk fljht ugha Hkjus ij vH;Fk ds mkj if=dk dk ewY;kadu ugha fd;k tk;sxk ftldh ftEesnkjh Lor% vH;Fk dh
2. u i= f}Hkkkh; fgUnh ,oa vaxzsth esa gSA fgUnh laLdj.k esa fdlh Hkh fHkrk gksus ij ewY;kadu ds fy, vaxzsth laLdj.k dks vfUre
ekuk tk;sxkA
3. lqfufpr djsa fd vkids osk&i= ,oa vks-,e-vkj khV dks vkids }kjk ,oa d{k fujh{kd ds }kjk gLrk{kj fd;k x;k gSA ;fn
gLrk{kj ugha fd;k@djok;k x;k gS rks ik=rk fujLr gks tk;sxhA
4. lHkh cgq&fodYi uksa ds 1 vad gSaA vuqkfjr uksa ds fy, u rks dksbZ vad fn;k tk,xk vkSj u gh dkVk tk,xkA R;sd mkj ds
fy, dsoy ,d vksoy dks dkyk djsaA ;fn vki ,d ls T;knk vksoy dkyk djrs gSa ;k ,d ls T;knk vksoy ij dksbZ LVs ekDZl
feyrk gS] ,sls vksoy ds fy, dksbZ vad ugha feysxkA
5. ;g ,d oLrqijd fdLe dh ijh{kk gS ftlesa R;sd 'u ds uhps ekad (1) ls (4) rd pkj Lrkfor mkj fn;s gSaA vkids fopkj
esa tks Hkh mkj lgh@loZJs"B gS mldks vks-,e-vkj- mkj i= esa fn;s funsZ'k ds vuqlkj fpfUgr dhft,A vius mkj 'u iqfLrdk esa
u yxk,A
6. vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk ij lHkh dk;ks ds fy, uhys@dkys ckWy IokbV isu ls fy[ksaA vks-,e-vkj mkj if=dk ij vksoy dks iw.kZ
:i ls dsoy uhys@dkys ckWy IokbV isu ls HkjsaA ,d ckj fn, x, mkj dks cnyk ugha tk ldrkA mkj dh dfVax ,oa vksojjkbZfVax
dh vuqefr ugha gSA
7. dsYdqysVj] LykbM:y] eksckbZy] dsYdqysVj ?kfM+;k ;k bl dkj dh dksbZ Hkh ;qf ,oa fdlh Hkh v/;;u@lanHkZ lkexzh vkfn dk ;ksx
ijh{kk d{k esa oftZr gS ,oa nUMuh; vijk/k gSA
8. jQ+ dk;Z iqfLrdk esa fdlh Hkh [kkyh LFkku esa fd;k tkuk pkfg,] vks-,e-vkj- mkj if=dk ij dksbZ Hkh jQ+ dk;Z u djsaA fdlh vU;
dkx+t ij bls djus dh vuqefr ugha gSA
9. ijh{kk dh lekfIr ds i'pkr~ viuh mkj&if=dk OMR i;Zos{kd dks lkSai nsaA vks-,e-vkj- OMR mkj&if=dk dks ijh{kk d{k
ls ckgj ys tkuk oftZr gS ,slk djuk nUMuh; vijk/k gSA ijh{kkFk ijh{kk ds mijkUr viuk u&i= ys tk ldrk gSA

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