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Behavior (Based on observations throughout school year)

4 3 2 1

Behavior Cheerleader shows respect to others, Cheerleader shows Cheerleader shows Cheerleader
including coach, teachers, self, and fellow effort to improve disrespectful actions or disrespects others
cheerleaders. She does not use inappropriate language words toward coaches, regularly.
inappropriate language on school grounds, use or treat others teachers, or others.
including on the bus and at meets. respectfully.

Dedication Cheerleader attends every practice on time Cheerleader misses no Cheerleader does not Cheerleader does not
and puts forth full effort to improve herself. more than 2 unexcused put effort into stretching, show up to practice or
She follows all rules set forth by her coach. practices or meets (2 cheering, or jumps and meets on time.
She takes her role on the mat or field TU=1 AU). kicks during practice or
seriously, not goofing off or joking around meets.
while cheering.

Responsibility Cheerleader attends outside cheerleading Cheerleader doesnt Cheerleader fails to Cheerleader refuses to
events such as cheer camp or volunteering notify coach in a timely participate in mandatory participate in
as set forth by coaches. She communicates manner. volunteering events or volunteering.
to coach in a timely manner if unable to notify coach when
attend or of other problems. Work is not an expected.
excused absence.

Attitude Cheerleader appears excited and positive Cheerleader shows Cheerleader does not Cheerleader shows
and smiles while cheering, and embraces negativity while cheering respond positively to negativity, anger, or
coachs feedback as constructive criticism to or has a lack of coachs feedback. otherwise reacts poorly.
help improve her cheering. enthusiasm.