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Oensive Security Certied Expert (OSCE) Certif...

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The OSCE is an ethical hacking certication and stands for the
Oensive Security Certied Expert. This certication is designatedto
students who take and successfully pass the Cracking the Perimeter
Candidates with
(CTP) exam. This is a hands-on ethical hacking course designed by and
an Oensive
for professional penetration testers.
Security OSCE or


OffensiveSecurityCertified certication

immediately gain

Expert(OSCE)Certification my interest,

because they

The Oensive Security Certied Expert (OSCE) has an extremely should understand

challenging exam wherein students are required to demonstrate that advanced

they comprehend not only the material directly covered in the CTP concepts, at least

course, but that they also fully grasp the underlying concepts in a classroom/lab

presented throughout the course and can apply them in unknown setting. Andre

situations. The OSCE exam challenges the students to prove that they Robitaille , Dell

have a clear and practical understanding of advanced penetration SecureWorks

testing skills through anarduousforty-eight hourcerticationexam.

The OSCE exam consists of a dedicated vulnerable network, which is

designed to be compromised within a 48-hour time period. The exam
is entirely hands-on and is completed with the examinee submitting
an in-depth penetration test report of the OSCE examination network.
The coveted OSCE certication is awarded to students who
successfully gain administrative access to systems on the

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Oensive Security Certied Expert (OSCE) Certif...




The OSCE examination consists of a remotely-hosted virtual

1. Identify hard-to-nd
network containing varying congurations and operating
systems. The successful candidate will demonstrate their
2. Conduct intelligent
ability to research the network (information gathering),
identify any vulnerabilities, and execute their attacks with the
goal of compromising the systems to gain administrative 3. Analyze, correct,
access. The examinee is expected to submit a comprehensive modify, and port
penetration test report, containing in-depth notes and screen exploit code.
shots detailing their ndings. Points are awarded for each 4. Hand-craft binaries to
compromised host, based on their diculty and level of evade anti-virus
access obtained. software.

5. Demonstrate creative
RealWorldBenefits problem solving and
lateral thinking.
An OSCE is able to identify hard-to-nd vulnerabilities and
mis-congurations in various operating systems and execute
organized attacks in a controlled and focused manner. The
intense forty-eight hour examination also demonstrates that
OSCEs have an above average degree of persistence and
determination. Perhaps most importantly, an OSCE has
demonstrated their ability to think laterally and perform
eectively under pressure.

I found CTP increasingly This was the hardest thing I have

challenging, irritating and sleep- ever done in my life both
depriving but always fun and above academically and professionally.

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Oensive Security Certied Expert (OSCE) Certif...

all, extremely informative This course is not for the faint of

heart and requires a lot of self
Charles Price
discipline, perseverance and a very
understanding wife

Network Administration Secrets

The only way to takethe OSCE certication exam is to rst complete theCracking the Perimeter


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