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1st Stage Exploration Stage

They have the knowledge of their self (what they want and what they are capable of, even a
little), also the occupational idea. But they havent yet develop any strategy or a plan of
action to satisfy all the known needs.

2nd Stage - Crystallization stage

progress towards making a choice but not yet to the decision. In which, they start to see
clearer on the alternatives possible with the choices together with some consequences of
these options.

3rd Stage Choice Stage

Commitment thats close to a certainty to a particular goal. It is accompanied by the

expression of satisfaction and relief having made to the particular commitment.

4th Stage Clarification Stage

Process of closure in which the individual is involved in specification and elaboration of the
consequences of his commitment, as well as in planning the details and next steps to be

5th Stage Induction Stage

Implementation phase starter is the fifth stage and it marks the beginning of the
implementation of the decision made in which the individual comes in contact with reality and
adapt with new environment or context living with his decision. Their way of interaction may
be passive or receptive.

6th Stage Reformation Stage

The individual's primary mode of interaction much more assertive. highly, involved in the
group, enjoins the group to do better, and acts upon the group in order to bring its values,
goals, and purposes into, greater conformance with his own values and goals

7th Stage Integration Stage

It occurs as individuals become comfortable and familiar with the new environment. In this
stage older group members react against the new member's force for change. The individual
is satisfied, at least temporarily, and he has an image of self as successful.