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It is hereby informed that the f'ees fbr

the next 2ncr, 4rh , 6tr' and grr' semesters
the next semester can be deposited is due for payment. The fbes for
by r5,r, December, 20r7, without any rate
fee charges.
some of the important instructions for
the forthcoming semester are as
qommencement of the next
Next semester will commence from
11,h January, 201g

The following dates for the payment

of the Academic Fee are notified:-
a. Without fine
b, rine or Rs.50/-per day ; yffiijJ;.".'."ffi
c. with fine of Rs. 7500/- ::ii,"26rh Decemb er,zo!7
: From ,r,, ,...*[u ,)ri, to 5,h January, 20i.g

that lat
date of Demanrl Draft / pav
The Fee payment rnay be done through:
online Fund Transfer: Name of Bank:AXls
Bank Limited,) Branch: panvel, Account
914010032345310, tFSC Code: UII80000036 No-
or by
Pay order / Demand Draft of any
Panvel and can be deposited at the
Nationalized Bank in favour of ,,Amity
University Mumbai,, payable at
Accounts section between 9.30 am
registered / speed post to The Registrar, to 4.00 pm, or may be sent by
Amity University, Mumbai-pune Expressway,
410206 (Maharashtra)' The student's Viilage-Bhatan, panvel-
name, enrolment number, mobire number,
shourd be mentioned on the back programme and course
side of the pay order rDemand Draft.
Fee Receint: students are instructed
to collect Fee Receipts from Accounts
of remittance of Fees. Department within 7 days from the

e: StLrdents x,ili have to upclate Rentittance
Portal(Please Ai]ron. Ui[* H,4*,",ur -Tnnexure_A)
of Fee details ii n Amizone


Re-'reeistratign: Re-registration will not be done without lee payrnent receipts. No students
to attend the classes without Re-registration. will be permitted

lf the fee is not paid within one

month from the last date of fee deposit,
he/she will have to seek re-admission the student,s name wi, be struck off
as per the University Guiderines. and
permission for re-admission, rt may prease be noted that in case
the attendance wir be counted from the student
::fl:lT: the commencement date of the
You are, therefore, requested to
ensure attendance from the first
day ltself.
Registrar . f
Enclosure: Annexure-A; student Manualfor
uploading Fee Receipts/ Fee Remittance

a Go t o r, 1 i ;:, ,, 7-q q1i 1* 1 g.1,qit'|7',,1 rrr i.: l. r i r:',. :,, 1,,,r d q. I r l.

a ln the Login Screen Punch User Name and password -

a Home Screen will open up
a Go to "Student Receipt lnput" Tab
a Go to "Fee Type" and select Academic or Hostel or others ( From the Drop Down Menu)
a Go to "Semester" and select Semester 2 or 3 or 4 as the case may be ( From the Drop
Down Menu)
a Go to "Receipt Date" (Use Calendar and Choose the Date of Receipt as mentioned in the Manual Fee
of Accounts Department).
ln case Manual Fee Receipt Not obtained from Accounts Department, then choose the date of payment
Goto Payment Mode and Select the Mode of Payment (in Which fees already paid by you pertaining to the
Semester as has been chosen by you).


a If it then CIicK ,,NEFT" or RTGS or IMPS Tab
a Now another NEFT/ RTGS/IMpS related Dialogue Box will open up.
a Start filling following details:
(a) NEFr/RTGS/IMPS Transaction No (The Number which got generated when NEFT payment was done)
(b) ruf nflnfcs/IMPS Transaction Date (Use Calendar)
(c) NEfT/RfcS/IMPS Transaction Amount
(d) Upload PaymentAdvice as obtained from Bank or Fee Receipt as obtained from Accounts Department (
through Browse option)
(e) Cllck "Save" Tab

For DD / Cheque

a lf it is Demand Draft then click "DD" Tab

a Now DD related Dialogue Box will open up.
a Start filling following details:
(f) DD No
(g) DO Date (Use Calendar)
(h) OO Amount
(i) Upload Photocopy of Fee Receipt obtained from Accounts Department (through Browse option)
U) Click "Save" Tab

For Cash
a lf it is Cash then click "Cash" Tab
a Now Cash related Dialogue Box will open up.
a Start filling following details:
(k) Cash Date (Use Calendar)
(l) Cash Amount
(m) Upload Photocopy of Fee Receipt obtained from Accounts Department (through Browse option)
(n) Click "Save" Tab.