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entertainment volume 46 issue 5

12 Strong stands strong

in February box office
Spencer Crompton Lions International Festival of Cre-
Editor-in-Chief ativity in June 2006, and the Grand
Prix at the Midsummer Awards in
12 Strong, starring Chris London in July 2006, for his work on
Hemsworth, stands strong in my a Sony Bravia commercial featuring
top recent movie picks. Based on 250,000 bouncing balls let loose
the best-selling book Horse Soldiers, on the largest hill in San Francisco.
the film was based on a true story, He made his American feature film
the story of the first Special Forces debut with 12 Strong. Few movies
team deployed to Afghanistan af- contain the raw horror, truth, and
ter 9/11, I expected nothing less heroism in the aftermath of 9/11.
than a great film as I counted the Fugslig executed the film the best
days down to its opening night. he could showing the bravery of our
Just scratching the surface of the heroes based on the true events that
complexities of American involve- unfolded across the globe in the af-
ment in Afghanistan, the film taught termath of 9/11 with the help from
me way more than any of the histo- the novel Horse Soldiers, by Doug
Photo courtesy of Google Images ry classes here have about the back- Stanton; a thrilling read with an epic
story that reaches not just across
Black Panther easily lived up to the hype ground of the war in Afghanistan.
I gained an enormous appreciation
for the soldiers who were the first to
the cold mountains of Afghanistan
but into the homes of small-town
Ben Nuechterlein chemistry and the jokes they poke 39 awards with 53 nominations. fight back after 9/11, and this is a America proving Stanton to be one
at each other throughout the film. Kevin Fiege and David J. Grant group of soldiers I never even knew of our country’s greatest storytellers.
Sports Editor The main production company,
The lead actor of Marvel’s most are the films producers who both existed. I also learned how import-
recent superhero film is Chadwick have an unbelievable track record ant America’s allies were providing Alcon Entertainment is well-known
The Marvel comic Black Panther Boseman. Boseman has had many with the films they’ve produced. for their multiple famous films such
geographic coordinates and knowl-
came out in theatres February as The Blind Side, Blade Runner 2049,
lead roles in the past but none as Fiege has produced films such edge to our troops while tracking
16th, 21 years after it was listed as and Transcendence. 12 Strong is no
big as his lead role in Black Pan- as all the Thor movies, The Guard- down the Taliban village by village.
part of marvel comics film slate. stranger to action and adventure,
ther. Another notable film he had ian of the Galaxy films, the Captain Chris Hemsworth played a less
Black Panther’s intricate use of CGI, a lead role in was 42 where he America films, and many many more keeping my dad and I on the edge
than surprising role. Being extreme-
humor, action, compelling rela- played the African American hero hit Marvel films. Grant on the other of our seats throughout the movie.
ly well-known in the Thor movie
tionships and occasional scenes The film earned a 7.6/10 audience
baseball player Jackie Robinson. hand has only co produced films in series, it was no surprise to see
that tug at the heartstrings make rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7/10
Another film Michael B. Jordan the past most of which with Fiege. him acting as the lead protagonist
this film truly one of the great- audience rating on IMDb. I would
has been a part of was the Rocky Black panther is the first film he is one (Captain Mitch Nelson) in the film.
est superhero movies of all time rate the film three out of four paws.
sequel Creed where he plays the of the two main producers for which Director Nicolai Fuglsig is a Danish
The movie starts off with T’Chal- son of boxer Apollo Creed who is a remarkable opportunity for film director, photojournalist, and
la mourning the loss of his father follows in his father’s footsteps to Grant and with this being one of the writer. Most of his work revolves 12 Strong
and getting ready to take the become a world champion boxer. most highly touted movies in 2018. around action, adventure, and thrill;
role of king in his home country The director of Black Panther is So with all the talent and capital and 12 Strong is no different. Fugl-
of Wakanda when he meets an Ryan Coogler who first got into the that has gone in the making of this sig won the Gold Lion in the Cannes
unexpected evil in Erik Killmon- directing game in 2009 when he film, Black Panther is arguably the
ger who he must fight against. created the feature film locks which greatest Marvel movie of all time.
Killmonger is a huge part of what won the Dana and Albert Broccoli
makes this movie a hit of the ages. Award for film making excellence.
A lot of the time in a marvel movie But Cooglers career really took off
you can’t even really remember the when he directed the film Fruitvale
villain but the way Michael B jordan Station which portrayed the story of Black Panther
absolutely kills his role, you won’t the last 24 hours of Oscar Grant’s life
forget this villain. Another pivotal who was fatally shot by a police offi-
piece of this film that makes it great cer at a Fruitvale BART Station. Fruit-
is T’Challa’s little sister Shuri which vale Station won the Grand Jury prize
is in my opinion is the greatest re- along with the Audience Award for a
lationship in the movie due to their U.S dramatic film. The film also won

Migos’ Culture II album release Photo courtesy of Google Images

Maxim Mostovoy
Entertainment Editor
it was not as good as Culture, but it is
still a solid album. The album high-
like songs that were simply thrown
in to make the tracklist longer. While Coney Island vs. Coney Island
lights all of the Migos with songs like the album definitely has more good Samuel Snyder Island. Kirby’s has one franchise in
The biggest group in rap, Migos, “stir fry”, “narcos”, and “motorsport”, than bad, It most certainly does not Illustrator town, located in Green Oaks mall.
have released their third studio al- the duo shows off their own individ- meet the kind of quality the Migos Their service is awesome. I was
bum, Culture II, after a year since ual talents in these songs, making it are known for. The album would Nowadays, Coney Islands are ev- greeted right away, my food came
their first album, Culture, rocked very hard to point out a weak link. have been much better off if they erywhere. Many names have dom- quick, and they frequently checked
the rap world and brought the While many will agree that there is were to cut just a few more songs inated the Coney market, such as up on me, and the staff was very
group to mega stardom. Culture, a ¨best” Migo, not one of them holds off, bringing the track list under 20. Leo’s Coney Island and National kind. I felt like I was a member of
had songs such as “bad and boujee”, the others back. They work togeth- Despite its flaws and its obvious Coney Island. Locally, we have an their family, until the food came.
“slippery”, “t-shirt”, and many more er as a group and that helps them critics, the album is extremely suc- array to choose from, including The hot dog was rubbery, and my
of which topped the Billboard 100. flow smoothly and hit verses hard. cessful, as it is #1 on the Hot R&B/ Leo’s, Kirby’s, and Greecian Island. fries were under cooked. Although,
The Migos had a lot of hype to live The album features many other Rap chart, with 14 total songs on the Your traditional coney is composed I have frequently been to Kirby’s,
up to with this new album. Com- popular rap artists on a surplus of Billboard Hot 100, a list of the most of a natural casing hot dog, a steamed this was the first time I have had
ing a year after their break into the songs. Names such as Post Malone, popular songs in America, tying a bun, chili, diced onions, and yellow a problem. Overall, a 7/10 rating.
mainstream, there have been many 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla record for most charting songs from mustard. At the typical Coney Is- “My favorite memory from a Co-
rumors flying around about the Sign, and even superstars like Gucci a group at the same time with the land, the friendly staff makes you ney Island would have to be from
new album, along with the ques- Mane and Drake. While some play a legendary rock group, The Beatles. feel welcome, and serves up their North Coney Island, in Alpena. I was
tion, will it be better than Culture? very small part of the song such as Overall, the album may not be traditional chili dog, and an assort- with my family. I remember you
Culture ll released to mixed recep- singing a hook, others will drop a the group’s best work, but it sure- ment of delicious Greek-American could smell the fresh cooked french
tion from fans, some praising the full verse or chorus during the song. ly is not a disappointment like food. Although, with so many op- fries from outside, and it was the
album, while others saying it’s their Despite its successes, the album some claim it to be. Culture II de- tions, which establishment serves first time I had a coney dog. It was
worst work yet. The album has many does lack some substance in some serves three out of four paws.. up the best tasting coney dog? delicious,” junior Nick Powser said.
songs that have different styles and of its songs. Some songs such as Leo’s Coney Island is the most pop- Zeus’ Grecian Island has been in
beats, which is probably why the “culture national anthem”, “flood- Culture II ular Coney Island in the area with Brighton for over ten years. This
verdict is so split. The main question ed”, and “beast”, all fall short of that seven franchises within ten miles of iconic Coney Island offers the tradi-
everyone was asking was, “Did it live Migos standard that they are known BHS. Leo’s offers the typical coney, tional Coney Island menu, with the
up to the hype?”. As it turns out, no, for. Those songs feel more or less natural casing hot dog, steamed addition of more authentic greek
food. This was be my first time din-

Upcoming events at the BCPA

bun, chili, diced onions, and yellow
mustard. When I visited, they greet- ing here. It was very clean, the staff
ed me, and I was sat immediately. was friendly, and they seemed to
The food was delicious. Everything very organized. It felt like I was in
was cooked correctly, the coney was a small diner or cafe. My coney
properly prepared, and the service dog was cooked perfectly, and
BHS musical Pippin March 9-11 March 15-18, 2018 was great. The only problem I en- properly prepared. Except, they
forgot to put onions on it. When I
countered, was that it took awhile
for the waitress to bring my check. I asked about it, they were very kind
would give Leo’s Coney Island a 9/10. about it, fixed it, and apologized.
Singer Amy Grant April 28, 2018 - 7:30pm “My favorite Coney Island would “The first Coney Island I went to
was Leo’s. When we moved here
have to be Zeus’ Greecian Island.
I have a lot of really great child- from Texas, Leo’s was one of the
hood memories going there first places we went. It was really
For more information, visit with my family, and getting co- good and my whole family loved it.
They really want you to enjoy your
nies,” senior Bryan Gatt said.
Next on the list is Kirbys’ Koney meal,” freshman Garrett Ward said.

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