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Grammar Tests


Module 1 (Units 1-3) . ........................................................................................................................... 2

Module 2 (Units 4-6) . ......................................................................................................................... 4

Module 3 (Units 7-8) ........................................................................................................................... 6

Module 4 (Units 9-11) .......................................................................................................................... 8

Module 5 (Units 12-14) ...................................................................................................................... 10

Module 6 (Units 15-17) ...................................................................................................................... 12

Module 7 (Units 18-21) ...................................................................................................................... 14

Module 8 (Units 22-23) . ................................................................................................................... 16

Final Grammar Test (Units 1-23) .................................................................................................... 18

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Grammar Test: Module 1 (Units 1-3)

A. Complete with the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. T
 ony (not play) tennis on weekdays. He (usually / play) tennis at the


2. A : What time Karen (get) home after school?

B: At four o’clock. Classes (finish) at 3:30.

3. Alison (never / wear) earrings. She (not like) accessories.

4.  Mark and Henry (go) skateboarding every afternoon?

5. I (not get) up early on Saturdays. Score 8

B. Complete with the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. A:  Peter (do) his homework at the moment?

B: No, he (play) computer games.

2. A: What you (make)?

B: I (make) a model plane.

3. Oh no! The children (draw) on the wall.

4. Robert and I (not download) music videos at the moment. We

(chat) on the Net with our friend Frank.

Score 7

C. Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. A : How often (your son / do) the washing-up?

B: Once a month but he (tidy) his room twice a week.

2. A: (the children / study) at the moment?

B: No. They (sit) in their rooms.

3. A: (you / usually / have) dinner at 8 o’clock?

B: Yes, but I (have) dinner now because I’m very hungry.

4. We (often / not watch) films on TV, but we (sometimes / go) to the cinema.
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5. Robert and Sally (not play) football in the garden. They (read) magazines.

Score 10

D. Circle the correct words.

1. Julie can’t stand to listen / listening to hip hop music.

2. I want to buy / buying a new watch.

3. Andy enjoys to ride / riding his bike in the park.

4. I would like to go / going shopping tomorrow.

5. We want to stay / staying at home tonight.

Score 5

E. Expand the notes to make sentences.

1. Kevin / not understand / Italian /.

2. Linda / would like / watch / comedy /.

3. My parents / never / clean / house / Saturdays /.

4. Andy / hate / play / football /.

5. Why / you / like / wash / car / ?

6. Brad / surf / Net / at the moment / ?

Score 6
F. Choose a, b or c.

1. I brush my teeth dinner.

a. after b. on c. at

2. Diane plays tennis Friday evenings.

a. at b. in c. on

3. My mum works 7 o’clock.

a. on b. in c. until

4. What do you do the mornings?

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a. in b. on c. at

Score 4

Total Score 40

Grammar Test: Module 2 (Units 4-6)

A. Complete with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Alice (go) horse riding last weekend.

2. My parents (not be) born in Rome. They (be) born in Naples.
3. A: you (travel) abroad last summer?
B: Yes, we (visit) Madrid.
4. Ted and I (watch) a 3D film yesterday. It (be) fantastic!
5. Kevin (not buy) souvenirs for his friends and family because he
(not have) time.
6. Where (be) you yesterday evening?
Score 10
B. Complete the sentences with can, can’t, could or couldn’t.

1. I surf the Net in my free time because I haven’t got a computer.

2. A: you speak Spanish when you were ten years old?

B: No, I .

3. My sister cook very well. Her food is delicious!

4. When James was young, he play the guitar very well but now he .
He’s even in a rock band.

5. Linda go shopping yesterday because she didn’t have any money.

Score 7

C. Complete with the correct form of used to and the verbs in brackets.

1. A: you (play) the guitar when you were young?

B: Yes, I did. I (be) in a band.

2. Kyle (not drive) but now he does.

3. I (not eat) pizza when I was a child.

4. Sonia and Sheila (take) the bus to school but now they don’t.

5. A : your parents (work) together?

B: Yes, they did.

6. We (live) in Oxford but now we live in London.

Score 7
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D. Complete the sentences with the adjective or adverb of the words in brackets.

1. Robbie is a (terrible) singer. Don’t listen to him.

2. My brother tries (hard) but he never wins at chess.

3. She plays the guitar really (good).

4. Rosa can be very (lazy) sometimes.

5. Ian and Oliver walked (slow) home from the gym because they were tired.

6. The police officer opened the box (careful).

7. The exercise wasn’t (easy) but I did it (easy).

Score 8

E. Complete with subject or object pronouns.

1. A: Where are my boots? I can’t find .

B: I think are under your bed.

2. Can you please help ? We don’t understand this.

3. Tina loves shopping. goes shopping every week.

4. Give that magazine, please. I want to read .

5. Look! Henry is riding a camel. Let’s take a picture of . looks scared!

Score 8

Total Score 40

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Module1 3(Units

A. Complete with the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. A: Why did you go to the shopping centre with your sister yesterday?
B: We (look for) a new skateboard.
2. B en and Sandy (not watch) a DVD when I returned home. They
(surf) the Net.
3. A: you (study) at 11 o’clock last night?
B: No, I (not study). I (sleep).
A: Good thing I didn’t call you.
Score 6
B. Complete with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. I (climb) a ladder when I (fall) and (hit)

my head.

2. A: What (John / do) when I (call)?

B: He (take) out the rubbish.

3. While Heather (read) a newspaper, we (make) popcorn.

4. Yesterday afternoon my friends and I (play) football in the park. Suddenly, it

(start) raining so we (decide) to go home early.

Score 11

C. Make sentences using the prompts given. Use the Past Simple and the Past Progressive.

1. While / Beth / walk / in the forest / she / find / a cat

2. I / run / to school / when / I / slip / and / fall

3. While / the boys / skateboard / the girls / ride / their bikes

4. Mrs Wales / iron clothes / when / the baby / start / screaming

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Score 8

D. Complete the sentences with some, any, no or every.

1. There aren’t posters on my bedroom walls.

2. We always have ice cream in the fridge.

3. There’s milk left. We can’t make the cake.

4. student in this school speaks two languages, French and German.

5. Can I have crisps, please?

6. child in my neighbourhood has got a bike and we all go to the park together.

7. Is there ketchup in the fridge?

Score 7

E. Circle the correct words.

1. These clothes are great. I want to buy nothing / everything in the shop.

2. There’s someone / nobody in the school. Everyone went home an hour ago.

3. What a mess! There are clothes everything / everywhere!

4. Can something / somebody help me, please?

5. Jack lives anywhere / somewhere near the shopping centre.

6. Is there anybody / everybody from London in your class?

7. I can’t find my mobile phone. It’s nowhere / anywhere in the house.

8. Everyone / No one liked the food. It was horrible.

Score 8

Total Score 40

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Grammar Test: Module 4 (Units 9-11)

A. Complete with can, could, may or might.

1. A: you post this letter for me, please?

B: Yes, of course.
2. A: I organise a party for my mum on her birthday this year.
B: Great idea.
3. A: Where’s Matt?
B: I don’t know. He be at the library.
4. A: I go to the concert with Tim?
B: Yes, but do your homework first.
A: OK.
5. A: you bring me a glass of water, Greg?
B: Sorry, I’m busy.

B. Choose a, b or c. Score 5
1. The car park is of the museum.
a. behind b. in front c. opposite
2. Let’s walk the park. It’s a nice day.
a. from b. through c. down
3. Children! Can you get the swimming pool now, please?
a. down b. up c. out of
4. There’s a library the bank on Glenn Street.
a. next b. opposite c. between
5. It’s about 2km my house to the city centre.
a. through b. from c. into
6. Look! There’s someone that tree and he’s looking at us!
a. behind b. around c. between

Score 6
C. Complete with the prepositions in the box.

into past next to between down around

1. The dog is chasing the cat the garden.

2. Jack doesn’t get up very early. He lives his school.
3. Put the books the box and take them to the classroom.
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4. Fiona is sitting Mary and Anna.

5. The tourists were climbing the mountain when they got lost.
6. We drove the clothes shop very quickly so I didn’t see the dresses in the shop window.

Score 6

D. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. Mr Thomson’s house is the (modern) house in the neighbourhood.

2. Frank is (good) at his work than Henry.

3. She’s the (friendly) person in my class.

4. My job isn’t as (important) as your job.

5. T
 he new bookshop is (far) from my house than the old bookshop, but I don’t mind


6. The roller coaster is (exciting) than the ferris wheel. Don’t you think?

7. Dennis isn’t as (chubby) as his brother.

Score 7

E. Look at the information and write sentences. Use the comparative form, the superlative form or as ... as and the
prompts given.

Ted: 16 years old

Mark: 16 years old
Lucy: 14 years old

1. M
 ark / old / Lucy

Mark is

2. Lucy / young / of the three

3. Mark / old / Ted

watch: €100
cap: €10
skateboard: €65
T-shirt: €10
4. watch / expensive / of the four

5. cap / expensive / T-shirt

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6. skateboard / expensive / cap

Score 6

Total Score 30

Grammar Test:Module
Module1 5(Units

A. Choose a or b.

1. If you decide to go to the party, me. 4. If you want to buy nice trainers, you to that
a. tell b. will tell shop over there.
a. go b. can go
2. If we protecting endangered species, they
will disappear. 5. If John wants to paint his bedroom, I him.
a. don’t start b. won’t start a. help b. will help

3.  to buy some fruit if you go to the 6. Lisa very happy if she does well in Maths
supermarket. this year.
a. Don’t forget b. Won’t forget a. is b. will be

Score 6
B. Read the situations and the prompts and write sentences. Use the Future going to.
1. Penny’s going to the park. (she / play / with / friends)

2. Tanya’s going to bed. (she / not watch / film / on TV)

3. Oh, no! It’s 8:30! (we / be / late)

4. The girls are better at volleyball than the boys. (boys / not win / game)

5. Be careful! (you / fall off / bridge)

6. It’s Brian’s birthday tomorrow. (he / have / party)

Score 6
C. Complete with the Future will of the verbs in brackets.
1. Tom is ill. I think he (not come) to school tomorrow.
2. A: (you / help) your mother clean the house?
B: Yes, Dad.
3. I like this T-shirt and I think I (buy) it.
4. I (write) the invitation for you. It isn’t difficult.
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5. I promise. I (not borrow) your clothes again!

6. Start studying or you (not go) out tonight.

Score 6

D. Match.
1. I want to cook but I haven’t got any time today. a. Yeah, I know. I think he’ll come home late again.
2. Dad is very busy at work these days. b. Buy me a new one or I won’t speak to you again.
3. I’m going to tell you something but don’t tell anyone. c. Don’t worry. I’ll make something.
4. Will you help me do my project? d. If it doesn’t rain, we’ll go swimming.
5. What can we do tomorrow? e. I promise I won’t.
6. I’m sorry I lost your cap. f. Of course I will, but later. OK?
Score 6

E. Choose a, b or c.

1. We get up without asking during the lesson. Our teacher will get angry.
a. don’t have to b. mustn’t c. didn’t have to

2. David wait for the bus. I drove him to school.

a. didn’t have to b. had to c. doesn’t have to

3. Philip to buy a ticket for the concert. I haven’t got an extra one.
a. has b. must c. doesn’t have

4. My school is organising a fun run. Students run if they don’t want to.
a. have to b. mustn’t c. don’t have to

5. I’m sorry sir. You eat in the museum.

a. mustn’t b. don’t have to c. don’t

6. My sister do the washing-up last night because my mum couldn’t do it.

a. had to b. has to c. must

Score 6

Total Score 30
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Grammar Test: Module 6 (Units 15-17)

A. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Lucy and Charlie (visit) the National Museum yet?

2. Ouch! I think I (sprain) my ankle.

3. Paul’s worried because he thinks he (lose) his MP3 player.

4. I don’t understand. You (not explain) it very well.

5. Andy ever (have) lessons with Mrs Kennedy?

6. My sister (not eat) anything since this morning. She’s very hungry.

Score 6
B. Circle the correct words.

1. Jill has never / before been to a hip hop concert.

2. Nina has worked for us for / since June.
3. I’ve worn those jeans twice / ever and I need to wash them.
4. Mum and Dad have yet / already finished cooking.
5. Two months before / ago we got a dog.
6. Haven’t you done the washing-up already/ yet?
7. Dr Jenkins has seen five people so far / ever.
8. I haven’t been to the city centre for / since days.
9. Daniel hasn’t eaten Chinese food before / never.
10. We moved here in / since 2004. Score 10

C. Complete with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. A: you ever (see) a wild animal?

B: Yes. I (see) an elephant last year when I (be) in India with my parents.

2. Anne (go) to Rome ten days ago but she (not visit) the Colosseum yet.

3. A: How long Jake (know) Tina?

B: For about ten years. They (meet) in 2000.

4. Linda (have) a car accident two years ago and she (not drive) a car since then.
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Score 9

D. Write sentences using the prompts given and the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple.

1. Raymond / be / football manager / for ten years

2. Maria / read / this book / two days ago

3. The girls / already / see / this film

4. I / never / have / a pet

5. The band / not go / on tour / last year

Score 5

E. Complete with the correct question tags.

1. You haven’t been to the doctor’s yet, ?

2. Jane’s a French teacher, ?
3. Your parents don’t really like hiking, ?
4. Giles and Miles can’t drive, ?
5. John used to go to the match every week, ?
6. Mum, you’ll help me with my project, ?
7. Ted wasn’t working last night, ?
8. Your sister goes to the gym every day, ?
9. The boys had lunch at a fast food restaurant, ?
10. Your uncle plays the guitar, ?

Score 10

Total Score 40
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Grammar Test: Module 7 (Units 18-21)

A. Choose the correct words.

1. A: Where are those CDs?

B: Which one / ones?
A: The one / ones I borrowed from Keith.
B: They’re in my room.
2. A: Mmm, all these cakes look tasty.
B: Get the one / ones with the cherries on it.
A: OK, then.
3. I love books. At the moment I’m reading one / ones about how to become famous. It’s a
bit boring, but I’ve got some really interesting one / ones at home.

Score 5
B. Write two sentences with too/enough and the adjectives given.

1. I want to go swimming but I can’t.

(warm) It isn’t warm enough.

2. Billy won’t win the race.

3. This jacket is €200 and I’ve only got €150.

Score 6

C. Complete with should or shouldn’t.

1. Perry’s got a terrible headache. He work on his computer. He go to bed early.

2. A: I buy flowers for my mother or get her a skirt for her birthday?
B: I think flowers are better.
3. You’ve just sprained your ankle. You walk. You relax and if it gets worse, call a
Copyright © MM Publications

4. You invite Claire to your party. We always have fun with her.
5. People leave their rubbish on the beach. They clean up before they leave.

Score 8

D. Choose a, b or c.
1. That’s a beautiful song. Listen to !
a. it b. its c. it’s
2. There’s John and Mark and that’s dog.
a. their b. theirs c. them
3. Mary loves shopping. wardrobe is full of clothes.
a. She b. Her c. Hers
4. Don’t take those books. They’re .
a. our b. her c. ours
5. What happened at the football match? Tell .
a. our b. me c. mine
6. A: Hey, that’s my bag.
B: No, it’s mine. is blue.
a. You b. Your c. Yours
Score 6
E. Choose the correct words.

1. Nina and Simon’s / Nina’s and Simon’s sister is very shy.

2. The men’s / mens’ clothes are over there.
3. Fred and Mike’s / Fred’s and Mike’s caps are new.
4. I’ve got a brother but we don’t share a room. My brother’s / brothers’ room is next to mine.
5. A: Who’s that man with the fair hair?
B: Harry / Harry’s.
Score 5

F. Choose a, b or c.

1. H
 ow days are there till the end of the school 6. There isn’t sunlight in your room. Let’s go
year? outside.
a. many b. much c. few a. many b. a little c. much
2. A: Do you want milk in your tea? 7. A: How are these jeans?
B: Just , please. B: They’re very cheap. Only €30.
a. a few b. a little c. much a. many b. much c. a lot
3. There are of cinemas in the city centre. 8. I ’ve seen of your dad’s paintings and they’re
a. many b. any c. lots quite good.
4. How time have we got left? a. any b. a little c. a few
a. many b. a little c. much 9. The car won’t start. We haven’t got petrol!
5. There are a magazines in my bedroom. Take a. any b. much c. a little
some. 10. I ’ve got T-shirts, Mum. Maybe over twenty!
a. lot of b. lots of c. many I don’t want more.
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a. a few b. lots of c. much

Score 10

Total Score 40

Grammar Test: Module 8 (Units 22-23)

A. Complete the dialogues with So / Neither + auxiliary verbs.

1. A: I’m going to the concert tonight.

B: I. It’s going to be great!

2. A: Ken has never played tennis before.

B: Brian. We’re going to win easily.

3. A: Mr and Mrs Rowntree hate watching talent shows.

B:  my mum. She thinks they’re boring.

4. A: We went to the funfair last week.

B: we. Did you like it?

5. A: I don’t take my bottles to the recycling bin.

B: I. I’m terrible.

6. A: Jean won’t travel to France this summer.

B: Marie. She’s staying here.

7. A: I couldn’t sleep last night.

B: I. There was so much noise.

8. A: Kate and Mike were at the cinema yesterday.

B:  my sister, but she didn’t like the film.

Score 8

B. Complete with the Present or Past Passive of the verbs in brackets.

1. A lot of pasta (eat) in Italy.

2. A new post office (build) in my neighbourhood a year ago.

3. Paper, plastic, glass, metal and batteries (recycle) in our city.

4. My projects (always/check) by Mr Andrews.

5. Last year many dolphins (kill) off the coast of New Zealand.

6. The e-mails (send) to another address and I never got them.

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7. This soap opera (watch) by millions of people every day. It’s very popular.

8. Thousands of images (download) from this website every day.

Score 8

C. Circle the correct words.

1. Millions of laptops sell / are sold every year.

2. The famous actress won / was won three awards.

3. Lots of people use / are used mobile phones.

4. Slumdog Millionaire directed / was directed by Danny Boyle.

5. Football plays / is played by two teams of eleven players.

6. We didn’t want to live in the city any more so we bought / were bought a house by the sea.

7. The robbers caught / were caught last night.

8. After the accident the little boy took / was taken to hospital.

Score 8

D. Complete with who or which. If the pronouns can be omitted, put them in brackets.

1. We live in a house is near a busy road.

2. A reporter is someone writes articles for newspapers or magazines.

3. Here’s the keyboard I bought last week.

4. Ellen went to the concert with a girl she met on the bus.

5. Do you like the jumper Lucy gave me?

6. Brenda Myers is the person won the competition.

Score 6

Total Score 30

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Final Grammar
Grammar Test:
Test: Module
Module1 8(Units 1-2)

A. Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. Randy (download) a music video at the moment.

2. Get that dog out of here! It (smell) awful.

3. My mum (usually / forget) her keys at the office.

4. Angie (travel) to Costa Rica next week.

5. How often he (have) piano lessons?

6. James (not want) to go out tonight.

Score 6

B. Circle the correct words.

1. How much / How many planets are there in our solar system?

2. I can’t find the theatre tickets anywhere / nowhere. What am I going to do?

3. There are a few / a little books on Mike’s desk.

4. He’s a famous actor. Nobody / Everybody knows him.

5. I can’t buy this coat. I haven’t got many / much money with me.

6. I’d like something / everything to drink, please.

Score 6

C. Complete with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. you (sleep) when I (come) back from work?

2. Celia (sell) her bike yesterday.

Copyright © MM Publications

3. Brian (not break) his leg in the accident last week but he (hurt) his back.

4. While Diane (walk) home, she (see) an old friend from school.

Score 7

D. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. Ron is (active) than his older brother.

2. Dorothy isn’t as (happy) now as she was in the past.

3. My parents are the (bad) drivers in the world.

4. This test is (easy) than the last one.

5. Fabric is the (crowded) club in the city.

Score 5

E. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Barney (not drive) a car since 1998.

2. A: How long they (have) this cat?

B: For a few months. They (get) it in May.

3. Charlie (be) to Italy. He (go) there two

years ago.

4. We (visit) New York in 2000.

5. I (not wash) the car yet. I’ll do it later.

Score 7

Copyright © MM Publications

F. Join the sentences. Use who or which.

1. Lucy works at a supermarket. It’s on Lipton Street.

Lucy works at a supermarket which is on Lipton Street.

2. There’s my neighbour. He’s got five dogs.

3. Here’s the camera. My brother bought it last week.

4. We watched a wildlife documentary. It was very interesting.

5. That’s my new classmate. I invited her to my party.

Score 4
G. Circle the correct words.

1. Last week I must / had to take my brother to school every day because my mum was working.

2. Tony has had a headache for three days. He must / has to see a doctor.

3. You don’t have to / mustn’t make noise in the hospital.

4. Kelly doesn’t have to / mustn’t tidy her room. I’ll do it.

5. Jack is ill and he has / must to take some medicine.

Score 5

H. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple Passive or the Past Simple Passive of the verbs in brackets.
1. This scarf (give) to me by my grandfather five years ago.
2. Every year on Thanksgiving, a big meal (prepare) by most families in the USA.
3. These paintings (sell) for over €1,000,000 last week.
4.  you (show) all the sights when you went on the
tour of the city?
5. The tigers at this zoo (not look after) well.
Copyright © MM Publications

Score 5

I. Choose a, b or c.

1. When I was young, I to ride my bike to school.

a. could b. used c. should

2. I don’t want to walk to Betty’s house. It’s .

a. far enough b. enough far c. too far

3. Tom’s going to do the washing-up, ?

a. is he b. isn’t he c. doesn’t he

4. If my painting is good, I the competition.

a. will win b. won c. win

5. I was born 1995.

a. since b. in c. on

6. The bank is the museum and the post office.

a. between b. in front c. next

7. The ball went the bathroom window.

a. from b. through c. around

8. A: I’ve taken up water polo.

B: .

a. So did I b. Neither have I c. So have I

9. Paul works three o’clock.

a. until b. on c. in

10. I want football in the park.

a. play b. to play c. playing

11. Amanda can’t cook very .

a. good b. best c. well

12. This pencil isn’t . Maybe it’s Jack’s.

a. me b. my c. mine

13. We buy a dog but we haven’t decided for sure yet.

a. may b. will c. can

14. you help me open this window, please?

a. Could b. May c. Might

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15. Karen and I are Victor next weekend.

a. will visit b. going to visit c. visit

Score 15

Score 60

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material in the Test Booklet in • Interleaved Teacher’s Book
electronic form, which gives the • Teacher’s Resource CD/CD-ROM
teacher the possibility to add, omit • Class CDs
or change the order of items and/or
• Interactive Whiteboard Material
exercises according to the needs of
each class.

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