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Mini 300 LED

Gas Station & Under Canopy Series G2

Mini 300 LED Gas Station & Canopy Series G2
Features and Benefits:
• Up to 100,000 hour Rated System Life @ 40°C (104°F). Designed and tested
to meet LM-79 & LM-80 standards. Refer to spec sheet for complete configuration life charts.
• Suitable for single skin (thru canopy), double skin (recessed) and surface
mount applications.
• Rated for outdoor ambients from -30° to 40°C (25° to 104°F).
• Integrated die cast aluminium thermal management system for maximum heat
M3L-32G2-SS with ‘EPC’ option
dissipation and increased air flow, maximizing life and LED performance.
• A choice of LED optic systems available with symmetrical and asymmetrical
distributions. Optional shine optics enhance the overall brightness
from a distance to direct visual interest and appeal.
• Choice of 5,700 and 4,000K color temperatures, with typical 70 CRI for
Cool White (CW) and 65 CRI for Neutral White (NW).
• LEDs are protected by a tempered flat glass lens sealed with silicone
gasketing to provide a clean dust tight optical assembly and ease of
luminaire cleaning and maintenance from below the luminaire.
• 0-10V dimming driver and Philips Dynadimmer control options reduce light
M3L-48G2-SS with ‘EPC’ option output during off-peak hours for additional energy savings.
• Qualifies for many Utility and Petroleum rebate programs nationwide.

Series # of LEDs Driver Led Color Distribution Voltage Mounting

 M3L Mini 300  32G2 32 LEDGINE  700 700 mA  CW Cool White  S Symmetrical  120 120V  SS 4,5 Single Skin
LED Generation 2 Driver (5700K +/- 250K) (thru canopy)
 A Asymmetrical  208 208V
(up to 6,500 lumens
approx.)  NW Neutral White  240 240V  DS Double Skin
(4000K +/- 250K) (recessed mount)
 SS Symmetrical  277 277V
 48G2 48 LEDGINE Shine
 347 347V  SM Surface Mount
Generation 2
(up to 9,960 lumens  AS Asymmetrical  480 480V
Shine Retrofit Kit
approx.)  UNV Universal  RK11
Voltage LSI Dakota
120-277V (2’ x 2’ Box)

Options Finish Accessories (must be ordered separately & field installed)

 F12 Single Fusing (120, 277, 347V) Dynadimmer Dynadimmer Dynadimmer  WHT Smooth General Accessories
Safety Profile Median Profile Economy Profile white
 F22 Double Fusing (208, 240, 480V)  F1-KIT2 Single Fusing Field Installed Kit
powder (120, 277, 347V)
 DD 0-10V Dimming Driver  DS253  DM253  DE253 coat
(includes dimming driver with leads
exiting the luminaire for secondary  DS503  DM503  DE503  F2-KIT2 Double Fusing Field Installed Kit
(208, 240, 480V)
 DS75 3
 DM75 3
 DE75 3
Retrofit Accessories
 EPC6 Environmental Protection Cover
(single skin only)  RK2-M3L 4 Retrofit Kit #2
(LSI Scottsdale or similar)

 RK3-M3L 5 Retrofit Kit #3

(LSI Richmond or similar)

1) ‘RK1’ Retrofit kit designed for field replacement of LSI’s Dakota surface mount luminaire only. installation instructions IS801559 for details. The “Scottsdale” luminaire is a product manufactured by
Refer to installation instructions IS801571 for details. The “Dakota” luminaire is a product Lighting Services, Inc (“LSI”).
manufactured by Lighting Services, Inc (“LSI”). 5) ‘RK3-M3L’ is a retrofit kit for the single skin mount. Designed to replace an LSI Richmond luminaire or
2) Specify voltage. Fusing not available with ‘UNV’ voltage option. similar product. Can accommodate an existing cutout up to 19.4” x 13.1”. Refer to installation
instructions IS801558 for details. The “Richmond” luminaire is a product manufactured by Lighting
3) Dynadimmer options are only available in 120-277V. Dimming driver included.
Services, Inc (“LSI”).
4) ‘RK2-M3L’ is a retrofit kit for the single skin mount. Designed to replace an LSI Scottsdale recessed
6) Available only for single skin mounting. Vented sheet metal environmental top cover provides
luminaire or similar product. Can accommodate an existing cutout up to 13.1” x 13.1”. Refer to
protection from direct sun and debris accumulation.


3-Day Available!
Refer to the Mini 300 LED Stocking Spec Sheet for complete
ordering information, provisions and shipping details.

Philips Wide-Lite reserves the right to change specifications and dimensions without notice.
Please refer to detailed specification sheets for additional information and spec details.
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