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Addie Schlegel, Jazlyn Moock, and Jorn Krider

Baby Project
1. Alex, Female, Addie & Jorn, Jazlyn
2. Karyotype:
a. XX
b. 23
c. Yes, Patau Syndrome
d. #13 has 3 chromosomes
e. An unusually small head, intestines grow outside of body at birth, low birth
weight, cleft lip and palate, episodes of no breathing or severe breathing
difficulty, extra fingers or toes, a heart murmur, seizures
f. She will most likely pass away shortly after birth but if she does survive, she will
live a very slow, painful life. Children have long points where they cannot breathe
and that can happen very often. When that happens the guardian will have to
perform resuscitation and the child often begins to turn blue from loss of oxygen.
g. Breathing tubes can be inserted and resuscitation can be administered.
3. Pedigree:
a. Cystic Fibrosis
b. Coughing sometimes with blood, repeated lung infections, loss or trouble to gain
weight, fatty stool, abdominal pain, constipation, wheezing, delay in puberty,
inability to exercise, male infertility, pneumonia
c. A salt injection to increase sodium can help, a vaccine to prevent pneumonia,
draining of mucus from lungs
d. If mom is a carrier, Alex has a 25% chance of having cystic fibrosis and a 50%
chance of being a carrier. If mom is not a carrier Alex has a 50% chance of being
a carrier and 0% chance of having cystic fibrosis.
C c


c Cc cc



c Cc Cc

4. Blood Type: Our baby’s blood type could be type A heterozygous or type B
heterozygous. Multiple squares were not necessary because we knew the blood type for
the parents was heterozygous and homozygous. We would have had to do multiple
squares only if the blood type for the parents was type A or B.




5. Baby Lab:
a. Face shape is an autosomal dominant or recessive trait. The baby’s genotype is Aa
heterozygous. The baby’s phenotype is round face
b. Eye shape is an autosomal dominant or recessive trait. The baby’s genotype is tt
homozygous recessive. The baby’s phenotype is round eyes.
c. Wavy Hair type is inherited by incomplete dominance because it is a mix between
straight hair and curly hair. The baby’s genotype is Mm and the phenotype is
wavy hair.
d. Eye color is polygenic. Polygenic traits are characteristics controlled by two or
more genes. Our baby’s genotype is Pp Qq and our baby’s phenotype is brown
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