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To proclaim the Gospel; equip the next generation; mobilize the church throughout the world

January 9, 2013

Dear Partner and Friend,

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem and again a blessed 2013 in Jesus our Lord. As we
write this update today, hail and then snow is falling on the ground in Jerusalem. It is rare to
see this much snow here. When it happens once a year, it melts very fast. This is the most
snow that has fallen in 20 years. We were reminded of Psalm 51 when King David prayed,
“Lord make me white as a snow”. How Our Heavenly Father desires to forgive the sins of
Israel and the world, and make the heart of people clean and white as snow through His
Precious Son Jesus. One day He will rule the world according to His Word. What a vision He
has for the World –John 3:16.

December was a great month in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. We want to share a little of what
The Lord has done. Our team of 8 joined another group from The Baptist House here in Jerusalem. As you already know, on December
24th, many Arab Muslims and Arab Christians (mostly Catholics) from many villages come out to see what happens at Manger Square.
Thousands of visitors from around the world come to visit as well. We prayed to our Father in the name of Jesus that His Spirit would
lead us to the right people. There were thousands of people and much noise and confusion in the area. Sad to say that the leaders of
the West Bank instead of focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, they used the front stage for political propaganda, and the real
message was lost. However, our team was focused on sharing the real meaning of Christmas; The incarnation of God The Son, His
death to forgive sins, and His resurrection to give life before The Father (John 14:6). We had endless opportunities to share the Gospel
to many Arab Muslims and Arab Catholics. Here are few examples to pray for. We thank God for Samer and her friend who heard the
Gospel and went home to think about it. For Zechariah, for Maya and many others who went home with the message. We trust The
Lord to bear fruit in His time.

But we thank God for Iman (her name means “faith”) as she took time to hear the Gospel and the love of God for her. You could see
her eyes getting brighter as she understood more. Her heart opened up to make the decision for Messiah Jesus as Lord and we praise
God for this. What a miracle done by the Spirit of God. We also thank God for M, a true believer in Jesus living in Bethlehem, who will
do the follow up/ discipleship. It was a day orchestrated by the Lord. Please pray for wisdom, as we continue to get phone calls to come
to the West Bank to visit and share more.

Then our team went to a local church in Jerusalem from 9 pm to 12 Midnight to hand out Hebrew New Testaments to countless Israelis
coming to a special concert for Christmas. Amazing how much Israelis like visiting the Churches on Christmas Eve. They were enjoying
the cookies and cider and the concert. What an incredible time to share and fellowship. Lots of Bibles were given out.

A few special Christmas gifts the Lord gave us in December:

We had an amazing divine appointment with a young Israeli named Shimon. He lives in
Jerusalem part time and part time in Scotland. He is Jewish and is married to a non Jewish
Scottish wife and has 1 small child. He wants us to share this with you for prayer. Shimon
was broken as his wife left with their child some time back. Shimon had been reading the
Bible and has head knowledge of the message, but not a saving knowledge of Jesus as God.
After a long conversation, The Spirit of God convicted his heart of the necessity to know
Jesus for who He is, God the Son. With true conviction and love, Shimon believed in His
heart and surrendered his life to Jesus. He connected the spiritual reality that Jesus is God
according to the Word of God.

For 3 weeks we visited each other’s home for follow up/ discipleship, to share a meal and to
pray together. Our friends ministered to him too and encouraged him to find a good
congregation of true believers in Scotland to fellowship with. Today January 9 Shimon departed to Scotland. I (Henry) went to his house
to say bye, and met his mother who is a Jewish religious orthodox woman. Wow, what a powerful time to open up about Messiah Jesus
and His love for this family. She is a widow and already has asked us to please visit for a meal. Pray for her salvation and that salvation
will come to her home in Jerusalem. God loves widows and orphans. After all, we are all orphans adopted by our Heavenly Father
through His love in the Son – what a miracle!
Another Christmas gift was my brother Jose who is in Costa Rica sent his son Gabriel to visit us for 3
weeks. In the natural Gabriel enjoyed being in Israel, but in the spiritual we ministered to his heart in the
light of God’s Word. How God through this nation became flesh, born in Bethlehem and died and rose from
the dead in Jerusalem. We explained God’s plan for the future for those who are in Jesus the Messiah and
the eternal life we will have in Him. Gabriel does not want to miss God’s best for him. He understood the
nature of sin and the love of God in his life. Gabriel not only surrendered his life to Jesus as Lord, but also,
he made the decision to get baptized in the Jordan River. Today he is growing in the Lord in Costa Rica.
Please pray for him.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. The Lord is using you to advance His Kingdom. It is
such a privilege and honor to co-labor together.

Upcoming Evangelistic Outreach and/or Mission Conference Seminars

Liberia, West Africa

Feb 8-9 - Evangelistic outreaches Monrovia (Team member Edy, a Messianic Jew from Romania will join us)
Feb 12-17 - Mission conference and visiting orphanages (Please pray for the necessary finances)

Kathmandu, Nepal
Feb 24 to March 5 - Equipping churches on evangelism for future Jewish outreach. The Himalayas are a popular destination for Israelis.
(Please pray for traveling mercies and favor as we work with the local body. We pray to bring a tangible gift)

Prayer Requests:
For Darlene’s family – her brother Mason had a stroke last summer and is slowly recovering. He is still paralyzed on his left side. Pray
please that the Lord would bring encouragement to Mason and would strengthen his body. Also pray for her other brother Paul who is
struggling in his health and his faith. Pray please for our family. These past several months have been very difficult. We are trusting the
Lord that our family will be saved.

 If The Lord puts in your heart to donate for particular projects like orphanages, or printing materials for equipping the church
and other needs, we really appreciate it. We are believing for the funds for rice for the orphans.

 Please know that your prayers and support help us to do His work. Together we can accomplish much for His Glory and
Honor. We thank God for you.

 A Provision in “Fiscal Cliff” Law Provides a Very Limited Window of Time For a donor to Make Direct Charitable IRA
Distributions in January of 2013 and Count Them as Made in December of 2012 – Please if the Lord leads you to participate in
this program toward World Mission Outreach – feel free to contact our accountant Oscar Kornblatt at 719-471-7366 or for further information.

 Israel Outreach May 2013, interested? Contact Christiane for details at: This is a life changing trip!

May The Lord bless you and may you be in the center of His perfect will.

Sojourners with Him,

Henry and Darlene Matarrita

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