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Multimedia Project : Facts about French Cuisine and Eating Habits

Teacher Name: Ms. Viveros

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Attractiveness Makes excellent Makes good use
Makes use of Use of font,
use of font, of font, color,
font, color, color, graphics,
color, graphics, graphics, etc. to
graphics, etc. but etc. but these
etc. to enhance enhance to occasionally often distract
the presentation. presentation.these detract from the
from the presentaion
presentation content.
Requirements All requirements All requirements One requirement More than one
are met and are met. was not requirement was
exceeded. completely met. not completely

Content Covers topic in- Includes Includes Content is

depth with essential essential minimal OR
details and knowledge about information there are several
examples. Also the topic. Some about the topic factual errors and
includes comparison but there are 1-2 no cultural
comparisons between cultures. factual errors. comparisons.
between cultures. Subject There are no
Subject knowledge cultural
knowledge is appears to be comparisons.
excellent. good.
Spelling and No misspellings Three or fewer Four More than 4
Grammer or grammatical misspellings misspellings errors in spelling
errors in both the and/or and/or or grammar in
English and grammatical grammatical both the English
French sections errors in both the errors in both the and French
combined. English and English and sections
French sections French sections combined.
combined. combined.
Organization Content is well Uses headings or Content is There was no
organized using bulleted lists to logically clear or logical
headings or organize, but the organized for the organizational
bulleted lists to overall most part. structure, just lots
group related organization of of randomly
material. topics is unclear. organized facts.

Date Created: November 11, 2018