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 Graduated from Institute of Technology Bandung – Indonesia
 Supervisor of Outpatient Pharmacy Unit– Krakatau Medika Hospital Cilegon –

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to submit my name and documents for the Masters program in Translational
Medicine at University of Helsinki.
I come from Indonesia, a developing country in Southeast Asia whose total population
reached over 260 million in this year (2017). Indonesia, however, still has many issues
related with health. The diversity of ethnic and the vast settlement distribution have created
challenges for health system management in Indonesia.
Currently I am working in Krakatau Medika Hospital (a state hospital-owned company), and
one of the largest healthcare institution at Banten Province. My job here is as a Supervisor
who responsible in serving medication for outpatient unit. I achieved this position after I have
succeeded in managing few project at my hospital, which was closely related with selecting
the appropriate kind of medicine that can be used for therapy at my hospital.
In order to be able to make a contribution to my company and country, I have decided to
take my education to the next level and try to earn a Master’s degree in Translational
Medicine which I expect to enhance my knowledge especially related with the skill and ability
to educate patient while further aiming for public health issues. I am sure these disciplines
will help me gain a perfect competence in my role as a pharmacist/apothecary.
I am interested in the program offered by Faculty of Medicine at University of Helsinki, as it
inherent with my field of work and will teach me how to actively participate in patient
education. I would also like to take advantage of this program’s diversity and potential,
mingle with students from around the world, and improve my global networking. I believe that
living in Finlandia for approximately two years offers a great environment for both studying
and socializing with friends. I perceive taking the program far away from home as a great
chance to improve myself, both socially and scientifically. I am ready to learn new
languages, make new friends, and take part in various activities in order to adapt to new
cultures. I believe that taking the program means not only learning more, but also learning
about life in the higher degree.
I will be grateful if I can be accepted in Master of Translational Medicine in this period. It will
also allow me to provide a greater assistance and contribution to my role.

Yours Faithfully,