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Election Commission of India

Election Monitoring
 Computerized tracking of the election process with the critically
important objective of being able to take timely action in real time.
 Activity can be of predetermined nature or non-predetermined nature
(eg. Incidents of violence). Both types of events need to trigger action
on getting recorded into the system.
 Information Collection for Personnel details of the Election Officials to
help Communication.
 GIS and Chart based System to easily monitor the comparison level
complete election process.
 Election Planning to reschedule the election process.
 Automatic Alert system(by Web, SMS and Email etc)
 Automatic sending of SMSs to the persons who are not reporting
within scheduled / expected time limits.
 Automatic sending of SMSs to police stations, magistrates etc. on
receipt of reports of events like violence etc. from polling booths,
sector officers etc
 Current Poll day Activities
 Critical Incident.
 Over 13373 state officials are visited Dashboard application and easily
get the various type of reports on time.
 Remove communication gap during election time.
 Real time election process related information.
 Higher level officer can easily monitoring complete election process
 Contact directory to help directly communicate to the Concern Person.
 Centralized System to track state progress as well as neighbor stat poll
progress on real time basis.
 Odisha State Said that with the help of dashboard application we gave
the information to media directly from dashboard.
 State Officials said that it is easy to monitor complete election process
and go to Report section we can directly Print/Export any types of
 Smoothly handle General Election to Lok Sabha -2014
 97 CEOs, 698 DEOs, 660 SPs, 578 District Control Room,1126 Ro of PCs,
3759 Ro of Acs, 341 Divisional Commissioner,295 IG of Police Zone and
356 DIG of Police Range are registered with contact details and
 Election Officer Information
 Polling Station
 Polling Personnel
 Law & Order
 Poll Event
 Polling Incidence
 Live Webcasting
 Voter turnout
 E-Roll
 Strong Room (Warehouse) Information
 Contesting Candidate Information
Designed to facilitate various election related reports in various formats.
Application consists data entry module and display dashboard.
Covers before poll, during poll and after poll activities.

 Before Poll:
 Officer Info, Polling Station Information, Polling Personnel, Law & Order,

 During Poll:
 Poll Event, Polling Incidence, 2 Hourly Turnout

 After Poll:
 AC Turnout, PS Turnout, Trends & Results and strong room information
 Automatic reschedule election process
 Refine root level information.
 Force Deployment Management System.
 Track Sensitive Information and display on
GIS Map.
 Polling personnel deployment system at
national level.
 Develop mechanism for Data consistency and
accuracy at state level.
 GIS Map based Reports using SSRS.
 Interactive drill down and drill through reports.
 Predefine SMS Format for collection
 .Net based web platform to monitor activities.
 Alert system using Push/Pull SMS Technology.
 Find exact location on Google Map if the
incident will happen.
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