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The Meeting
The sound of blades echoes in his mind while he walks in the path of
dirt on his way home. Returning in his room at the inn he saw a letter
on the floor just outside in his room that has a red stamp on it, inside of
the stamp is the symbol of lions head and under that head is cross
sword that has a shield on the center which symbolizes a paladin.
Hinatsu expeditiously opened the letter and the first thing he see is
“We found her.” He quickly gathered his things in the inn and set foot
to the eastern border. On his way he saw a girl that has troubling look
on her as if she is lost her way to something he approached the girl
and Hinatsu ask “Are you lost miss?” she quickly backed away from
him and tried to pulled something in the stick like figure covered in
cloth then she ask “get away from me.” He quickly replied and said
“I’m just trying to help you.” Then she lowered the stick liked figure and
said” oh… I’m sorry I thought you were going to kidnap me or
something.” With a troubled looked Hinatsu asked “why would
someone like to kidnap a girl like you?” The girl quick replied “Don’t
mind that tiny detail, by the way do you have an extra map that shows
the way to the eastern boarder?” Hinatsu replied “Sorry, I don’t have
an extra I only have one map. The girl replied “That’s too bad, I lost
my map here. “ Hinatsu asked the girl “do you want to tag along with
me?” the girl quickly replied with a straight face “Can I trust you?” he
quietly starred the girl and said “If you can’t trust me, then I will do
something that can make me earn the trust that you need.” She
asked Hinatsu “what is your name by the way?” Hinatsu replied
“Hinatsu Senju” She laughed loudly and said “what kind of name is
that.” Hinatsu replied “what is your name then?” she replied “Cecilia
Lighthope” Hinatsu said “If you are going with we better leave now”
She quickly replied and said “Wait I’m just going to buy something for
our journey.”
Cecilia told Hinatsu to stay put and quickly left, He stood in the same
place for a long period of time then Cecilia finally got back and she
is carrying a bag full of herbs and food. Hinatsu asked Cecilia “Why
did you buy that much and how much does that cost?” she replied
“about 900Ruppies” Hinatsu is shocked on how much she bought with
her money. Hinatsu packed the stuff they only needed and sold off
the stuff that will be useless and they left the village. On their way to
the next village Hinatsu felt a something was wrong and when he was
about to look behind him something was thrown in the wood towards
them and it exploded and became smoke screen. Hinatsu quickly
grabbed Cecilia hand and said “don’t let go” she hold his hand tightly
and they run away but the pursuers out run them and blocked the
way then Hinatsu whispered something to Cecilia and chanted
“oh… darkness inside manifest yourself into a blade that destroy my
enemies with ease”
A powerful gust of wind blew from where they are and after the wind
settle she opened up her eyes and she saw Hinatsu holding a broken
blade that has only single edge and surrounded by 3 people that
have been cut down, while Hinatsu run towards her Cecilia fainted.
Cecilia woke up near a fire and quickly stand up then she saw Hinatsu
playing flute. Hinatsu notice that Cecilia has woken up and tried to go
near her but she backed away Hinatsu said”your reaction is normal
for a person who didn’t experience in a real battle” Cecilia replied
”did you really killed those men out there?” Hinatsu replied “yes” She
is observing Hinatsu and stayed quiet for a minute the she asked
another question. ”What was that blade you are holding earlier?”
Hinatsu replied” Murasame is the name of the blade is the broken
blade.” She whispered “The demon’s blade” Cecilia said “So you’re
demon’s blade” Hinatsu nodded and said”at dawn we leave and
after that you decide if you’re going to stay with me or not” Hinatsu
said the words with a straight face and with a serious tone of voice.
The Choice
Cecilia is thinking hard if she’s going to stay with him or if she’s going
to leave. Hinatsu called Cecilia and they left the camp, on the way
to the next village they remain silent until Hinatsu asked “why are those
people trying to kidnap you” Cecilia replied “I can’t say it at the
moment this should be discussed indoors.” Hinatsu replied “this must
be very important if you can’t say it out here!” Hinatsu whispered “be
quiet” they keep walking then a person wearing a black cloak is
approaching in front of them Hinatsu quickly summoned Murasame
and form a defensive stance covering Cecilia at his back. Cecilia
quickly uncovered the stick like figure and it was the sword Misteltein.
The sword Misteltein is the sword that can annihilate anything. Hinatsu
is shocked that the blade in front of him is one of the 7 sacred blades.
Hinatsu didn’t notice but the black cloak person blink in front of him
and tried stabbed Cecilia on his right side but Hinatsu reacted quickly
and blocked blade using his broken blade but the cloaked man
quickly recovered and slashed his blade to the right side and it hit
Hinatsu left arm. The blade that Cecilia carries has been stabbed in
the grown and her skin turned pale as if here mana was quickly
The cloaked man quickly fled away then Hinatsu quickly run beside
Cecilia and hold here then said “why did you draw the blade?” she
replied “I thought you needed some help so I tried use this blade
again” Hinatsu quickly checked her pack If she has any item that can
return a portion of her mana Hinatsu failed to find anything that can
replenish Cecilia’s mana. He used his blood and draw a rune that
create a link that connects the flow of their mana. Hinatsu used the
link and transfer his through a kiss in on the run at her forehead. Cecilia
quickly regained her consciousness and saw Hinatsu is looking her
straight “How did you get a hold of that blade?” Cecilia replied
“Before ‘I’ll answer that question we should get you healed first.”
Hinatsu agreed to Cecilia suggestion.
Hinatsu lost conscious and passed out Cecilia tried to use the potion
she bought but it didn’t do anything. Cecilia carried hinatsu to the
village and asked the villagers to help Hinatsu and one of the villagers
helped Cecilia carrying Hinatsu to the inn and they put Hinatsu into
the nearest room. Cecilia stayed beside Hinatsu until one of the
villagers found a doctor and Identified that Hinatsu’s would was
reason why he is in such state because the blade that slashed his left
arm was covered in poison luckily the poison can be removed by the
doctor with the antidote, Cecilia asked where can she find the
ingredients and the doctor replied “don’t worry, I got the antidote
here” with a sign of relief the doctor apply the antidote on the wound.
“He is alright now, all he needs now is time to rest.” She thanked the
doctor and stay beside Hinatsu.
Hinatsu woke up and heard a lullaby then he his head in the side and
saw a girl that has long red hair and has a voice as if a warm gentle
fire shields from the cold darkness. Cecilia rushed toward to the bed
and asked Hinatsu if he’s alright and Hinatsu replied “I’m fine, how
about you.” Cecilia replied “I’m alright because of you”
Cecilia is look at Hinatsu and said it with a serious tone of voice
“Hinatsu I’m going to stay with you until the end of this journey” Hinatsu
nodded and said “Ok, I will protect you” Cecilia blushed while she is
looking at hinatsu face.