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For many applications, the choice of

polymer material used depends upon a
balance of stiffness, toughness, ductility,
strength, resilience and effort. It Is typical
of polymers like acetal that the rigidity
increases as impact strength decreases. In
this type of polymers, the stiffness will
Graphic y. Tensile test in acetal that shows
vary with time, stress and temperature, the
the force as a function of the displacement
toughness is influenced by the design and
Acetal tensile test
size of the component, processing 1,40E+07

conditions and the temperature of use. 1,20E+07

According to several studies or tests to 1,00E+07


Strain (N)
several samples of acetal, it has been 6,00E+06 Series1
possible to verify that acetal is a polymer 4,00E+06
with very good impact strength, but is a 0,00E+00
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
polymer without an excellent tensile -2,00E+06

Graphic z. tensile test in acetal that show
When the stress test is carried out on the strain as a function of the elongation.
polymers such as acetal, the rupture or
failure of the sample is obtained in a According to the graphic “x” the acetal
uniform manner, as can be seen in the presents a fracture that seems like a flat
image presented below, which shows how surface which means that the material is
the acetal specimen fractures in a planar fragile and at the same time presents
manner, contrary to what happens with toughness.
metals, such as aluminum, in which the This fracture took place when the material
sample used in the experiment breaks was exposed for 1.76 minutes to the tensile
down disproportionately. test. What happens here was that when the
material stretched almost 55mm ( see
graphic “Y”) more than its initial state it
broke and left that flat shape result.

Other aspects that can be analyzed are first

of all, the slope that the acetal got in the
graphic z was 4000000; it start from 0 and
almost reaches the (2,3633N,98091mm)
coordinate, which denotate how the
strength of the acetal is. At a higher slope
mayor strength. When the stress applied is
approximately 10000 N, the material
changes the behave from a straight line
into a curve, that curve large zone
Graphic x. Acetal sample after of represents the deformation that has the
application of tensile test. polymer know as ductility which is
Secondly, if we observe the graphic z, it
has the fracture point at 5,2126mm and it
maximum point of stress is about
11937707 N. So, we can deduce some
stages that are present in the tensile
process; it starts with an elastic behave
then it deforms and you get to see a little
more resistance from the acetal to the
stress applied until it breaks

Finally, previously we mention that in the

figure x we could see a flat surface that
means that the acetal presents toughness
which have a value of 54344,73mm2 that
means the state of being strong enough to
withstand adverse conditions or rough

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