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This is response and in favour of the Declaration of

Nationhood sent out by Gary Metallic, Hereditary Chief,

Mi'kmaq Nation on the status of Mi'kmaw People, who are not
status indians under the indian act, but must be affirmed as
Treaty Beneficiaries in our newly emerging Nationhood intents.
(the is fondly known by me as the Mother's Day Declaration).

"Its is natural to have a reaction to change, especially if

you are seen as a new kid of the block that is bringing a new
element; that changes the status quo, in the area if
Indigenous Sovereignty. We must understand that this area of
Self-Government has been dominated by a circle of nations,
through through their representatives, within our Territories
and in the International forum; for over fifty years. WE have
only recently realised the extensive work that was done by the
appointed N.G.O.'s; that worked on the adoption of the
Indigenous Declaration in New York, sept 13/07, and how those
representatives were appointed. While their work is to be
commended, much of the actual deliberating was not known by
the peoples they represented, behind the doors of the U.N.
meetings; and this is the the problem lies, it was a process
between the member states of the U.N. and the appointed
N.G.O.'s, excluding the voice of our peoples.

There is a reason for my ranting about this process, bear with

me; and that is i have read in the emails concerns about: who
can sign; should we accept the Black Indians; the Metis; and
perhaps other questionable peoples; who may have not been
recognized by other recognized Tribal Nations in canada and
the u.s.?

'I SAY THAT under the new Nation, we cannot exclude these
Peoples from participating and becoming full Partners, because
if we deny them that right -we are no better than the
offending colonizing countries that deny them basic human
rights to survive as Peoples. We are their last hope, because
they have been rejected by not only canada and the u.s. but by
our Tribal Governments created by these offending countries.
Our new Nation promises that it will be a Peoples government
and not a democratic one that exists within our Territories
known as indian act systems- where basic human rights are
violated with no end in sight.

This Declaration must be signed by not only representing

Chiefs, but also by the Elders, Women, Men, Children; who
validate the legitimacy of our new Nationhood. As i write this
on Mother's Day and extend and extend my Heartfelt gratitude
to the Mothers who have brought us into this Earth, i cannot
express in words the vital importance of having our Woman
participate in the building process of our new Nation; we need
their compassion and nurturing abilities to this Infant Nation
to grow; as it is their Creator given gift to nurture a Child
until it is ready to survive the elements of of our Earth

We as Men, and not all, have not done a very good job in
nurturing our Peoples; we are aggressive in nature and there
is no balance when it comes to compassion when it is needed,
we tend to create more problems than solving them with

Peace, welalien, Gary Metallic, Hereditary Chief, Mi'kmaq

Nation, 2008
i strongly affirm our Chief's Declaration, for bringing the
Spirit of Unity Winds to blow through our Hearts healing the
doubts and accusations that results from being a colonized
Nation. (its hard to say that word in the past tense, as the
colonization process attempts by the government and various
institutions strongly continues)
Is is simply mirroring our oppressors that results in some of
us pointing a finger and stating, "What you don't have a band
number your not micmac", "What you don't speak Mi'kmaw, your
not an Indian, (where does that leave Peoples in Membertou,
Eel River Bar and many other communities that are english as a
first language), or is it something deeper, where scarcity
dominates over the symptoms of oppression,
BUT being under the Mantle of Treaty Protection as a
Beneficiary fully realised will heal the fears of scarcity
that are in our Peoples Hearts.
And it is on the other side of fence to our neighbors yards
where i hope Chief Metallic's Winds of Change blow as well, as
here in Acadian Communites you can still hear, "what your part
micmac??? Savage!""
Where at the recent Human Rights atrocities committed during a
war started by DFO against our fishers in Metepenakiak (Burnt
Church) resulted in Acadian mobs burning fish factory
associated with buying Seafood from the Mi'kmaw Fishers.
I posit that is has been for 500 years our Brothers and
Sisters of the French Nation who moved here and settled what
they called Acadia (Akati is a Mi'kmaw root - its a Mi'kmaq
term!!!). These Acadian were invited to sit by our Fires,
where they were bonding into Mi'kmaw families thru marriage
and good efforts. We recognize/ed the Acadians as True Peoples
in our Cosmic Universe.

Not only was the Acadians sitting by our fires,> in the

Acadian Communities themselves, where some of our Mi'kmaw Men
and Women lived thru marrige and other good efforts, these
Mi'kmaw were received with the same respect and grandeur, and
were once proud and respected members of Acadia.

it is time to allow the Winds of Change to do its Holy Work.

One Mi'kmaw Elder wrote in May 2008,
"The L'nu are one People in Treaty. We are equal in Treaty.
We, the Beneficiary of the Treaty Relationship share a common
descendant line of entitlement. We are fully protected by a
spiritual hedge surrounding our Rights, and are entitled to a
moderate livelihood by law of Treaty {(note from sender: these
Mi'kmaq Treaties were recently ratified by the Supreme Court
of canada, being the first Aboriginal Treaty recognized as
being absolute by a modern colonizing Supreme Legislative
Branch of any government- granting inherent Rights- and the
Right for Treaty Beneficiaries to a moderate livelihood) and
as in euro assemblies where one has to swear on the bible, we
too note that these Treaties were sealed with a Ceremony of
from our Great-Pipes, thus making them Holy Sacraments.
emphasis mine}.
The L'nu cannot change one word or phrase of the Terms of the
Treaty(s) and cannot under any conditions remove themselves
from comprehensive Treaty Protection, regardless of merit or
pending any legal instrument. Consent to change the Treaty is
impossible. Consultation to seek the consent of the
Beneficiary Community is an unlawful enterprise when it is
designed to deny fundamental rights individually held by each
descendant Beneficiary of Treaty Protection. No person may
come before you and demand you comply with anything that is
against your Treaty; whomever they are, or whatever authority
they claim to represent; they are wrong, regardless. The
Treaty you have is irrevocable. Like the word of God, it
cannot change. It is carved in stone and free to every
Beneficiary seeking a livelihood. It doesn't matter if you are
well advantaged or poorly prepared, It offers the benefits to
all. The same protection and hope against all the enemies of
Good Intention. It will serve you and help you achieve what
you need for a moderate livelihood. That is the Law"

i myself believe and further posit that the Acadian/Mi'kmaq

Peoples who have a legitimate claim, whether by misadventure
or the twisting of fate; who feel like they are not longer
living under the Mantle of Treaty Protection as any member of
the Mi'kmaq Nation -be renewed as beneficiaries of the Mi'kmaq
chain of Treaties; because i further state that these
Mi'kmaq/Acadian where living under the Mantle of Treaty
protection when the Treaties were actually being signed by our
Grandfathers; and in some cases in Wapana'ki Territories these
Acadian/Native peoples were actual signers of these said
Sacred and Holy Treaties, furthermore as well any other such
persons who can prove a legitimate claim to being a member of
the Mi'kmaq Nation including those reinstated under "that
bill-that was enacted into-law C-31", can lay claim in thier
minds and in thier Hearts that they are members of the Mi'kmaq
Nationhood of Families and Beneficiaries, and that these
intents must be inherent to any plans of governance undertaked
by our Communities.
As we all have roles and responsibilities given to us through
prophecy and instructed by Kji-Mntu (the "Divine Mystery" who
Created us) and by Kluskap -Member of the 7 original
Mi'kwemesusk, who was sent here and in my opinion gave us our
First Treaty; of which one of the terms is that He will return
to us from the North (from whence he journeyed with Nukmijinen
his Grandmother), when we the Skwijinuti (the People) need Him

Finally i acknowledge that i do not- nor have i been given

permission to speak on behalf of my Nation, of my Community,
of the Two-Spirited Community, of the Mi'kmaq Treatyhouse
Commitee, or of my Family, i speak for myself as simply one
"who who dances in their own Sacred Circles"
Ta Ho!

Melkapukuwit Plamu-Sqot
(Mi'kmaq/Italian registereed/enrolled 62 status of the indian
We'kwistoqonik First Nation,
Wunama'ki District,
Ancestral member of the Wapana'ki Federation

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