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MINSK "In Your Pocket: A cheeky, well-

written series of guidebooks."
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A thoroughly researched,
impartial scrutiny of the best
things Minsk has to offer

Art Museum
An in-depth look at one
of Belarus’ best cultural


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Arriving in Minsk 5 Are we there yet?

Basics 6
Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps
Essential information, from alcohol to visas
2006 - 2007 April - May 2006 August - September 2006 April 2006 August - September 2006
History 9
Some useful background information
A New Look
We‘ve never looked
better: In Your Pocket
gets a makeover
Mail & phones 10
Keeping in touch
Our guide to the best
politically incorrect
comment online
Going to the

Culture & Events

Karlštejn’s renovated
Easter Greetings

Egg breaking & church
Shopping fever Wilanów walking…
Tirana’s first malls Explore the Polish
Let’s rock
Versailles Russian in Russia Visiting the Bohemian

Galleries, theatres, events and more

Facade art The best ways to discover
the language
Painting the city pink Out of town
Poland‘s top spa town:
April 2006 N°24 Culture & Events
N°4 - 400 lek N°40 - 8.00 lei N°34 - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) N°34 - 100 Kč

Simple Minds, t.A.T.u. &
ISSN 1641-5264
NEW Cosmonaut’s Day

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Where to stay 13
Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps
A bed for all budgets
August - September 2006 April - May 2006 August - September 2006 June - July 2006
Dining & Nightlife The magnificent Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is
Football events
Win or lose, this is
Restaurants 15 one of Minsk’s most well known sights. Find it on p. 33
along with a whole host of other great places to visit.
where to party

River tours
Wine and dine on the
A roll call of recommended eateries
The Great
Cycling, skydiving and
country pursuits
Cafés 25
Gastro Tourism
Seafood, whiskey and
St. George’s Market
Where to find the best espresso

Nightlife 27
Tarnów Touring Narva
Explore the Pearl of the Cool sights at the EU‘s
Renaissance eastern border

Leisure IYP gets a new

Drinking, dancing and other after-dark treats

Getting active in Kraków
N°41 - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) N°47 - 35kr look
ISSN 1508-2334 The inside scoop on the
new look inside
N°7 - Free copy Complimentary copy

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Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps
RIGA HAMBURG ŁÓDŹ What to see 32
Unmissable Minsk
August - September 2006 August - November 2006 April - May 2006 June - July 2006 September - December 2006

Getting around 37
When legs just aren’t enough

Shopping 43
What you need to know
Exploring the Polish Alps

Hot spots Hockey Fever Harbour tours Hollyłódź

The Baltic’s Beaches Down in the docks Poland‘s cinema city
Everything you need to
Museum night know about IIHF World
100 museums in one Championship in Riga Football events Stars in your
night Win or lose, this is eyes

Explore Latvia where to party From Polanski to Max

N°23 - €1.75 Floating the N°20 - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) N°60 - 1.20Ls Take a day trip to N°2 - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) Factor, read about the the seaside towns of famous natives.
boat ISSN 1640-3592
Jūrmala and Liepāja
ISSN 1896-1169
Spree river tours N°1
Complimentary copy

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Everything else you need to know

Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps


2006 - 2007 August - September 2006 2006 - 2007 2006 - 2007 June - July 2006
Where to partake and observe

Football events
Win or lose, this is
Street index 53
City centre map 54
where to party

Feature 2 - max
Skopje Shkodra 2 lines
Archangel Michael dispatches the Devil in the form of a
City map 56
snapshots snapshots Short description of the
The Marubi photo The Marubi photo feature. Should be max.

dragon in front of the Catholic Church of Sts. Simon & Helena.

collection collection 3 lines.

Around town Around town

Country map 57
Daytrips to the lake, Daytrips to the lake,

Read the sad story behind its construction on p. 33.

beach and mountains beach and mountains
Football events
Beach bars Win or lose, this is
Cocktail in hand, toes where to party
in sand
Going Palatine
Dram tram Strolling in the forest
N°1 - Complimentary copy N°23 - €1.75 Sipping ebbelwei on the N°1 - Complimentary copy N°1 - €3
cider express
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Despite claiming a few outstanding historical sights

representing the city’s rich and illustrious past, Europe In Your Pocket
Minsk is best known as a living monument to the
grandiose aspirations of Soviet architecture and
urban planning. Famously destroyed during the
Great Patriotic War, the Belarusian capital grew out
of the ashes of conflict to become a Socialist Realist
masterpiece complete with spacious avenues, lush
green parks and a battalion of buildings dating from
the 1940s and 1950s that simply have to be seen
to be believed. Minsk really is a city like no other. Yet
beneath its clean and regimented exterior lies an
underbelly of exuberance in the guise of exceptional
restaurants, world-class bars, clubs to rival those Arriving in and getting around Minsk are fairly simple affairs customs torture, you end up at the arrivals hall on the first
in any major city around the world and a cultural once you understand the basics. Accordingly, travelling floor. The currency exchange, directly opposite, usually oper-
life offering everything from theatre to opera to further afield is relatively painless if you’re prepared to do ates when flights arrive. Otherwise, head to the larger one
experimental dance. The only thing missing in the your research beforehand and use some sign language on the second floor (Open 09:00 - 13:00, 13:30 - 20:00).
when using buses and trains. Car rental is relatively cheap An ATM is located on the third floor, next to departure gate
past has been a comprehensive, English-language by Western standards. N°1. For public telephones, long distance calls, Internet and
guidebook to the city, a situation now remedied by post, head to the post office on the third floor.
the regularly updated publication of Minsk In Your
Pocket, produced by natives of the city and packed
By bus Getting to town Taxis can be found parked outside gates
N°5 and 6. If you’re quoted more than €25 for a ride into the
with everything a visitor needs from information The conveniently located Central Bus Station is closed city centre you’re literally and metaphorically being taken for
for reconstruction until the end of 2011, leaving the far a ride. Bus N°300 goes to both bus stations in the city. Pay
on the best hotels to where to get your hair cut. less convenient Vostochny (Eastern) and Moscovsk y the driver, currently about 6,000BYR. Buses run between
Minsk In Your Pocket welcomes comments and (Moscow) bus stations to deal with international buses. around 04:15 and 01:00.
suggestions on any subject related to the city. Both stations have lockers for luggage and other basic
In Your Pocket has broken much new ground of
Email us at or join the
conversation online at
late, publishing new guides in the Netherlands (Den
faculties including pay toilets, cafés, currency exchange
and numerous kiosks. By train
Bosch, Utrecht), Austria ( Vienna), Croatia (Brač Getting to town Taking a bus to the city centre is complicated Minsk’s gleaming train station is a tribute to the modernity
and Senj), Slovenia (Celje), Serbia (Niš) and Swit- and involves multiple stops so a taxi is the best bet. of Belarus, and proof that no matter how much money you
Cover story zerland (Zurich). A new guide to Minsk in Belarus spend you can still come up with something just as chaotic

T Belarusian National Opera &

is the next In Your Pocket to launch, the proof By car as the old train station. It does have the welcoming look of a
shopping mall though, and if you follow the pictographic signs
of which you’re now holding in your hands. We’ve
Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps

Ballet Theatre recently received a
B Driving in Belarus is generally much better than it used to you shouldn’t get lost. Currency exchange can be found at the
"In Your Pocket: A cheeky, well-
written series of guidebooks."

also started rolling out iPhone apps to all our cities

The New York Times

ccomplete overhaul and is looking be, and certainly less fraught with danger than in some of top of the escalator. Find public telephones accepting chip
2 01111

A thoroughly researched,
impartial scrutiny of the best
things Minsk has to offer
bbetter than ever. and will be launching even more In Your Pocket its EU neighbours. There’s a risk of receiving on-the-spot cards on the ground floor and in the basement. The basement
Art Museum
An in-depth look at one
Worthy of a look without visiting
W guides as apps throughout the year. To find out ‘fines’ from traffic police, so stay within the speed limits. also contains public toilets (currently 800BYR) and a large,
which cities we’ll be covering and to keep up to
of Belarus’ best cultural

Road signs are in Belarusian only with the exception of the 24hr left luggage room.

a per formance (see p. 11), the

bbuilding is th e work o f one o f date with all In Your Pocket news and events, join M1 (E30) Brest-Minsk highway. At the border it’s necessary Getting to Town The station is in the centre of city, so walking
Belarus’ most famous Soviet-
B In Your Pocket on Facebook ( to fill out a declaration on your car and buy Belarusian vehicle might be an option. Otherwise, head to the basement level
eera architects, Joseph Langbard inyourpocket) or follow us on Twitter (twitter. insurance which is cheap, but be sure you have the money and follow the underground passage, which eventually leads
in cash (Russian roubles, US dollars and euros only). There to the entrance of the Ploschad Nezavismosti Metro station

((1882-1951). com/inyourpocket). may not be controls at the border coming in from Russia, (see Public transport). Otherwise, take one of the taxis parked
but there could be sporadic checks. You’ll have to pay a in the immediate area (see Taxis). To be safe, go for one of the
small toll for using the Brest-Minsk highway, again payable yellow, state-run taxis or a private one with 135, 157, 158 or
Minsk In Your Pocket Copyright notice only in Russian roubles, US dollars and euros. In the event 181 displayed on the car. Be sure they turn on the meter.
published by JLLC TopPRINT/ Text and photos copyright JLLC TopPRINT of a breakdown trouble, call tel. 116.
E S S E N T I A L C I TY G U I D E S In Your Pocket. 1992-2011. Maps copyright JLLC TopPRINT.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication
Справочное издание
Belarus, 220040 Minsk,
155, ul. M.Bogdanovicha, 131 may be reproduced in any form, except brief By plane
Минск в твоем кармане extracts for the purpose of review, without written permission from the publisher and Minsk has two airports, the tiny and hardly used Minsk-1 in
На английском языке tel./fax: (+375 17) 331 34 52, copyright. the city centre and the larger Minsk-2, where the majority of
Составители: В.В. Мартынов, Е.А. Чудникова international flights arrive and depart.
Фотограф А.П. Дрибас Editor’s note
Ответственный за выпуск М.В. Чудников Editorial
E The editorial content of In Your Pocket Minsk-1
Редактор В.В. Мартынов guides is independent from paid-for A classic Socialist Realist building not dissimilar to the façade
Компьютерная верстка Е.В. Павлова E
Editor Sco advertising. Sponsored listings are clearly of the nearby airport in Vilnius, Minsk-1, some 3km south of
Contributors Andrew Quested,
C marked as such. We welcome all readers‘
Подписано в печать 15.04.2011. Формат 60x84 1/16.
comments and suggestions. We have the centre, hardly qualifies as an airport at all. A currency
Бумага мелованая. Гарнитура Pocket. Tim Orr
Печать офсетная. Усл. печ. л. 3,5. Уч.-изд. л. 7,2. made every effort to ensure the accuracy exchange and café are the only services.
Тираж 25000 экз. Заказ № 189. Researchers Victor Martynov,
R of the information at the time of going to Getting to town Bus N°100 goes to the city centre and
Издатель и полиграфическое исполнение Elena Chudnikova press and assume no responsibility for runs along Nezavisimosti. Buy a ticket on board for 850BYR.
СООО “ТОППРИНТ” changes and errors. Taxis outside may or may not be reliable. See Taxis for
ЛИ № 02330/0131956 от 20.10.2006. Photos Anatoly Dribas
ЛП № 02330/0494191 от 03.04.2009. General Manager Vadim Martynov
G © СООО “ТОППРИНТ”, составление, details on how to spot which is which.
оформление, 2011
Ул. Богдановича, 155-131, 220040, Минск.
LLayout & Design Elena Pavlova © А.П. Дрибас, фото, 2011 Minsk-2
ISBN 978-985-90160-3-5 © Государственный комитет по имуществу The city’s main international airport, Minsk-2, is located
Distribution (+375 17) 334 87 23
D Республики Беларусь, картоснова, 2011 42km north-east of the city. Once you go through the usual Minsk-2 International Airport

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Alcohol Basic data Travel talk

As one would expect to find in this part of the world, vodka
is essentially the Belarusian national drink. Local brands are Population English Belarusian Russian Russian
inexpensive and generally very good. Three to watch out for Belarus 9,503,800 Minsk 1,850,000 pronunciation
are Minsk Kristal (Минск Кристалл), Belalco (Белалко) To у / да в/к v/k
and Bulbash (Бульбашъ). For men, knocking back ice-cold Ethnic composition (Belarus, 2009) From з / ад из / от iz / ot
shots in one is considered the correct way to drink. Mixing Belarusians 83.7% Train цягнiк поезд poiezd
vodka is looked on as being somewhat unmanly. Belarusian Russians 8.3% Train чыгуначны железно- zheleznodo´
beer comes in all shapes and sizes from the mass-produced Poles 3.1% Station вакзал дорожный rozhnyi
brands such as Krinica (Криница) to the more interesting вокзал vok´zal
Ukrainians 1.7%
ales such as the live Beaver Dark (Бивер Темное) and the Bus аўтобус автобус av´tobus
light Lidskoye Beloye (Лидское Белое). Minsk has one or two Others 3.2% Bus Station аўтавакзал автовокзал avtovok´zal
microbreweries worth investigating. See the Nightlife section Ticket бiлет билет bi´let
of this guide for more information. The choice of imported Territory Taxi таксi такси ta´ksi
207,595 square kilometres. Predominantly flat, Today сёння сегодня se´vodnia
beers, wines and spirits is fairly good, although prices are
high, especially so for imported wines. landlocked country. Fertile lowland with around Language Tomorrow заўтра завтра ´zaftra
11,000 lakes. Slightly smaller than Great Britain. Belarusian is an East Slavic language similar to Russian, is Monday Панядзелак Понедельник pone´del’nik
Tuesday Аўторак Вторник f´tornik
Communism Borders
written using the Belarusian Cyrillic alphabet and is spoken
by less than 40% of the country’s population. Both Belarusian Wednesday Серада Среда sre´da
Politics and business aside, like its neighbour Russia, Be- Latvia 143 km and Russian enjoy equal official status in Belarus, although Thursday Чацвер Четверг chet´verg
larus is still very much visually as it was during Soviet times. Lithuania 462 km Russian is by far the dominant of the two. Street signs and Friday Пятнiца Пятница ´piatnitsa
Statues, hammers and sickles and many other remnants of Poland 399 km metro stations are almost without exception written in Be- Saturday Субота Суббота su´bota
Soviet art and architecture are in abundance, especially so Russia 990 km larusian. Outside of Minsk, Belarusian is more widely spoken, Sunday Нядзеля Воскресенье voskre´sen’ie
in the capital. Minsk was almost entirely destroyed during with Polish also used further to the west. Staff in many bars, Morning ранiца утро ´utro
Ukraine 975 km.
WWII and was rebuilt along strict Socialist-Realist lines. Visi- hotels and restaurants speak at least a little English, although Evening вечар вечер ´vecher
tors looking for the ultimate Soviet-era ostalgie experience Longest river many menus in town remain in Russian only.
won’t be disappointed. Dnieper (Belarusian, Dnyapro). One of the longest
rivers in Europe, the Dnieper rises in the Valdai Local time Religion
Crime & Safety Hills of Russia and flows south 2,201 km through Belarus is in the Eastern European Time (EET) zone at The majority of believers in Belarus belong to the Russian
The streets of Minsk are among some of the safest in Europe, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine before emptying into GMT+2hrs. When it’s 12:00 in Minsk it’s 05:00 in New York, Orthodox Church, with smaller communities of Catholics, Prot-
although that shouldn’t stop visitors from exercising caution the Black Sea. 10:00 in London, 11:00 in Warsaw, 13:00 in Moscow and estants, Jews and Muslims also existing. Women should cover
as they would in any other large metropolis. The city is policed 19:00 in Tokyo. Eastern European Summer Time (EEST, their heads when entering a Russian Orthodox Church.
by an armed militia who effectively do the work of an ordinary Largest lake GMT+3hrs) falls between the last Sundays of March and
Naroch 79.6 square kilometres
police force and who, when we’ve needed them, have been
the epitome of courtesy. Having said that, people should be
October respectively.
Highest point
careful around any public demonstrations. The best option
in such circumstances is to stay well away. Dzerzhinskaya gora (гора Дзержинская) 345 m Money & Costs Belarus doesn’t disappoint when it comes to indifferent
service, especially among public sector workers. As a rule,
The Belarusian rouble (BYR) comes in denominations of 10, privately-owned business are much friendlier although the
Customs alcohol, 200 cigarettes or 200g of tobacco, five pieces of
20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000
and 100,000. Be careful not to confuse them during cash
sort of polished service one expects to find in the sophis-
ticated capital cities of western Europe is generally lacking
The rules governing what you can bring in and out of Belarus jewellery, one watch, one video-recording or video-playing transactions. Currency exchange offices and ATMs can be here. Tipping, if deserved, is fairly common, with 10% or a
get increasingly complicated the more people you ask. To device, three items of leather or fur clothing and four tyres found throughout Minsk. Outside the capital and the larger rounding up of the bill considered the norm.
the best of our knowledge, the current situation is that non- (surplus to the ones attached to your car if you’re arriving towns and cities, cash should always be carried. Minsk is
residents can import, tax free and undeclared, a maximum
of US$10,000 (about €7,250) in cash, one litre of distilled
by road, we assume). When leaving, you can take out up
to 500g of gold and 5kg of silver. Anecdotal evidence also
far from being the cheap city it used to be. Choosing where
to eat and drink can save considerable amounts of money, Smoking
suggests that you should avoid trying to take out icons, although finding a budget place to stay is almost impos- Smoking is permitted in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels
antiques or any works of art without the correct paperwork. sible. A good night out for two in Minsk including a meal in and most public spaces although many restaurants provide
Good Cops For more information see the State Customs Committee
website at
a posh restaurant followed by drinks in a bar and a club to
finish off won’t leave you with much change, if any change
a no-smoking section. Locally-produced Western brand
cigarettes are available and are considerably cheaper than
One thing you’ll notice immediately upon arrival in Minsk is at all, from €100. in the West.
that there’s rather a lot of people wearing uniforms and car- Disabled travellers
rying guns and sticks. Police and military personnel seem to
be everywhere all the time. This can be a bit disconcerting There’s a long way to go before Minsk and the rest of Belarus Numbers National holidays
at first, but don’t worry, they’re probably not going to shoot is equipped to deal with disabled travellers. All new and reno-
you. The most exciting authority action that you’re likely to vated buildings must incorporate wheelchair-access into their English Russian pronunciation January 1 New Year’s Day
experience is that you’ll be approached and asked to show design, and the capital’s newer buses and trolleybuses have 1 od’in January 7 Orthodox Christmas
your documents. Passport, driver’s license, Mickey Mouse low entries for wheelchair users. 2 dva
3 tri March 8 International Women’s Day
Club membership card, pretty much anything slightly March 15 Constitution Day
official-looking with a name and photograph will do. The
police will understand that you may have left your passport
Electricity 4
p’iat’ May 1 Labour Day
with the hotel for registration purposes. Unless you’ve been Belarusian electricity flows out of standard European two-pin 6 shest’ May 9 Victory Day
doing something very mischievous, the police are only likely sockets at 220v AC, 50Hz. Adaptors are not easy to find, and 7 sem’
bringing your own is advisable. 8 ’vosem’ July 3 Independence Day
to approach you from utter boredom. They’ll look at your ID, October 16 Mother’s Day (2011)
inwardly chuckle at how foolish you look in the photograph, 9 ’deviat’
and wander off to find someone else to annoy. Let them
have their fun. They’ve already sorted out all the crime and,
Floors 10
November 1-2
November 7
Dzyady (Remembrance Day)
Revolution Day
well, there’s just not much left to do. Like the citizens of the United States, the Belarusians con- Less ’men'she
sider the floor at street level to be the first floor, and so on. December 25 Catholic & Protestant Christmas

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Human history in the region now known as Belarus dates

The people back to the Stone Age. Belarusian identity began somewhat
later with the migration of the East Slavs between the 6th
The residents of Minsk are some of the friendliest people and 8th centuries AD.
you’ll ever come across. All you have to do is stand on a
street corner and look confused and some affable local will 10th century
probably come to your aid. Try to enter a shop through its 980AD Rogvold, Prince of Polotsk, controls a region that now
window, and someone will promptly be on hand to suggest makes up part of northern Belarus. The first written record
that you should use the door. Many younger people speak of the Belarusian state.
English and will be happy to give directions, read signs, take
photographs, help you use the Metro and so on. While few 11th century
restaurant and bar staff speak English, they’re generally 1067 The first written record of Minsk (Менескъ) and the ac-
very obliging. If there’s a place in town with grumpy people cepted year of the founding of the city. Minsk rapidly develops
and bad service, we just couldn’t find it. Even the once into a major regional centre of trade.
infamous border crossing is less hostile. As for socialising,
it’s very easy in Minsk. Many locals are still delighted to 12th century
meet and interested to talk to foreigners. Belarus is incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Victory Square
16th century
The foundation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Toilets (Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów) in 1569 effectively writes
Belarus out of existence as a national entity.
Independence is officially declared after the collapse of the
Public toilets and those in restaurants, bars etc are getting hard-line putsch in Moscow on August 25. On December 8
better all the time, although there’s still a long way to go in 18th century the leaders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine sign an agreement
many establishments. Don’t automatically expect toilet paper. Belarus is incorporated into the Russian Empire after the bringing into existence the Commonwealth of Independent
In general, M marks the Gents and Ж the Ladies. third partition of Poland in 1795. Minsk becomes a regional States (CIS). Minsk becomes the administrative centre. The
capital. Soviet Union is officially disestablished on December 26.
Visas 19th century 1992
With the exception of citizens of a small number of countries, Intensified Russification between 1840 and 1850 leads to Belarus introduces its own coupons to replace the Soviet
all visitors to Belarus must have a valid visa. Visas can be Nicholas I banning the Belarusian language and outlawing rouble on May 20, leaving the rouble zone on June 1.
obtained from any Belarusian consulate abroad or in some the use of the word Belarusia/Belarus. The region becomes
cases through a travel agency. Visas are also available at known as the Northwestern Territory. 1994
Minsk-2 airport around the clock, although just who’s entitled On March 15 the Supreme Soviet adopts a new constitution.
to one is unclear. If there was a possibility to acquire a visa 20th century In the first free presidential elections on June 23 Alexander
before you travelled you might possibly be refused entry. In the wake of the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on Lukashenko is elected president, taking office officially on
Visas issued at Minsk-2 must be paid for in cash. Visitors March 3, 1918 the short-lived Belarusian People’s Republic July 20.
also require medical insurance valid for the duration of the is declared three weeks later on March 25. By February
time spent in Belarus. On arriving in Belarus, visitors are 1919 Belarus finds itself in the middle of the Polish-Soviet War. 1995
given an immigration card, which must be filled in twice. The obscure Lithuanian-Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic In a national referendum on May 14 over 75% of the elector-
Half is subsequently taken away and the other half must be survives for several months in Belarus and eastern Lithuania ate says Yes to Russian becoming an official state language
presented when leaving the country. A Belarusian immigra- before a Polish victory sees the country split in two after the alongside Belarusian and the return of the old Belarusian
tion card is also valid for Russia if travelling onwards. There Riga Peace Treaty of March 18, 1921. The western half Soviet insignia including the Soviet-looking flag without the
is no border control between Russia and Belarus. For more goes to the Poles and, in December 1922, the eastern half hammer and sickle.
information, see the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs including Minsk becomes a founding member of the Soviet
website at Union. The German invasion of the Soviet Union that starts 1996
on June 22, 1941 in Belarus and that becomes the Great President Lukashenko and Boris Yeltsin sign a treaty calling
Patriotic War leaves over 30% of the population dead and for a political union between Russia and Belarus on April 2.
nine out of 10 buildings in the capital destroyed. The Minsk On May 24 Belarus and Russia sign a new unification deal
Ghetto holds some 100,000 Jews of whom nearly all perish ensuring freedom of the press and free activities for political
during the Holocaust. On July 3, 1944 Minsk is liberated by parties. The treaty goes into effect on June 11, 1997.
the Red Army as it begins its slow advance on Berlin. Belarus
becomes a founding member of the United Nations in 1945. 2000
In 1961 Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of US President On January 26 Belarus ratifies a treaty on the formation of
John F. Kennedy, lives in Minsk. At the 1972 Summer Olympics the Union State of Belarus and Russia
in Munich, 17-year-old Olga Korbut from Grodno raises several
storms with her revolutionary gymnastic performances that 2001
see her winning a total of one silver and three gold medals. President Lukashenko is elected for a second term on
Minsk is awarded the title of Hero City on June 16, 1974. A September 9.
series of explosions and a resulting fire at reactor four at the
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the then Ukrainian Soviet 2006
Socialist Republic send a plume of radioactive smoke into the President Lukashenko is elected for a third term on March
atmosphere on April 26, 1986. The worst nuclear accident 19. The new Belarusian National Library building opens its
ever sees Belarus receive 70% of the radioactivity. doors to the public on June 16.

Independence & Beyond 2010

President Lukashenko is elected for a fourth term on Decem-
ber 19. On December 21 the Belarusian Parliament ratifies
1990 documents forming the legal basis for a single economic
Minsk, Nemiga street National sovereignty is declared on July 27. area comprising Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


The Minsk UPS C-4, Muzykalny per. 3 (Музыкальный пер.3), Much more than screaming cocktail bars, nostalgic Soviet Opera & Ballet
tel. (+375 17) 328 55 80, QOpen 09:00 sights and girls in miniskirts, Minsk is also remarkably well
telephone code is +375 17 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. endowed in the culture department. Concerts are of an Belarusian Na-
exceptionally high quality and cost next to nothing to attend, tional Opera &
Ballet Theatr e
Like the rest of the world, Belarus has come a long way in
the last decade when it comes to communications. Most Mobile phones cinemas screen everything from underground classics to
the latest Hollywood blockbuster and there’s a number of (Национальный
hotels now boast some kind of Internet connection and many BelCel C-5, ul. Zolotaya Gorka 5 (ул. Золотая very good galleries around too. If you’re in town and you академический
cafés and bars around the city provide free wireless Internet Горка, 5), tel. (+375 17) 282 00 18, belcel@belcel. need a dose of serious culture, you won’t be disappointed. Большой театр
connections. The postal system and telephones, including by, “Diallog” service providers. Also at Also check the Sightseeing section of this guide for more оперы и балета)
mobile networks, work just fine. Nezavisimosti 18, Nezavisimosti 42, Lenina 4. QOpen 09:00 - museums and galleries. C - 4 , Pa r i z h s ko y
21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Kommuny pl. 1
Post Life D-4, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya 24 (ул. Красно- Cinemas (пл. Парижской Коммуны, 1), tel. (+375 17) 334
10 41, The Belarusian Opera
Central Post Office D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. 10 (просп. армейская, 24), tel. (+375 17) 321 20 54. Turkish Autocinema (Авто кинотеатр) ul. Menkovsky & Ballet Theatre began performances in 1933 although
Независимости, 10), tel. (+375) 226 06 82, www. - Belarusian GSM company. Also at Nezavisimosti 18, Pobe- Tract 2, Ozertso (ул. Меньковский тракт, 2, Озерцо). this building dates from considerably later. The reper- Head straight through to the main hall in the back diteley 1, Yakuba Kolasa 35, National airport Minsk-2. The only drive-in cinema in Minsk, complete with a 144 toire is extensive and includes many classics.
to send letters, buy postcards and make photocopies. For square-meter screen.
telephone and telegraph services, head to the Peregovorny MTS Nezavisimosti pr. 95 (просп. Независимости, 95),
Punkt in Hall 1, on the left (Open 07:00 - 23:00). Also on the tel. (+375 17) 237 98 98,, Belarus (Беларусь) C-3, ul. Romanovskaya Sloboda (+375 17) 328 66 38. A large, 1,300-seater for mostly pop
left is the Internet centre, where people queue to use 12 Russian-Belarusian GSM company, operating in Belarus and 28 (ул. Романовская Слобода, 29), MFrunzenskaya and rock music concerts.
terminals. QOpen 08:30 - 17:30, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00. covering a rather nice part of it. Also at Revoliutsionnaya (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 17) 209 40 34. Minsk’s first
24b, Kalvariyskaya 60, Nezavisimosti, 6, Karla Marksa, 26. multiplex. Five halls. Palace of the Republic (Дворец Республики) D-4,
QOpen 09:00 - 21:00.
Express mail Moskva (Москва) С-3, Pobediteley pr. 13 (просп.
Oktyabrskaya pl. 1 (Октябрьская пл. 1), MOktyabrs-
kaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 216 22 44, www.
DHL ul. Brestskaya 18 (Head Office) (ул. Брестская, Velcom C-3, ul. Melnikaite 14 (Head off ice) Победителей, 13), tel. (+375 17) 203 14 48. A wide range of concerts and performances.
18), tel. (+375 17) 278 11 08, Also they (ул. Мельникайте, 14), tel. (+375 17) 222 49 01, Other facilities include cafés, bars, billiards and a restaurant
have express centres at Pobediteley 5, tel. 289 30 68, and, The first GSM provider Oktyabr (Октябрь) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 73 (просп. that puts on shows during the evenings. Q JLK
XXI Vek Business Centre, Nezavisimosti 169, tel. 228 73 60, in Belarus with a very informative website. The information Независимости, 73), MAkademiya Nauk (Академия
both open 09:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun;
and at Central Post Office, Nezavisimosti 10, tel. 227 25 33.
number is 222 49 01 for all offices, or just 411 from mobiles.
Also at Kalvariyskaya 4, Nezavisimosty 60, Nezavisimosty
Наук), tel. (+375 17) 292 94 26.
Cultural centres
QOpen 08:00 - 19:00. Closed Sun. 105, Partizansky 12, Varvasheni 73, Masherova 19, Internat- Pobeda (Победа) D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 20 (ул. Goethe Institut Minsk (Институт имени Гете
sionalnaya 3. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00. Интернациональная, 20), tel. (+375 17) 203 77 66. One в Минске) B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 25/3 (ул. Веры
EMS D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 10 (просп. Независимости, of the city’s oldest surviving cinemas specialising in serious Хоружей, 25/3), (+375 17) 237 71 19, (+375 17) 237 46
10), tel. (+375 17) 222 65 11/(+375 17) 227 85 12, QOpen 08:30 - 17:30, Sat, Sun 10:00 Internet cafés cinema. Seasons include screenings of works by international
directors as well as films from one specific country.
79, In Belarus since 1993, the Goethe
Institut in Minsk offers the same educational and cultural services
- 17:00. Soyuz Online (Союз онлайн) D-4, ul. Krasno- they do in cities all over the world. QOpen 09.00 - 21.00.
armeiskaya 3, in the Central House of Officers(ул. Tsentralny (Центральный) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 13
FedEx (M&M Militzer & Münch) C-3, Pobediteley
pr. 19 (просп. Pobediteley, 19), tel. (+375 17) 226 99
Красноармейская, 3), tel. (+375 17) 226 02 79, Info@, Wow! It’s open 24
(просп. Независимости, 13), tel. (+375 17) 200 34 16.
09,, QOpen 08:00 - hours, they speak English, serve pizza and even let you pay Video Complex Centre (Центр-видео) E-3, Modern Arts Gallery Y (Галерея современного
20:00, Sat 08:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. by credit card! What more do you need? The granddaddy of Ploschad Nezavisimosti, Shopping Centre Stolitsa искусства Ў) C-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 37a (просп.
Minsk Internet cafés has around 60 terminals, including a (Торговый центр “Столица”), MPloschad Lenina Независимости, 37а), tel. (+375 17) 284 53 99.
TNT C-6, ul. Platonova 10 (ул. Платонова, 10), tel. VIP hall. Rates depend on the time of day, but are still cheap. (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 227 01 75. Films in A small space inside the same building as the recommended
(+375 17) 294 80 00/(+375 17) 284 90 44,, A sure place to bump into people from every corner of Europe. 3D, plus shaking seats etc. Moloko bar, exhibitions are temporary and very contemporary. TNT at Minsk-2 airport tel. 279 11 86. QOpen QOpen 08:00 - 07:00. A Despite the address, find this place hidden away through a
09:00 - 19:00. Closed Sun.
Concert halls gap in the buildings well away from the main street.
Laptop login Belarusian State Music Theatre (Белорусский
Belarusian Telephone Codes Wireless государственный академический музыкаль- Theatres
Several restaurants, cafés and bars around the city provide ный театр) D-3, ul. Myasnikova 44 (ул. Мясникова, Belarusian Republican Young Spectator Theatre
Baranovichi (+375) 163 Myadel (+375) 1797 free wireless Internet services. Alternatively keep an eye out 44), tel. (+375 17) 200 81 26. Established in 1970, the (Белорусский Республиканский театр юного
Bobruysk (+375) 225 Naroch (+375) 1797 for the countrywide paid service available from the Belarusian extensive repertoire includes operettas, musicals, comic opera зрителя) D-4, ul. Engelsa 26 (ул. Энгельса, 26), tel.
Borisov (+375) 1777 Nesvizh (+375) 1770
telecoms provider, Beltelecom. Cards for this service can be and more from home and abroad. (+375 17) 227 09 34, With its origins in
bought from any Beltelecom outlet or post office. the early 1930s, this recommended theatre gives a space
Braslav (+375) 2153 Novogrudok (+375) 1597 Belarusian State Philharmonic (Белорусская to young writers and performers. The theatre company also
Brest (+375) 162 Novopolotsk (+375) 214 Dialup государственная филармония) B-5, Nezavisi- travels extensively.
Gomel (+375) 232 Orsha (+375) 216
The Belarusian telecoms provider Beltelecom also offers a mosti pr. 50 (просп. Независимости, 50), MPloschad
simple dialup service, useful when no other means of logging Yakuba Kolasa (Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 Belarusian State Puppet Theatre (Белорусский
Grodno (+375) 152 Pinsk (+375) 165 on is available. Using a scratch card system with several dif- 17) 333 16 17. Comprising three separate concert halls, государственный театр кукол) D-4, ul. Engelsa 20
Kobrin (+375) 1642 Polotsk (+375) 214 ferent time limits, cards can be bought from any Beltelecom the Belarusian State Philharmonic hosts international festivals (ул. Энгельса, 20), MKupalovskaya (Купаловская),
Lida (+375) 1561 Shklov (+375) 2239
outlet, Belsoyuzpechat kiosk or post office in the city. and contests alongside its own repertoire. tel. (+375 17) 227 05 32. A marvellous institution staging
performances of all kinds for children and adults alike.
Minsk (+375) 17 Slonim (+375) 1562 Minsk-Arena (Минск-Арена) Pobediteley pr. 111
Miory (+375) 2152 Soligorsk (+375) 17
Telephone (просп. Победителей, 111), tel. (+375 17) 254 77 36. Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre
Mogilev (+375) 222 Vitebsk (+375) 212
Beltelecom D-4, ul. Engelsa 6, (ул. Энгельса, 6), When it’s not putting on major sporting events the 15,000- (Национальный академический театр им.
tel. (+375 17) 217 10 05, National capacity Minsk-Arena hosts live music concerts. Янки Купалы) D-4, ul. Engelsa 7 (ул. Энгельса,
Molodechno (+375) 176 Zhlobin (+375) 2334 telecoms provider Beltelecom are the people to contact if 7), MKupalovskaya (Купаловская), tel. (+375 17)
Mozyr (+375) 2351 Zhodino (+375) 1775 you need a telephone line. They also provide a number of Minsk Concert Hall (Концертный зал Минск) 227 60 81. An established theatre company staging classics
Internet services. E-4, ul. Oktyabrskaya 5 (ул. Октябрьская, 5), tel. from home and abroad. Language: Belarusian.

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Opera & Ballet Accommodation is usually the biggest expense in what’s Symbol key
All performances take place at the Belarusian National 21.06 Tuesday otherwise a relatively good value city. Luckily things are
Opera & Ballet Theatre, C-4, Parizhskoy Kommuny pl. 1 Paquita changing, and if you shop around a bit you can often find a P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
(пл. Парижской Коммуны, 1) Ballet in one act by Ludwig Minkus. Choreography - Marius reasonable deal on a decent room. The cheaper places tend
Ticket office, tel. (+375 17) 334 06 66, to be out of the centre, although taxis remain cheap. Almost O Casino H Conference facilities
Petipa. Premiere - May 12, 2008. QStarts at 19:00
(+375 17) 334 10 41 without exception, Minsk’s hotels are state run. Registration T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled
23.06 Wednesday/ 24.06 Thursday is included in the price of the room.
F Fitness centre L Guarded parking
02.06 Thursday Premiere
Giselle La Sylphide Cream of the crop R LAN connection G Non-smoking rooms
Ballet in two acts by Adolphe Adam. Libretto - Vernoy de Romantic ballet in two acts by Herman Lovenskiold. Libretto Crowne Plaza Minsk (Краун Плаза Минск) D-4, K Restaurant J Central location
Saint-Georges, Théophile Gautier, Jean Coralli. Premiere - - Adolphe Nourrit and Filippo Taglioni. Premiere - March 18, ul. Kirova 13 (ул. Кирова, 13), MPloschad Lenina D Sauna C Swimming pool
May 10, 1987 QStarts at 19:00 2011. QStarts at 19:00 (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 218 34 00, fax
(+375 17) 200 80 60, Minsk’s I Fireplace W Wireless Internet access
03.06 Friday first international chain hotel sets new standards which will X Smoking section
Nabucco have some of its rivals seething with envy. The two-floor
Opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Libretto - Temistocle Concerts Presidential Suite, with its private lift and sauna, is the last
Solera. Language: Italian. Production was staged in 2010 word in luxury and will no doubt put up many a visiting head control. If you’ve got money to burn you can dip into the
QStarts at 19:00 17.05 Tuesday of state and megalomaniacal pop star. Standard rooms are realm of the surreal by booking the Presidential Suite, which
Bruno Pelletier also well furnished and equipped and come quite reasonably has its own glass-covered swimming pool. Q 18 rooms
08.06 Wednesday C-3, Sport Palace, Pobediteley pr. 4 (просп. priced by Western standards. The Crowne Plaza’s convenient (13 singles US$190, 4 doubles US$270, 1 suite US$1200).
Iolanta Победителей, 4). Tel. (+375 17) 203 27 33. central location and outstanding facilities, which include a PJAFLKhhhh
Opera in two acts by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Libretto - Modest swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, business centre and
QStarts at 20:00 glitzy nightclub, should ensure it’s regularly booked out. Minsk(Минск) D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. 11
Tchaikovsky. Language: Russian. First night of the new stage
version - February 5, 2004 QStarts at 19:00 Q POJHAFLKCWhhhhh (просп. Независимости, 11), MPloschad Lenina
19.05 Thursday (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 209 90 78, fax
09.06 Thursday Shakira Europe (Европа) D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 28 (+375 17) 209 91 11,, www.
(ул. Интернациональная, 28), MOktyabrskaya Are we still in Minsk? This grand hotel with
Carmen M in sk- Ar e n a , Pobediteley pr. 1 1 1 (просп.
(Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 229 83 39, fax (+375 17) stylish subdued marble in the foyer and classy coffee-and-
Opera in three acts by George Bizet. Libretto by Henri Победителей, 111). Tel. (+375 17) 253 53 61.
229 83 34,, cream decor in all the rooms could have you believing that
Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. Language: French. First night - QStarts at 20:00 The superbly located five-star Europe is one of Minsk’s you are in any western city. Until you step out the door.
February 24, 2005. QStarts at 19:00 finest hotels. The lovely, atrium-like lobby includes a tower- Some rooms have views of the adjacent Independence
22.05 Sunday ing painting of Minsk in a quasi-historic style. The level of Square, but all have satellite television, minibar, air condi-
10.06 Friday service is excellent, while the impressive facilities include tioning and nice firm beds. The ‘superior’ rooms are worth
Creation of The World Chris de Bourg with the Belarusian President’s
Orchestra a well equipped fitness centre and swimming pool, busi- considering for having even larger beds. Other facilities
Ballet in two acts by Andrey Petrov. Libretto - Natalia Kasat- ness centre, underground parking and five bars in which to include a fitness and sauna centre (weights, cardio, green
kina, Vladimir Vasiliev. QStarts at 19:00 D - 4, Big Hall of the Palace of the Republic, unwind. The Europe also boasts some of the best views to bubbling vat and both Turkish and Finnish style saunas),
O k t ya b r s k aya p l . 1 (О к т я б р ь с к а я п л . 1) be had in Minsk. Q 67 rooms: 13 singles €265, 11 doubles business centre and a helpful English-speaking guest rela-
13.06 Monday MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). Tel. (+375 17) €310, 7 twins €353, 25 deluxe rooms €465, 9 suites tions person who will help you with just about anything.
Premiere 216 22 99. QStarts at 19:00 €526, 1 apartment €588, 1 presedential suite €1150. Breakfast included, and it’s edible. Q 252 rooms (singles
Aida PJHAFLKCWhhhhh US$183, doubles US$209-255, triples US$432, suites
Opera in three Acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Libretto - Antonio 25.05 Wednesday US$300-1120). JHARFLGKDhhhh
Ghislanzoni. Language: Italian. Premiere - May 30, 2011.
QStarts at 19:00
Thomas Anders Upmarket Victoria (Виктория) B-2, Pob editeley pr. 59
C-3, Sport Palace, Pobediteley pr. 4 (просп. Juravinka (Журавинка) C-4, ul. Yanki Kupaly 25 (просп. Победителей, 59), tel. (+375 17) 204 88 44,
14.06 Tuesday Победителей, 4). Tel. (+375 17) 203 27 33. (ул. Янки Купалы, 25), tel. (+375 17) 328 69 00, fax (+375 17) 204 88 33. It might only have opened in the
The Nutcracker Suite QStarts at 19:00 fax (+375 17) 227 55 42,, 21st century but it proudly glistens with exciting, late-60’s Spoiled, decadent Westerners welcome! décor. Very time-trippy, but also very opulent. You’ll be happy
Ballet in 2 acts by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Libretto - Marius Petipa. For luxury and comfort, this small but smart central hotel with flat-screen televisions, minibar, brand-spanking new
Premiere - April 15, 1982. QStarts at 19:00 26.05 Thursday
attached to the Juravinka business and recreation complex furniture and swish bathrooms. Q 169 rooms (115 singles
Korn is a tough one to beat. Its single and double rooms are US$145-165, 45 doubles US$185, 8 suites US$225-570).
15.06 Wednesday comfortable affairs, and even come with adjustable climate PHAFLGKDCWhhhh
Premiere C-3, Sport Palace, Pobediteley pr. 4 (просп.
Победителей, 4). Tel. (+375 17) 203 27 33.
The Snow Maiden QStarts at 20:00
Opera in two Acts with Prologue by Nicolay Rimsky-Korsakov.
Libretto - Nicolay Rimsky-Korsakov. Language: Russian.
Premiere - January 28, 2011. QStarts at 19:00 12.06 Sunday
17.06 Friday M in sk- Ar e n a , Pobediteley pr. 1 1 1 (просп.
The Fountain Of Bakhchisarai Победителей, 111). Tel. (+375 17) 253 53 61.
Ballet in three acts by Boris Asafjev. Libretto - Nikolay Volkov. QStarts at 20:00
Premiere - September 28, 2007. QStarts at 19:00

20.06 Monday 27.06 Monday

King Stakh's Wild Hunt Sting
Opera in two acts by Vladimir Soltan. Libretto - Svetlana M in sk- Ar e n a , Pobediteley pr. 1 1 1 (просп.
Klimkovich. Language: Belarusian. First night - April 6, 1989. Победителей, 111). Tel. (+375 17) 253 53 61.
QStarts at 19:00 QStarts at 20:00

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Mid-range Eating out in Minsk continues to improve on an almost daily Symbol key
40 Let Pobedy (40 лет Победы) D-5, ul. Azgura 3 basis. There’s still a handful of places that fail to impress with
(ул. Азгура, 3), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь either food or service, but these are thankfully few and far be- P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
Победы), tel. (+375 17) 294 79 63. Tucked away in a tween. If it’s awful, we generally don’t write about it. Likewise,
quiet housing district not far from the centre it’s quite easy the diversity of cuisine in Minsk is far from all-encompasing, E Live music S Take away
to mistake 40 Let Pobedy for just another tower block, es- with what international food there is thankfully getting better T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled
pecially after dark. The fact that they have over 100 rooms, all the time. Be aware that many restaurants list garnishes
all recently renovated and brought up to a good standard, such as French fries, vegetables, rice and, butter and tomato G Non-smoking W Wireless Internet access
means you’re quite likely to get one. Everything is clean and ketchup as separate items. X Smoking place B Outside seating
all rooms have en suite facilities. Ask for one at the back, as
I Fireplace J Old town location
the view over the small park is far superior to that of the road
at the front of the building. Q 50 rooms (20 singles US$75, Belarusian
30 doubles US$120). PJAKhhh There are essentially two types of Belarusian restaurant in
Belarus. The first and most obvious variety features pigtailed Bambuk (Бамбук) D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. TC
IBB Gazety Pravda pr. 11 (просп. Газеты Правда, 11), waitresses in national dress serving plates of potatoes and “Stolitsa” (просп. Независимости, ТЦ сс), MPlo-
tel. (+375 17) 270 39 94, fax (+375 17) 270 39 95. beetroot soup in an atmosphere reminiscent of an old barn. schad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17)
As if to demonstrate that Germany has more to offer than The second is less easy to pin down, and is perhaps best 227 12 36. A rather average offering located inside a
BMWs with blacked-out windows, the German Association at reception are friendly enough, and the quick Metro ride described as a restaurant or café serving predominantly but shopping centre, the menu of dishes including Belarusian
for International Education and Exchange set up this mar- (four stops) to the centre makes this one of the best deals not exclusively Belarusian favourites in an atmosphere you and sushi, isn’t going to win any awards soon. Good for a
vellous hotel and conference centre. The rooms are clean, in town. The lobby has currency exchange and a buffet. won’t find anywhere other than in Belarus. Rather than insult harmless meal in convivial if not exactly luxury surroundings.
bright and somehow both stylish and austere, with a few If you get thirsty, try the bar in the second floor casino the best intentions of the good restaurant owners of Minsk QOpen 11:00 - 22:00. LNG
having a very modern-art-minimalist theme to them. It can rather than the over-priced restaurant, which is usually and call the former of the two Folk restaurants, we choose
feel a bit 1980s, but that’s futuristic in Minsk. The attached booked by a wedding party anyway. Q Single Standard - to list both types of restaurant together. Brutto (Брутто) B-6, ul. Petrusya Brovky 3/2
Westfalia restaurant is a big plus, but the sleeping district €40-51, Double Standard - €55-73, Triple Standard - €67, (ул. Петруся Бровки, 3/2), tel. (+375 29) 5 630 630,
location isn’t. Q 35 rooms (singles US$79, doubles US $109). Single Half Suite - €43-57, Double Half Suite - €75-92. Apricot (Абрикос) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 23 (просп. fax (+375 17) 294 92 85. Nice, exposed brick walls,
HAUKDhhh OALGKXWhhh Независимости, 23), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), silver candelabras and a good mix of diners are to be found
tel. (+375 17) 227 31 06. The sign on the wall says We Are inside this fairly new Minsk offering. The menu provides a
U Fontana (У Фонтана) C-2, ul. Amuratorskaya 4 Inspired By Urban Creativity, whatever that means, a sure sign few local and international choices plus there’s cold draught
Orbita (Орбита) C-1, Pushkina pr. 39 (просп. (ул. Амураторская, 4), tel. (+375 17) 203 58 18/ that this is either a great place to spend time in or an attempt beer to drink outside during the summer. QOpen 24 hours.
Пушкина, 39), MPushkinskaya (Пушкинская), (+375 17) 203 14 00, fax (+375 17) 203 14 74. At to distract diners from their food with the help of some baffling PAEGSW
tel. (+375 17) 252 39 33/(+375 17) 257 14 20. It’s last, a healthy refuge in this vodka and potato pancake propaganda. Aimed squarely at teenagers, its all canteen style
a bit trippy and will require a journey on the Metro to get culture. Opened in 2005, this tiny hotel attached to a in here, with wipe-clean everything, pancakes, pizza, sushi of Gastinets (Гастiнец) D-4, Svobody pl. 2 (пл. Свободы,
there, but it offers a range of rooms from fair-value, clean fitness centre is perfect for aerobics bunnies and muscle- course and, last but not least, an English menu to boot. QOpen 2), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 29) 388 00 02/
and tidy basic business rooms to the most expensive hotel heads. It even has its own ‘sports restaurant’. That said, 11:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 01:00. Closed Sun. (+375 29) 690 19 89. Five different halls with lots of vaulted
room in the country with its own gym and sauna. There’s even a slob with a beer gut or an In Your Pocket editor is brick ceilings from the 18th century and wrought ironwork
also a sauna and conference facilities for up to 50 per- welcome here, and will definitely appreciate the sparkling, set the scene for a popular restaurant serving traditional
sons. Q200 rooms (41 singles US$76-91, 140 doubles high-quality rooms, relatively central location and spa bath. Belarusian food with a modern twist alongside a range of
US$85-137, 24 sui tes US$190-200, 2 apar tmen ts Q 18 rooms (2 singles €46, 14 doubles €66-82, 2 suites international dishes. The chef here has a good reputa-
US$500). OHALKChhh €119). PAULGKDXWhhh tion among the locals and the freshly baked bread comes
particularly recommended. Friendly and attentive service,
Planeta (Планета) С-3, Pobediteley pr. 31 (просп. Yubileynaya (Юбилейная) С-3, Pobediteley pr. 19 plus a great drinks menu including some fine draught beers.
Победителей, 31), tel. (+375 17) 226 78 55/ (просп. Победителей, 19), tel. (+375 17) 226 90 24, QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 02:00. PTA6
(+375 17) 203 85 87, fax (+375 17) 226 77 80, fax (+375 17) 226 91 71. Currently undergoing renova- LEGBXW, An tion work on a couple of floors, everything is comfortable
absolutely marvellous hotel featuring the very best in and the hotel comes with a good range of services. It’s a Kushavel (Кушавель) B-3, Pobediteley pr. 49
what most hotels behind the former Iron Curtain gave up good compromise between not-very-central location and Enjoy the fresh Minsk Sea air (просп. Победителей, 49), tel. (+375 44) 788 80 00,
years ago. Still slightly struggling to come to terms with not-very-expensive price. Tattoos and other professional fax (+375 17) 297 93 53. An almost Scandinavian feel
the 21st century, the staff are at least very friendly and services available in the lobby. Q 230 rooms (119 singles and complete relaxation on board our ships here, including lots of sharp corners and emphatic curves,
most of them now speak good English. The rooms come US$59-92, 83 doubles US$79-118, 19 suites US$153-243). the menu features a number of original dishes that garner
in a number of different classes to suit all tastes and OJHALKhhh
and luxurious yachts good comments from those who’ve eaten from it. Very
pockets, with the ones high up in the building boasting A restaurant and a bar on board, tourist-friendly and with English menus and English-speaking
beautiful views of the river and city spread out below.
Wireless Internet is available throughout the building and Budget live music and show
staff, locals insist that they have the best summer ter-
race in the city. The location might well prove them right.
the breakfast, served inside a gorgeous room complete Zvezda (Звезда) Gazety Pravda pr. 47 (просп. and beautiful nature around QOpen 11:00 - 01:00. PABXS
with brightly coloured Socialist Realist ceramic ar t, is Газеты Правда, 47), tel. (+375 17) 272 85 42/(+375
ample. Recommended. Q306 rooms (306 Total rooms ). 17) 270 74 85. Zvezda is a bit far from things on the south- will make your cruise unforgettable L’Orange (Лоранж) D-4, ul. Karla Marxa 21 (ул.
OHAFLKDChhh western edge of the city, and the building looks like it was Карла Маркса, 21), tel. (+375 29) 370 90 01. Tree
plucked right out of downtown Mogadishu. But the rooms are trunks, corks on the walls, a rather enthusiastic television and
Sputnik (Спутник) ul. Brilevskaya 2 (ул. Брилевская, clean and well maintained, and guests can use a spa bath, a Russian-only menu are the things that stand out here. Hov-
2), tel. (+375 17) 220 36 19. Judging by the lobby, some sauna, solarium and massage. Apparently there’s some kind ering in the twilight world somewhere between and café and
remodelling may have been done in the last five years, and of privatisation going on too, with small dental clinics now a restaurant, L’Orange is perfect as the latter and perfectly
the place seems to be popular with budget tourists from crowding the lower floors. Q Singles, doubles €20-70, 3 lux adequate for the latter. On offer besides caffeine find a choice
Russia. Q 162 rooms (singles US$ 66 - 128, doubles US$ rooms €70-100. No breakfast. HADhh of good value dishes including a plaudits-inducing collection of
94 - 125, suite rooms US$160). ADhhh salads and grilled shrimps. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.

Tourist (Турист) Partizansky pr. 81 (просп. Парти- Megapolis (Мегаполис) Nezavisimosti pr. 116
занский, 81), MPartizanskaya (Партизанская),
(просп. Независимости, 116), MVostok (Восток),
tel. (+375 17) 295 40 31, fax (+375 17) 295 44 94.
Tourist is your typical, large-scale Minsk hotel. The ladies
clickandbuy tel.: +375 29 332 12 12 tel. (+375 17) 266 39 53/(+375 29) 664 35 96,
fax (+375 17) 200 12 06. A modern take on an old Soviet

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


with a mad medieval theme. There’s rope, wrought iron, see a number of live events taking place including music on
sackcloth and wood everywhere, and a jaunty knight in Fridays and traditional dancing on Sundays. QOpen 12:00 -
jangly armour watches over it all. The crowd is young and 23:00. PTAUIVEXS
hip and the place is so groovy that no one cares that the
food is a bit basic. It’s a great venue for a pre-club snack Talaka (Талака) С-3, ul. Rakovskaya 18 (ул.
and chat. QOpen 08:30 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 24:00. Раковская, 18), MNemiga (Немига)/(+375 17)
PAIGBXS 203 27 94, fax (+375 29) 637 03 80. An eclectic cellar
restaurant with a hunting theme (stuffed rabbits are among
Starovilenskaya Korchma (Старовиленская its décor victims), Talaka is one to seek out for its magnifi-
корчма) C-4, ul. Starovilenskaya 2 (ул. Старовилен- cent food and unusual atmosphere. Tables are made from
ская, 2), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 335 45 old beds, carriages and the like, and what’s served on them
02/(+375 44) 775 45 02. The barman evidently learned is mostly potato snacks and skewered meat. A bit pricier
customer relations from a Siberian camp guard, but if you than elsewhere, reservations are a good idea since this
manage to overlook this minor inconvenience this can be a very small place tends to get booked up. QOpen 10:00 - 06:00.
pleasant place to eat. The interior of the restored house on the PJAEBXS
Minsk, Trinity (Troitskoye) suburb
edge of Trinity is a nice enough venue, although the place really
comes into its own during the warmer part of the year when Traktir na Parkovoy (Трактир на Парковой)
theme, the National Library’s in-house restaurant, as one visitors flock to sit out by the river and enjoy the magnificent C-3, Pobediteley pr. 11 (просп. Победителей, 11),
would perhaps expect, specialises in national dishes. The view. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00. AIEBXS MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 203 69 91/(+375 Traditional Belarusian restaurant
translated menu tempts diners with a beguiling list of dishes 29) 135 77 36. It’s supposed to look like Grandmother’s
including The Tongue Baked Under Souse and (a particular Starye Traditsiy (Старые Традиции) B-5, Nezavisi- place in the country, which might explain the live rooster run-
in the very heart of Minsk with great views
favourite) Smoky Sturgeon Kegs From A Cucumber. Whatever mosti pr. 57 (просп. Независимости, 57), MPloschad ning around the yard or, at a stretch, the aquarium full of carp. of the city
you choose to eat, expect it to be accompanied by live cabaret Yakuba Kolasa (Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 But it doesn’t really account for the screaming Gypsy band
music and the occasional bit of dancing during the weekends. 29) 107 57 57/(+375 17) 331 90 87. At the time of go- on stage. If you want to sample the pelmeni, shashlyk and
Megapolis also offers an excellent value weekday lunch menu. ing to press there was no English menu available here, but Belarusian national food served here, we suggest avoiding
QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Mon 11:00 - 19:00. PAE if you can overcome that small hurdle then expect to find an arriving between 20:00 and 23:00 when the live music is
interesting mix of locals tucking into a choice of great value inflicting brain damage on the customers. QOpen 12:00 -
Mirsky Zamok (Мирский Замок) D-3, ul. Gorodskoy Belarusian food. Décor comes pretty much as standard, 24:00. PJAIEGBS
Val 9 (ул. Городской Вал, 9), MNemiga (Немига), tel. including the almost compulsory television chattering away
(+375 17) 328 69 38/(+375 29) 616 69 38. Meaning Mir in the background and a rather tatty old upright piano. Rare U Barysycha (У Барысыча) B-6, ul. Petrusya Brovki
Castle and named after the Unesco World Heritage complex for a place in this part of the world, smoking is not allowed. 12 (ул. Петруся Бровки, 12), MAkademiya Nauk
some 60km or so west of Minsk after which the interior deco- QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. PTAUIEGBS (Академия Наук), tel. (+375 17) 331 82 29. Although
ration owes more than a passing nod, inside the menus held at the time of going to press there were no English menus
together with metal clasps is a meat-heavy choice of dishes Stary Gorod (Старый город) С-4, ul. Maxima to be found here, U Barysycha is still worth dropping by for a Svobody 4 (пл. Свободы, 4)
plus one or two offerings for vegetarians. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Bogdanovicha 19 (ул. Максима Богдановича, 19), visit. The mix of old and new décor works really well here and tel. (+375 17) 321 20 89
Fri, Sat 12:00 - 02:00. PAUEGBSW MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 286 05 08. It’s safe the staff are friendly and helpful. Best of all though is the food. (+375 29) 321 20 59
to assume that any restaurant set in Minsk’s recreated old Although claiming to be a Belarusian restaurant, the menu Open 10:00 - 24:00,
My English Granny (Моя английская бабушка) town has a certain tourist orientation, but Stary Gorod isn’t goes well beyond local dishes, including just about everything Fri 10:00 - 02:00,
D-4, ul. Karla Marxa 36 (ул. Карла Маркса, 36), one to write off. The classics of national cuisine arrive at your from pasta to Greek salad to classic Soviet-era dishes to Sat 10:00 - 02:00.
MKupalovskaya (Купаловская), tel. (+375 17) 227 table on a hot griddle, and most are sanely priced. Dine on goat. The quality is high and if you’re in the mood you can
22 24. Granny’s still got a bit of spunk left in her yet. Just the relaxing back terrace during the summer or check out even order a whole goose. To top it all there’s striptease and
look at this place. Sure, it’s a bit frilly and they serve your seating in the funky cellar. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat belly dancing during the weekends. QOpen 11:00 - 22:00.
food on paper doilies, but somehow the place is rather 12:00 - 02:00. PJUNBXS PVENBXS
cool. It attracts young hipsters who drink juice and have
pillow fights and just seem to feel very comfortable here. Stary Mlyn (Стары Млын) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 78 U Yanki (У Янки) D-4, ul. Karla Marxa 21 (ул. Карла
Probably because it’s just like Granny’s place. Flick through (просп. Независимости, 78), MPark Chelyuskintsev Маркса, 21), tel. (+375 17) 210 49 03. A celebration
the packed-with-classics menu, pick and partake. A good (Парк Челюскинцев), tel. (+375 17) 280 28 72. A of the time-honoured pursuit in which grown men take to the
option for breakfast or just couching around with friends at perfectly adequate although by no means special place to eat woods and shoot defenceless animals, the walls of this place
any time. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 02:00. hearty local snacks for a good price, the Old Mill also features are littered with guns and the menu is equally festooned with
PJA6NBXSW a small outdoor terrace for some excellent people-watching the poor creatures that had the misfortune to walk in front of
opportunities. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00. PUNBX them. Actually, everything probably came from an abattoir, but
Pechk i L a vochki (Пе чки - л а в о чк и) D-4 , that’s not the point. Vegetarians and animal rights activities
Nezavisimosti pr. 22 (просп. Независимости, 22), Straunya Kamyanitsa (Страўня Камянiца) D-5, walk on by. Those who dribble at the thought of vast plates
MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) ul. Pervomayskaya 18 (ул. Первомайская, 18), tel. of grilled meat might like this place a lot. QOpen 11:00 -
227 78 79. A bit barnyard and cottage, but really rather (+375 17) 294 51 24/(+375 17) 285 39 47. Recreating 23:00. PNGX
nice, especially if you get a seat by the window where you can the time when Belarus formed part of the Grand Duchy of
enjoy the view as much as the recommended food. Expect Lithuania, this fine little restaurant churns out classic dishes Verhniy Gorod (Верхний Город) C-4, Svobody pl. 4
plenty of pungent soups, juicy grilled meats and other hearty from days gone by with a heavy emphasis on roasted, grilled (пл. Свободы, 4), tel. (+375 17) 321 20 89/(+375 17)
Slavic dishes. They also have what they call Beer Rooms, and stewed meat. The staff dress in authentic costumes and 321 20 59. A much talked about and much loved restaurant
where visitors are welcome to quaff ale and be noisy without the menu is held inside a large leather wallet. If you’re not in the heart of the city featuring a great view of the Cathedral
upsetting anyone. Recommended. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. starving, do at least try one of their recommended soups or of the Holy Spirit and the river, Verhny Gorod is in the eyes of
PJAGKXSW indulge in a glass or two of the local firewater. The weekends many who’ve experienced it the best place in Minsk to dine
on quality Belarusian and international cuisine in sumptuous
Skif (Скиф) C-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 34 (просп. surroundings. Popular with locals and foreigners alike, legend
Независимости, 34), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь has it that one group of visiting Germans refused to eat
Победы), tel. (+375 17) 284 75 41/(+375 29) anywhere else during their stay in the city and insisted on
304 86 22. Opposite the apartment where Lee Harvey taking the recipe for the pike perch in a clay pot back home
Oswald used to live, this delightfully wicked, wacky and clickandbuy with them. Recommended. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat
ropey little restaurant and bar is a very cool hang-out 10:00 - 02:00. PAIEBS

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Zhban (Жбан) B-6, ul. Petrusya Brovki 16 (ул. Asian Table talk meal in the evening the food never really fails to impress. Go
Петруся Бровки, 16), MAkademiya Nauk (Академия Dzhomalungma (Джомалунгма) B-5, ul. Gikalo 7 ffor a Steak Deluxe and take a peep at the villainous-looking
Наук), tel. (+375 17) 294 94 13/(+375 44) 794 94 14. (ул. Гикало, 7), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa (Пло- English Belarusian Russian Russian host whilst you sip a gin and tonic and enjoy the good life.
Featuring horse shoes on the walls and crudely carved щадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 280 53 88, pronunciation Summertime brings the addition of a Parisian-style outdoor
furniture, Zhban is named after a traditional Belarusian mug Just the kind of Asian restaurant terrace. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00. PA6XW
with a large capacity and featuring a hinged lid used for the Minsk has been waiting for, find a well-orchestrated affair set in Café кафе кафе ka´fe
consumption of low alcohol drinks such as kvas. Claiming a cheerful room of explosive colours. The outstanding food is Restaurant рэстаран ресторан resto´ran Dolce Vita (Дольче Вита) D-4, ul. Kirova 13
to use only fresh ingredients, the menu holds a number of mainly Tibetan, with a few Nepalese, Indian and Thai choices Bar бар бар bar (ул. Кирова, 13), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь
surprises, not least the cute-sounding Piglet at Rest alongside thrown in. Hot towels precede your meal, and tea comes in a Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 218 35 55/(+375 17) 200
Toilet туалет туалет tua´let
more familiar fare such as bliny with red caviar and herring. tiny pot set on a wooden platform. Also at International airport 47 81. Predominantly fine Italian dishes served inside the
Food can be served on wooden plates to order, there’s the Minsk-2. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. PJAEBKXS курыца / курица/ kuritsa / Crowne Plaza’s flagship restaurant, everything was imported
usual offering of business lunch plus there’s live shows and кураня цыпленок tsyp´lionok from
f Italy and the food is very good indeed. It being a hotel
discos during the weekends. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat
08:00 - 02:00. PTAUEGSW Azerbaijani Beef ялавiчына говядина go´viadina restaurant, don’t expect value for money or too much in the way
of atmosphere. Having said that, there are many worse hotel
Pork свiнiна свинина svi´nina
Astara (Астара) D-5, ul. Pulihova 37 (ул. Пулихова, restaurants to be found in the world. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00.
паста / паста / ´pasta /
American 37), tel. (+375 17) 299 97 61/(+375 29) 115 94 01.
Absolutely fantastic for anyone who hasn’t experienced the
макароны макароны maka´rony Europa Restaurant (ресторан г-цы “Европа”)
TGI Friday’s (Фрайдис) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 22 (просп. full-on extravagance of cheesy Azerbaijani décor before, Pizza пiцца пицца ´pizza D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 28 (ул. Интернациональная,
Независимости, 22), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), this cavernous recommendation is popular with all kinds of Sushi сушы суши ´sushi 28), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17)
tel. (+375 17) 227 23 31. Silly hats, klaxons, loud shirts and diners from diplomats to movie stars. The menu positively 229 84 31. Classy in a stilted, stifling sort of way, Europa tries
all the other nonsense that those who know this American chain heaves with classic dishes which need to be tasted to be Fish рыба рыба ´ryba jjust a little too hard to be elegant and sophisticated (we grimaced
will have come to expect, the formula is unchanged here with believed, Azerbaijani festivals are celebrated with small Soup суп суп sup while watching a waitress struggle with one hand to open a plas-
decent food such as burgers, chicken wings, steaks and ribs, festivals inside the restaurant plus, as is so often the гарачы / горячий / go´riachii / tic bottle of water balanced on a silver tray). Concentrate on the
although not served in such large portions. Worth it for the New case inside a Minsk restaurant, there’s live shows and Hot / Cold excellent food instead, such as the fried camembert with sesame
халодны холодный ho´lodnyi
York cheesecake alone. A good choice if you want to play it safe belly dancing during the weekends. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. and raspberry sauce, or the kebab with tiger prawns. The à la
and go somewhere where you know exactly what you’re going картофель / kar´tofel’/ carte menu is pricey, although there’s a much cheaper, if very
PTALEGBXS Potatoes бульба
to get. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. PJVGXS картошка kar´toshka limited, set lunch option. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. PJA
Vegetables гароднiна овощи ´ovoshchi
Bulgarian Tea чай чай chai Falcone (Фальконе) D-3, ul. Korolya 9 (ул. Короля,
Buffet express Gabrovo (Габрово) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 81 (просп.
Н 81), MAkademia Nauk (Академия
Coffee кофе кофе ´kofe
9), MFrunzenskaya (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 29)
377 77 76, When we asked why there
If you’ve just read the entire restaurant chapter of this guide ннаук), tel. (+375 17) 287 30 53/(+375 17) 287 30 54, Bread хлеб хлеб hleb were two formidable-looking security guards patrolling the
and you still haven’t been served, stay calm, collect your ffax (+375 17) 287 30 54. Although Gabrovo claims to be Sugar цукар сахар ´sahar entrance, we were cryptically informed that their job is to
belongings and pop into a place where the food is served BBulgarian, the menu is really just a generic East European Milk малако молоко molo´ko protect the guests. Falcone is a seriously lavish Italian res-
piping hot and straight from metal containers. mmishmash of mayonnaise-drenched salads and fatty cutlets. taurant for people with serious amounts of roubles to burn.
SStill, the portions are generous, the prices reasonable, and Cream вяршкi сливки ´slivki Although the food is impressive, it’s hard not to be bothered
Lido (Лидо) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 49/1 (просп. tthe atmosphere has a tacky sort of charm about it with lots Beer пiва пиво ´pivo by the sheer ostentatious-ness of the place, surrounded as
Независимости, 49/1), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa oof starchy tablecloths and plastic vines wrapped around the вiно вино vi´no it is by crumbling old Soviet-era housing on a drab residential
(Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 284 82 08/ rrafters. A few years ago this would have been considered Wine (red/ street. A taste of the Minsk to come. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00.
(чырвонае/ (красное/ (krasnoie/
(+375 29) 368 66 86, For those who aren’t cclassy. Q Open 10:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 24:00. white) PTJA6UILEGBXSW
белае) белое) beloie)
familiar with this successful Latvian chain, Lido’s philosophy PAEBXW
is to serve an absolutely enormous selection of foods such Vodka водка водка ´vodka Grand Café (Гранд Кафе) D-4, ul. Lenina 2
as pizza, pork chops, ice-cream and much more in a fun, Traktir na Marksa (Трактир на Маркса) D-4,
T Bill / чэк /
чек / счет chek/shchiot (ул. Ленина, 2), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel.
folksy cafeteria set-up for a bargain price and, best of all, in ul.
u Karla Marxa 21 (ул. Карла Маркса, 21), MKu- cheque рахунак (+375 44) 703 11 11. Relatively new although already
an instant. A staff equalling the population of Riga buzz around ppalovskaya (Купаловская), tel. (+375 17) 226 03 41. Change сдача сдача ´zdacha buzzing, this crisp, white tablecloth affair provides Italian food
the dining room ready to whisk away your plate the instant A dark, underground labyrinth of booths in the heart of the city and other treats cooked to perfection and served with a rare
the last morsel of food goes into your mouth. QOpen 08:00 ccentre, find all manner of locals sat at chequered tablecloths Tip на чай чаевые chae´vyie taste for quality and flair. The décor is interesting indeed,
- 23:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 23:00. PAEBS ttucking into a range of dishes not just from Bulgaria but also Thank you дзякуй спасибо spa´sibo combining the classic look of a classy restaurant offset with
ffrom further afield. Recommended are the Bulgarian salad and Goodbye Да пабачэння До свидания Do svi´daniia large photographs of Soviet-era housing on the walls. Barmen
Maestro (Маэстро) D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. tthe golden chicken. The food is unpretentious, filling and good
We’ll be Мы Мы My
mix drinks in white tuxedos to give the place an added touch of
TC “Stolitsa”, upper level (просп. Независимости, vvalue. Perhaps too gloomy to be enjoyed during the daytime, sophistication. Recommended among the many great dishes
back вернемся вернемся ver´niomsia
ТЦ “Столица”), tel. (+375 17) 227 54 41/(+375 17) tthis would be a better place to frequent after the sun has set. is the Chateaubriand steak, whilst Friday evenings see the
227 81 24. Classic local food plus an array of other treats QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. PNGW Which way Як прайсцi Как пройти Kak proi´ti arrival of fresh oysters and some of the best DJs in the city.
including sausages and mash, pasta and garlic bread, all to...? да...? к...? k...? QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. PJAGXW
ready to plonk on your plate straight from hot metal contain-
ers. An excellent choice if you’re in a hurry, although try to Caucasian
C Juravinka (Журавинка) C-4, ul. Yanki Kupaly 25
avoid during lunchtimes as the queues literally snake out Verba (Верба) B-4, ul. Kropotkina 51 (ул. Кропоткина,
V Mecca for spotty youth on weekend evenings. The outisde tables (ул. Янки Купалы, 25), tel. (+375 17) 328 69 89/
the door. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00. 51),
5 tel. (+375 17) 334 69 95, fax (+375 17) 334 34 67. are a good spot to watch the world go by. Also at Surganova 63, (+375 17) 328 69 13. For overblown formality, Belarusian
A favourite place to come for shashlyk, that tasty, shish- Dzerzhinskogo 96, Nemiga 12, Pritytskogo 28, Logoisky Tract 35. style, the grand restaurant in the Juravinka business complex
Maxi Bis (Макси Бис ) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 1 kebab-like
k dish that originated in the mountains of the QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 24:00. JB takes first prize. That’s not to say you won’t have a quality
(просп. Победителей, 1), MNemiga (Немига), tel. Caucasus
C and became a culinary hit all over the USSR. experience here complete with top-notch chefs and silly dance
cosy and well worth a visit. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
(+375 17) 306 45 53. There’s a counter in here for order-
ing freshly baked pizza and the like, but the real reason for
P Fine dining numbers to boot. They probably even have doctors standing
by for when they give you the bill. But you don’t have to spend
visiting is to shuffle round the edge of the room collecting Bistro de Luxe (Бистро де Люкс) D-3, ul. Gorod- through the nose to have a good time here. You can throw a
ready-prepared food from the lovely ladies who work here.
The choice is excellent and the price is also not too bad. FFast food skoy Val 10 (ул. Гороской Вал, 10), tel. (+375 44)
789 11 11, Popping up among a
few gutter balls in the bowling club downstairs or try the more
affordable dining in the Lasunak café (also a decent drinking
A great choice for simple food in a hurry. QOpen 08:00 - McDonald’s (Мак Дональдс) C-2, Nezavisimosti
M number of places in the area, Bistro de Luxe offers a modern place), which has picture-perfect riverside seating when the
23:00. PJBS pr.
p 23 (просп. Независимости, 23), MOktyabrskaya interpretation of the classic bistro design. From freshly made weather’s warm. QOpen 19:00 - 04:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 -
( tel. (+375 17) 217 65 28. The local Mc- croissants for breakfast through to a full blow-out Italian 05:00. Closed Mon. PJALEGBXS

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


internationally trained, the environment is exquisite and meat and Italian offerings. The waiters speak English and
the prices are not as stratospherically high as one might there’s rooms for those who smoke and those who don’t.
expect. A perfect choice for a quality evening. Q Open QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
12:00 - 24:00. PJAX

La Dame De Pique (Пиковая дама) D-4, ul. Yanki German

Kupaly 17 (ул. Янки Купалы, 17), MOktyabrskaya Westfalia (Вестфалия) Gazety Pravda pr. 11
(Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 227 73 14/(+375 29) (просп. Газеты Правда, 11), tel. (+375 17) 270 57 27/
615 13 13. Conjuring images of decadent France at every op- (+375 29) 172 00 00. A perfect escape from the overbear-
portunity this gorgeous little anomaly is the ultimate in bling. ing atmosphere found elsewhere in the city, the restaurant
Models of lithe greyhounds chained to the walls welcome attached to the IBB centre offers excellent, fresh food, a soft,
visitors to a restaurant that’s a feast on both the eyes and the modern interior and an overall unpretentious dining experi-
taste buds. Not the cheapest place in town, the menu tempts ence. The German chef cooks up a variety of both German
with a roll call of dishes including the mischievous-sounding and international fare. Try the Zurich veal or the speciality, pike
Russian Proposal in Paris (it’s a salad), Veal Martignon and perch Papillote style. Live jazz is performed on Friday evenings,
that old favourite, crème brûlée. Visitors looking to push the instrumental music on Saturdays and Sundays. Also note that
boat out as far as it can go take note that at the time of going the breakfast buffet here may be the best in town. QOpen
to press there was a champagne on the menu going for a cool 07:30 - 23:00. PTA6ULEGBXSW
5,481,000BYR. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
Fun Taj (Тадж) C-3, ul. Romanovskaya Sloboda 26
Chill Out (Чилл Аут) C-4, Svobody pl. 4 (пл. Свободы, (ул. Романовская Слобода, 26), MFrunzenskaya
4), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 328 63 43. Soft (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 44) 711 11 10, fax (+375
tones of beige and brown with just a hint of neon purple and 17) 306 29 61. Opened to much blowing of trumpets, Taj is
lime green inside this restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart by all accounts a welcome addition to Minsk’s ever growing
of the city. Surplus to the telephone directory of cocktails is a and ever improving restaurant scene. Bright, understated and
menu of international dishes and the added bonus of a sum- modern with plenty of Indian touches, an Indian chef oversees
mer barbecue terrace. Chill Out also has a reputation for its the preparation of a good choice of food, some cooked in a
parties, popular with some of the better off youth of the capital. tandoor oven plus a few vegetarian options as well. There’s
QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. PABXSW an authentic Indian dance group during the weekends
too, to really spice up the evening. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
Gara zh (Гараж) ul. Kalvariyskaya 17 (ул. PTAUBXSW
Кальварийская, 17), MFrunzenskaya (Фрунзенская),
tel. (+375 29) 620 05 11. Everything in this must-see place
Newman (Ньюмен) D-3, ul. Nemiga 36 (ул. Немига, believed by many cultures that the seventh heaven is a refers to cars and racing, from the extraordinary range of
36), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 place where you can meet God. We came along and looked vehicle-related paraphernalia to the recommended menu
17) 306 48 39/(+375 44) 777 42 42. A magnificent find, around but didn’t see him. Or her. But you can see the featuring dishes with names such as the Lamborghini Diablo
Newman offers great steaks on two floors including several pretty Mary Magdalena Church if you look out the window. and Ferrari Maranello pizzas and the Spaghetti Barichello.
cooked on a charcoal grill, plus handmade lightshades and It’s really a dinner-dance kind of place, with a suave sky- There’s a big screen showing F1 and other major racing events
expert Russian hands overseeing the operation. At ground blue and silver theme. It’s not the most happening venue, plus the occasional wacky competition like inviting diners to
level there’s a bar where a range of international food can also but it’s a bit romantic, and if the couple we saw dancing eat spaghetti against the clock with spanners. Dedicated
be ordered, while upstairs is a more sophisticated restaurant were anything to go by, they must serve aphrodisiacs. to the time-honoured worship of the automobile, Garage is
setting with leather seating and all the trimmings. The draught QOpen 18:00 - 04:00. PJENK more than just the sum of its gimmicky décor and does a
beer goes down a treat, the steaks we demolished were fan- great job in the kitchen. The all-male staff are young, friendly
tastic and the service is both helpful and attentive. Newman
also offers a good value business lunch during the week which Fish and several speak English. The fabulous Garage is located
in two locations in the city but the theme is pretty much the
can be ordered from either floor. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. The Porto del Mare (Порто дель Маре) C-5, ul. Kozlova same in both. Also at Mogilevskaya 12a. QOpen 24 hours.
bar is open till 04:00 at weekends. JHALGXW 3 (ул. Козлова, 3), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь PTAVBSW
Победы), tel. (+375 29) 197 00 00, portodelmare@tut.
Renaissance (Ренессанс) D-4, Svobody pl. 23 by. The former Porto Maltese has made a few slight changes Kalyannaya # 1 (Кальянная №1) D-4, ul. Karla
(пл. Свободы, 23), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), but remains more or less as it was before. For the uninitiated, Marxa 33 (ул. Карла Маркса, 33), tel. (+375 17) 222
tel. (+375 17) 227 09 91, fax (+375 17) 227 09 64. it’s an aquatic-looking fish restaurant with a few other dishes 27 07. Once you’ve finally figured out how to get through
If Bill Gates and Al Capone wanted to do lunch in Minsk, this on the menu such as steak and chef’s specials that garners the front door you’ll wish you’d bought a torch. Illuminated by
is where it would happen. Built in a former monastery print nothing but positive reviews from all who eat there. Diners a handful of scrawny red lightbulbs to give atmosphere but
shop, Renaissance is a haven of beautiful columns, soft can choose their own fish from a chilled display plus there’s really just to disorientate and make you bang your shins on
lighting and carpets working to create a level of opulence a nice Bedouin-looking outdoor terrace for the summer. things, the main draw here are the hookahs. The concept,
that will drive many into fits of nervous laughter. Specialities QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. PTJALEX so the website says, is to bring like-minded people together
like filet mignon in cherry sauce and lamb with cognac sauce over a bubbling smoke and, well, that’s the end of the con-
are served to the sound of tinkling piano music. Guests can
also escape to the billiards room or sink into a leather sofa French cept really. Also on offer is a limited range of drinks and light
refreshments. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 02:00,
in the cigar room. To get nearly the same experience without La Crête d’Or (Золотой гребешок) D-4, ul. Lenina Sun 10:00 - 24:00.
such a heavy financial impact, come for the business lunch. 3 (ул. Ленина, 3), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская),
QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. PJAULVEBXS tel. (+375 17) 227 32 04. The name suggests it is the Lozhki (Ложки) D-4, ul. Komsomolskaya 34
highest cock, but somehow that sounds a bit too coarse (ул Комсомольская, 34), tel. (+375 17) 227 07
Seventh Heaven (Седьмое небо) D-3, Nezavisimosti for this fine and refined restaurant. Expect softly spoken 72. Deliciously silly, this quirky and fun café-restaurant
pr. 11 (Hotel Minsk, top floor) (просп. Независимости, men in black roll-neck skivvies perusing a menu that is too is littered with spoons (lozhki) on the walls and ceiling.
11), M Ploschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), good to be translated into English (you’ll have to read it in A former much-loved café, it’s now home to a range of
tel. (+375 17) 209 90 38/ (+375 17) 209 90 87. It’s Russian or French, darling). Both kitchen and waitstaff are international dishes including the usual selection of grilled

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


casserole, the ideal accompaniment to the live music that Italian U Admirala (У Адмирала) B-2, Svobody pl. 8
generally livens things up during the weekend. QOpen 12:00 (пл. Свободы, 8), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17)
- 24:00. PJALEXS Bella Rosa (Белла Роса) B-5, ul. Gikalo 3 328 53 32. Tumble down the rabbit-hole stairs for an ad-
(ул. Гикало, 3), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa (Пло- venture in blunderland. There’s a rubble floor, a forest-like,
Gosti (Гости) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 25 (просп. щадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 284 53 03/ fairy-tale atmosphere, little wine barrels that have been
Независимости, 25), tel. (+375 29) 677 79 99. A (+375 17) 284 52 55. The exemplary if somewhat turned into mushroom-style stools and a freaky toy rabbit
veritable aircraft hangar lies behind the innocuous frontage pricey kitchen in this classy establishment whisks on one of the walls. Despite the wine-suggestive name,
of this splendid addition to the delights of the Belarusian up more than pizza and pasta, including oysters and the place has a bog-standard menu with everything from
capital. A predominantly booth-seated affair with lots of Tuscan goulash. Also serving a few more local dishes simple sandwiches to proper meaty meals. Prices go up
wood panelling and posters of pre-war American film heart- such as an extremely good shchi, other things worth after midnight. And the coat-check man turns into a pump-
throbs on the walls, there’s a bit of everything for everyone further applause are exceptionally good focaccia and kin. Probably. QOpen 24 hours. PJAEBX
in here. The kitchen churns out a range of staples including an espresso that could’ve come direct from Rome.
chicken wings and squid whilst the bar packs both draught QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. PJHALBKX U Ratushi (У Ратуши) C-4, ul. Ger tsena 1
Guinness and Pilsner Urquell. Aimed at a 30-something crowd (ул. Герцена, 1), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17)
although attracting plenty more besides, there’s also live Ber gamo (Бергамо) A-4, ul. Kulman 37 226 06 43. Set over three levels, this spacious and pleas-
music every night from 21:00. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, (ул. Кульман, 37), tel. (+375 17) 334 45 56, ant bar-restaurant is an excellent place for a meal after an
Sat 12:00 - 03:00. PAUEX fax (+375 17) 210 12 08. A well established Italian exhausting day walking around Minsk’s blister-inducingly
restaurant inside a somewhat nondescript building long streets. The diverse menu is a notch above average
Grunwald Café (Грунвальд кафе) D-4, ul. Karla that’s been a favourite with staff from the Italian em- and throws everything from chicken masala to Thai stir
Marxa 19 (ул. Карла Маркса, 19), MKupalovskaya bassy among other for a number of years, the interior fry to steak au poivre into the mix. There’s also a good
(Купаловская), tel. (+375 17) 210 42 55/(+375 29) is classy but not too ostentatious and the food has selection of beers, while local bands churn out bland
177 56 90. A half-hearted attempt to cash in on the greatest a very good reputation. The menu comes complete pop tunes and jazz most evenings. Booking during the
battle of medieval Europe. The food is a bit pricey and the with a large collection of Italian favourites including weekends is highly recommended. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
atmosphere is nothing special, so other than the suit of armour plenty of good pasta dishes and thin, crispy pizza. PJAEX
by the door and some photographs of modern-day enthusiasts QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. PA6UEGXSW
pretending to be medieval, it actually lacks an outstanding Vostochny Express (Восточный экспресс)
appeal. Outdoor seating on a relatively quiet street is a bonus E-3, ul. Kirova 1 (ул. Кирова, 1), MPloschad Lenina
during the summer. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - Il Patio (Иль Патио) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 22 (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 225 62 43. A great
02:00, Sun 10:00 - 24:00. PJABKXSW (просп. Независимости, 22), MOktyabrskaya city centre location for a really nice-looking place complete
(Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 227 17 91. You with engraved wine glasses, the staff speak English and the
Kabab-Zhi (Кабаб-Жи) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 71 really can’t go wrong here. Central location, friendly menu features everything from Belarusian to Latin American.
(просп. Независимости, 71), MAkademia Nauk prices, efficient service, cosy brick décor. What more There’s a super list of cocktails too to make the food go with a
(Академия наук), tel. (+375 17) 292 02 08/(+375 29) could you possibly ask for? Formerly Patio Pizza, this bang. A VIP room is also available for private parties. QOpen
392 02 08. Featuring a total of three halls for smokers and popular restaurant and meeting place still ser ves 11:00 - 23:00. PJAX
non-smokers alike, Kabab-Zhi is remarkable in that it offers a some of the best pizza in town, although as the name
change suggests, they’ve got plenty of other Italian
International bizarre albeit recommended selection of food as wide-ranging
as Indian, Italian and the Lebanese. And if that’s not enough, dishes as well. It also has some of the freshest, best-
Atelier (Ателье) C-3, ul. Melnikaite 4 (ул. they also try to label themselves as a sports bar. Rare in Minsk tasting salads in Minsk. Also at Surganova 50. QOpen
Мельникайте, 4) MFrunzenskaya (Фрунзенская). and recommended is the salad bar. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. 08:00 - 23:00. PJAVGBXS
(+375 17) 203 77 26. This brand new restaurant complete PAGBXS
with large photographs of famous chefs on the walls comes Per f etto (Перфетто) D-3, ul. Romanovs-
with a dressmaking theme as the name suggests and is Limoncello (Лимончелло) B-6, ul. Bogdana Khmel- kaya Sloboda 1 (ул. Романовская Слобода, 1),
well worth a visit. The menu features a wealth of classic nitskogo 7 (ул. Богдана Хмельницкого, 7), tel. (+375 MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 200 28 99/
dishes from the kitchens of Europe including a great menu 17) 290 02 00/(+375 44) 753 34 44. In short, two floors, (+375 29) 607 99 99. A doorman in a suit ushers
of grilled meats as well as a better than average wine list. lounge music, World Fashion on the television and groups of customers into this moderatel y classy affair. The
Don’t eat too much though or you’ll miss the mouth-watering rich young women demolishing tables of expensive food and pizzas are excellent, although the pasta and salads
Zaher cake, claimed by those who’ve tried it to be as good drink. A restaurant that serves borsch and sushi probably are poor imitations of what they purport to be de-
as any you’ll ever come across. All in all, excellent value doesn’t deserve to be called a tratorria as this place likes to spite being served up on fancy crockery. The best
dining of the highest standard. Q Open 08:00 - 02:00. call itself, but that’s of little interest to the scores of people reason to come is to watch the local posers hard
PTJHALEBKS who flock here every day. We had Mexican Goulash and a at it. The barman helps the atmosphere along with
pizza and thought both were ok if nothing to write home his well-rehearsed cocktail bottle-flipping routine.
El Pomidoro (Эль Помидоро) E-3, ul. Kirova 6 (ул. about. Smoking is upstairs, it’s a bit out of the way and is Q Open 12:00 - 24:00. PJABXSW
Кирова, 6), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. definitely worth a visit for anyone with even a passing interest
(+375 17) 226 10 20/(+375 29) 702 02 07, fax (+375 in anthropology. QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Mon 11:00 - 24:00,
17) 200 65 51. The Tomato is a busy restaurant near the train Sun 12:00 - 24:00. PJAKX
station that’s one step up from fast food. Ask for El Menu and Olivye (Оливье) C-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 27
then order El Pizza or El Salad. It’s hardly spectacular but decent News Café (Ньюс Кафе) D-4, ul. Karla Marxa 34 (ул. Интернациональная, 27), MNemiga (Немига),
enough to fill an undiscerning hole. Kebabs and breakfast are (ул. Карла Маркса, 34), M Oktyabr skaya tel. (+375 17) 203 93 55/(+375 29) 639 93 55. First
also served. Expect a 15-20 minute wait during the lunchtime (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 227 78 67. The good of all, top marks for finding us a table when they were fully
rush. Also at Krasnaya 23, Bogdanovicha 102, Nezavisimosti news is that News Café has been providing quality inter- booked. Second, top marks for the food. One could easily
83. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. PJAUGBS national fare to scores of well-heeled locals and top notch overlook this place, thinking it one of a crowd of mediocre
foreigners for years. Friendly English-speaking staff oversee affairs in town, and that, judging from the food we ate, would
Gostiny Dvor (Гостиный Двор) D-3, ul. Sovetskaya the delivery of a feast of food including some fine pasta be a mistake. A good steak, a better-than-average Greek
17 (ул. Советская, 17), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь dishes such as the knockout tagliatelle with rabbit ragout. salad and an exemplary vegetarian lasagne all passed with
Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 328 64 17. A recommended cellar There’s free wireless Internet, a trendy layout and an overall flying colours, plus there’s plenty more on offer including
restaurant complete with knights in armour, painted ceilings laid-back feel to the place. The bad news is that because of pasta, sushi and the intriguingly named Salad Olivye USSR
and waitresses in green waistcoats, the food, a favourite this it’s quite often difficult to find a seat. Reserving a table with Doctor’s Sausage. Even better, they work around the
among diplomats and wealthy wedding parties, is excellent is highly recommended. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun clock. An excellent city centre choice. QOpen 24 hours.
albeit a little pricey. Recommended comes the Belarusian 08:00 - 24:00. PJAGBXW PTJHALEBKS

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Kebabs Ukrainian AirGrip (Эйр Грип) D-4, ul. Komsomolskaya 19 they still haven’t got round to changing the branding on
Byblos (Библос) D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 21 (ул. Комсомольская, 19), MNemiga (Немига), tel. everything, but that doesn’t seem to matter when you’ve
(ул. Интернациональная, 21), MOktyabrskaya Chumatsky Shlyakh (Чумацький шлях) (+375 17) 328 37 93. There’s a definite Italian-ness to Air got free Internet access. The coffee’s ok incidentally.
(Октярьская), tel. (+375 17) 289 12 18, solimart@ D-3, ul. Myasnikova 34 (ул. Мясникова, 34), Grip. After all, it has the same owners as the Voglia Matta Also at Nezavisimosti 18 and Shopping Centre Expobel. A bright, busy, noisy kebab house where you can fill MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 restaurant. The emphasis here, though, is on ice-cream and QOpen 24 hours. PJW
your belly without emptying your wallet. Along with the ke- 29) 190 77 77, The rather cakes. A strangely attractive place that attracts a diverse
bab and salad plates you can get a decently priced chicken over-the-top folksy atmosphere in no way impinges on crowd. QOpen 10:00 - 03:00. PAGBXSW Graf Café (Граф Кафе) Nezavisimosti pr. 116, (просп.
shawarma with French fries and chichtawook (chicken what’s one of the best places to eat peasant food in Независимости, 116), tel. (+375 17) 266 37 22/
legs), among many other goodies. Also at Karla Marxa 10. the city. Set out on two floors, the real magic here can Banana Café (Банана Кафе) C-4, ul. Storozhovs- (+375 29) 690 62 17. Perched up high on the 22nd floor
QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. JA be found inside the kitchen. Choosing what to eat can kaya 7 (ул. Сторожевская, 7), MNemiga (Немига), of the National Library, this average café hosts changing
be difficult as it’s a big menu and it’s all good. Recom- tel./fax (+375 17) 285 50 79. It’s certainly bent, but more art exhibitions and sells a drinkable cup of coffee. Access is
Middle-Eastern mended are either of the two offerings of borsch, the bruised-banana brown than happy-smiley yellow. We don’t
know what goes on behind the mirrored VIP door downstairs,
only possible with a ticket to the viewing gallery on top of the
building. QOpen 13:00 - 23:00. PW
vareniki and the potato pancakes. There’s several
Kasbar (Касбар) E-3, ul. Vok zalnaya 23 (ул. vodkas to help it all down too, and a rather marvel- but upstairs is a dark café with a litter of wooden cottage-style
Вокзальная, 23), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь lous photograph of happy factory workers just on the tables and chairs. Twigs on the ceiling add a rustic, fire-hazard Gurman (Гурман) C-4 ul. Kommunisticheskaya 7
Ленина), tel. (+375 29) 666 36 05, fax (+375 17) right as you enter. Highly recommended, especially for charm. It looks like there’s a nice outdoor seating area, but (ул. Коммунистическая, 7), tel. (+375 17) 290 67 74.
200 25 91. Kudos to this Syrian-themed restaurant for its those eating in groups. In a word, magnificent. QOpen it wasn’t being used when we visited in May. No menus in The Gourmet name is perhaps a bit of an overstatement
bubbly atmosphere and colourful, Arabian-inspired décor. 11:00 - 23:00. PJAULBXSW English, and we don’t know if the staff speak English because but we can happily overlook such hyperbole. Gurman is one
The menu is heavy on shashlyk, the staple fallback for they didn’t bother to actually serve us. QOpen 10:00 - 05:00. of the nicest places in Minsk and would snugly fit into any
any Minsk restaurant with an Oriental theme. That’s not PAIEBXS Western capital. The food is good, if not exactly haute cuisine,
to say there’s anything wrong with it. The main attraction and includes Indian, Italian, Belarusian and a good breakfast
Beze Café (Безе Кафе) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 18
is the loud belly dancing show that happens in the din-
ing room. You might as well sit back and enjoy it, a small Spanish (просп. Независимости, 18), MOktyabr skaya
menu. It’s casual, friendly and delightfully easy-going, and
just the sort of place you’d regularly hang out at if it were in
charge has already been added to your bill for the pleasure. Casa Agustin Lopez (Каса Аугустин Лопез) (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 328 64 09. Beze bills your neighbourhood. Menus are available in English. QOpen
QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. PAEXS C-5, ul. Zakharova 31 (ул. Захарова, 31), tel. (+375 itself as A Gallery of Sweet Masterpieces, and that’s a fairly 08:00 - 23:00. PW
17) 233 95 84/(+375 17) 177 77 55. They’ve packed in accurate summary of what this nice old-fashioned café is all
In Vino (Ин Вино) B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 22
Pizza all manner of Spanish clichés but fortunately have stopped
short of wearing silly costumes or charging like wounded
about. It specialises in all kinds of Austrian desserts includ-
ing strudels and the like. Inexpensive Belarusian meals are (ул. Веры Хоружей, 22), tel. (+375 29) 377 00 00,
Amsterdam (Амстердам) C-2, ul. Kalvariyskaya 24 bulls. The food is mildly authentic, reasonably priced and also served in case you feel guilty about not finishing all your fax (+375 17) 238 17 34. A pleasant modern setting with
(ул. Кальварийская, 24), MMolodezhnaya (Молодеж- quite pleasing for us gringo types. The menu is in English vegetables first. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 01:00. lots of cool brown shades with the chance to dine sat on
ная), tel. (+375 17) 226 51 19. A perfectly adequate if and has pictures for the linguistically or culinarily challenged. PJAGBXS a sofa, In Vino offers a good choice of international dishes
hardly outstanding little place inside the Korona shopping Flamenco and Salsa parties fire up on weekend evenings. alongside menus for coffee and dessert. The grilled meats
centre, Amsterdam probably serves more pizza than anything QOpen 12:00 - 03:00. PALBX Coffeeberry (Кофеберри) D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. are particularly talked about here. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Fri,
else although there’s plenty of other dishes on the menu. A good SC “Stolitsa” (просп. Независимости, ТЦ “Столица”), Sat 12:00 - 01:00. PALXS
enough place for filling food for a decent price without the frills.
QOpen 09:00 - 01:00. PTAXS Sushi tel. (+375 29) 6 177 438. A somewhat noisy, circular af-
fair with a glass roof inside one of the city’s best shopping
Blackberry (Блекберри) D-3, ul. Bersona 3 (ул. centres. As well as serving a respectable espresso this place
Peperoni (Пеперони) ul. Tsentralnaya 9 (ул. Берсона, 3), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), also boasts a small Internet café at the top of the stairs.
Центральная, 9), MAvtozavodskaya (Автозаводская), tel. (+375 17) 200 74 82/(+375 29) 196 89 68. Two QOpen 08:00 - 22:00. PALGBS
tel. (+375 17) 242 89 79. A classic diner-style pizza place for the price of one. To the right find a large space for the
with bright orange seating, a children’s menu and even a few enjoyment of international dishes to the sound of live music Coffee Inn (Кофе Инн) C-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 23
cocktails. We haven’t tried the pizza so will reserve judgement at the weekend, and to the left a smaller area serving fresh (ул. Интернациональная, 23), MNemiga (Немига),
until we do. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. AUXSW sushi from a Russian-only menu. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sat, tel. (+375 17) 227 40 41/(+375 29) 199 00 99. The
Sun 11:00 - 02:00. PJHEX somewhat striking interior can be charming or hallucinogenic
Tempo (Темпо) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 78 (просп. depending on your mood. But Coffee Inn does what any half-
Независимости, 78), tel. (+375 17) 284 04 92/ Mon Café (Мон Кафе) C-3, ul. Melnikaite 2/4 (ул. decent café is supposed to, i.e. it serves a good cup of cof-
(+375 17) 255 84 83. The name says it all. This is a Мельникайте, 2/4), MFrunzenskaya (Фрунзенская), fee. There’s also a decent selection of cakes on offer and a
fast-paced pizza joint popular with students from the nearby tel. (+375 29) 623 99 57/(+375 17) 203 99 57. It’s curiously Russian-like tent extension where you can sit and
university building. Small, packed and highly recommended. hard to decide whether this is really a café, a sushi bar, a observe the locals leisurely go about their business. QOpen
Also at Pobediteley 89, Lobanka 94, Marxa 9, Gromova nightclub or none of the above. In any case the open two- 08:00 - 01:00, Fri 08:00 - 03:00, Sat 10:00 - 03:00, Sun
20, Nezavisimosti 78, Yakuba Kolasa 37. QOpen 08:00 floor plan certainly makes it loud and echoey when the DJ 10:00 - 01:00. PJALEBX
- 23:00. NBS starts cranking up the volume. Mainly it’s a hangout for
young hipsters and anyone in need of the advertised ‘most FreshCafe (ФрэшКафе) C-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 42
affordabel (sic) sushi’. Indeed this is cheaper than elsewhere (просп. Независимости, 42), MPloschad Pobedy
Tapas and a peculiarly pleasant place in an Eastern European (Площадь Победы), tel. (+375 17) 284 54 04, fax
sort of way. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 02:00. (+375 17) 288 17 14. One of the better cafés in town,
Tapas Bar (Тапас Бар) D-4, ul. Internatsional- PTA6LEBKXS Fresh Café has a nice modern look to it with lots of angular
naya 9 (ул. Интернациональная, 9), MNemiga modern furniture and bright colours, plus a gaggle of young
(Немига), tel. (+375 17) 203 11 27. Right across Planet Sushi (Планета Суши) D-4, Nezavisimosti and friendly waitresses scuttling about and keeping everyone
the street from one of the city’s iconic, Stalin-era cin- pr. 18 (просп. Независимости, 18), MOktyabrskaya happy with smiles glued to their faces. As well as being a
emas, if you’re in town and you’re looking for generously (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 210 56 45. Clean, bright, recommended place to fuel up on coffee, they also serve a few
proportioned tapas or paella, this might be just the ticket. modern, stylish and foreigner-friendly. These popular restau- dishes from a menu of international dishes plus a few sushi
A simple and stylish cantina-like décor provides the rants can get a bit rowdy when locals swarm in to laugh at options. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. PAGBS
backdrop whilst the drinks menu features a number of each other trying to use chopsticks, but generally a slick and
classic favourites plus the usual wine and beer. The staff sophisticated atmosphere prevails. Waitresses are dressed Golden Coffee B-4, ul. Maxima Bogdanovicha 26 (ул.
are friendly and, unusual for Minsk, knowledgeable. The up in space-kimonos, the menu is pictographic so you can Максима Богдановича, 26), tel. (+375 44) 756 21
Belarusian capital would be a slightly worse place for its choose and point and there’s more than just sushi. One of the 17. Coffee, ice cream, cocktails, light meals and scores of
absence. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. JAGXSW most foreigner-friendly outfits in town. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. people glued to their screens courtesy of the free wireless
PJAVGBXS Internet connection. It used to be called Double Coffee and

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Kokos (Кокос) ul. Babushkina 60a (ул. Бабушкина, ing. There’s French press coffees, plenty of teas (including Nightlife options in Minsk are diverse, friendly and at times Rounding things up
60а), tel. (+375 29) 350 00 20. Functioning as both a authentic mate) and a few snacks. A waitress who looks refreshingly odd, making the city an excellent option for all
café and a place to pick up a wide range of dishes from like an 18-year-old Nana Mouskouri may try to seduce you manner of adventures after dark. Borders blur a bit, with bars A new custom has recently emerged in cafés, bars and
grilled meat to pretty good pizza to sushi, the interior of into something quichey, but we suggest you don’t go if being a bit like clubs and cafés turning into cabaret venues restaurants in which the bill is rounded up to the nearest
Kokos has a fun, colourful feel to it. There’s also a salad you’re hungry. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00. and live music striking up in the most unlikely places. The 1,000 rouble note. Don’t consider it a tip but rather a
bar and a good value business lunch. QOpen 24 hours. J6ENGBW streets are safe and the taxis are cheap. There’s really no minuscule service charge.
PTALVBXS excuse for not having a good night out.
SunCafe (СанКафе) B-5, ul. Kuibysheva 38 (ул.
La Crête d’Or Café (Кофейня Золотой
гребешок) D-4, ul. Lenina 3 (ул. Ленина, 3), tel.
Куйбышева, 38), tel. (+375 17) 286 03 72/(+375 44)
777 1 333. One of a chain of restaurants across the city Bars bottled beer before we arrived. Set in a gloomy, L-shaped
basement, ID also offers free wireless Internet, has a limited
(+375 29) 105 05 03. Right next door to the superb French serving Italian and international dishes as well as function- Barin (Барин) Pobediteley pr. 17 (просп. Побе- menu of pricey food and is a decent place for a decent
restaurant of the same name, don’t expect anything even ing as a simple café, Sun Café is popular with students and дителей, 17), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 drink or two. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00.
vaguely resembling a French café though. La Crête d’Or is others looking for simple food served in modern surroundings 17) 209 44 01/(+375 29) 348 24 22, fax (+375 17) PA6GBXS
a pleasant but rather nondescript little place which does with a professional touch. Also at Yakuba Kolasa 52, Gintovta 203 09 69. Close to the Planeta hotel a little bit of a way
a good cup of coffee and a nice selection of gunk-filled 1, Nezavisimosti at SC “Stolitsa” and Borovaya 7. QOpen out of the city centre, Barin is essentially a café-bar with Live Pub (Лайв Паб) D-4, ul. Komsomolskaya 34
pastries and cakes. The best thing it has going for it is its 10:00 - 23:00. PAGBSW food on the menu offering a truly authentic vision of Belarus (ул. Комсомольская, 34), MNemiga (Немига), tel.
location on one of Minsk’s most attractive streets. QOpen without the tourist trimmings. A little bit bling and laid out on (+375 29) 170 57 71/(+375 17) 210 58 25. They say it’s
09:00 - 24:00. PJAS Teatro Café C-4, ul. Maxima Bogdanovicha 6 (ул. two floors, it’s dark and moody in here and often full of people a replica of a classic Parisian beer restaurant and they also
Максима Богдановича, 6), MNemiga (Немига), tel. with large bank accounts. There’s also a small VIP room say its owners are French, but neither of these things really
London (Лондон) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 18 (просп. (+375 17) 334 13 52/(+375 29) 355 70 77. A sprawling complete with a grand old fireplace. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00. matter because it looks great and by all accounts it is great.
Независимости, 18), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), venue with a decidedly industrial feel to it, there’s plenty on PAIGBXS Choose from a smoking and non-smoking hall and get set to
tel. (+375 17) 289 15 29. Once you see past the mountains the walls and the furniture to keep the eyes occupied whilst drink yourself stupid on draught beer and a long cocktail list
of London souvenirs at this cheerful little café, you’ll notice you drink decent coffee or order something a little stronger. Bar T34 (Бар Т34) D-4, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya 3 including such unforgettable concoctions as Jeans with Tonic.
it has two narrow levels, it’s decorated with red paint, and it There’s also a small menu of food including Italian and Japa- (ул. Красноармейская, 3), M Oktyabr skaya There’s chanson over the speakers Thursday to Sunday and a
has a spiral staircase at the back. Drop in for a quick cup of nese to stave off the hunger. (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 29) 768 90 73/(+375 44) menu of classic pub grub including fish and chips, chicken wings
coffee from Guatemala or head upstairs to lounge out. QOpen 782 46 11. Named after the infamous WWII Soviet tank of and steak in pepper sauce. Take advantage of the weekday
10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00. PJNBW Zelyonaya Polyana (Зеленая поляна) C-2, ul. which an example can be found outside, Bar T-34 functions lunch here nine times and you’ll get the 10th one for free. Magic.
Kalvariyskaya 17 (ул. Кальварийская, 17), MFrun- like so many other places in Minsk as both a place to eat and QOpen 12:00 - 01:00. PIENGBXW
Stary Mensk (Старый Менск) D-4, Nezavisimosti zenskaya (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 29) 103 27 77, to drink. Made up of two underground rooms decorated with
pr. 14 (просп. Независимости, 14), MPloschad Lenina A recommended café and restaurant serv- lashings of military paraphernalia, the charming waitresses Moloko (Молоко) C-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 37a (просп.
(Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 289 14 00. The ing a good mix of international dishes, this centrally located come complete with saucy slogans on their T-shirts and Независимости, 37), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь
size of a tea chest and intricately decorated with all sorts establishment also offers billiards and has something of a are on hand to deliver everything from bottled Asahi beer to Победы), tel. (+375 17) 284 53 99/(+375 29)
of old coffee tins, mysterious bottles and labels stuck to the reputation as one of the top places in the city for karaoke. The pancakes. The menu unfortunately remains in Russian only 329 06 10. Board games, bottled beer and toasted sand-
tables so you think you’re eating off a well travelled person’s aforementioned menu contains a bit of everything from grilled and the gentleman on the door is apt to keep riff raff out, which wiches are the first impressions one gets when entering this
suitcase. It’s all very nice with an intimate elbows-in feel- meat to pizza. QOpen 24 hours. PALVEXSW generally doesn’t include foreigners. Great for a meal or a beer slightly alternative bar inside the city’s small Contemporary
or both. QOpen 17:00 - 04:00. JABXS Arts Centre. As well as being a great place to find English-
speaking locals with an interest in culture, Moloko (Milk) has a
Drozhzhi United (Ирландский паб Дрожжи strict no-smoking policy and plays a great selection of music.
Юнайтед) D-3, ul. Sverdlova 2 (ул. Свердлова, 2), Recommended. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17)
200 54 56/(+375 44) 700 54 56. Translating as Yeast, Pinta VIP (Пинта VIP) D-3, ul. Ber sona 16
Drozhzhi offers familiar Irish pub surroundings to a mix of lo- (ул. Берсона, 16), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь
cal and expat drinkers alike. There’s sport of the television, Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 289 55 55. A classic Eastern
Kilkenny, Guinness and Harp on draught, booth seating and of European establishment that defies accurate and succinct
course a wealth of paraphernalia nailed to the walls. There’s description, Pinta VIP celebrates Soviet art and design with
also a limited menu of local and international dishes and, so the help of décor including old posters and all manner of knick-
we’re reliably informed, live music at the weekends. QOpen knacks whilst pandering to a daytime crowd with a menu of
09:00 - 02:00. PJAEBX dishes including the ubiquitous sushi. There’s also a good
value business lunch to be had here during the week, although
Gvozd (Гвоздь) B-5, ul. Gikalo 5 (ул. Гикало, 5), we mark it out as a place for visiting in the evening when the
MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) workers have all gone home and there’s plenty of room for
290-28-91/ (+375 29) 606-03-97. Hammers and nails some serious drinking. Also Pinta XXL at Kulman 11. QOpen
(the name of the place translates as The Nail) all over the 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 12:00 - 02:00. PJLNBX
walls and one of the best selections of bottled beer within
five hours of the place, Gvozd panders to the local addicts
who can’t live without the constant hum of a television set Verona Pub (Верона паб) B-5, ul. Gikalo 5 (ул.
but, easily avoided, there’s plenty more on offer inside. The Гикало, 5), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa (Площадь
aforementioned bottles include Master Tmavý and Master Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 331 94 81/(+375 17)
Zlatý, plus there’s a decent menu of international food and live 331 94 81. A dark and dingy bar located at the bottom of
music. Great atmosphere too. Definitely one for the pub crawl. flight of stairs, Verona Pub would probably be overlooked were
QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 02:00. it not for the fact that they’ve got bowling lanes. The bowling
lanes in question may predate the founding of America but
ID Bar (ID-бар) С-5, ul. Zakharova 19 (ул. Захарова, that’s not the point. Genius. QOpen 12:00 - 05:00.
19), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь Победы), tel.
(+375 17) 293 13 96/(+375 44) 793 13 96. Mannequins
as coat hangers, dangerously exposed lighting and a large Clubs
evacuation plan on the wall make this place a little bit odd Afrika (Африка) C-2, ul. Timir ya zeva 9 (ул.
but worthy of further attention. The service is friendly if a Тимирязева, 9), MFrunzenskaya (Фрунзенская), tel.
Trinity suburb at night little hit and miss, plus they had the audacity to run out of (+375 29) 360 76 06, A masterpiece

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


in design, this large subterranean nightclub has been pack- bar features Cuban barmen and there’s a different show and
ing them in for at least a decade in one shape or another. club night on every evening including the popular Thursday
Currently looking like the home of slightly deranged big game night jazz sessions. The face control is much more relaxed
hunter, the African theme stops with the décor as the music than it is at other places of this level of sophistication and
remains in the realms of house and techno, much of it Russian. it’s getting rave reviews from the young crowd who like to
As with most clubs in Minsk it’s good to know a local who come here. QOpen 12:00 - 06:00.
can tell you what’s happening on any particular night here as
it varies so much. Look for the big sign close to the Korona Goodwin (Гудвин) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 19 (просп.
shopping centre. QOpen 22:00 - 06:00. Closed Mon. Независимости, 19), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская),
tel. (+375 17) 227 04 16/(+375 44) 797 64 96. A bit of
Alcatraz (Алькатраз) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 25 a nondescript restaurant by day and early evening, Goodwin
(просп. Независимости, 25), MOktyabr skaya slumps into a kind of gritty-groovy nightclub mode after mid-
(Октябрьская), tel. (+375 29) 355 33 33. Hidden away night. Of particular note is the small dance floor and stage
of all places underneath the Trade Union Palace of Culture, which quickly becomes packed with mildly inebriated happy
whilst this extraordinary if not outright kinky little club is no locals with few pretentions and few inhibitions. Get in among
longer the force it was a decade ago, it’s still a great place them and, provided you don’t have any snobbish tendencies,
to visit for a bit of fun. There’s a good sized dance floor to you’re bound to enjoy the evening. Friendly English-speaking
move around on with the help of a collection of mainstream staff are a bonus. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00
DJs. QOpen 12:00 - 06:00. PALEBXS - 06:00. PTAEGBXW

Black Door (Блэк дор) B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 29 Madison Royal Club (Мэдисон Роял Клаб) C-2, ul.
(ул. Веры Хоружей, 29), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa Timiryazeva 9 (ул. Тимирязева, 9), tel. (+375 29) 619
(Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 334 43 44/ 00 40, The ultimate night club ex-
(+375 44) 734 43 44. Dark and moody and featuring a perience, Madison Royal Club is about as exclusive, luxurious
bar that changes colour, Black Door lives in that classic and hedonistic as it gets. The face control is legendary, but
Belarusian twilight zone that’s not quite a restaurant and assuming you get in (men should be sober and sophisticated,
not quite a club. The food is average, making even more of women beautiful and scantily dressed) expect, according to
an argument for calling it a club. The music sways between them, a New York concrete and Soho glass extravaganza.
anything from funk to jazz, DJs come from abroad and they Many male DJs come from Ibiza, the women DJs spin tunes
often have raucous music-theme nights. QOpen 12:00 - whilst practically naked and the bill at the end of the evening
02:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 05:00. is going to cost you more than the flight home. If you don’t like
this kind of thing then move on. If on the other hand you do, the
Broadway (Бродвей) B-4, Masherova pr. 17/1 word on the street is that it’s extremely well organised, safe
(просп. Машерова, 17/1), tel. (+375 29) 650 0 612, and one of the best nights out of its kind anywhere. QOpen
fax (+375 17) 286 3 158. This is among the swankiest, 22:00 - 06:00. Closed Mon, Tue. PALKX Plaza Minsk’s very own in-house club is aimed at young, a selection of slot machines. Restaurant, bar and cur-
classiest, shiniest and fanciest places in town. Dress nice if successful professionals with money in their bank accounts rency exchange also available in-house. QOpen 24 hours.
you want to be let in and fit in. Oh, and press the zero button Max Show (Макс Шоу) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr. 73 to match. Among the many treats in store are no less than POJLKX
a few extra times when making the withdrawal from the ATM (просп. Независимости, 73), MAkademia Nauk four bars, one of which is generally alive with the skills of an
before this night out. A glorious period atmosphere, excellent (Академия наук), tel. (+375 17) 292 00 38/(+375 44) acrobatic cocktail-maker. The music is quality mainstream Diamond Princess (Даймонд Принцесс) D-4,
entertainment and, according to all reports including our own, 703 07 84. This round, blue and popular club in the Ok- club music, pumped out onto a dance floor more often than ul. Kirova 13 (ул. Кирова, 13), MPloshchad Lenina
the most gorgeous gold-diggers in town. QOpen 11:00 - tyabr cinema puts particular emphasis on its erotic show not awash with good-looking things having the time of their (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 218 34 46, diamond-
06:00. Entrance fee: €10. PAILKXW programmes, meaning go-go dancers in various states of life. Professional security keeps the riff-raff out, guarantee-, www.worldofprincess.
nakedness taking to the stage just about every night. In a ing a relaxed and fun night out for all. QOpen 11:00 - 06:00. com. Inside the Crowne Plaza hotel, Diamond Princess offers
Coyote (Койот) Nezavisimosti pr. 117a (просп. surprising display of egalitarianism, it also caters to the ladies POJHALEGKXW over 1,000 square metres of space for nine table games includ-
Независимости, 117а), MVostok (Восток), tel. by offering a male striptease review some nights. Check ing Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean poker and Russian Poker as
(+375 29) 190 66 66. A wonderful blending of styles the schedule ahead of time to see whether it’ll be a Boris Overtime (Овертайм) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 4 (просп. well as over 100 slot machines. Open around the clock there’s
incorporating such diametrically opposed ideas as plush or a Natasha flapping their privates in your face. QOpen Победителей, 4), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 29) also an in-house bookmakers for those who like to have a flutter
leather sofas and anarchic scribbling on the walls, this 13:00 - 06:00. Entrance fee - €10 (from 22:30 till 06:00). 1 414 414. A big sports-themed hall with mediocre facilities on sporting events. A range of drinks and snacks is available
magnificent place close to the National Library a few ki- PAULEXSW has somehow managed to become a happening nightspot. from the casino bar. QOpen 24 hours. POJAKX
lometres from the city centre is more than just a bar, also Really, there’s no accounting for taste. Most of the floor space
functioning perfectly well as a restaurant and club. The food Next (Некст) D-4, ul. Kirova 13 (ул. Кирова, 13), tel. is given over to restaurant-style seating, with blue plastic Juravinka Princess (Журавинка Принцесс)
includes everything from Belarusian to sushi, the massive (+375 44) 718 77 77, The Crowne swivelling egg-cups accommodating some of the prettiest С-4, ul. Yanki Kupaly 25 (ул. Янки Купалы, 25), MOk-
bottoms in town. There’s a small tiled dance floor with not tyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 328 69 17,
much in the way of lighting that quickly gets packed. Bar staff Roulette, black jack, poker, slot
keep the crowd amused by juggling and dropping bottles. machines, a nice bar and international food are all on offer
Wannabe thugs keep their ape ambitions alive with an arcade here, and if that’s not enough it’s located inside the amazing
style punching bag in the foyer. Popular and fun. QOpen 17:00 Juravinka complex which boasts among its temptations bowl-
- 06:00. Entrance fee: €4+. PJAKX ing, bars, a disco, fitness centre and even a hotel for those
who don’t want to stray too far from the action. QOpen 24
Casinos hours. POJALEKX

Casino Royal (Казино Роял) D-3, Nezavisimo- Princess Casino Nemiga (Принцесс казино
sti pr. 11 (просп. Независимости, 11), MPloschad Немига) D-3, ul. Nemiga 12 (ул. Немига, 12), MNe-
Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 29) 111 33 33, miga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 200 14 92/(+375 17) The city’s most luxurious casino can be 200 42 81, Two gambling halls
found located inside the Minsk hotel. As well as the usual here, the first space given over to a wealth of possibilities
space open to all is a special VIP room where gamblers including eight roulette tables and the chance to play Rus-
can play incognito for high stakes. Games available include sian, Texas and Caribbean poker. There’s also a VIP room, a
American roulette, black jack and poker, plus there’s restaurant serving international food, live shows and much

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


more. The smaller of the two features no less than 46 slot whilst betting and a lounge area to relax. There’s also the
machines plus the chance to bet on international sporting opportunity to eat, with a menu full of good things to eat
events. Popular and frequently busy. Q Open 24 hours. including the now ubiquitous Minsk staple, sushi. QOpen

Shangri La (Шангри Ла) D-4, ul. Kirova 8/3 (ул.

Кирова, 8/3), tel. (+ 375 17) 321 20 22, fax (+ 375 Cocktails
17) 227 03 33,, www. Boulevard (Бульвар) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 22 Classy, you won’t get in here without (просп. Независимости, 22), MOktyabr skaya
US$100 in tokens, Shangri La has American roulette, black (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 29) 111 47 47/(+375 17)
jack, poker and 30 sophisticated slot machines for your 328 45 96. Giving the two expat favourites around the
pleasure in rather splendid surroundings. More than just corner a run for their money, this relatively new venture is
a place to lose your shirt in, there’s also a fine restaurant already awash with the babble of spoken and broken English.
with arguably the city’s best known German chef working in Categorised as a cocktail bar simply because the cocktail
it. Also on offer are live cabaret, Russian billiards and even menu outweighs the one with the food on it, the latter, which
airport transfer if you want to stay to the very last. QOpen changes regularly, offers nouvelle cuisine and other favourites
24 hours. POJHALEKXW including schnitzel and mashed potato whilst the cocktail
menu features every concoction you could possibly dream
Victoria (Виктория) B-2, Pobediteley pr. 59 (просп. of. Purple and grey and spread out on two floors, Boulevard
Победителей, 59), tel. (+375 17) 306 08 08. The also works very well as a café and is a good place to visit any
biggest casino in Belarus is more than just the ordinary time of day. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
casino experience. Surplus to the poker, black jack, switch,
slot machines etc are a host of extras. Victoria is perhaps Stravinsky Bar (Стравинский Бар) С-4, Nezavi-
best known and loved for its soundproof telephone booth simosti pr. 25b (просп. Независимости, 25б), MOk-
complete with selectable background noises including airport tyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 29) 190 99 99.
and nightclub, provided for the ultimate in client discretion. A little bit of sophistication tucked away behind the tourist
QOpen 24 hours. POAEXW market, Stravinsky boasts a menu of over 60 cocktails,
a glass bar, angle-poise lamps screwed to the ceiling and
Zeus (Зевс) A-4, ul. Orlovskaya 40a (ул. Орловская, contemporary wall art made from red wine stains. One of
40а), tel. (+375 17) 335 03 22, the nicest places in town to head for a drink, added bonuses
A fun atmosphere thanks to an Ancient Greek theme, Casino include the blues oozing from the loudspeakers and small
Zeus features three areas, one for serious gambling with the selection of things to eat. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00, Thu, Fri,
help of slot machines, roulette, black jack, Russian poker, Sat 12:00 - 05:00. PA6UBX
Texas poker and three-card poker, a bar to keep lubricated
Sweet & Sour (Суит энд Сауэр) D-4, ul. Karla
Marxa 14 (ул. Карла Маркса, 14), MPloschad ostrich, brains and buckwheat and fish soup. The itinerant
Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 218 25 93, band may be good, but it probably won’t stop you wanting to Relive prohibition-era America slap them. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. AUGXS
inside this small and exclusive, centrally located bar popular
with a range of well-heeled visitors from their 20s to their
50s. The lively bar staff conjure up all manner of fancy drinks Live music
including the highly recommended Prescription Julep made DooDah King (ДуДа Кинг) D-3, ul. Bersona 14 (ул.
from cognac, rye whiskey, mint leaves, sugar and spring wa- Берсона, 14), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина),
ter. A good night out here is accompanied by the sounds of tel. (+375 29) 103 10 00. Featuring live music almost
jazz of all kinds and French chanson among others. QOpen every night from around 23:00 and a fabulous collection of
16:00 - 02:00. Closed Sun. PJENX art, graffiti and American road signs covering every available
wall space, Doodah King also provides music performances
Wine on an array of large screens when there’s nobody prancing
around on the stage. The booze selection is good, the menu
Galereya Vin (Галерея вин) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 23 is bursting with Russian and American favourites and you’ll be
- 1 (просп. Победителей, 23 - 1), MNemiga (Немига), hard pressed to find a seat if you arrive too late. Friendly staff
tel. (+375 17) 226 63 90. Wine Gallery is actually a wine too. QOpen 11:00 - 05:00. PJENXSW
shop, but it has a small bar in the back and a handful of
wooden tables where you can enjoy a nice vintage by the
glass. A very civilised alternative to the flashy casinos and Adult entertainment
beer gardens that surround it. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00, Mon Laguna (Лагуна) C-1, Pushkina pr. 39 (просп.
10:00 - 19:00. PAS Пушкина, 39), MPushkinskaya (Пушкинская), tel.
(+375 17) 252 69 46. Strip club QOpen 21:30 - 05:30.
Microbreweries PNK

Rakovsky Brovar (Раковский Бровар) C-3, Versus (Версус) D-3, Nezavisimosti pr. 11 (просп.
ul. Uralskaya 13 (ул. Уральская, 13), tel. (+375 17) Независимости, 11), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь
245 17 01. An absolutely enormous place, hard to find and Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 200 25 20/(+375 29) 634 44
decorated in the manner of a large hunting lodge, the main 12. Strip club QOpen 21:00 - 07:00. PAULBKX
reason for dropping by is to drink yourself silly on the in-house
beer. On offer are a choice of four brews, all of them superb Texas (Техас) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 19 (просп.
and all of them liable to mislead as the percentage refers to Победителей, 19), tel. (+375 17 226 99 04),
something other than the alcohol content. A favourite among Strip club Q Open 20:00 – 05:00.
resident and visiting foreigners alike, the food on offer includes PAULBKX

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Despite its predominantly post-war character, Minsk is a Maria Magdalena Church B-4, ul. Kiselyova 42
fabulous city to explore. One of the world’s masterpieces of (ул. Киселева, 42). Founded in 1847, this lovely little
Socialist-Realist urban planning, the city also throws aficio- church with a fine octagonal bell tower and splendid dome
nados of antiquity a handful of titbits such as a scattering of was built on the site of an earlier wooden structure. Also on
marvellous old churches. the same territory are, to the left, a small church dedicated to
John the Baptist and consecrated in 1995 and, to the right,
Museums & Galleries a chapel dating from 1998. Used as a film, photography and
sound archive during the Soviet period, Mary Magdalena
Ancient Belarusian Cultur e Museum B-6, Church was the first religious building in the city to be given
ul.Surganova 1/2 (ул.Сурганова, 1/2), tel. (+375 17) back to the religious community, the first service taking place
284 27 32/(+375 17) 284 24 97. Opened in 1979 on the on November 25, 1990.
50th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences, the
collection includes a wide range of ethnographic and cultural Maryinsky Cathedral D-4, Svobody pl. 9 (пл. Свободы,
exhibits including icons, folk art and even a collection of items 9). This Catholic cathedral survived the ravages of both world
relating to the Chernobyl disaster. QOpen 11:00 - 16:00. wars but in the 1950s lost its two towers when it received a
Closed Sat, Sun. Admission free. thorough Soviet makeover. The twin towers have since been
Maksim Bogdanovich Literature Museum restored, with copper domes sparkling impressively.
Fire Museum D-3, ul. Gorodskoy Val 12 (ул. Городской
Maxim Bogdanovich Literature Museum C-4,
Вал, 12), tel. (+375 17) 294 61 22. The fascinating
history of Minsk’s fire brigade, with tours conducted by ul. Bogdanovicha 7a (ул. Богдановича, 7а), tel. Places of interest
grinning firemen. Visits must be booked in advance, and (+375 17) 334 42 69. The Belarusian poet and journalist Isle of Tears B-2, On the Svisloch, near Storozhevskaya,
keep in mind that tours are in the Russian language only. Maxim Bogdanovich (1891-1917) had an enormous effect on MNemiga (Немига). A small footbridge leads from the
QOpen 09:00 - 17:00. Belarusian literature, a fact reflected in the naming of several Trinity to the Isle of Tears, a memorial commemorating Soviet
streets throughout the country in his honour. This museum, soldiers from Belarus who died in the decade-long war with
First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic one of several in Belarus dedicated to his life, is somewhat Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989. The centrepiece is the
Workers Party Museum C-5, Nezavisimosti pr. specialised as well as lacking in any English explanations to chapel, with haunting figures of grieving mothers, sisters and
31a (просп. Независимости, 31а), tel. (+375 17) the exhibits. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Also closed widows at its base. A nearby fountain features the boy-like
290 68 47. Home to the first Party Congress way back in Sundays in summer. figure of an angel, rigged up to cry teardrops. You may notice
1898, the building was destroyed during the Great Patriotic that a certain part of his anatomy is shinier than the rest.
War. Such is the importance of the building, it was completely National Museum of History & Culture D-4, ul. Karla This is explained by the tradition of newlyweds visiting war
rebuilt after the war and remains a testament to all things Marxa 12 (ул. Карла Маркса, 12), tel. (+375 17) Isle of Tears memorials on their wedding day, and a modern folk belief
Soviet. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Wed. 227 43 22. Artefacts relating to the history of Belarus from that if the bride gropes this poor young lad’s privates she’ll
40,000BC to the present day are sprinkled throughout this building in Minsk. The building was closed by the Bolsheviks be guaranteed children.
Great Patriotic War Museum D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. creaky old museum, the largest repository of archaeological at the start after the October revolution, reopened by the
25a (просп. Независимости, 25а), tel. (+375 17) items in the country. Axe-heads, swords, portraits, an old Nazis, closed again by the Soviets in 1944 and reopened Minsk State Circus D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 32 (просп.
227 56 11. Opened barely three months after Minsk printing press and exhibits on fishing, hunting and folklore are once more in 1992. Независимости, 32), tel. (+375 17) 226 10 08/
was liberated by the Red Army, the city’s must-see Great among the many rewards for those who visit. Unfortunately (+375 17) 227 22 45. The origins of the Minsk State Circus
Patriotic War Museum has come a long way over the last six there’s no text to describe any of it in English. QOpen 11:00 Cathedral of the Holy Spirit С-4, ul. Kirilla i Mefodiya date to 1930 and the construction of a tent in what’s now
decades and is currently based inside a building where it’s - 19:00. Closed Wed. Admission 7,000BYR. 3 (ул. Кирилла и Мефодия, 3). One of the most instantly Gorky Park. Today’s building took four years to complete and
been since 1966. Presenting the full horrors of World War recognisable symbols of Minsk is this magnificent, gleaming, was opened to the public on February 11, 1959. Completely
II from the perspective of the Soviet Union, you won’t find Nature Museum D-2, ul. Karla Marxa 12 (ул. Карла two-towered Orthodox cathedral in the heart of the city. renovated in 2010, the circus now also boasts a hotel for
much mention of the Allied efforts, but you will get insight into Маркса, 12), tel. (+375 17) 206 69 56. Located in the Completed in 1642 as part of a larger ensemble to serve Ber- visiting performers and a museum.
the suffering of the Belarusians and the immense sacrifices bowels of the Museum of History and Culture (see Museums), nadine nuns, consecration was delayed for 40 years because
made by the Red Army to liberate their territory from the this small museum is the most exciting place in town to see of the Muscovite invasions. In 1741 the original structure was Minsk Zoo ul. Tashkentskaya 40, Chizhovka district
‘facist-German’ [sic] occupiers. After passing a magnificent dusty mammoth bones and stuffed bears. Don’t miss the damaged by fire but later reconstructed. The convent was (ул. Ташкентская, 40), tel. (+375 17) 240 23 97.
statue of Lenin, you can visit some original tanks and planes institution’s pride and joy - a nice pile of potatoes. QOpen closed in 1852 and the building given to the Russian Orthodox Established in 1984 in true Soviet style by workers at
in the back yard of the museum. All texts are in Russian, and 11:00 - 19:00. Closed Wed. Admission 7,000BYR. Church for use as a monastery before being closed by the the neighbouring Minsk Automobile Plant, this 42-hectare
it’s highly recommended to telephone or drop by in advance Bolsheviks after the October Revolution. Today the church menagerie features over 160 species of animals including
to arrange a guided tour in English to get the full benefit of
the experience. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Closed Churches has been restored to its former glory. Look out for the famed
Minsk Icon, supposedly dating from around 1500.
eagle owls, brown bears, Egyptian fruit bats, lamas and
others. As well as functioning as an ordinary zoo open to
Mon Admission 5,000BYR. Aleksander Nevsky Church C-5, ul. Kozlova 11 the general public, Minsk Zoo is also involved in several
(ул. Козлова, 11). Built inside the grounds of the city’s Mili- Church of Sts. Simon & Helena D-3, ul. Sovetskaya 15 conservation and breeding programmes. QOpen 10:00 -
tary Cemetery to commemorate victory in the Russo-Turkish (ул. Советская, 15), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь 17:00, Fri 10:00 - 18:00.
War of 1877-1878 and completed in 1898, this splendid little Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 220 44 15. Known in the local
Russian Baroque church is the only religious building in the vernacular as the Red Church, the city’s best-known Catholic
city to retain its original appearance. The interior is somewhat
austere, featuring lots of black marble with inscriptions to
building was constructed between 1908 and 1910 on the
orders of a rich Belarusian family upon the premature death
those lost in bloody battle. In February 1938 the church was of their two children after whom the church is dedicated.
the last to be closed in the city, three years before a Luftwaffe The two smaller towers are named after the offspring, while Military Cemetery C-5, Between ul. Kozlova and
bomb fell through the roof on June 24, 1941, landing in front of the larger one represents the grief of the parents. Under ul. Krasnozvezdnaya (между ул. Козлова и ул.
the icon of St. Nicholas but failing to explode. Another bomb the Soviets the church was turned into a cinema then a Краснозвездная). First opened in 1840 and moved
during the same air raid had better luck, destroying much of film studio. Now once again used for its original purpose, to its current location in 1895, the cemetery contains the
the roof. Reopened by the occupying Germans soon after, the building adds a nice splash of history to an otherwise war dead from countless campaigns from the Russo-Turk-
the church was closed again by the Soviets who did at least modern square. The bronze statue in front of the church ish War of 1877-1878 to those who fell during the Great
spend time restoring the building. represents Archangel Michael slaying the Devil, represented Patriotic War. The cemetery also contains the graves of
as a dragon. Also of interest is the so-called Nagasaki Bell, a several notable figures in Belarusian culture including that
Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul C-3, ul. Rakovskaya 4 replica of the one that used to hang in Nagasaki’s Urakami of the poet and writer Yanka Kupala (1882-1942), whose
(ул. Раковская, 4), MNemiga (Немига). Built in 1613, Cathedral before it was destroyed in the nuclear attack on name crops up in several places around the capital.
Aleksander Nevsky Church the so-called Yellow Church is the oldest surviving religious August 9, 1945.

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


the former Trinity Church that once stood in the area, is a slight Gorky Park (Парк Горького) C-5, D-5, Along Neza- Hero City
misnomer in that it dates from just three decades ago. Built visimosti pr., between ul. Yanki Kupaly and ul. Frunze
between 1982 and 1985 on the site of a former settlement (Между ул. Янки Купалы и ул. Фрунзе). The oldest
dating from the 12th century, Trinity does at least offer a break park in Minsk and founded in 1800 as the City Gardens,
from the sprawling concrete of the city centre. The birthplace Gorky Park received its current name in honour of the
of the Belarusian poet and journalist Maxim Bogdanovich, the Soviet-era writer in 1936. Originally designed along the
area boasts a number of decent restaurants and bars, making lines of a classic English park, the hugely popular public
it worth having a look round, especially during the summer. space has seen many transformations over the years. Now
geared towards children although frequented by people of
Parks & Gardens all ages, it’s home among other things to an amusement
park complete with a 56-metre Ferris wheel, a small obser-
Central Botanical Gardens B-6, ul. Surganova 2a (ул. vatory and planetarium and an indoor skating rink. During
Сурганова, 2а), tel. (+375 17) 284 14 84. Taking up a the summer it’s possible for children to take a ride round
considerable portion of the city’s Chelyuskintsev Park, the the park on a pony.
Central Botanical Gardens date from 1932 and feature some
9,000 different species. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00. Closed Mon.
Out of town On the day Hitler’s Wehrmacht took control of the Be-
Chelyuskintsev Park (Парк Челюскинцев). The Minsk Sea (Минское море) A large artificial expanse larusian capital in the summer of 1941, Minsk looked
sprawling, 78-hectare Chelyuskintsev Park is a hugely popular of water 5km or so north of Minsk, the Minsk Sea is popular more or less like any other historical city in the region,
place for people of all ages to visit during the warmer part of place to escape during warm weekends. Scattered around a multi-ethnic mishmash of wooden houses, Catholic
the year. Great for strolling around under the trees or taking a the edge are beaches, cafés, places to rent pedalos and the spires, grand tsarist façades, synagogues and other
picnic, attractions include an ancient amusement park complete like and much more besides. miscellaneous architecture.
with 28-metre Ferris wheel, a narrow gauge railway run entirely When the Red Army took it back again three years later,
by young people and, next door, the lovely Central Botanical Mound of Glory (Курган Славы) 30km north of over 90 per cent of the city lay in ruins. Rebuilt literally
Gardens (see above). Interestingly, the park is named after the Minsk, at junction of Moscow and Minsk-2 highways. from the ashes of the Great Patriotic War in accordance
SS Chelyuskin, a Soviet steamship that found itself stranded This rather extraordinary, artificial 70-metre mound out in with the strictest Socialist Realist principles, Minsk,
along the Northern Sea Route in the early 1930s. Trapped in ice the direction of Minsk-2 airport was constructed in 1969 at granted the title Hero City on June 26, 1974 along
and eventually sinking, the pilots who rescued the crew were the the point where four Red Army divisions met on their drive with 11 other cities in the Soviet Union in honour of
first ever to receive the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. towards Berlin in 1944. Made from soil taken from thousands the special role it played during the aforementioned
of Belarusian towns and villages affected by the German oc- hostilities, offers a rare glimpse at Stalin-era social
cupation, at the top of a 240-step walk on top of the mound planning on a truly epic scale.
Jewish Minsk are three huge bayonets rimmed by an elaborate mosaic The city’s crowning masterpiece is the grand avenue
depicting the horrors of war in both words and pictures. A stretching several kilometres nor theast from the
J e w i s h l i fe i n popular place of pilgrimage as well as one of the places local mostly pre-war Independence Square through the
Minsk and Be- newlyweds come to have their photograph taken. heart of the city along Nezavisimosti and out past
National Library Nezavisimosti pr. 116 (просп. larus in general the pseudo-Classical Belarusian National Technical
Независимости, 116), tel. (+375 17) 229 24 94, can b e tra c e d Stalin’s Line (Линия Сталина) 31km west of University into the suburbs. Lined with countless fine Opened on June 16, back to the 8th Minsk along the Molodechno road, 6km from Zaslavl, examples, of particular interest are the 1953 Central
2006 and the work of architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor centur y. Before tel. (+375 17) 503 20 22, Opened Post Office at Nezavisimosti 10 and complete with
Kramarenko, the Belarusian National Library is well worth a trip the German inva- in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great hammer and sickle over the entrance, the 1951 GUM
out of the centre for a closer inspection. Standing at 72 metres sion of Belarus in Patriotic War, Stalin’s Line forms part of a chain of defences department store at Nezavisimosti 23 and, a little
tall and boasting an impressive 22 floors, the extraordinary 1941, the Yiddish- along or close to the former western border of the Soviet further on, the cathedral-looking structure dating from
rhombicuboctahedron construction houses 20 state-of-the-art speaking Jews of Union that ran from the Finnish border to the Black Sea. 1954 that’s the Trade Union Palace of Culture. Further
reading rooms, has full disabled access, contains its very own Minsk made up Made up of a large collection of old tanks, aircraft, artillery on at the centre of the magnificent Victory Square
Book Museum, lights up at night and even has an observation over half the pop- and other military hardware and set among old bunkers is the arguably the most representative structure in
point on top for superb views of the city reached via a ride in a ulation of the city. and other defensive structures visitors; are free to wander the entire city.
glass lift that clings to the edge of the building. A statue of the At war’s end almost all of Minsk’s Jewish men, women and around at their leisure or to take one of the guided tours on The Victory Monument is a 38-metre granite column
16th-century father of Belarusian publishing, Francysk Skaryna children had been murdered by the Nazis and their willing offer by men in military uniforms. Stalin’s Line is about 30km with a three-metre replica of the Soviet Order of Vic-
stands near the entrance, whilst membership is open to anyone local collaborators, most of them at the nearby extermina- northwest of the capital. Tours are available in Russian only. tory on top, unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the
in possession of a valid passport regardless of nationality. tion camp at Maly Trostenets. Of the many notable Jews QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Entrance: 24 000 BYR liberation of the city by the Red Army on July 3, 1954
QOpen 10:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. born in Belarus are the artist Marc Chagall (Moishe Shagal, Tour: 30 000 BYR. to honour Belarusian Red Army soldiers and Partisans
1887-1985) and the current Prime Minister of Israel, Shi- who gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War. At
Oktyabrskaya (October) Square D-4, Oktyabrskaya mon Peres (b. 1923). Today’s Jews make up less than one its base are four magnificent bronze reliefs (pictured)
pl., next to Museum of Great Patriotic War, MOktyabr- per cent of the population of the country. representing May 9, 1945 (Victory Day), the Red Army
skaya (Октябрьская). Originally functioning as a small During the Great Patriotic War, Belarusian Partisans
marketplace until the first half of the 19th century, October Jewish Memorial C-3, ul. Zaslavskaya (ул. and Honour for the Deceased Heroes of the Libera-
Square is now a massive open space that effectively serves Заславская). On March 2, 1942, around 5,000 Jew- tion. Nearby lie small granite plinths with the names
as the centre of the city where a small granite pyramid marks ish men, woman and children were brought here, shot of the other 11 Hero Cities throughout Belarus, Russia
the spot. Most famous as a place of celebration, public events and buried, some still alive. The memorial (pictured) and Ukraine.
and an outdoor skating rink during the winter. Perhaps the represents a group of people descending a slope to their An eternal flame at the base of the monument, burning
most interesting if not bizarre story of the square is the horrific deaths. since July 3, 1961, is a popular place for newlyweds
discovery of several mammoth skeletons when the Metro to lay flowers and have their photograph taken. In-
line below was being built. Synagogue B-4, ul. Kropotkina 22 (ул. Кропоткина, terestingly, an entire three kilometre-long stretch of
22), tel. (+375 17) 334 22 73. Allegedly the first syna- Nezavisimosti and the buildings surrounding it were
Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb) C-4, West gogue built in the country since 1930, this large modern at one time mooted for inclusion on the Unesco World
bank of the river, between ul. Maxima Bogdanovicha structure also functions as a place for the Jewish commu- Heritage list, an event which sadly never happened
and ul. Starovilenskaya (между ул. Богдановича и ул. nity to meet and features more than just a place for prayer, thanks to some rather careless planning in 2002 that
Старовиленской). Minsk’s old town, more commonly known including a cultural centre, library and restaurant. destroyed the overall appearance of the area.
as Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb, or just Trinity) after Mound of Glory

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


National Ar t Museum (Национальный

Художественный музей) D-4, ul. Lenina 20
Strela Car Rental
Tanka 81/2 (Танка 81/2)
(ул. Ленина, 20), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 25) 604 93 15
tel. (+375 17) 328 68 44/(+375 17) 227 71 63, (+375 29) 190 78 59 Open 09:00 - 18:00
Minsk’s fabulous National Art Museum, or the National Art
Museum of the Republic of Belarus to give it its full title, holds
the largest single collection of Belarusian and international "7*4
art in the country and is a must-see sight for anyone visiting 3FOUB$BS
the city. Holding individual collections of Belarusian Art from $BS-FBTJOHBOE'MFFU #FMBSVT .JOTL
the 12th to the 20th Century, Russian Art from the 18th to .BOBHFNFOU4FSWJDFT )PUFM.JOTL
the 20th Century, Western European Art from the 16th to 5FM  SPPN
the 20th Century and Oriental Art from the 15th to the 20th 'BY 
Century, the museum’s origins date back to before the war .PC 
and a Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of
the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, passed on January
National Art Museum
24, 1939, its official founding date. Starting life in the humble
surroundings of Minsk’s Upper Communist Agricultural School, Public transport Car rental
by 1941 the museum’s collection numbered 2,711 works of art in total in its contemporary collection, the museum’s current Avis (Авис) D-3, Hotel Minsk, Nezavisimosti pr. 11
art, most of them donated by galleries in cities in Russia and home dates from 1957 and was designed by the Belarusian Metro (просп. Независимости, 11), MPloschad Lenina
Belarus. The coming of the Great Patriotic War however saw architect Mikhail Baklanov (1914-1990). The museum man- Anyone who’s ever ex- (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 334 79 90, fax (+375
the collection looted by the occupying Nazis and spread far ages to exhibit only a small fraction of its entire collection, none perienced the beauty 17) 239 16 13,,
and wide, with not one item remaining and almost nothing of it the work of a household name in the West (the absence of the Moscow Metro QOpen 08:00 - 17:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 16:00.
recovered at the end of hostilities. of Marc Chagall continues to cause mild embarrassment for and is in need of more
Starting from new, a few, but the museum really isn’t any worse off without him), inspiration should see Hertz E-3, ul. Sverdlova 2/2 (ул. Свердлова, 2/2),
like the city in which although much of it truly outstanding all the same. what th ey got up to MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 17)
is was housed, the Notable among the many great works on display are several in Minsk. A surviving 306 53 35 (+375 29) 660 29 88,
collection was re- landscapes by the French painter Huber Robert (1733-1808), testament to Soviet QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
built from scratch some truly exquisite Chinese woodcarvings and Japanese design, all major sta-
wi th the notable ceramics, one or two outstanding pieces by the Jewish- tions in the city centre remain intact since they were Strela Car Rental C-2, ul. Tanka 81/2 (ул. Танка,
work of th e mu- Belarusian artist and Chagall’s teacher Yehuda (Yuri) Pen constructed with such inspiration. The use of glass is 81/2), tel. (+375 25) 604 93 15/(+375 29) 190 78
seum’s Director, (1854-1937) and a particular favourite, Mikhail Savitski’s of particular interest, as are the occasional busts of 59,, QOpen
El ena Ala d ova (1922-2010) extraordinary painting, Partisan Madonna, Lenin found lurking in one or two subterranean niches. 09:00 - 18:00.
(1907-1986) who dating from 1967. Even the least cultured visitor with only a Using them on the other hand remains at best difficult.
ran operations for
33 years from 1944 until her retirement. After the war the
passing interest in art should give the museum at least an
hour. More serious connoisseurs might like to give up half a
Two lines cover central Minsk. Purple plastic tokens
costing 850BYR are sold from booths inside Metro Airlines
museum moved from home to home as the collection slowly day or so to the work on display. A floor plan of the 19 halls stations. Drop those toy tokens into the slot machine- Aeroflot Russian Airlines C-4, ul. Yanki Kupaly 25
grew. Greatly extended in 2006 and possessing over 30,000 that make up the entire exhibition can be purchased inside the like turnstiles. Other tickets, including a 10-day pass for (ул. Янки Купалы, 25), tel. (+375 17) 227 28 87,
paintings, sculptures, drawings, porcelain and other works of museum for 1,100BYR. QOpen 11:00 - 19:00. Closed Tue. 12,000BYR, come in the form of magnetic cards. These
you either swipe at the turnstile or shove in sideways
until they pop back out, toaster-like a second later. Trains Air Baltic C-3, Pobediteley pr. 19 (просп. Победителей,
run every two minutes or so during rush hour and every 19), tel. (+375 17) 226 90 43/(+375 17) 203 50 51,
five minutes off-peak. After 21:00 trains run every seven
to 10 minutes until 01:00. Also in the airport Minsk-2 tel. (+375 17) 279 25 68. Daily from
Buses, Trams & Trolleybuses 14:00 till 16:20 QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Minsk has 12 tram lines, 56 trolleybus routes and over
100 bus routes. All three run from around 05:35 to Alitalia C-4, ul. Kuibysheva 29 (ул. Куйбышева, 29),
00:55 seven days a week. Avoid peak hours if you value tel. (+375 17) 220 22 23,
your limbs. Public transport tickets costing 850BYR are
sold at most kiosks. Punch them inside the vehicle or Austrian Airlines/Swissair (Австрийские
risk a fine. авиалинии) С-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 38 (просп.
Независимости, 38), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь
Победы), tel. (+375 17)288 25 35/(+375 17)

international long-distance buses

If you use your common sense, taxis can be a surpris-
ingly cheap and reliable way to get around Minsk. Just
like in any other major city, however, Minsk boats plenty
your connection across Europe of entrepreneurial drivers out to take visitors for a ride
in more ways than one. To minimise the risk, look for
PGGJDF  either the official yellow taxis or those run by some of the
UJDLFUT  more reliable private companies, such as 135, 157, 158
and 181. These numbers not only show the company
  affiliation, they’re also the short telephone numbers
CVTSFOUBM  you need to call them. Make sure the meter is running

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Tourist information
Tourist Information C-3, Pobediteley pr. 19
(просп. Победителей, 19), tel. (+375 17)
226 99 00. The only thing Minsk has that’s remotely like
a tourist information office is a counter run by the state
tourist agency, Belintourist, attached to the Yubileynaya Travel agency Gastina
Hotel. QOpen 09:00 - 13:00, 13:45 - 18:00. Fri 09:00 Guided tours of Belarus
- 13:00, 13:45 - 16:45. Closed Sat, Sun.
Individual tours

288 25 55, w w Q Open 09:00 - 17:00.

$BSBOE.JOJCVT Corporate tours
English speaking guides
Closed Sat, Sun.
Also in Minsk-2 airport, tel. (+375 17) 279 15 39, 279 15 29.
Open daily from 04:00 till 06:00, 11:00 till 18:00
3FOUBM Tel: +375-17-288-22-65

Belavia (Белавиа) D-3, ul. Nemiga 14 (ул. Немига, Minsk, 2/2, Sverdlova Str., room 6 Driving tel. (+375 17)222 30 22/(+375 17) 220 37 47.
14), tel. (+375 17) 210 41 00,, Petrol stations. The highways, towns and cities of Belarus QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Also in the airport Minsk-2 tel. 279 10 32 are lined with shiny, state-of-the art petrol stations including
QOpen 09:00 - 18:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 17:00. Tel/fax +375 17 306 53 35 Lukoil, Slavneft and BelNefteKhim. Unleaded petrol is freely Blue Bird (Голубая птица) ul. Leningradskaya 5
Mob. +375 29 660 29 88 available, as are maps, newspapers, food and all the other (ул. Ленинградская, 5), tel. (+375 17) 211 03 54.
CSA Czech Airlines C-4, ul. Kuibysheva 29 things associated with Western-style stations. Payment is in QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
(ул. Куйбышева, 29), tel. (+375 17) 284 91 01, Belarusian roubles only. At the time of going to press, a litre of 95 cost around 3700 BYR. Gastina (Гастина) С-5, Masherova pr. 3/9 (просп.
Машерова, 3/9), MPloshchad Pobedy (Площадь
El Al Israeli Airlines Partisansky pr. 6a (просп. e-mail:
Партизанский, 6а), tel. (+375 17) 211 26 06,
Long-distance buses Победы), tel. (+375 17) 288 22 65/(+375 29)
636 20 17,, QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Eurolines Belarus Borovaya 3/32, Minsk district QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
(Боровая 3/32, Минский район), tel. (+375 17) 225
LOT Polish Airlines C-3, Pobediteley pr. 7 (просп. 25 56,, National Smok Travel (Смок Трэвэл) B-4, ul. Masherova 19
Победителей, 7), tel. (+375 17) 226 66 28, and international services to cities including Berlin, Białystok, (ул. Машерова, 19), tel. (+375 17) 284 69 69.
QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. ÓÍÏ 190592823 Brest, Brussels, Moscow, Paris, Vilnius and Warsaw. QOpen QOpen 09:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00.
09:00 - 17:30. Closed Sat, Sun.
Luf thansa B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 56 (просп. Viapol (Виаполь) D-4, ul. Lenina 9 (ул. Ленина,
Независимости, 56), tel. (+375 17) 284 71 30, QOpen 09:00 - 17:30, Sat 09:00 - Bus stations Travel agencies 9), tel. (+375 17) 289 15 39/(+375 17) 226 15 76,, QOpen 09:00 - 18:00,
13:00. Closed Sun. At the time of going to press, Minsk’s Central Bus Station Alatan Tour (Алатан тур) C-4, ul. Janky Kupaly Sat 09:00 - 14:00.
Also at Minsk-2, tel. (+375 17) 279 17 45 Daily from 10:00 is closed for renovation until the end of 2011. The following 21 (Янки Купалы, 21), tel. (+375 17)289 14 36.
Visas, accomodation, trips. Q Open 09:00 - 18:00.
til 16:30 two stations currently handle all international buses in and
out of Belarus. Closed Sat, Sun. Travel agencies abroad
Transaero Airlines D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya Baltics and Beyond 1 Amy Street, Bingley, West
23 (ул. Интернациональная, 23), tel. (+375 17) Moscovsky (Московский автовокзал) ul. Fili- Belarustourist (Беларустурист) C-3, ul. Maxima Yorkshire, BD16 4NE, UK, tel. (+44 845) 094 2125,
289 14 53, QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. monova 63 (ул. Филимонова, 63), MMoskovskaya Tanka 30 (ул. Максима Танка, 30), tel. (+375 17), www.balticsandbeyond.
Closed Sat, Sun. (Московская), tel. (+375 17) 219 36 52. Q Open 226 94 85. Q Open 08:30 - 17:30, Fri 08:30 - 16:15. com. As the name suggests, they specialise not just in the
05:00 - 23:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Baltics, but the ‘beyond’ bits - and that means Minsk and
Turkish Airlines C-4, ul. Yanki Kupaly 25 (ул. other bits of Belarus.
Янки Купалы, 25), tel. (+375 17) 328 68 78, Vostochny (Восточный автовокзал) ul. Vaneyeva Belarus Tour Service E-2, ul. Rozy Luksemburg 89 34 (ул. Ванеева, 34), tel. (+375 17) 248 06 28. (ул. Р.Люксембург, 89), tel. (+375 17) 200 56 75.
QOpen 05:30 - 23:00. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Trains Belorussky Sputnik (Белорусский Спутник)
D-4, ul. Karla Marxa 36 (ул. Карла Маркса, 36),
Central Train Station (Центральный вокзал)
E-3, Privokzalnaya pl. 4 (Привокзальная пл., 4),
tel. (+375 17) 213 17 19. Tickets to domestic destina-
tions are sold in the two narrow halls that flank the main
entrance. International tickets, for some reason, are still
sold in the old train station building (Open 09:00 - 20:00)
to the right as you face the new building. Call tel. (+375 17)
213 17 19 for information about international trains, or tel.
105 for any train-related enquiries. When looking for your
train, keep in mind that there are platform numbers and
track numbers, so there could be two trains on the same
platform. Check the signs carefully if you don’t want to end
up in Izhevsk. The train station is packed with kiosks selling
everything from flowers to instant noodles. People travel-
ling First Class can take advantage of the VIP lounge.
Minsk Central Train Station

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Flight schedule Flight schedule

From Minsk To Minsk From Minsk To Minsk
Days Dep. Arr. Destination Days Dep. Arr. Days Dep. Arr. Destination Days Dep. Arr.
–2–4–6– 14:05 20:30 ABU DHABI (EY) –2–4–6– 7:20 13:05 –––––6– 16:25 18:15 MILAN (B2) –––––6– 20:15 23:05
1–3––6– 10:50 12:30 AMSTERDAM (B2) 1–3––6– 14:30 17:00 1234567 6:10 8:35 MOSCOW (SU) 1234567 8:20 9:40
–––4––– 13:55 15:35 AMSTERDAM (B2) –––4––– 17:30 20:00 1234567 7:00 9:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 6:00 7:20
–2––––– 23:40 5:40 ASHGABAT (B2) ––3–––– 4:40 8:50 1234567 9:00 11:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 9:15 10:35
–––––6– 17:05 23:30 ASHGABAT (T5) –––––6– 10:30 15:05 1234567 10:30 12:50 MOSCOW (SU) 1234567 22:20 23:40
––3–––– 20:15 3:15 ASTANA (B2) from 07 SEPTEMBER upto 26 OCTOBER –––4––– 1:15 5:40 1234567 12:00 14:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 11:20 12:40
–––––6– 20:30 3:15 ASTANA (B2) from 25 JUNE upto 04 SEPTEMBER ––––––7 6:30 10:55 1234567 16:35 18:55 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 14:15 15:35
–––––6– 20:15 3:15 ASTANA (B2) from 11 SEPTEMBER upto 23 OCTOBER ––––––7 6:40 11:05 1234567 19:00 21:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 18:55 20:15
––––––7 20:30 3:15 ASTANA (B2) from 26 JUNE upto 05 SEPTEMBER 1––––––c 1:30 5:55 1234567 21:25 23:45 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 21:20 22:40
1–3––6– 23:55 5:20 BAKU (B2) –2–4––7 4:20 8:05 –2–4––7 8:20 10:20 PARIS (B2) –2–4––7 12:20 15:05
–2––––– 23:50 3:25 BATUMI (B2) upto 01 JUNE ––3–––– 3:25 6:00 ––––5–– 16:20 18:20 PARIS (B2) ––––5–– 20:25 23:10
–2–4––– 23:50 3:25 BATUMI (B2) from 02 JUNE upto 29 OCTOBER ––3–5––c 3:25 6:00 –2––5–– 20:30 3:55 PAVLODAR (B2) from 24 JUNE upto 03 SEPTEMBER ––3––6– 5:35 10:30
––––––7 0:20 3:55 BATUMI (B2) upto 29 OCTOBER ––––––7 3:55 6:30 1–3–5–7 15:15 16:05 PRAGUE (OK) 1–3–5–7 12:45 14:30
1–––––– 14:30 18:00 BEIRUT (B2) 1–––––– 19:00 22:30 –2–4––– 13:40 14:25 PRAGUE (B2) –2–4––– 16:15 18:00
–2––––– 13:00 13:50 BERLIN (B2) –2––––– 15:40 17:25 –––––6– 9:35 10:20 PRAGUE (B2) –––––6– 12:45 14:30
–––45–7 15:00 15:50 BERLIN (B2) –––45–7 17:40 19:25 ––––––7 9:15 10:00 PRAGUE (B2) ––––––7 12:05 13:50
––3––6– 22:30 4:30 YEKATERINBURG (B2) –––4––7 2:30 6:00 1–3–5–7 15:10 16:30 RIGA (BT) 1–3–5–7 13:10 14:25
1–3–56– 14:25 15:45 FRANKFURT (LH) 1–––56– 21:40 23:55 –2–4––– 13:25 14:30 RIGA (B2) –2–4––– 15:15 16:20
–2–456– 5:40 7:00 FRANKFURT (LH) 1–3–5–– 10:55 13:10 –––––6– 10:05 11:10 RIGA (B2) –––––6– 11:55 13:00
––3–––7 5:50 7:10 FRANKFURT (LH) –234––– 21:30 23:45 1–––5–– 8:40 10:35 ROME (B2) 1–––5–– 12:35 15:20
––3–––7 12:35 14:00 FRANKFURT (B2) (LH) –––––6– 10:35 12:50 ––3–––7 13:50 15:45 ROME (B2) ––3–––7 17:45 20:30
––––5–– 12:35 14:00 FRANKFURT (B2) from 24 JUNE upto 02 SEPTEMBER ––3–––7 15:55 18:05 –2––5–– 12:30 14:25 SIMFEROPOL (B2) from 17 JUNE upto 20 SEPTEMBER –2––5–– 15:15 17:15
–2–4–6– 12:30 13:30 HANNOVER (B2) from 25 JUNE upto 05 SEPTEMBER 12–4–6– 16:00 18:00 1–––––– 15:15 18:40 SOCHI (B2) from 13 JUNE upto 05 SEPTEMBER 1–––––– 18:40 21:10
–––4––– 8:05 9:20 HANNOVER (B2) from 08 SEPTEMBER upto 27 OCTOBER –––4––– 11:10 13:20 ––3––6– 15:15 18:40 SOCHI (B2) from 25 MAY upto 08 OCTOBER ––3––6– 18:40 21:10
–––––6– 13:50 15:05 HANNOVER (B2) from 10 SEPTEMBER upto 29 OCTOBER –––––6– 16:55 19:05 12––5–7 7:30 9:55 ST. PETERSBURG (B2) upto 28 OCTOBER 12––5–7 9:45 11:15
1–––––– 14:25 15:45 HELSINKI (B2) from 06 JUNE upto 24 OCTOBER 1–––––– 16:30 17:55 –23456– 17:20 19:45 ST. PETERSBURG (B2) –23456– 19:35 21:05
––3–––7 14:25 15:45 HELSINKI (B2) from 01 JUNE upto 26 OCTOBER ––3–––7 16:45 18:10 –2––5–– 18:25 19:10 STOCKHOLM (B2) –2––5–– 21:00 22:40
1–34–6– 16:05 18:40 ISTANBUL (TK) 1–34–6– 12:35 15:05 ––3––6– 11:05 11:50 STOCKHOLM (B2) ––3––6– 13:40 15:20
–2––5–7 8:30 10:50 ISTANBUL (B2) –2––5–7 11:50 14:10 1234567 22:35 2:30 TBILISI (B2) 1234567 2:30 5:35
1–3––67 17:40 18:40 KALININGRAD (B2) 1–3––67 19:30 20:30 –2––5–7 17:50 21:20 TBILISI (A9) –2––5–7 13:20 16:10
1–––5–– 7:45 8:45 KALININGRAD (B2) from 10 JUNE upto 02 SEPTEMBER 1–––5–– 13:25 14:25 –2––5–– 23:55 5:25 TEHRAN (B2) ––3––6– 4:55 9:05
–2–4––– 9:25 10:25 KALININGRAD (B2) –2–4––– 11:15 12:15 –––––6– 22:05 2:35 TEHRAN (B2) from 14 MAY upto 18 SEPTEMBER ––––––7 3:05 7:15
––––5–– 9:25 10:25 KALININGRAD (B2) upto 09 JUNE ––––5–– 11:15 12:15 –2––––– 23:10 2:55 TEL-AVIV (LY) from 14 JUNE upto 25 OCTOBER –2––––– 17:55 21:45
1–––––– 20:30 3:45 KARAGANDA (B2) from 27 JUNE upto 30 AUGUST –2––––– 5:45 10:30 –2–4––7 20:00 23:40 TEL-AVIV (B2) 1–3–5–– 0:40 4:25
1234–67 17:30 18:40 KYIV (VV) 1234–67 15:35 16:25 ––3–––– 19:45 23:25 TEL-AVIV (B2) –––4––– 0:40 4:25
12––––7 9:35 10:40 KYIV (B2) 12––––7 11:30 12:35 1234567 5:10 6:05 VIENNA (OS) 1234567 21:25 23:15
––34–6– 11:30 12:35 KYIV (B2) ––34–6– 13:25 14:30 1234567 13:25 14:30 VIENNA (OS) 1234567 10:45 12:35
––––5–– 17:25 18:30 KYIV (B2) ––––5–– 19:20 20:25 1–––––– 6:30 6:45 WARSAW (LO) –2–45–7 12:20 13:30
––––5–– 18:30 19:40 KYIV (VV) ––––5–– 16:30 17:20 1–––––– 9:40 9:50 WARSAW (LO) 1–––––– 23:30 0:40
––34––– 20:30 2:50 KOSTANAY (B2) from 29 JUNE upto 02 SEPTEMBER –––45–– 6:45 10:30 –2–45–7 14:40 14:55 WARSAW (B2) 1–––––– 12:10 13:20
1–––––– 8:50 11:50 KRASNODAR (7R) from 23 MAY upto 24 OCTOBER 1–––––– 5:40 7:40 – –3–––– 15:20 15:30 WARSAW (B2) – –3–––– 17:45 18:55
–2––––– 14:50 18:10 LARNAKA (B2) from 07 JUNE upto 25 OCTOBER –2––––– 19:10 22:30 –––4––– 9:05 9:15 WARSAW (B2) –––4––– 11:30 12:40
–––4––– 7:40 11:00 LARNAKA (B2) from 07 JULY upto 25 AUGUST –––4––– 12:00 15:20 –––––6– 13:40 13:50 WARSAW (B2) –––––6– 16:00 17:10
–––––6– 7:40 11:00 LARNAKA (B2) –––––6– 12:00 15:20 ––3–––7 22:45 3:30 YEREVAN (B2) 1––4––– 2:30 5:45
––3–5–– 9:55 10:55 LONDON (B2) ––3–5–– 13:55 16:50
Notes: (1 - Mon, 2 - Tue, 3 - Wed etc...). Schedule valid until Sept 01, 2011.
––––––7 12:10 13:10 LONDON (B2) ––––––7 16:10 19:05 Airline Codes: EY - Etihad Airways, B2 - Belavia, T5 - Turkmenistan Airlines, LH - Lufthansa, TK - Turkish Airlines,
1–––––– 13:55 15:15 MANCHESTER (B2) from 30 MAY upto 29 AUGUST 1–––––– 18:15 21:15 VV - Aerosvit Airlines, 7R - 7R, SU - Aeroflot, OK - Czech Airlines, BT - Air Baltic, A9 - Georgian Airways, LY - EL-AL,
1–––––– 16:30 18:20 MILAN (B2) 1–––––– 20:20 23:10 OS - Austrian Airlines, LO - LOT Polish Airlines.
For details check at
–2–4––– 8:30 10:20 MILAN (B2) –2–4––– 12:20 15:10

Minsk In Your Pocket minsk
inyourpocket com 2011

Train schedule International bus schedule Minsk is hardly a shoppers’ paradise, although most things of shops selling ever y thing from saucy under wear to
are available, for a price. dictionaries, plus currency exchange and one of the best
From Minsk To Minsk supermarkets in the city. There’s also a pharmacy that stays
From Minsk To Minsk
Dep. Arr. City Dep. Arr. Dep. Arr. City Dep. Arr.
Shopping centres open late and a couple of average restaurants. Upstairs
also find Korona Techno, a large shop selling electrical and
8:34 0:09 BERLIN 5:02 22:48 Bigzz (Бигз) Borovaya 5 (д. Боровая, 5), tel. (+375 17) electronic goods from digital cameras to washing machines.
11:30 20:00 V (1,3,6) BIAŁYSTOK (4) 15:20 0:45 237 93 33. A large hypermarket-style shopping centre not too far QOpen 09:00 - 02:00. TAK
21:25 11:08 KYIV 21:57 8:35
1:53 15:19 LVIV 19:02 9:05 22:35 5:45 V
(7) BIAŁYSTOK (2,4,7) 2:40 11:30 from the city centre. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. PALK
Kupalovsky (ТЦ Купаловский) D-4, Under Kilo-
0:11 08:55 MOSCOW 10:29 20:09 12:00 7:30 V
(3,5,7) BERLIN (2,5,7) 21:30 18:00 Evr o opt (Евроопт) ul. Monta zhnikov 2 (ул. meter Zero at Oktiabrskaya metro stop, MOktyabr-
2:14 11:45 MOSCOW 13:54 23:31 Монтажников, 2), tel. (+375 17) 201 16 40. Essentially skaya (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 287 77 14.
11:30 22:30 V
(5) DUSSELDORF (7) 21:00 2:00
3:44 12:55 MOSCOW 15:43 01:12 a fully fledged hypermarket complete with parking for 2,000 A labyrinth of tiny shops and stalls, mostly selling women’s
8:56 19:54 MOSCOW 16:50 0:11 7:20 14:10 V
KAUNAS 3:55 10:40 cars, it may not be central but what it lacks in location it more clothes, although there are a few other places selling
18:26 5:56 MOSCOW 17:08 2:13 16:00 21:50 V
KAUNAS 3:55 11:00 than makes up for in choice. Selling everything at bargain household items, cheap CDs and one little stall selling
21:30 8:05 MOSCOW 18:55 3:08 prices, the Evroopt chain also has a number of smaller outlets children’s toys. There’s also a tiny café hiding in one corner.
18:10 0:35 V
KAUNAS 6:50 12:30 throughout the city. Also at Nezavisimosti 48, Kalinovskogo QOpen 11:00 - 19:00. N
22:09 8:58 MOSCOW 19:39 6:39
18:40 0:35 V
KAUNAS 16:00 22:25 23. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00.
22:18 9:20 MOSCOW 22:25 7:28
ProStore (ПроСтор) Dzerzhinskogo pr. 126 (просп.
23:15 8:05 MOSCOW 23:34 8:26 11:30 1:40 V
(1,3,6) LODZ (1,3,6) 21:30 11:30 Hippo (Гиппо) Rokossovskogo pr. 2 (просп. Дзержинского, 126), tel. (+375 17) 256 45 59.
23:39 10:26 MOSCOW 23:44 8:06 Рокоссовского, 2), tel. (+375 17) 214 47 46. As well Another quality Western-style outlet selling the usual
11:30 13:30 V
(5) MAGDEBURG (1) 5:00 2:00
8:34 5:05 PRAGUE 22:09 22:48 as their larger shopping centre outlets the Hippo chain also array of goods. Also here find an in-house bakery and
20:07 8:00 RIGA 19:00 7:30 9:00 23:00 M
(3,7) MOSCOW (2,5) 8:00 17:00 has several smaller shops scattered around the centre. delicatessen. Also at Partizansky 182 and Uborevicha 176.
9:00 10:39 SIMFEROLPOL 13:35 15:55 18:10 8:00 V
MOSCOW 18:40 6:10 QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00.
17:41 8:40 ST. PETERSBURG 15:03 4:00
19:00 8:00 M
MOSCOW 20:00 6:30 Kor ona (ТЦ Корона) С-2, ul. Kalvariyskaya Shopping Centre Stolitsa (Подземный торговый
18:48 9:36 ST. PETERSBURG 19:08 8:55
19-00 8:30 V
(5) MOSCOW - - 24 (ул. Кальварийская, 24), MFrunzenskaya центр “Столица”) D-3, Nezavisimosti pl. (Площадь
3:33 8:00 VILNIUS 7:05 10:05 (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 17) 226 52 19. Two floors Независимости), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь
7:45 10:45 VILNIUS 17:00 21:40 12:00 17:00 V (3,5,7) MUNICH (2,5,7) 13:00 18:00 Ленина), tel. (+375 17) 226 11 67/(+375 17)
18:49 21:49 VILNIUS 19:05 22:05 226 18 31. According to many Minsk’s best shopping centre,
11:30 11:00 V (1,3,6) PRAGUE (1,3,6) 11:30 11:30
0:22 8:25 WARSAW 10:38 22:48 Stolitsa is a great place for gift shopping as it’s got pretty
6:19 15:14 WARSAW 15:20 02:01 10:00 20:00 V
RIGA 8:30 18:00 What to buy much everything from clothes to alcohol to souvenirs. As
20:40 5:46 WARSAW 21:00 8:00 10:30 20:00 M
RIGA 8:30 18:30 well as heaps of retail outlets on three floors, this centrally
Contrary to popular opinion, Belarus has plenty of fan- located, 75,000 square-metre underground gem features a
21:30 7:40 V
(1,3-7) RIGA (1,3-7) 21:20 7:00 tastic indigenous products that serve well as both gifts host of cafés, restaurants and, at the time of going to press,
and souvenirs. Classic folk-related things include nesting an Internet café. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00.
22:00 7:40 M
(1,3-7) RIGA (1,3-7) 21:20 7:40 matryoshka dolls, hand-painted wooden spoons, plus a
23:30 8:10 V
(2-7) RIGA (2-7) 23:50 8:30 wealth of bits and pieces fashioned from straw and flax,
The best places to eat, drink, see, sleep among them dolls in national costumes plus straw horses Markets
17:00 9:40 V
ST.PETERSBURG (2) 16:30 6:00 and chickens popular with children. If you look around you
and experience could be metres away. Car Market (магазин автомобилей) Malinovka
17:30 9:40 M
ST.PETERSBURG 18:00 8:40 can also pick up some nice inlaid wooden boxes which district, southwest of the ring road (микрорайон
make great little jewellery boxes. Linen is a favourite, Малиновка), tel. (+375 17) 223 05 09. Motor vehicles
(2,5,7) ST.PETERSBURG 19:40 9:40 and is represented predominantly as tablecloths and
21:05 12:50 and the associated bits that make them tick. Q Open
(3,5,7) napkins, usually for a very good price. Or why not some 06:00 - 17:00. N
23:00 14:00 M
(1) ST.PETERSBURG - - chocolate? Two well established brands making a range
of chocolates of exceptional quality are Kommunarka and Dinamo Stadium Market (Стадион “Динамо”)
1:35 5:30 V
(2-6) VILNIUS (1,3-7) 4:35 8:30 Spartak. Locally-produced glass and ceramics are both D-4, ul. Kirova 8 (ул. Кирова, 8), tel. (+375 17)
7:20 11:50 V
VILNIUS 6:40 10:40 good value and can be really very nice indeed, and, last 227 65 62. Shoes, pants, saucepans and plants. Billions
but not least, Milavitsa has been making quality ladies of stalls stretching the entire circumference of the Dynamo
8:20 12:10 V
VILNIUS 6:40 11:00 underwear since Soviet times. As well as the Gifts & stadium. Beware of imitation Adidas goods and ladies and
11:00 15:12 V
VILNIUS 9:00 12:30 Souvenirs section on p. 45, keep an eye out for other gentlemen out to relieve you of your wallet. QOpen 08:00 -
shops and the markets listed in this guide, several of 17:00. Closed Mon. N
16:00 19:45 V
VILNIUS 14:00 18:00 which provide perfect gift and souvenir solutions.
18:10 22:45 M
VILNIS 15:50 20:50 Komarovsky Market (Комаровский рынок) B-5,
18:40 22:45 V
VILNIUS (1-5) 17:00 21:00 ul. Very Khoruzhey 6 (ул. Веры Хоружей, 6), MPlo-
The In Your Pocket app. Europe’s best schad Yakuba Kolasa (Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel.
23:30 3:35 V
(2-7) VILNIUS 18:05 22:25 (+375 17) 331 90 33. This former traditional marketplace
city guides. Now with added GPS. has been completely modernised. Meat is now kept in
11:30 5:00 V
(1,3,6) VROTSLAV (1,3,6) 17:10 11:30
refrigerators and everything is in jolly good shape. Despite
9:40 19-30 M (1,4,6) WARSAW (2,5,7) 09-00 20-50 having lost its old-world charm, this is still a great place to
Out now. 11:30 23:30 V
(1,3,6) WARSAW (1,4) 13:00 0:40
come and shop for local produce. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00.
Closed Mon. N
17:40 5:00 V
(3,7) WARSAW (1,3,6) 23:20 11:30
Books etc.
Notes: Schedule valid until Sep 1, 2011. Timetable key: None of the shops we found had any great selection of
Departs Minsk. Arrives destination. Days of the week books in English.
(1=Monday). Departs destination. Arrives Minsk
- Vostochny (Eastern) bus station (Восточный вокзал). Akademkniga (Академкнига) B-6, Nezavisimosti
- Moscovsky bus station (Московский вокзал). An outdoor summer crafts fair in Minsk pr. 72 (просп. Независимости, 72), tel. (+375 17)

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


292 00 52/(+375 17) 292 46 52. As part of the Belaru- (+375 17) 203 34 96. An old Minsk favourite for many
sian Academy of Sciences, this distinguished shop has many years, this recommended bookshop holds a large collection
interesting books on history, science and art among other of literature albeit with little in English with the exception of
subjects. Unfortunately, there’s little in English, so it’s mainly a few books about Belarus. Those who use the place say
of interest to Russian speakers. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat that the English-speaking staff that work here are some of
10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. the friendliest in the city. QOpen 10:00 - 21:00, Sat 11:00
- 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00.
Central Bookshop (Центральный книжный
магазин) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 19 (просп.
Независимости, 19), tel. (+375 17) 227 49 18. The Flowers & Plants
largest bookshop in Minsk. Along with a rather interesting, 7 Tsvetov (7 цветов) Internet shop, tel. (+375
if random, selection of English-language novels, it also has 29) 385 50 45,, QOpen
Belarus guidebooks in English, Italian and German. It also 09:00 - 21:00.
has some good postcards of Minsk as well as a selection of
stationary. QOpen 10:00 - 21:00, Sat 10:00 - 20:00, Sun Flora - Design (Флора-дизайн) A-6, ul. Yakuba
10:00 - 19:00. Kolasa 50 (ул. Якуба Коласа, 50), tel. (+375 29)
666 17 32, QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sat,
Dom Knigi Svetoch (Дом Книги Светоч) С-3, Sun 10:00 - 19:00.
Pobediteley pr. 11 (просп. Победителей, 11), tel.
Loyalty (Лоялти) Intr enet shop, tel. (+375
29) 179 69 29,,
Department stores QOpen 24 hours.
Roza A zora (Роза Азора) Nezavisimosti pr.
186 (просп. Независимости, 186), tel. (+375
17) 286 61 38,,
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Terra (Терра) C-3, Pobediteley pr., underground cross-
ing by Yubileynaya hotel (просп. Победителей), tel.
(+375 17) 204 85 91, QOpen
08:00 - 19:00, Sat 08:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.

Food & Drink

Tsentralny (Центральный) D-4, Nezavisimosti Shopping Centre Stolitsa
pr. 23 (просп. Независмости, 23), MOktyabrskaya
TSUM (Октябрьская), tel. (+375 17) 227 88 76. One of the
best, most Western-style food halls in Minsk despite its Sosedi (Соседи) A-5, ul. Surganova 50 (ул. Сургано- Ruchnaya Rabota (Ручная работа) A-5, ul. Sur-
GUM (ГУМ) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 23 (просп. gloriously Soviet appearance. There are cafés, bakeries and ва, 50), tel. (+375 17) 334 82 33. A chain of supermarkets ganova 50 (ул. Сурганова, 50), tel. (+375 17)
Независимости, 23), MOktyabrskaya (Октябрь- a shop selling alcohol on the first floor plus a well stocked selling everything necessary. Their large shop, Riga, is gener- 559 88 81. Paintings, graphics, posters, tapestries, batik,
ская), tel. (+375 17) 227 88 76. Built in 1951, Minsk’s supermarket upstairs. Worth a visit even if you’re not going ally considered to be the best. Also recommended for their china, wood and leather gifts. Custom made souvenirs.
showcase department store is a must for fans of clas- to buy anything. QOpen 09:00 - 22:00. great in-store bakeries. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00. QOpen 11:00 - 20:00.
sic Socialist Realist architecture. Otherwise it’s a fairly
dreary shopping experience. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sun Jubileyny-92 (Юбилейный-92) C-3, ul. Zaslavs- Slavutiya Maistry Gallery (Галерея “Славутыя
10:00 - 19:00. JA kaya 23/1(ул. Заславская, 23/1), tel. (+375 17) Gifts & Souvenirs м а й с т р ы ” ) C - 4 , u l . Ko m m u n a l n a y a 6 ( у л .
223 04 93. Everything and more to fill up your basket. Galereya Mastatstva (Мастацтва Галерея) D-3, Коммунальная, 6), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375
Na Nemige (На Немиге Торговый дом) D-3, QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. Nezavisimosti pr. 12 (просп. Независимости, 12), 17) 283 28 25. A good collection of both grotesquely ugly
ul. Nemiga 8 (ул. Немига, 8), MNemiga (Немига), MPloschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина), tel. (+375 and staggeringly beautiful folk art, paintings, amber, large
tel. (+375 17) 220 97 47. A decidedly uninspiring Preston Market (Престон Маркет) B-5, ul. Maxima 17) 227 83 63. A range of art and artsy souvenirs. QOpen ceramic candleholders, dried flowers and chiffon scarves.
department store in vintage Soviet style. QOpen 09:00 Bogdanovicha 153 (ул. Максима Богдановича, 153), 10:00 - 23:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. A QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00.
- 21:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00. A tel. (+375 17) 331 77 65. A popular haunt of hungry expats,
Preston Market sells a good selection of processed foods and Lyanok (Лянок) B-5, Nezavisimosty pr. 46 (просп. Soyuzpechat (Союзпечать) C-5, Nezavisimosti pr.
other delights. One of the first of its kind, the place has been Независимости, 46), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa 44 (просп. Независимости, 44), MPloschad Pobedy
TSUM (ЦУМ) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 54 (просп. somewhat eclipsed over the years by newer competition. Still (Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 284 81 44. (Площадь Победы). Buy someone you love a bag of
Nezavisimosti, 54), MYakuba Kolasa (Я. Коласа), worth a look inside though. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00. Gorgeous local flax and linen, plus a range of hand-made gifts stamps. Philately will get you everywhere. QOpen 08:00 -
tel. (+375 17) 284 21 64. Several floors of goods and souvenirs. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 19:00.
from pens to beds. Hardly inspiring, although quite Radzivilovski (Радзивиловский) B-5, Nezavisimo- Closed Sun.
good fun. Look out for your wallet and note there’s
an ATM on the first floor. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sun
sti pr. 52 (просп. Независимости, 52), tel. (+375 17)
292 20 10. A chain of supermarkets in Minsk. A basic range Minsky Vernisazh (Минский Вернисаж) D-4, Recorded music
11:00 - 18:00. A of groceries etc for a slightly higher price in exchange for good Oktyabrskaya Square, next to Museum of Great Pa- Misteria Zvuka (Мистерия звука) C-1, ul. Nemiga
service and a central location. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. triotic War, MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). A small 12 (ул. Немига, 12), MNemiga (Немига ), tel. (+375
Univermag Belarus (Универмаг Беларусь) outdoor market aimed specifically at tourists, find plenty 17) 306 53 96. The best CD shop in Minsk that has a roof.
ul. Zhilunovicha 4 (ул. Жилуновича, 4), MPar- Rublevski (Рублевский) D-3, ul. Romanovskaya of folk art, hats and the like as well as a few Soviet-era Large selection of nicely priced international and local discs.
tizanskaya (Партизанская), tel. (+375 17) Sloboda 14 (ул. Романовская Слобода, 14), tel. military trinkets thrown in for good measure. Arguably the QOpen 11:00 - 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. A
245 11 11. Another large collection of everything (+375 17) 214 89 85. Over 30 shops in Minsk selling a best place in the city for things like matryoshka dolls and
imaginable for fair prices. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sun fairly average range of groceries and other household prod- lacquered wooden boxes. Find it hidden way immediately to
10:00 - 18:00. A ucts for a decent price. Also at Pobediteley 1, etc. QOpen
08:00 - 23:00.
the left of the Trade Union Palace. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Closed Mon. N

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011






Looking for something very specific? Here’s a quick guide to PWB


the city that goes beyond the obvious. ,BIP B






Belarus National Bank (НБ РБ) С-2, Nezavisimos- " 5JNJSZB[FWB4US


ti pr. 20 (просп. Независимости, 20), tel. (+375) 227 "5.

50 37, QOpen 9:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. IPSV "LBEFNJ OBVL


Belgazprombak (Белгазпромбанк) ul. Pritytskogo


60 (ул. Притыцкого, 60), tel. +375 17 229 1629. WB  ,SPQPULJOB4US "5.  .BTIFSPWB"WF
Belswissbank (Белсвиссбанк) C-3, Pobediteley CF (

"5. JLB
pr. 23/3 (просп. Победителей, 23 к. 3), MNemiga EJU ,JTF "5. MP
(Немига), tel. (+375 17) 306 20 40. FMF ,PNNVOJTTUJUJ MZP
Belvnesheconombank (Белвнешэкономбанк) " 1SJUZUTLPHP4US SPW
D-3, ul. Myasnikova 32 (ул. Мясникова, 32), tel. (+375 TIF

Ministry of Foreign Affairs D-4, ul. Lenina 19


17) 209 29 44, QOpen 09:00 - 16:00, Fri ,P

(ул. Ленина, 19), tel. (+375 17) 227 92 22, fax [MP

09:00 - 14:30. Closed Sat, Sun.


(+375 17) 227-45-21, QOpen "5. PH


09:00 - 16:00. Closed Sat, Sun. SJZT 1MPTDIBE1PCFEZ
Priorbank (Приорбанк) B-3, ul. Very Khoruzhey 31a LB


(ул. Веры Хоружей, 31а), tel. (+375 17) 289 90 87, B The largest private bank in Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee D-3, Neza- 1V
part of the large Raiffeisen Bank International company. Oper- visimosty pr. 8 (просп. Независимости, 8), tel. PMZ N
B "5. P
ating since 1989, Priorbank provides the highest standards of (+375 17) 328 55 66, QOpen .PMPEZP[IOBZB
service to private and business customers. Everything from 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun.


Priorbank JSC. NBB License №12, 28/08/2008. TRN 100220190

car /mortgage loans to VISA/MasterCard/Belcard credit  /FNJHB4US "5.
cards and much, much more. A range of premium banking  ,PNTPNPMTLBZB4US
services is also available. For more information on their wide TL BZ JHB "5. "5.

1 VM
range of professional services, take a look at their English- BSL / SP
,I ,J

language website. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Yves Rocher (Ив Роше) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 48

(просп. Независимости, 48), MPloschad Yakuba IB 0LU
Barbers & Beauty Kolasa (Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17)
284 48 58. QOpen 09:00 - 20:30, Sat 11:00 - 19:00.  -J FC LOFD
Beauty Centre (Бьюти Центр) C-5, ul. Berestyans- Closed Sun. PJA ,B  -V LT EMP

[ Z W

kaya 3 (ул. Берестянская, 3), tel. (+375 29) 685 27 00/ 3P B



(+375 17) 285 27 90. QOpen 08:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:00 -
Business connections JOT *OTUJUVULVMUVSZ


21:00. Closed Sun. PAU F S[I  4WFSEMPWB4US

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce ul. Yakuba Kolasa, %[ .P
Etoile (Этуаль) D-4, ul. Internatsionalnaya 24a (ул. 65 (ул. Якуба Коласа, 65), tel. (+375 17) 266 04 73,
Интернациональная, 24а), tel. (+375 29)665 69 02, QOpen 9:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00. PJA
Ernst & Young LLC С-3, ul. Korolya 51 (ул. Короля,
Iteira (Итейра) D-5, ul. Platonova 1b (ул. Платонова, 51), tel. (+375 17) 209 45 35,,
1б), tel. (+375 17) 331 66 99, QOpen
08:00 - 22:00. PJAL
IMF D-3, ul. Volodarskogo 6 (ул. Володарского,
Izumi (Изуми) D-5, ul. Zakharova 65 (ул. Захарова,
65), tel. (+375 17) 294 15 84. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00,
6), tel. (+375 17) 200 25 33, QOpen
09:00 - 18:00.
Sun 11:00 - 18:00. JN

Lady Gadiva (Леди Гадива) D-3, ul. Nemiga 38 (ул.

Немига, 38), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17) 200
Law firm Sorainen D-3, ul. Nemiga 40 (ул. Немига,
40), tel. (+375 17) 306 21 02,,
12 46/(+375 29) 670 12 46. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sun
09:00 - 18:00. PAL Stepanovski, Papakul & par tners LLC С-4,
ul. Kuibysheva 16 (ул. Куйбышева, 16), tel. (+375 17)
Mon Cinema (Мон Синема) B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 209 44 83,,
25 (ул. Веры Хоружей, 25), tel. (+375 17) 237 85 86, QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sun 10:00 - UNDP D-4, ul. Kirova 17 (ул. Кирова, 17), tel. (+375
18:00. PLN 17) 227 48 76,

Prikosnoveniye (Прикосновение) A-6, ul. Nekra- World Bank С-4, ul. Gertsena 2a (ул. Герцeна, 2а),
sova 35 (ул. Некрасова, 35, к. 1), tel. (+375 17) 292 tel. (+375 17) 226 52 84, QOpen
48 07. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00. Closed Sun. PAUW 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. J

Wella Studio (Студия Велла) C-5, ul. Kozlova 7b

(ул. Козлова, 7б), tel. (+375 17) 233 99 35/(+375 44)
704 29 39. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun. PLN XXXQSJPSCBOLCZF
Minsk In Your Pocket

Clinics & Hospitals tax planning and intellectual property among many other
Clinical Centre of Plastic Surgery and Medical Cos- services. See their website for more information.
metology (Клинический центр пластической
хирургии и косметологии) B-4, ul. Bogdanovicha
53 (ул. Богдановича, 53), tel. (+375 17) 334 81 04, Dentists QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 08:00 Dentko (Дентко) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 58 (просп.
- 17:00. Closed Sun. Независимости, 58), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa
(Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 284 45 11,
Kravira (МЦ Кравира) B-3, Pobediteley pr. 45, QOpen 08:00 - 21:00.
(просп. Победителей, 45), tel. (+375 17) 211 28 61, PJULNW, Q Open 08:00 -
21:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 16:00. PDC MiDent (МиДент) С-4, ul. Zybitskaya 3 (ул.
Зыбицкая, 3), MNemiga (Немига), tel. (+375 17)
Lode (ЛОДЭ) B-5, ul. Gikalo 1 (ул. Гикало, 1), 321 23 80, QOpen 08:00 - 20:00,
MPloschad Yakuba Kolаsa (Площадь Якуба Коласа), Sat 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. JAL
tel. (+375 17) 284 72 20/(+375 29) 638 30 03.
QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 20:00, Sun 09:00 -
15:00. AL Foreign representations
Armenia (Армения) D-4, ul. Kirova 17 (ул. Кирова, 17), Minsk historic city centre
Nordin (Нордин) A-5, ul. Surganova 47b (ул. tel. (+375 17) 227 51 53/(+375 17) 227 05 63. QOpen
Сурганова, 47б), tel. (+375 17) 289 53 48, Tue, Thu 10:00 - 16:00. Closed Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Cuba (Куба) C-5, ul. Krasnozv yozdnaya 13 Kyrgyzstan (Киргизстан) C-4, ul. Starovilenskaya, QOpen 08:00 - 22:00. (ул. Краснозвездная, 13), tel. (+375 17) 200 03 83/ 57 (ул. Старовиленская, 57), tel. (+375 17) 234 91
JAUFLDC Belgium (Бельгия) B-4, Masherova pr. 54 (просп. (+375 17) 284 76 36, QOpen 17, fax (+375 17) 334 16 02,
Машерова, 54), tel./fax (+375 17) 293 19 44, 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. QOpen 09:30 - 12:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun.
Santana (МЦ Сантана) A-6, ul. Nekrasova 22 b2, QOpen
(ул. Некрасова, 22, к.2), tel. (+375 17) 331 97 22, by prior arrangement. Czech Republic (Чешская Республика) С-4, Latvia (Латвия) B-5, ul. Doroshevicha 6a (ул. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - Muzykalny per. 1/2 (Музыкальный пер. 1/2), Дорошевича, 6а), tel. (+375 17) 284 93 93, fax (+375
16:00. Closed Sun. PL Bulgaria (Болгария) C-4, Svobody pl. 11 ( пл. Свободы, tel. (+375 17) 226 55 40/(+375 17) 226 52 44, 17) 284 73 34, QOpen
11), tel. (+375 17) 328 65 58, fax (+375 17) 328 65 59., QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
QOpen 10:00 - 13:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun.
Consulting & Auditing 09:00 - 12:30. Closed Wed, Sat, Sun.
Lithuania (Литва) D-5, ul. Zakharova 68 (ул.
Dicsa (Дикса) ul. Melezha 5/2 (ул. Мележа, 5/2), China (Китай) C-5, ul. Ber estyanskaya 22 Estonia (Эстония) 2 Pereulok Koltsova 52 (2-й пер. Захарова, 68), tel. (+375 17) 285 24 49, fax (+375 17)
tel. (+375 17) 268 40 22, Legal advice (ул. Берестянская, 22), tel. (+375 17) 285 36 82/(+375 Кольцова, 52), tel. (+375 17) 219 88 30/(+375 17) 285 33 37,,
on investment projects, corporate law, construction law, 17) 285 36 83. QOpen 10:00 - 13:00. Closed Sat, Sun. 219 88 31, QOpen 15:00 - QOpen 09:00 - 13:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
16:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun. Open for visas Mon, Tue, Wed,
Thu 10:00-13:00. Moldova (Молдова) E-4, ul. Byelorusskaya 2 (ул.
D E N TA L C E N T E R Белорусская, 2), tel. (+375 17) 289 14 41/(+375 17)

France (Франция) С-4, Svobody pl. 11 (Свободы пл. 289 11 47. QOpen, Tue, Thu 09:00 - 13:00. Closed Mon,
11), tel. (+375 17) 229 18 06/(+375 17) 229 18 30, fax Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. J
(+375 17) 210 25 48,, QOpen by prior arrangement. Netherlands (Нидерланды) A-6, ul. Vostoch-
naya 133 (ул. Восточная, 133), tel. (+375 17) 262 ● FULL DENTAL SERVICE FOR Germany (Германия) C-5, ul. Zakharova 26 53 23, fax (+375 17) 262 40 52,
- dental works CHILDREN AND ADULTS;
(ул. Захарова, 26), tel. (+375 17) 217 59 00, fax (+375 QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun.
- roentgen diagnostics 17) 294 85 52,, www.
● ANALGESIA UNDER DOUBLE QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Peru (Перу) ul. Prityskogo 34 (ул. Притыцкого,
- orthodontic dentistry
- prosthetic dentistry
ANESTHESIA; 34), tel. (+375 17) 216 91 14/(+375 17) 216 91 15.
- therapeutic dentistry ● PULSED RADIOGRAPHY; India (Индия) ul. Sobinova 63 (ул. Собинова, 63), QOpen by prior arrangment.
- dental surgery ● PROFESSIONAL ORAL CARE. SCALING tel. (+375 17) 262 93 99, fax (+375 17) 288 47 99,
AND ROOT PLANING;, Po l a n d ( П о л ь ш а ) C - 5 , u l . R u m y a n t s e v a 6
QOpen 09:00 - 11:00. Closed Sat, Sun. (ул. Румянцева, 6), tel. (+375 17) 284 99 80/
● ALL KINDS OF DENTURE ESTHETICS IN (+375 17) 284 99 81,,
THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME; Israel (Израиль) Par tizansky pr. 6a (просп. Q Open 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat,
● CORRECTION OF OCCLUSION WITH Партизанский, 6а), tel. (+375 17) 298 44 02, fax Sun.
BRACES; (+375 17) 298 44 03. QOpen 9:00 - 11:30.
Romania (Румыния) B-2, Moskvina per. 4 (Москвина
Italy (Италия) C-3, ul. Rakovskaya 16b (ул. Раковс- пер. 4), tel. (+375 17) 203 77 26/(+375 17) 203 80
TEETH EXTRACTION; кая, 16б), tel. (+375 17) 229 29 69, fax (+ 375 97, fax (+375 17) 211 21 63,
● TEETH WHITENING AND 17) 306 20 37,, www. QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
RESTORATION OF THE DESTROYED QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
TEETH; Russia (Россия) A-3, ul. Novovilenskaya 1a
Japan (Япония) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 23/1 (просп. (ул. Нововиленская, 1а), tel. (+375 17) 250 36 66/
Победителей, 23/1), tel. (+375 17) 203 44 81/(+375 (+375 17) 288 67 68. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00. Closed
We are in the center of the city - you are in the center of attention 17) 203 62 33. QOpen by prior arrangment. Fri, Sat, Sun.
Nezavisimosti avenue, 58, near TSUM (seven days a week), Kazakhstan (Казахстан) С-4, ul. Kuibysheva 12 Serbia (Сербия ) E-2, ul. Rumyantseva 4
Tel: 284-45-11, 210-16-56, 8-029-110-12-12 (ул. Куйбышева, 12), tel. (+375 17) 288 10 26/(+375 (ул. Румянцева, 4), tel. (+375 17) 284 29
OJSC “Dentko-Med”
17) 334 96 50, QOpen 10:00 - 12:00. 84, QOpen Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00 -
License M-5851 d.d. 28.05.09 till 27.05.14 Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus, TRN 191081363 Closed Fri, Sat, Sun. 12:00. Closed Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun.

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Spectator sports Zelyonaya Polyana (Зеленая поляна) C-2,

ul. Kalvariyskaya 17 (ул. Кальварийская, 17), MFrun-
Dinamo Stadium (Динамо Стадион) D-4, zenskaya (Фрунзенская), tel. (+375 17) 203 27 77.
ul. Kirova 8 (ул. Кирова, 8), tel. (+375 17) QOpen 24 hours. PALVEKXSW
226 00 55. Local heroes Dimano play at the 50,000-
capacity Dinamo stadium (the official address is Kirova 8,
although this information is rather superfluous as one can
Fitness centres
see the floodlights from Moscow). Tickets are as good Beauty Free (Бьюти Фри) B-6, Nezavisimosti pr.
as free, although you`re recommended to buy them in 86a (просп. Независимости, 86а), tel. (+375 17)
advance from the attached ticket office. For some seri- 267 40 46. QOpen 09:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00.
ously thorough information in English on all things soccer PJAFC
in Belarus, including schedules of up-coming matches,
surf on over to Fitness club Geut Gym (Фитнес-клуб Geut Gym)
B-2, ul. Gvardeyskaya 10 (ул. Гвардейская, 10), tel.
Minsk-Arena (Минск-Арена) Pobediteley pr. (+375 17) 306 39 89. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun
111 (просп. Победителей, 111), tel. (+375 17) 10:00 - 15:00. PJ
253 53 61. The recently opened, multi-function Minsk-
Arena provides sports and entertainment facilities for up Mir Fitnessa (Мир Фитнесса) A-1, Pobediteley pr.
Minsk, ul. Kuibysheva 20/1 (просп. Победителей, 20/1), tel. (+375 17)
to 15,000 spectators. Capable of handling everything
207 18 23. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 22:00.
Slovakia (Словакия) D-3, ul. Volodarskogo 6 (ул. Insurance from rock concerts (Elton John and Sting among others
have already performed here) to indoor cycling competi- PAFLG
Володарского, 6), tel. (+375 17) 285 29 99, fax (+375 Belgosstrakh (Белгосстрах) D-2, ul. Liebknechta 70 tions, Minsk-Arena’s biggest claim to fame is that of being
17) 283 68 48,, http://www.mzv. (ул. Либкнехта, 70), tel. (+375 17) 269 26 00, fax (+375 home to HC Dinamo Minsk, the city’s top ice hockey team. Nevesomost (Невесомость) ul. Filimonova
sk/minsk. QOpen 09:00 - 11:30. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun. 17) 213 08 05,, www.belgosstrakh. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00. PL 55/2 (ул.Филимонова, 55/2 ), MMoskovskaya
by. QOpen 08:30 - 17:30, Fri 18:30 - 16:40. Closed Sat, Sun. (Московская), tel. (+375 17) 237 68 75. Q Open
Sweden (Швеция) C-4, Muzykalny per. 1/2 08:00 - 22:00, Sun 07:00 - 19:00. PF
(Музыкальный пер. 1/2), tel. (+ 375 17) 226 55 40, Belingosstrakh (Белингосстрах) C-3, Pobediteley
fax (+37517) 226 55 43. QOpen by prior arrangement. N-fitness (N-фитнесc) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 51
pr. 19 (просп. Победителей, 19), tel. (+375 17) 209
24 16/(+375 17) 209 25 46, Bowling & Billiards (просп. Независимости, 51), tel. (+375 17) 292 86 80.
Switzerland (Швейцария) D-4, ul. Krasnoarmey- QOpen 08:40 - 17:10. Closed Sat, Sun. Bowling House Nezavisimosti pr. 117a (просп. QOpen 08:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:00 - 21:00. PJAF
skaya 22a (ул. Красноармейская, 22а), tel. (+375 Независимости, 117а), tel. (+375 17) 268 01 90.
17) 227 18 42, fax (+375 17) 217 84 62. QOpen 09:00 QOpen 12:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 05:00. Nordin (Нордин) A-5, ul. Surganova 47b (ул.
- 12:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun. Language courses Сурганова, 47б), tel. (+375 17) 289 54 56/(+375 17)
Minsk State Linguistic University B-3, ul. Zakharova Juravinka Bowling Club (Журавинка) C-4, ul. 296 62 92. QOpen 08:00 - 22:00. PTJAFG
Tajikistan (Таджикистан) D-4, ul. Kirova 17 (ул. 21 (ул. Захарова, 21), MPloschad Pobedy (Площадь Yanki Kupaly 25 (ул. Янки Купалы, 25), tel. (+375 17)
Кирова, 17), tel. (+375 17) 222 37 98. QOpen 09:00 Победы), tel. (+375 17) 213 76 63. A huge and highly 328 69 09. Eight lanes that glow ultraviolet during the eve- Orange Club (Орэндж Клаб) Kalinina per. 16 (пер.
- 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. respected institution, who offer a multitude of courses in a nings. It can get busy in here, especially during the weekends. Калинина, 16), tel. (+375 17) 285 66 65. QOpen 09:00
multitude of languages. They have a good website in English QOpen 13:00 - 03:00. PALKX - 21:00. PTJFG
Turkey (Турция) D-3, ul. Volodarskogo 6 (ул. http://international.mslu.byQOpen 09:00 - 21:00. Closed Sun.
Володарского, 6), tel. (+375 17) 227 13 83/(+375 17) Olimp (Олимп) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 51 (пр. Princess Spa (Принцесс Спа) D-4, ul. Kirova 13,
227 06 57. QOpen 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sat, Sun. Независимости, 51), tel. (+375 17) 290 79 03. QOpen
Pharmacies 10:00 - 24:00. PJG
Crowne Plaza (ул. Кирова, 13, Crowne Plaza), tel.
(+375 17) 200 94 24. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun
Ukraine (Украина) B-4, ul. Starovilenskaya 51 Pharmacy # 1 B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 24 (ул. Веры 09:00 - 22:00. PJFLDW
(ул. Старовиленская, 51), tel. (+375 17) 283 19 Хоружей, 24), tel. (+375 17) 334 37 84. QOpen 08:00 Planeta Hotel (Планета) C-3, Pobediteley pr. 31, 2-nd
90/(+375 17) 283 19 80,, QOpen , Mon 14:00 - 16:00,
- 20:30, Sat 09:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. floor (просп. Победителей, 31, 3-й этаж), tel. (+375
17) 226 77 87. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. PJGX Saunas
Tue, Wed, Thu 09:00 - 13:00. Closed Fri, Sat, Sun. Pharmacy # 19 E-3, ul. Kirova 2 (ул. Кирова, 2), tel. Aura (Аура) Minsk district, B. Trostenets, ul. Lugovaya
(+375 17) 225 61 80. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 08:00 - Vienna (Вена) B-4, ul. Very Khoruzhey 29 (ул. Веры 54 (Минский район, д. Б. Тростенец, ул. Луговая,
United Kingdom (Великобритания) D-4, ul. Karla 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 17:00. JF Хоружей, 29), tel. (+375 17) 334 43 44. QOpen 12:00 54), tel. (+375 29) 910 09 02, fax (+375 17) 345 39 02.
Marxa 37 (ул. Карла Маркса, 37), tel. (+375 17) 210 - 06:00. PJAGKX QOpen 24 hours. NDXCW
59 20, fax (+375 17) 220 23 06, visaenquiries.minsk@ Pharmacy # 28 С-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 48 (просп., QOpen , Mon, Thu Независимости, 48), tel. (+375 17) 284 85 68. QOpen
09:00 - 11:30. Closed Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. 8:00 - 22:00, Sun 10:00 - 17:00.

United States (США) C-4, ul. Starovilenskaya 46 (ул.

Старовиленская, 46), tel. (+375 17) 210 12 83/(+375 Photographic services
17) 226 16 01, fax (+375 17) 234 78 53, ConsularMinsk@ Focus (Фокус) D-4, Nezavisimosti pr. 18 (просп., QOpen , Mon, Tue, Независимости, 18), tel. (+375 17) 206 55 96.
Thu 08:30 - 12:00. Closed Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Express service. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 19:00,
Sun 10:00 - 18:00. A
Vatican (Ватикан) D-3, ul. Volodarskogo 6 (ул.
Володарского, 6), tel. (+375 17) 289 15 84, nuntius@ Foto Centre (Фото Центр) E-3, ul. Kirova 1 (opposite, Q Open train station) (ул. Кирова, 1), tel. (+375 17) 225 62 25/
09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat, Sun. (+375 17) 225 06 03. One-hour service. QOpen 09:00 -
20:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Kadr (Кадр) C-1, ul. Pritytskogo 10a (ул. Притыцкого,

10а), tel. (+375 29) 650 58 85. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00,
clickandbuy Sat 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sun. Sports Centre Minsk-Arena

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011


Akademicheskaya ul. В-6 Kommunisticheskaya ul. В-4 Pobedy pl. С-5

Na Zamkovoy (Сауна-люкс На Замковой) C-3, Minsk motorcycles Andreevskaya ul. Е-5 Komsomolskaya ul. D-3 Pritytskogo ul. С-1
ul. Zamkovaya 33 (ул. Замковая, 33), tel. (+375 17) Antonovskaya ul. D-5 Korolya ul. С-2/3 Pulikhova ul. D-5
286 20 15/(+375 29) 688 77 11. QOpen 24 hours.
NXC Aranskaya ul. Е-4 Korzha ul. D-2 Pushkina pr. В/С-1
Azgura ul. D-5 Kozlova ul. D-6 Rakovskaya ul. С-3
Ne Parsya (Не парься) C-5, Masherova pr. 11 Azizova ul. А-4 Kozlova ul. С-5 Romanovskaya Sloboda ul. С-3
(просп. Машерова, 11), tel. (+375 29) 660 92 60. Bangalor pl. А-5 Krasnaya ul. С-4/5 Rozy Luksemburg ul. Е-1/2
QOpen 24 hours. NDXC Belomorskaya ul. B-5 Krasnoarmeiskaya ul. D-4 Rumyantseva ul. С-5
Berestyanskaya ul. С-5 Krasnozvyozdnaya ul. С-5 Rybalko ul. Е-6
Princess Spa (Принцесс Спа) D-4, ul. Kirova 13,
Crowne Plaza (ул. Кирова, 13, Crowne Plaza), tel. Bersona ul. D-3 Kropotkina ul. В-4 Sapyorov ul. В-2
(+375 17) 200 94 24. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Sun 09:00 - Betonny proezd Е-1 Kuibysheva ul. А-5, С-4 Serafimovicha ul. Е-5
22:00. PJAFLGD Biryuzova ul. В-1 Kulman ul. А-4, В-5 Shcherbakova ul. Е-6
Bobruiskaya ul. Е-3 Kupriyanova ul. D-2 Shchorsa ul. Е-1
Sahara (Сахара) ul. Skoriny 52 (ул. Скорины, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo ul. А/В-6 Kuzmy Chornogo ul. А-6 Shevchenko blvd А-4
52), tel. (+375 29) 66 100 77. Q Open 24 hours. Boleslava Beruta ul. С-1 Lenina ul. D-4, Е-5 Skryganova ul. С-2
Botanicheskaya ul. D-6 Leonida Bedy ul. А-5 Slesarnaya ul. D-5
Minsk isn’t just a city, it’s also a type of motorcycle. And Bronevoi per. D-5 Lermontova ul. D-1 Smolenskaya ul. Е-5/6
S Legkim Parom! (С легким паром!) ul. Tol- not just any old type either, but one that carries with
bukhina 3 (ул. Толбухина, 3), MPark Chelyuskintsev Byelorusskaya ul. Е-4 Lesy Ukrainky ul. А-1 Sovetskaya ul. D-3
it an air of legend, rumour, cool, un-cool and a kind of
(Парк Челюскинцев), tel. (+375 29) 999 37 77. blue oily smoke. Chapaeva ul. D-5 Lomonosova ul. А-6 Stakhanovskaya ul. Е-6
Q GDC If the stories are to be believed, the noisy, 125cc two- Chebotaryova ul. Е-6 Masherova pr. В-5, С-2 Stanislavskogo ul. Е-5
stroke, single-cylinder machine known as the M 125 and Chernyshevskogo ul. А-6 Maxima Bogdanovicha ul. А-5, С-4 Starovilenskaya ul. В/С-4
Taiti (Таити) ul. Serafimovicha 11 (ул. Серафимовича, made here in Minsk in the famed Motovelo factory is the Chervyakova ul. А-3 Maxima Tanka ul. С-2/3 Starovilensky tract А-3
11), MProletarskaya (Пролетарская), tel. (+375 17) two-wheeled vehicle of choice of al-Qaeda, independent
298 27 99/(+375 29) 960 27 99. QOpen 24 hours. Chicherina ul. С-4 Melnikaite ul. С-3 Sudmalisa ul. Е-5
tourists, Vietnamese farmers and anyone wanting a Chigladze ul.. А-1 Mikhasya Lynkova ul. А-1 Sukhaya ul. D-3
TNDXC bullet-proof vehicle that can be maintained using only
chewing gum, beer cans and string. Daumana ul. В-3 Mogilyovskaya ul. Е-3 Surganova ul. А-5, В-6
Tsarskaya Okhota (Царская Охота) Partizansky The M 125, which has been in production for ex- Dekabristov ul. Е-1 Moskovskaya ul. Е-3 Sverdlova ul. D-3
pr. 14 (просп. Партизанский, 14), tel. (+375 17) 271 actly 60 years, possesses a simple and unpretentious Dolgobrodskaya ul. D-6 Moskvina ul. В-2 Tarkhanova ul. В-2
15 15. QOpen 24 hours. NDXC straightforwardness that’s refreshing in a world of com- Domashevskogo per. D-2 Myasnikova ul. D-3 Tatarskaya ul. В-2
plicated technology, making them particularly appealing Druzhnaya ul. Е-3 Nekrasova ul. А-6 Tretyego Sentyabrya ul. D-1, С-2
U Fontana (У Фонтана) С-2, ul. Amuratorskaya 4 (ул. among people living in remote areas where access
Амураторская, 4), tel. (+375 17) 203 14 00/(+375 17) Dzerzhinskogo pr. Е-1 Nemiga ul. D-3 Timiryazeva ul. А-1, В-2
to spare parts is limited to say the least. Established
203 14 74. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. AIDXCW on November 6, 1945, the Motovelo company, which Engelsa ul. D-4 Nezavisimosti pl. D-3 Tolstogo ul. Е-3
churns out the Minsk motorcycle alongside a number Fabrichnaya ul. Е-5 Nezavisimosti pr. D-3, В-5 Tsnyanskaya ul. В-5
Swimming of motorbike, bicycles, exercise bikes and wheelchairs,
started life as a manufacturer of bicycles but it’s the M
Fabritsiusa ul.
Frantishka Bogushevicha ul.
Novovilenskaya ul.
Novovilensky per.
Ulyanovskaya ul.
Uralskaya ul.
Piotr Masherov Fitness Centre (ФОЦ им. 125 that steals the show.
П.М. Машерова) C-3, Pob editeley pr. 23/1 Frunze ul. С-5 Odoevskogo ul. С-1 Very Khoruzhey ul. В-4/5
The basic design comes from the pre-war DKW RT 125 Gaia ul. А-4 Oktyabrskaya ul. Е-4 Vereshchagina ul. С-1
(просп. Победителей, 23/1), tel. (+375 17) 226 68 made in Germany, and is said to have inspired a multitude
66. QOpen 07:15 - 23:00. PJF Gikalo ul. B-5 Olshevskogo per. В-1 Volodarskogo ul. D-3
of machines including the Harley-Davidson Hummer, the
Yamaha YA-1 and the fabulous BSA Bantam. Various Gorodskoi Val ul. D-3 Olshevskogo ul. А/В-1 Volokha ul. D-1/2
Olimp (Олимп) B-5, Nezavisimosti pr. 51 (просп. updates and improvements have been introduced over Griboedova ul. В-2 Orlovskaya ul. А-1/4 Vostochnaya ul. А-6
Независимости, 51), MPloschad Yakuba Kolasa the years, but the Grushevskaya ul. Е-2 Osipenko ul. А-4 Yakuba Kolasa pl. В-5
(Площадь Якуба Коласа), tel. (+375 17) 331 07 11. bike’s hardly what Gusovskogo ul. С-1 Papanina ul. Е-2 Yakuba Kolasa ul. А-6, В-5
QOpen 7:00 - 23:00, Sun 8:00 - 23:00. PJDC you’d call modern. Gvardeiskaya ul. С-2 Pervomaiskaya ul. D-5 Yanki Kupaly ul. С-4
Around 90 percent
Water Sports Centre (Дворец водного спорта) Ierusalimskaya ul. D-3 Pervy Tvyordy per. С-6 Zakharova ul. С/D-5
of all M 125s ex-
B-6, ul. Surganova 2a (ул. Сурганова, 2а), tel. (+375 ported, mostly to Ignatenko ul. В-2 Pervy Zagorodny per. С-2 Zapadnaya ul. D-2
17)266 28 92. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00. Asia, which is ex- Internatsionalnaya ul. D-4 Petrusya Brovky ul. В-6 Zaslavskaya ul. С-3
actly why you’ll find Izvoznaya ul. Е-2 Pinskaya ul. С-2 Zhukova pr. D-1
a Minsk Motorcycle Kakhovskaya ul. А-3 Platonova ul. D-5, С-6 Zmitroka Byaduly ul. С-5
Club in Vietnam. There’s even an adventure expedition Kalinina per. А-6 Pobediteley pr. А-1, В-3 Zolotaya Gorka ul. С-5
company, Explore Indochina, which runs tours exclusively Kalinina pl. В-6
on Minsk motorcycles. According to their website, Minsk
bikes have been seen ‘hauling buffaloes, horses, up to Kalinina ul. А-6
seven people, refrigerators, fully operational fish tanks Kalvariyskaya ul. С-1 Street Smarts
and even a three-piece lounge suite’. Karastoyanovoy ul. А-4
Karla Liebknechta ul. Е/D-2 Belarusian Russian
Further information Karla Marxa ul. D-4 Street vulitsa / вулiца (вул.) ulitsa (ul.) / улица (ул.)
Motovelo Manufacturers of Minsk motorcycles, Kharkovskaya ul. D-1/2 Kirova ul. Е/D-4 Square ploscha / плошча (пл.) ploschad (pl.) / площадь (пл.)
The Minsk Motorcycle Club of Vietnam Kiselyova ul. В-4 Avenue praspekt / prospekt (pr.) / Klary Zetkin ul. D-3 праспект (прасп.) проспект (просп.)
Explore Indochina Tours on Minsk motorcycles, Klumova per. Е-6 Side street zavulak / завулак pereulok (per.) / переулок Kollektornaya ul. D-3 (зав.) (пер.)

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011

Minsk In Your Pocket 2011
Minsk Belt-road

Dolginovs y



henko H
Ì9 nic


Ð28 iro Gamarnika

Tsnyanskoe Tik
Reservoir St. ots


Karb go

Po er Sed ev VOSTOCHNY
b Street a

ed v o ir ykh t
Zhdanovichi ite DROZDY Kolts ova Irag Stree

ley Z E LStreet

Shirokaya St.
Ì9 a
Av Palestine Kal tovt
e ino St Gin U R U C H I E
nu Luk
e ina Iran Stree India ogo

RADUZHNY lo c h ltur t
ha S



iry Vietnam t.

az Turkmenistan
ev nue URUCHIE

S treet
a Ave






k ra

Str Volg




ee t ogr

Nikifo r

S hug





Starovile St.

Syria t ee




Orlovskaya Street



va S



Orlovskaya Street

Sur ee




gan yshk



Kulm Ked





kova St.

an Fran

Olshevs Romania tsiska









Very Kho





Korea Ozero NAUK



Str PARK Stre Frantsiska Sk o
Matus et


da n

ev icha t


Stre miche
Pyotra Glebki Parnik

Pu s h k

i ry
Kyrgyzstan St SLEPYANKA

B og




Street et o


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kay St.

Ave Street






nu e
Radiatorny Kazakhstan
KAMENNAYA ashe Japan


M t Stepyanka

S tr

sk a

Pritytskogo Street Venezuela Str e


e et

China s te


Street PLOSCHAD olo

Czech Ko Sy


KUNTSEVSHCHINA Italy RepublicYa Cuba

H Burdeinogo POBEDY zlo er
Pushkina Avenue





ue W


i K
NEMIGA Stoletova St.
Street Av Poland

Klary Zetkin
Yakubovskogo Stree

Odintsova Odoevskogo eet Germany

ZAPAD Bulgaria Georgia ya
Str aya
Hungary et sk
a Tovarny


an Dvor



Street Slovakia m py

aya Turkey rvo St. S le


rova Street vsk
Minsk- P

Mazu rko emVatican o KUPALOVSKAYA

Kha N isim

et st.
Stre av



Street PLOSCHAD NezTadjikistan
Armenia ya Lithuania


a Traktorny

echta vsk StreSwitzerland


Liebkn LENINA eet




Karla ue Uly










Railway ZAVOD


Libya Minsk-
insk INSTITUT Station -Vostochny



skaya Street St. St. aso ska

ovicha D yov Aranskay Ilim


o Vau

M Par


e et

tiza t

St ee

Str eet



ree Israel nsk Str

aya Ave

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n kay

she aya ue a ANGARSKAYA


Voronya eet

a nue

Gru ozhn rov
ns kogo

H r Street St. Str



A lt

Ali Ne

a is
be eva

go va Vane



Street Aerodromnay


a ya
Zh a St.

Street a
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va et





Str e et






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y tiza
zet Aven



ova nsk

Ga An



ta K evatova



u shkina

M A Street





a I N Lo s h itsa


ov O V

sky A

om K A



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Stre Ma




H nina rv roit




e le

iz h Ì4



S v is
evsk Street

zhe Loshitsa ik Ub


Kurasovshchina ev skogo Ì5
Igum nsk

ore h nn


Street vic Inz a ya H


ha he

o ner
y vsk St. St
Str eet

zho nay

Ì9 a .




o va





Uborevicha St.




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