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DEC 0 52008

Stephen and Annette Libby

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(603) 447-iSI8
173 Meadows Drive, Madison, NH 03849 PO Box 671. Conway. NH 03818-*71

December 4,2008

Town of Bartlett Board of Selectmen RR I Box 49 Intervale, NH 03845

RE: improvements to the Edward Furlong property

Dear Board of Selectmen, Below is a list of dates that J was at the Precinct Park field when work was being done at the Edward Furlong property. As many of the pictures that Ihave enclosed show, the small shed! building took on a new life over the few short months of my observations. while working at the field on our own permitted project.

On September 13, 2008

A work crew was in place and began work before my arrival at 10:30 AM. Pat Haley of Haley Construction was on site to do some minor excavation for the new storage facility removal of some old light poles, and old fencing. Conerete blocks and frame work for the new storage facility were put in place. During the hours that Iwas there Iheard hanunering, sawing and construction type tools being used. On October 4, 2008 This was an advertised community work day. Idid not remember hearing any work being done on this day. On October 18,2008 Iarrived for the second weekend of our advertised work weekend. Iarrived mid afternoon, after working the recreation department's flag football games. When I arrived to begin the barbecue for the volunteers, I was approached by a man from one of the rental properties; he stated that he would be working for Mr. Furlong through the winter and inquired about the gravel that I had delivered for the entrance to the ball field. Before his approaching me and after his leaving, Iheard hanunering and sawing.

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On November 1,2008

I received a call at home, from the volunteer workers at the field, to advise me that the staking and ribbon that we had placed/replaced for the second time had been removed. I arrived mid morning. The police were called, and during the time of waiting for the police to arrive, I heard hammering and sawing. On the weekend of November 8, 2008 While at the field placing signage for the winter, Itook a picture that shows the building near1y completed, with siding and painting. Ibelieve you can see saw horses in the picture as well. The picture shows the back of the building as completed.' where the earlier picture shows the building with no siding and just a new window and ramp for the tractor. There are three pictures, one shows the opening of the refurbished building with the ramp and the new window and siding. One picture will show you the final result of the building from the front with new doors, windows, siding and the new paint job. During my time at the field this day, work was being done to the inside, lights were on and you could see people moving around working. I could hear bammering.

The information that I have provided is what I can remember to the best of my knowledge.

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DEC 0 52008
Stephen R. Libby
PO Box 671 Conway, NH 03818

December 4, 2008 Note: These observations are being complied on this date from memory with the assiStance o[ some dated memos" .)

letters, and visits Selectmen.


the Registr}'

0/ Deeds.

This summary

is being submitted

at the request

0/ the

Bartlett Board

0/ /

Dur!"g the late spring and early summer of this year I was Involved with researching the deeds for Prednct Park (aka Black Fly Field) and subsequentfy the USFSproperty boundary the abutting properties. Part of this research required me to frequently walk "line that is the back line of the field and also Mr. Furlong's property

in an attempt to locate

markers that would define this line. While walking this property

line I discovered that the USFSComer

#7 pin which should have been behind Mr. Furlong's shed was missing. This pin would define the corner of the USFS parcel and Mr. Furlong's property recall seeing any bullding construction was approximately as well as the starting point of our back property taking place on the property. line. At that time I do not

However, I do recall the one blazed tree that It appeared that the ground all around the the USFSinto the mix. line. We spent quite a I remember that much of

6" in diameter located behind Mr. Furlong's shed.

tree had recently been graded and seeded. This Is what first brought Sometime in late June or early July I accompanied

the USFS In a walk of the back property

bit of time behind Mr. Furlong's shed.;1 recall that the building was now being repaired. the post & beam framework was exposed.

On Wednesday August 13, 2008 I was at the field because the USFS had just set the marker for Comer #7. plctu re of the marker (picture attached).

I took a

The section of bu lid ing with the ra m p beh ind the m artcer did not existing

during the earlier walking tour. The roof and window are also new. While working at the field in September and October, each weekend I noticed the building was ccntinual transformed from a shed to a cabin. By the time of the Recreation Department's being

first big work party on October

4d1 the building had been enlarged and had new doors and windows. To the best of my knowledge it was November

1" that I noticed the building had been painted a bright green.

There were saw horses set up on the ramp. I witnessed the tenant (the one with the vehicle with Florida plates) was cutting outside and taking the pieces Into the cabin.

As an added

side note; Contrary to Mr. Furfong's claims that he has no access to the baeX of his property utilizing the field's driveway, on Saturday November 22nd I witnessed

where the

cabins are without

Mr. Furlong drive into his

upper driveway and he and his vehicle reappear along the field's property picture with my cell phone. Although

line behind his motel unit. I took a

the photo reproduces very grainy. the lighted cab of the pickup can be seen

parked between the motel and the telephone. pole with the yellow Respectfully submitted,


Stephen R. Ubby .









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