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Every Hero in Warcraft III has three attributes that usually define his or her role in the game. These are Intelligence (INT), Agility (AGI) and Strength(STR) Every Hero has a "main" attribute on which their damage is based. Each point in their main attribute adds 1 point of damage. Typically, when a Hero levels up, their main attribute receives the largest increase.

* Attributes * Experience

Unit/Hero Basics
* Buildings * Fountains * Illusions * Roshan * Unit Types

Each point in Intelligence will:

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Increase the hero's max Mana by 13 Increase the hero's Mana regeneration by 0.04 points per second

Unit/Hero Specifics
* Attack Speed * Cleave * Damage and Armor * Hitpoints and Manapoints * Invisibility * Lifesteal * Neutral Creeps * Targeting * Unit Statistics

Each point in Agility will: Increase the hero's armor by 0.14 points. Increase the hero's attack speed by 1 point

Each point in Strength will: Increase the Max HP of the hero by 19 points Increase the HP regeneration of the hero by 0.03 HP per second

* Cooldown * Disables

How to Increase Attributes?
Every time you level up, your hero earns a certain amount of attribute points (you can check the exact amount while hovering your mouse over a hero you are about to pick). Some Items (Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Blade of Alacrity, etc.) increase attributes directly. Some skills increase attributes as well: Morph (2/4/6/8 AGI can be transfered into STR per second and vice versa) Flesh Heap (0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 STR) for any nearby (450 AOE) dying enemy hero or hero killed by Pudge outside the AoE Decay (Temporarily saps 4 STR from Target) Great Fortitude (12/24/36 STR) Marksmanship (15/30/45 AGI) Last Word (Steals 1 INT from a dying enemy hero) Astral Imprisonment (2/4/6/8 INT stolen temporarily) Essence Shift temporarily steals 1 of each attribute from attacked hero, converts them to AGI. Every hero except Invoker has a fifth skill (Attribute Bonus) that increases all attributes by 2 points. Quas/Wex/Exort (2 STR/AGI/INTper level of the skill) * Item Passive Stacking * Item Sharing * Orb Effect Stacking * Shops and Items

* Day and Night * Gold * Runes * Terrain and Vision

* CustomKeys.txt * Factions * Healing

* mechanics

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