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February 2012 issue

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by Pastor Lennie While theres life theres hope, and only the dead have none. Theocritus (3rd century BC) In January, the Bishop called all the clergy from the Kansas and Nebraska conferences of the United Methodist Church to gather together in Topeka to conference about Hope in the Face of Change. You have heard me talk insistently about change; I only wish you could have heard Brian McLaren, our keynote speaker, describe our situation as a dramatic weather event - a hurricane of change is swirling around us. The change we are now facing is seismic, unexpected and drastic, compared to normal, slow and gradual change like erosion, he said. In order to be a vital part of peoples lives today we must realize that the world in which we used to do church so well has been washed away by the hurricane of change; now we, the church, stand like a bridge over nowhere, going nowhere. Where can we nd hope in this kind of news? McLaren also used the analogy that this seismic change might feel like a forest re. Yet, we must remember that re is part of the natural cycle of life in a forest. That the re destroys disease and undesirable growth and the ash fertilizes the ground, which is freed to see the sun once again, and in the warmth new life arises. As he spoke, and the pictures rolled across the screen, I thought, How odd. This is exactly the theme I had planned for Lent, Hope Rises from the Ashes. And this passage from Isaiah 61 came to mind:
The LORD Gods spirit is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me. He has sent me to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim release for captives, and liberation for prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORDS favor and a day of vindication for our God, to comfort all who mourn, to provide for Zions mourners, to give them a crown in place of ashes, oil of joy in place of mourning, a mantle of praise in place of discouragement. They will be called Oaks of Righteousness, planted by the LORD to glorify himself. They will rebuild the ancient ruins; they will restore formerly deserted places; they will renew ruined cities, places deserted in generations past.

Brian McLaren shared a story of seismic change when a bridge in Honduras was left spanning a sea of silt when Hurricane Mitch re-routed the river away from the bridge.

Make plans to join in praise and worship every Sunday this Lenten season (February 22 - April 7), as we discuss what we can do when it seems the world we used to know has burned to the ground, and all we have are the ashes of death - low self-esteem, no purpose, empty promises and lies, nancial worries, suering and all the bad things that happen even to good people.

Let us celebrate Christ who brings us hope of a new eternal life.

...the season of forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Biblically, Lent remembers the time of trial and preparation Jesus underwent before commencing his ministry on earth. Within the Christian Church, Lent has evolved into a time of prayerful reflection & discernment.


First UMC February 22nd 6:00 pm


First UMC February 23rd 6:30 pm Communion served

season is intended as a time to focus on deepening our understanding of Christian living as we approach the joyous celebration of the resurrection of our Lord with special disciplines such as fasting, worship, service, and study.

a Biblically based partial fast

was compiled as a series of short stories and vignettes about Christian discipleship in general. Questions at the end of each meditation guide the reader to Lenten reections on how the gospel message impacts on modern life and challenges todays Christian. It is hoped that this devotional by John E. Windell, will greatly enrich your Lenten experience. Pick up a free copy at Connection Intersection in the Foyer of the church. Journey through Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday (Feb. 22) and ending with Easter Day (April 8) as the stories in this devotional touch your heart and stir your soul.
Fasting is always coupled with a spiritual goal. So during this time of fasting, you will focus on prayer, study and meditation. The Daniel Fast teaches us to deny our "selves" and instead put our spirit in control over our flesh. The definition of a fast deny food for a spiritual purpose. Join Pastor Lennie and others in our church as they participate in this 21 day experience during the season of Lent. Give Pastor Lennie a call (church 527-5608 or cell 955-0322) if you have questions or go to this link:

ThenewLeadershipTeamfortheFirstmetJanuary25tobeginanewyearofvital ministries.KurtChilds,LayLeader,alongwithJerryRichecky,KevinJohnson,Stacia Piroutek,MikelHadachek,SusanChilds,JayKallman,JanisHoudek,KimVanNortwick, PamScofieldandPastorLennie,aswellasguestsHaroldJohnson,AllenJohnson,LynnVanNortwickandMarvinHoudek, mettodiscussimportantissuesandministries. PastorLenniebegantheeveningwithworshipandmeditationonJesusSermonontheMount,prayerandcovenant formation.TheLeadershipTeamthenbeganstudyontheUnitedMethodistChurchescallforVitalCongregations.This willbeafocusandastrategicplanwithinourdenominationthisyearandintheyeartocome,aschurchesaroundthe globefocuson16KeyMinistrystrategiestovitalizelocalcongregationstofulfillthemissionoftheUMCtoMake disciplesofJesusChristforthetransformationoftheworld.Muchoftheworkofthisplanhasalreadybeen accomplishedbytheIncubatorprocessthatwehavebeenthroughinthepastthreeyears.ThisyeartheLeadershipTeam willfocusonlongrangegoalsettingandstrategicSMARTactionplans(Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Relevantand Timeframed.)ProgressismeasuredthroughweeklyreportingviatheonlineDashBoardofworshipattendance, professionsoffaith,smallgroupattendance,numberofdisciplesdoingoutreachandmission,amountofmoneygiven. PleasesupportMartyinthisendeavorasshetracksandreportseachoftheserubricsonaweeklybasis.Asmany membersoftheLT,aspossible,willattendaconferenceLeadershipTraininginMcPhersononFebruary11. SusanChildsagreedtobesecretaryforLTthisyear.JayKallmanreportedfromthetreasurythatweended2011ina gloriousfashionpayingallobligationsincludingourM&Msinfullandreplenishingourreservestobeginningofyear levels. Wediscussedtheneedforaconferencetablethatwouldseatcomfortably12or13people.Jaysuggestedwepurchase alightweighttablethatcouldbefoldedandstoredeasily.Theteamagreedthiswouldbeagoodinvestment. TheFoodStandTaskForcethenjoinedtheconversationandpresentedanindepthandinformativereportoftheir investigationsandplanning.Thisincludedadetailedministryplan,floorplan,costandrepaymentofbuildinganew FoodStandtoreplacetheexistingstandonthesamelocation.(ThesedetailsareavailableattheofficeortheConnection Intersection.)Aswell,thetaskforcepresentedoptionssuchasaportabletrailerandrepairsoftheexistingbuilding. Afteralengthyandhonestconversation,theLTagreedthatthebestfootforwardwasnewconstruction.AChurch Conferencewillbeplannedandinformationwillbepresentedtothecongregationsothatallfullmembersofthechurch willhaveachancetobeheardandvoteonthisproposal. Ifyouwouldliketoreadtheminutesofthemeetingyoumaypickupacopyatthechurchoffice.TheLeadershipTeam meetingsareopentoeveryone;although,weaskthatyourespectourcovenantformationtimeatthebeginning, andallowustohavecloseddoors,aswebuildtrustandholdeachotheraccountableforourspiritualgrowth.Thenext meetingistentativelyscheduledforFebruary15thtoconsiderlongtermgoalsandmakeplanstogiveyouafuturewith hope.(Jeremiah29:11)

SOUP-SANDWICH-PIE DINNER Sunday, February 12 Noon in Fellowship Hall The sign-up sheet to help provide food is located at Connection Intersection. Table service will be provided.
(Join us for a meal before attending Church Conference) Sponsored by the Fellowship Ministry Team.

Sunday, February 12 @ 1:00 pm, Sanctuary A Church Conference will be held to discuss and vote (full members) on the proposed new Food Stand.

What if what happened then changes everything now?


(Middle Adult Think Tank) and Young Adult Think Tank) You are invited! Both groups are watching a 6 session video series... The Easter Experience, a unique, video driven small group study that brings the passion and resurrection of Jesus to life. Meeting at 7:30 pm on:


Youre invited to come enjoy Church Chat at County Place Senior Living every 1st Thursday at 9:30 am with informal devotions, church updates, coffee and conversation time with our UMC residents.

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Congratulations to Joe & Amanda Strnad on the birth of their son... born on January 5th 6 lbs. 10 oz. (Carolyn Rauchs great grandson)

Klayton Wesley,


To: church From: Terin Rundus Thank you church members for my bible. I really like it. We have also been using bibles during Sunday School.

FEBRUARY 12, 26 MARCH 11, 25

and...we arrive on EASTER DAY April 8!

February 12 @ 6:00 pm - Minute-to-Win-it...Gary & Mikel Hadachek in charge. February 19 @ 4:00 pm - Scavenger Hunt...Nick & Stacia Piroutek in charge; bring a cell phone or something that will take pictures and record sounds! February 24 @ 10:00 pm - 30 Hour Famine begins with Pizza & a Lock-In at the church. Saturday am youth will participate in a service project, then go home to rest...Famine ends with breakfast on Sunday morning at 8:00 am.

(Click on the links below to learn more. Info about the 30 Hour Famine taken from their web-page online.)

A: The 30 Hour Famine gives students a chance to help overcome hunger by going without food so others don't have to. It's an unforgettable experience that will rock participants world and make an incredible difference around the globe!

Youth groups sign up for one of two national Famine dates (February 24-25 or April 27-28, 2012) or choose their own Famine date. Then, students learn about hunger and fundraise to help feed and care for children living in poverty. On Famine weekend, students get a crash course in global hunger by going 30 hours without food. World Vision provides loads of activities to help make this a totally fun, educational, and life-changing experience.

A: The money raised has an incredible impact -- helping World Vision ght hunger and poverty around the world. World Vision is a leading Christian ministry serving people in nearly 100 countries. You can designate your Famine funds to help hungry children in the country of your choice, or have World Vision use them to ght hunger wherever needed most.

A: World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Learn more about World Vision. Fact: A child dies from hunger-related causes every 8 to 12 sec. Thats as many as 11,000 children younger than 5 - killed every day. Some actually starve. The immune systems of others are powered down by malnutrition, leaving the door wide open for deadly diseases. And hunger is only one threat facing kids. In all, more than 22,000 die every day - almost all of them from simple causes with existing cures: diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia, hunger, and more. Thats the real injustice - that the vast majority of these deaths are 100% preventable. Fact: Globally, 925 million people are hungry. Thats roughly 3 times the population of the U.S. going to bed hungry every night. Why so hungry? Many families depend entirely on what they can grow, so theyre never more than one natural or manmade disaster away from hunger. Others work day and night, but still can barely afford enough food for their children.

Hunger: the hard truth isnt a statistic Its someones daughter, sister, brother...

Blood Mobile - Feb. 22nd

Thursday, February 2 1:30 pm Hostesses & Program: Ruth Circle
RUTH Wednesday, February 1 7:30 pm for Dessert Hostess: Sherry Skinner Meeting in the Overflow! NAOMI Wednesday, February 22 7:30 pm Program: Janis Houdek Hostess: Grace Keller Co-Hostess: Carolyn Rauch
Ruth Circle is in charge of the Canteen and will be asking for assistance from other UMW members. If you get a call, please help, or call Jewelda Scofield to volunteer!

Each Circle collect a Prayer and Self-Denial offering and bring to our March UMW meeting!

PRAYER PALS TAKE NOTICE!! Actually, I hope all UMW members are "prayer warriors". We need to continually pray for each other, as well as for our missionaries, in Christian Love. This past year we have had an organized Prayer Pal group in our church family. Many of you have been a part of this 50-strong group and hopefully you've been praying for your "pal" continuously. It is time to reveal to each other the name of your prayer pal, if you haven't already done so. Since Valentine's Day is a day of thinking about your loved ones, we feel it is a good day to celebrate the culmination of our year. Jerry and Shirley Richecky are partnering with me in this opportunity to represent our church family on the District Prayer Team. This is what we have decided to suggest that you each do: 1) Let your prayer pal know in a special way during the week of Valentine's Day that you have been praying for them in Christian Love. 2) Continue praying for them during this next year, but add the whole church family in your prayers, plus the special prayers we send out from the District Prayer Team. We always have missionaries our UMW selects for whom we pray and recognize each month, also. I will be sending emails or postal mailings to each of you to remind you of who your "prayer pal" has been during this past year. If you have been lax, no problem, it is never too late to start your prayers!! But, please let the person know that they were your selected "prayer pal" during this past year. We don't want anyone to be missed. In this way, we will have a very special, prayer-filled Valentine's Day week in our church family. From our UMW Prayer Calendar I think it fitting to copy some of the prayers that have been written for us to use. "O Holy Spirit, our Comforter, our Advocate and our Missionary, fill us with your zeal and your vision. May we be ever mindful of your missionary role and your empowering guidance. May we see the divine presence in those with whom we live and work, and may they see you in our lives and work. Give us the ability to see the world through your eyes. Bless our efforts to be witnesses of your healing love in our neighborhoods and in the world. As we strive to reflect the light of your love to all those in need, give us your vision and courage in Christ's name. Amen. I'm going to sway a little from the regular activity of selecting a missionary with a February birthday from our UMW Prayer Calendar book. We have people within our church family who have been missionaries in so many varied ways and who have February birthdays. I'm going to pick just three of them to list here (there are many more we could recognize). I'm not saying how they've served as Christ's missionaries, but most of you should be able to come up with those answers yourself. In connection with our local Prayer Pal recognition, let us all add Carolyn Rauch, Dawn Surber and Kelby Johnson to our list of "missionaries" with February birthdays for whom to pray this month. Janis Houdek, UMW President

Wednesday, February 1 9:00 am - Job Bible Study 11:00 am - Faithfully Fit Forever 6:00 pm - Lenten Worship Team 7:15 pm - Praise Team 7:30 pm - Ruth Circle, at the church Thursday, February 2 9:30 am - Church Chat, CPSL 1:30 pm - UMW General Meeting 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts, F.H. Sunday, February 5 Communion Sunday 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Childrens Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service 12:30 pm - 4-H Pot Luck, F.H. (No Outside the Box Worship & MATT) Monday, February 6 6:30 pm - Cub Scouts, Youth Room Tuesday, February 7 10:00 am - BHC Bible Study Wednesday, February 8 9:00 am - Job Bible Study 10:30 am - LTC Bible Study 11:00 am - Faithfully Fit Forever 6:30 pm - Trustees, Overflow 7:15 pm - Praise Team Thursday, February 9 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts, F.H. Friday, February 10 8:45 am - MOPS Sunday, February 12 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Childrens Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM Noon - Soup-Sandwich-Pie Dinner 1:00 pm - Church Conference 2:00 pm - SPRC 6:00 pm - UMYF Minute-to-Win-it 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Worship 7:00 pm - YATT Monday, February 13 6:30 pm - Cub Scouts, F.H. Tuesday, February 14 Valentines Day Prayer Pals revealed! UMW Legislative Event, Topeka Wednesday, February 15 9:00 am - Job Bible Study 11:00 am - Faithfully Fit Forever 12:30 pm - Ministerial Association 6:15 pm - Praise Team 7:00 pm - Leadership Team Thursday, February 16 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts Sunday, February 19 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Childrens Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM (Speaker: Walter Molzahn) 2:00 pm - Care Home Services, Janis Houdek 4:00 pm - UMYF Scavenger Hunt 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Worship 7:00 pm - MATT Monday, February 20 Presidents Day - Office Closed! Wednesday, February 22 Ash Wednesday Blood Mobile 9:00 am - Job Bible Study 11:00 am - Faithfully Fit Forever 6:00 pm - Ash Wednesday Service 7:15 pm - Praise Team 7:30 pm - Naomi Circle Thursday, February 23 5:30 pm - Parents as Teachers 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts 6:30 pm - Maundy Thursday Service Friday, February 24 8:45 am - MOPS 10:00 pm - UMYF Lock-In 30 Hour Famine begins at Midnight! Saturday, February 25 UMYF 30 Hour Famine Service Project Sunday, February 26 1st Sunday in Lent 8:00 am - UMYF 30 Hour Famine ends with breakfast! 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Childrens Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Worship 7:00 pm - YATT February 27 - March 2 Meals on Wheels Week Monday, February 27 5:30 pm - Girl Scout Service Team 6:30 pm - Cub Scouts Tuesday, February 28 10:00 am - Parents as Teachers Wednesday, February 29 9:00 am - Job Bible Study 11:00 am - Faithfully Fit Forever 7:15 pm - Praise Team

BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARIES February 1 Andy Walker February 3 Marcia Leeding Linda Melton Harold & Betty Johnson February 5 Carolyn Rauch February 6 James Duffey February 8 Dawn Surber February 9 Arlene Baloun Tony Kriks Kelby Johnson February 10 Josh Young February 11 Larry Cheney February 15 Dale Culbertson Justin Sporing February 21 Max Scofield Tom Snapp Terin Rundus February 22 Dronda Frydendall Rhonda Bird February 24 Kathy Dunback Erica Hadachek Dan Arbuthnot February 26 Gary Scofield Walter Molzahn February 27 James & Margaret Duffey February 28 Eloise Ray


February 2012

Our mission is to prayerfully:

Seek God Grow in faith Love and Serve others For the transformation of lives!

Come! Worship with us!

WORSHIP LEADERS FEBRUARY 5 - Kelby Johnson 12 - Lanessa Aurand 19 - Tandy Rundus 26 - TBA

ACCOMPANISTS FEBRUARY 5 - Marge Waring 12 - Doris Kriks 19 - Pam Scofield 26 - Tana Trost

GREETERS FEBRUARY 5 - Emma Berggren, Grace Keller 12 - Don & Betty Anderson 19 - Mikel & Gary Hadachek 26 - Janet Heyka, Lanie Engle LENTEN WORSHIP TEAM Pam Scoeld, Music Stephanie Splichal, Visuals Mikel Hadachek, Worship WORSHIP BABYSITTERS Gary Hadachek Lexia Aurand BUS DRIVER FEBRUARY Jerry Richecky

PRAISE TEAM Sid and Pam Scofield, Amanda Keilers, Jillian Couture Stacia Piroutek, Waylon Sheetz John Surber, Kevin & Kelby Johnson, Pastor Lennie & Carolyn Maxwell

For 2012, the Trustees first project is to replace the Kiosk in the front lawn of the church. We are asking for your support to reach Our Goal and once 100% of the funds are raised and the warm weather returns, we will start the project. Any donation to the project is tax deductible and will be reported on your individual giving report at the end of 2012. GOAL

CAF DEL SOUL FEBRUARY 5 - Stephanie Schintler 12 - Lori Scofield 19 - Tandy Rundus 26 - Susie Arbuthnot AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIANS Kurt Childs Gary Hadachek Mikel Hadachek Rich Schintler Annette Bredthauer MULTI-MEDIA ASSISTANT Janet Heyka

USHERS FEBRUARY Kerry Johnson Carol Nicholson Jerry Richecky Steve Dunback ACOLYTE Lanessa Aurand