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65494 1757-SRM Silver Series Status

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Rockwell Automation Support Center 65494 - 1757-SRM Silver Series Status

Access Level: Everyone Date Created: 12/02/2009 07:17 AM Last Updated: 01/31/2011 02:59 PM

What is the availability status of the 1757-SRM Review the following letter for Silver Series status information regarding 1757-SRM. Anthony Sorbello Logix Product Manager 440-646-3851 October 1, 2009 1757-SRM Silver Series Announcement Rockwell Automation Sales and Distributors, The Logix Business is announcing the Silver Series designation for the 1757-SRM Redundancy module effective October 1, 2009 with a last-time-buy deadline of March 31, 2010. Impacted models are as follows: 1757-SRM 1757-SRC1 1757-SRC 1757-SRC10 1757-SRC 1757-SRC100

A Silver Series designation does not mean that customers can no longer purchase these modules. Rather, it signals you to inform your customers that the product is entering an end-of-life process, and that the necessary planning for product migration should be taking place. After March 31, 2010, a hold will be placed on the SRM modules and purchases will need to be approved by me before they can take place. The purpose of this is to ensure enough modules are kept in stock to service customers that can not upgrade their systems to 1756-RM modules. Refer to the Silver Series Web site at for more information. When a customer needs to replace a SRM module, he should be encouraged to migrate his 1757-SRM redundancy modules to 1756-RM redundancy modules. Important: Please understand that this migration does not require customers to change their entire redundancy system. In the past, only enhanced communications modules were compatible with the 1756-RM modules in a redundancy system. Now, redundancy firmware version 16.56 allows customers to use 1756-RM modules with 1756-ENBT, 1756-CNB(R), and 1756-EWEB modules, thereby making it possible to change only the SRM modules. Refer to the 16.56 redundancy release notes, publication 1756-RN628IEN-E - July 2009) for more information. Some customers may want to plan for last-time buys as the Silver Series date approaches. Please discuss these last-time buys with me as early as possible to ensure component availability for your customers. Rockwell Automation plans to provide repair services and technical support for 1757-SRMs for an additional seven years (until 2016), if necessary components remain available. When a product is discontinued from sale, phone support continues and requires a current support agreement. As always, we will make every attempt to satisfy our customers' needs. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or transition issues. Regards,

Anthony Sorbello Logix Product Manager

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