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Ark Groups 8th Annual Intranets forum brings together case studies and expert advice on intranets that

work, and keep on working

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One-day connected forum and post-forum workshops 11-12 September 2012 Rydges, Melbourne

The Everyday Intranet

You have your intranet, now lets make it work

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Post-forum workshops Wednesday, 12th September 2012

(Separately bookable)


Cleaning up your intranet

Facilitated by: Jonathan Peck, Director, KIJO Consulting


Engaging your intranet stakeholders: Increase intranet usage without even touching your intranet
Facilitated by: Andrew Wright, Manager, Worldwide Intranet Challenge

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Connected Forum Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The world of intranets is constantly changing. With a plethora of available tools, platforms and technologies, it seems like every week there is a new must have. Unfortantely it is too expensive, disruptive and impractical to integrate every new idea and to constantly update the platform. You must ask yourself the hard questions; do we need to keep updating indefinitely, or do we want to make what we have work, and get the most out of our existing intranet? Your intranet is a valuable tool for collaboration, communication, document management, recordkeeping and much more. This forum encourages you to look at what you can do with what you already have, and will show you how to maximise the capability and functionality of your existing intranet. Once you have a strong foundation, you can begin to strategically integrate the tools that will add real value to your organisation, and are worth the investment of your limited time and resources. At this forum, you will hear practical case studies from experienced practitioners who face challenges and limitations just like yours, and have achieved success using what they have. The forum offers: Ask the experts: bring your questions to our panel of industry leaders Encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing with the tools you already have Creating an intranet that works across international borders Tips and tricks to improve the look, feel and functionality of your intranet Improving your intranet document management and recordkeeping

8:30 9:00

Registration and refreshments 1.45 Chairpersons opening remarks Aligning your intranet with organisational goals and business needs Balancing competing demands and focusing on supporting key organisational goals Communicating effectively with key stakeholders on their intranet needs Delivering useful intranet capability with limited resources

Shefik Bey, Managing Director, UsabilityOne

9:15 Establishing a strong intranet foundation Creating an intranet specific to your business needs Overcoming the challenges of low budgets and limited resources Getting buy-in from senior management on intranet development initiatives 2:30

Geri Overberg, Knowledge Management Manager, Medibank

Improving document and recordkeeping on your intranet Using your intranet as an information management tool Integrating and managing online processes, forms and procedures Moving from just document management to recordkeeping

Tamsin Stanford, Head of Internal Channel Communications, Australia Post

10:00 Building a successful intranet across international borders: an AMP case study Developing an effective international intranet Managing the technological challenges of an international intranet Encouraging organisational cohesion Personalising the intranet and managing local and international content 3.15 3.45

Katrina Marques, Regional Intranet Services Manager, Brightstar Logistics

Afternoon refreshments and networking Utilising your intranet as a tool for cultural change: a dual perspective from Target Australia and the Department of Primary Industry (VIC) How your intranet can transform your organisations internal communications mindset Using other communication tools in conjunction with your intranet to facilitate change How your intranet can tell you whether or not you are engaging your employees!

Rebecca Makila, Project Manager (Australia); Ben Mabon, Manager, Internal Communications (New Zealand), AMP (2011 Intranet Design Award Winners)
10:45 11:15 Morning refreshments and networking The everyday intranet: Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration Supporting real collaboration on your intranet, and developing it as a workflow tool Advancing intranet knowledge sharing capabilities and practice Looking at your intranet from a knowledge management perspective 4.30

Ben Fernando, Program Communication Manager, Target Australia Formerly of Department of Primary Industry (VIC)
Ask the experts: Panel discussion This panel brings together leading intranet experts to answer your questions on intranet issues and ideas, sharing their knowledge, experience and best practices. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions for the expert panel throughout the day. Governance and SharePoint Expert: Simon Rawson, Principal, Microz Australia Business value of the intranet expert: Andrew Wright, Manager, Worldwide Intranet Challenge Content and quality expert: Lisa Garnsworthy, Director, Virtual Ink Australia Facilitator and user experience expert: Shefik Bey, Managing Director, UsabilityOne 5.30 Chairpersons closing remarks and end of connected forum

Eng Ung, Web Coordinator, La Trobe University

12.00 Enhancing what you have; building audiences for your existing intranet services You think you've got great intranet services; why do many employees rarely use them? How can you encourage employees to visit and use your intranet services more frequently? Is there such a thing as "killer content" that will double your usage metrics? Work-life balance and adding to the social side of your intranet Case study: Social media and your intranet - 12 months of Yammer within the organisation

Lyndon Sharp, Senior Consultant, Special Projects, Board of Studies NSW

12.45 Business networking lunch

Post-forum workshops Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cleaning up your intranet

Pre-forum workshops: Wednesday, 26 August 2011
Facilitated by: Jonathan Peck, Director, KIJO Consulting Registration and refreshments: 8.30 am Workshop time: 9.00am - 12.00 pm

(Separately bookable)

About the workshop:

So your intranet resembles the spare room in your house. Piles of pdf files have been dumped online with the intention of one day sorting and categorising them. Portals have become crowded. Material has not been archived that should've been archived. You've begun to forget what the original layout and taxonomy was meant to achieve. What can you do about it? In this half day session, Jonathan Peck will use a number of examples to demonstrate how to clean up a site, identify and discard duplicate information and structure the content you want to keep into a more accessible format. He will examine how to manage content effectively, then go beyond taxonomy to look specifically at the writing skills required to bring an intranet back to life; covering how to write effective abstracts, metadata, and headlines for e-newsletter items.

About the workshop:

Jonathan Peck is the Director of KIJO Consulting, a small consulting firm specialising in communication skills and instructional design in the corporate and government sectors. Jonathan has coached a wide variety of people, from senior policy writers in government departments to managers and staff at major banks, airline executives and front-line staff at major retailers. He has delivered intranet and web-writing workshops in Australia and South East Asia since 1993. Jonathan brings a wealth of practical consulting experience to every workshop.

Engaging your intranet stakeholders: Increase intranet usage without even touching your intranet
Registration and refreshments: 12.30 pm Workshop time: 1.00pm - 4.00pm Facilitated by: Andrew Wright, Manager, Worldwide Intranet Challenge
Note: If possible, please bring a laptop or iPad to this workshop. There will be some interactive exercises that will be more fun if you have a computer with you.

About the workshop:

During this workshop you will discover ways to improve engagement of your intranet by three key stakeholder groups: intranet end users, the authoring community and senior management. These tips and strategies are based on leading intranets around the world. The workshop will cover the following topics: How to assess the level of intranet engagement Use John Kotters eight step transformation process to increase intranet uptake Create effective intranet adoption and training materials Implement a continuous improvement process: capturing and prioritising intranet improvements Establish an authoring community How to win friends and influence senior management: negotiation and persuasion tips to obtain buy-in from the top

About the workshop:

Andrew Wright runs the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC), a web based intranet benchmarking service. Over 27,000 people from 100 organisations have participated in the WIC. He also manages the two biggest intranet groups on LinkedIn: the Worldwide Intranet Challenge and Intranet Professionals groups. He is a regular blogger about intranets and is a regular contributor to the popular CMS Wire website. He has worked on many intranet projects over the last 10 years using a range of tools such as SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Squiz and I BM Websphere. He has a Masters of Information Systems Engineering from the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS).

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The Everyday Intranet

11 - 12 september 2012, rydges Melbourne
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