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What Gary Vaynerchuk Learned by Experimenting on Himself

Gary Vaynerchuk arrives at his Manhattan office at 8 a.m. There’s no slow ascent -- no sipping coffee while scrolling through emails, no idle chitchat to forestall the onslaught of responsibility. Instead, as he does every morning, he quickly huddles with the two people who will accompany him throughout the day: his personal assistant, which is typical of most executives, and his personal videographer, which is, let’s just say, a profoundly Gary Vaynerchuk kind of role. The assistant, Tyler Schmitt, runs Vaynerchuk through the day’s schedule. There are 24 meetings, including check-ins with the
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The Most Brilliant Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship is about ideas. It is the foundation of everything -- an insight into how to improve something, or what consumers want, or what they don't even know they want. Consider it: A business is an idea come to life; an entrepreneur is an ideas-driven person. And if you want to truly learn from the smartest people around you, and calibrate to their way of thinking, you have to ask, What's their core idea? Below we have some of the most insightful ideas from Entrepreneur's "Brilliant Ideas" series in the June issue of our magazine. Why MailChimp's Insane Fake Ad Campaign Paid Off For E
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The Smartest Money Advice I Ever Got

TONI KO THOUGHT SHE WAS ON TOP of her company’s finances. Then she woke up one morning in 2016 to find half a million pairs of extra sunglasses staring her in the face. The founder and CEO of Los Angeles sunglasses company Perverse was by then an experienced—and successful—entrepreneur, having sold her previous company, NYX Cosmetics, to L’Oréal in 2014 for an estimated $400 million-plus. So Ko was not new to managing cash flow and inventory—and she thought she was pretty savvy about finances. Despite this, in Perverse’s early days Ko found herself making a very common mistake: buying more pr
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Heart-wrenchingly pragmatic…

This heart-wrenchingly pragmatic book shows how to build resilience and find joy in the face of immense setback and tragedy, grounded in Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s experience with losing her husband as well as insights from bestselling psychologist Adam Grant. It’s the book I never want to live and yet am so glad I read.

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Expert solutions…

This bestseller from Google alums teaches you how to focus your attention and efforts to solve problems big and small in just five days using sprints. That means fewer meetings, fewer revisions, and faster solutions, so you can race to the top.