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6 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Getting Customers to Return

A one-time customer is a wasted opportunity. So we asked six entrepreneurs: How do you create repeat purchases? Related: 10 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Retention Rates “We recognize our regulars, even if it’s a simple ‘Welcome back.’ People like to feel that they are being seen and noticed and are important to you. We also empower our team members to give complimentary guacamole or a free bag of chips when they want to delight a guest. It’s more fun if it seems like a random act of kindness."-- Leo Kremer, co-founder, Dos Toros “We make custom stationery using metal dies and plates that ha
Financial Times
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Executive Choice: To Build or Buy the Next Leader?

General Electric's newest product is a balding 55-year-old American executive with a background in finance and an international pedigree. John Flannery rolled out of GE's factory for corporate leaders last week, ready to succeed Jeff Immelt in August as only the 10th chief executive in the multinational's 125-year history. His annunciation is the outcome of a process as meticulous and intensive as the manufacture of a composite fan blade for one of its aircraft engines. The news came in the wake of recent pressure on Mr Immelt from investors, but GE says it began planning the succession in det
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The Underground Network of Wikipedia Editors Will Create a Page for You

Three years after launching an online magazine for young entrepreneurs called Foundr, Nathan Chan decided it needed a Wikipedia page. “Any legitimate brand has one,” he says. “All our competitors have pages.” There were just two problems. Wikipedia strongly discourages people from creating their own pages. And the site’s five-million-plus articles are largely created by 200,000-some volunteer editors, and it’s unlikely one of them would suddenly take an interest in a small startup and build a page themselves. Related: 6 Ways To Increase Your Brand's Online Credibility This spring, Chan posted
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