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ESPN The Magazine
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The Best Of Both Worlds

RANK 8 KEVIN DURANT COUNTRY USA TEAM WARRIORS ENDORSEMENTS $36M FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS 10.3M TWITTER FOLLOWERS 15.5M He chose the house in the hills because it provided the most expansive view: the Bay, the bridge, his new city, his new home. But now Kevin Durant feared it would be just another vantage point to sustain him through yet another injury. It had all been going so well too. Fifty-eight games into his maiden voyage with Golden State, he’d been averaging a tidy 25.8 points and 8.4 rebounds, shooting a career-high 53.8 percent. It was Feb. 28, a date he’d circled on his calendar—th
ESPN The Magazine
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“We Live Baseball”

Reporting by Marly Rivera, with Rigo Cervantez, Jerry Crasnick, Hallie Grossman, Tim Kurkjian, Andrew Marchand, Eddie Matz, Enrique Rojas, Adam Rubin, Robert Sanchez, Eli Saslow, Mark Saxon, Elaine Teng and Adry Torres. Translations by Rafael Rojas Cremonesi. FAMILY FAMILIA The pursuit of happiness, far from home. “The first gift I received was a baseball bat. Baseball is in the blood of our family.” CARLOS BELTRÁN, ASTROS, PUERTO RICO “We grew up around baseball. That’s what my dad did, that’s what my brother and my cousin did. There were so many players in the big leagues back then fro
ESPN The Magazine
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Going Against The Grind

BASEBALL. MAN, SUCH a brutal game. Such a mean game. Sadistic, really, the way it runs itself up under your skin and makes you miserable. Hang around a baseball clubhouse and you’ll start to wonder why anyone plays the damned thing. Sometimes it seems everybody in the game wakes up each morning trying to decide whether to be angry or bitter. Fittingly, the ballplayer’s favorite word is grind, as if coursing through 162 games is the sporting equivalent of an 18th-century polar expedition. Even good moments are dismissed as untrustworthy, because if ballplayers know one thing about the grind—thi
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Gut instinct vs. big data…

Does incorporating data analysis take away from the art of sports, or does it sweeten the taste of victory? This “Moneyball”-esque tale about the MLB Pirates puts in the hard work & examines the raw data to find out.