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4 min read

It Looks Like We’re One Step Closer to Creating Genetically Modified Humans in a Lab

In vitro fertilization being performed under a microscope Pixabay In a U.S. first, a team of biologists has edited a human embryo’s DNA. The technique has been used before by scientists in China, but never in the United States, where the ethical debate over editing embryos rages on with no consensus in sight. And according to the U.S. team, their trial has achieved an unprecedented level of success. There’s not much information on exactly what was edited, because there is not yet a published paper to accompany the research. MIT Technology Review first reported on Wednesday that Shoukhrat Mital
10 min read

Cancer and Kids: Is Medical Marijuana the Answer?

When Sierra Riddle stormed into the conference room at Denver’s child protective services office, the director of the agency was seated there, along with her son’s team of doctors, top administrators from the Children’s Hospital Colorado oncology department and lawyers. She recalls looking one of the physicians in the eye, defiant. “I’m done with this shit,” she remembers saying. “I’m done with you guys bullying us.” Then, she took out a bag and dumped the contents on the table: nine months of cancer drugs prescribed to her son, Landon, who was 4 at the time. He had been diagnosed more than a
6 min read

Getting To The Core Of Exercises Said To Strengthen 'Mum Tum'

Last week, NPR had a story that garnered a huge response from listeners and Shots readers. The story was on a medical condition that causes a soft, bulging belly, sometimes referred to as "mommy pooch" or "mummy tummy," because it's especially common among women in the months after they give birth. The technical term is diastasis recti, a condition thought to contribute to some cases of back pain among men as well as women. After the story aired, we received hundreds of comments on Facebook and via email — many appreciative, but some angry. A few readers say even covering the topic is beneath