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Anita Pallenberg Was No Simple Muse

Arguably, no single rock musician has had a greater ripple effect on both men's and women's fashion than Keith Richards. Things that shouldn't have made sense — from Nudie suits and scarves as belts, to cheetah-prints and graphic striped trousers mixed with polka dots — always looked effortless on him. Unbeknownst to many at the time, it was Anita Pallenberg's closet from which Richard was pulling. "As a kid I wanted to dress like Keith Richards, I wasn't at all interested in women's fashion, it was guys in bands I wanted to emulate," British designer Pamela Hogg tells NPR Music. "But it was a
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What Melania Trump Wore Her 22nd Week As First Lady — the Week She Appeared Nearly Every Day

The theory that Melania Trump would become a more visible first lady after she finally moved into the White House has turned out to be absolutely true. This week, her second since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she appeared five times, which would have been impossible to predict, say, three weeks ago. With every appearance too, she shows that she is still trying to carve out a style of her own. Some days, she sticks to her style guns and embraces neutrals only. Other days, she pops in robin egg blue and rainbow plaid. This is what Melania Trump wore this week: For her jaunt from the
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Why Is Blush Even A Thing?

People seem to have a lot of questions and concerns surrounding the existence of blush, that pinkish powder millions of women love to dab onto the apples of their cheeks.  Google it and you'll see headlines like: "Guys are attracted to girls who wear blush"; "Why you MUST STOP wearing powder blush NOW!"; and "Sex hormones make women's faces redder as a sign of fertility."  It's a product that, despite its ubiquity and so many women swiping it on without a second thought, is actually filled with a lot of unknowns — perhaps most critically: Why is it even a thing? We were curious  ourselves, so