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The Atlantic
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Why Expanding Access to Childcare Isn't Enough

By 2021, if New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his way, a hedge-fund manager with a seven-figure salary would pay the same amount to send his 3-year-old daughter to preschool as a single mom working as a cashier would pay for hers: nothing. Last month, de Blasio announced his plan to provide free preschool for the city’s 3-year-olds, adding to the already robust Pre-K for All program that provides education for 4-year-olds in New York. Increasing the availability and affordability of early-childhood education has bipartisan support; universal programs already exist across the country, and
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Relationships & Parenting

Charlie Gard, Baby Whose Parents Battled Hospital Over Treatment, Dies

Charlie Gard, the British baby with a terminal illness who became subject to a high-profile legal dispute, has died in hospice care, according to multiple media reports. The Guardian, citing Gard's parents, reports that the infant died on Friday, one day after being transferred to an unidentified hospice facility. Charlie had an rare genetic disorder known as MMDS, which affected his brain and his muscles. He could not move his limbs or breathe on his own. His case moved from family tragedy to international legal drama because of a disagreement between his parents and his doctors over his care
The Atlantic
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Relationships & Parenting

D.C.'s Misguided Attempt to Regulate Daycare

In Washington, D.C., daycare for infants and children younger than preschool-age costs $23,000 per child on average, only $2,000 less than the countrywide average for out-of-state college tuition. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, in her latest State of the District address, said high child-care costs are a major factor driving people out of the city. Prices upwards of $2,000 per month can be a tough prospect even for relatively well-off parents. For poorer parents, these costs are out of the question, and government assistance in the form of vouchers and other programs often isn’t enough to make up t
How to Fall in Love with Anyone
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Science meets emotion…

In the day and age of Tinder and online dating, finding “true love” seems more elusive than ever. Part memoir, part scientific investigation into how love works, Mandy Catron has advice on love that both hopeless romantics and jaded cynics need to hear.